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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Volume 2 Extra Story 1 (LN Digital Exclusive)

Newly Written Short Story – The Prostitutes Platinum and Gold

Brothel Rafflesia.

Dubbed as the biggest brothel in the capital, from this establishment resided the two of the best prostitutes in the city.

These are “Miss Platinum”, who was currently receiving the highest number of clients, and “Miss Gold”, who was on the number two spot.

Due to their popularity in their superb beauty and high level of service, they became the leading prostitutes in the race for sales in the whole district.

To sum up, these two were the two biggest and the best “succubi” in terms of luring in men with their sweet scent and squeezing them in both their energy as well as their money.

However, little did the men know that they were rivals who strictly kept each other in check.

The second-ranked girl in the brothel Rafflesia, Gold’s real name is Rosettalia.

She was from the commoner class.

She was born in a small village around the royal capital but moved to the city center to work as a maid for a noble family.

While working there, her master pressured her to have a relationship with him, but she refused and ran away.

Because she was a live-in maid, Rosettalia lost her place to live and her source of income at the same time, and when she was in dire straits, she was picked up by Delpoix, the owner of the brothel she was currently working on.

Although she had quit her previous job because she refused to have a physical relationship with her master, it became ironic that she now became a prostitute who sold her body to unknown men instead, as if her fate was being played.

At first, she was confused by this contradiction, but soon she got used to it.

Also, she discovered that the job seemed to suit her better, as each time she swung her hips over various men, she found that they liked her more and more, and her nomination rate increased.

It didn’t take long for her to become one of the top prostitutes of the brothel.

The country girl who came to the capital and had dreamt of having a luxurious life by becoming top in the glittering house of debauchery, she almost had it in her hands. However, one obstacle stood in her way.


Platinum, the number one girl in the brothel Rafflesia.

Her real name is Mystorv.

She was a descendant of a lower-class nobility who had lived in the royal capital for generations.

But even though she was a noblewoman, she was forbidden to enter the royal court.

If she had chosen to live a normal life, she would have lived a peaceful one, exactly the same as the ordinary people of the city.

However, perhaps it was her fate, but she was born with a strong ambition.

Her ambition refused to allow her to lead a normal life.

Thus, she used various tricks to enter the social world and attended nightly balls and garden parties.

She used her beauty and the education she acquired through her bloody efforts to captivate many gentlemen, and she quickly bloomed as a large rose at the center of every social gathering.

Her ultimate goal was to choose the man with the most money and power out of all the men who would come woo to her because of her reputation, then use them to climb up the ladder of power.

However, this goal was not achieved because the son of a great aristocrat she chose as her key partner was already married.

Thus, she was easily discarded during the general flirting phase, and at the same time, her “shelf life” in the social world had expired, and thus she was no longer considered by anyone anymore.

No matter how much she polished her beauty and cultivated her education, in the end, she was still the daughter of a lowly nobleman. If yo u a re ab le t o re ad th is mes sa ge, y u are rea din g f rom an unaut hori zed aggr e gate si te. Re ad at my Wo rdPre ss at sta bb ing wit h a syr ing e. ho me. b log to sup por t me and my tr ans lati ons.

That she couldn’t be more than a meat toilet to accommodate an erection for the night.

After her downfall from the social world, she met Delpoix and was recruited as a prostitute when she was lost in the streets.

As if to take revenge on the upper-classmen who abandoned her, from there, Mystorv began to shake her hips on various men in the rooms of the brothel.

Using her fame as a socialite, combined with her “Miss Platinum” name, she quickly rose until she made herself the undisputed number one prostitute in the red light district.

However, she didn’t let her old socialite friends who heard the rumors and came to the brothel to hold her, not even touch a finger of her.

Perhaps because of this persistence and vengeance, it became the reason why she was able to hold off the equally talented Gold and remain at the number one spot.

Of course, this also made her an eyesore to Gold, who, unlike Platinum, is now proud of her profession as a prostitute and wants to be the first woman that the kingdom’s money can buy.

For Platinum, Gold is an obstacle that must be eliminated in order to keep her revenge.

For Gold, Platinum is a hindrance and a threat she needs to pull down from her rightful perch at the top.

The two superlatives viewed each other as enemies, and eventually, their confrontation even changed the store’s atmosphere.

Yet now, these two…

The two women who even hated each other to the core were now……

“Mm♡♡♡ Hamu……♡♡”

“Mmmlemm, mmruu, mlemmm…… ♡♡”

The number one and number two of the best whorehouse in the kingdom were now performing a service known as fellatio at the same time.


Together, they were licking the same man’s penis.

What’s more, is that they were even overlapping their tongues on each other’s lips as they did this.

“So good♡♡ This penis tastes so good♡♡”

“How do you like it, Master Schild? Does it feel good when we lick your dick this way?♡♡”

Schild was a monster slayer who had recently become a regular customer at the Rafflesia brothel.

As a professional subjugator who was the best in the royal capital, he was capable of having great fun that ordinary people would have to spend years of their wages to achieve.

As such, he could afford a threesome at the most famous brothel in the capital, what’s more, with the most popular and the second most popular girls together, which was something that had never happened in the brothel.

In the VIP room that had been reserved for the night, the country’s highest-priced woman and the second-highest priced woman were currently naked and writhing together in front of that man.

They were even sharing his penis with their lips and tongues.

“Master Schild, master Schild♡♡ Is there something you would like us to say to you♡♡”

“I’ll say anything you want while licking your cock♡♡ Whether it’s pussy, or dick……anything, no matter how lewd they are♡♡”

“Master Schild bought us this evening, so….♡♡”

“We’re going to be Master Schild’s exclusive bitches all night long, so we could be your sex toys, cum dump meat masturbators, and we could even be your lovers♡♡ Just for this night♡♡”

Time had already passed since the three of them had holed up in the VIP room of the brothel, also dubbed as the “Great Flower Chamber”. This cha p ter tran slat ion is ma de pos si ble by st abbi ng wit h a s yr inge tra nsl atio ns. check on ly up-to -da e transl ati ons on my Wo rd press si te.

As if to show how much time had already passed, thick white slime was already spilling from the vulvas of the two top whores and had already made a puddle in the sheets, meaning Schild had already had sex with them and had come inside them several times.

In a brothel where the rule is strictly no ejaculation inside the vagina, the vaginas of two of the most essential commodities, Miss Gold’s and Miss Platinum’s, were stained with cum to the brim and was more than enough to get them pregnant multiple times.

For some reason, Schild was allowed to do this, which was another strange thing that puzzled him about their establishment.

“Master Schild♡♡” Miss Gold began to speak again with her signature flirtatious expression. “Please put Master Schild’s oversized cock in my cunt again♡♡ Also, please slam my ass with your raw cock without a condom and ejaculate beautifully deep inside my pussy♡♡”

Seeing this, Platinum also wiggled her hips and shook her ass, not intending to lose to Gold.

 “No can do♡♡ Because Master is going to put his cock in my pussy this time♡♡”

Then, she opened her legs and exposed her pubic area covered in semen and love juice.

“I beg of you, Master Schild♡♡ Do your normally-forbidden creampie to me with all your might and jizz your cum all over my womb♡♡ Aahh♡♡ I feel like I’m going to cum just thinking about it♡♡ Please look, Master Schild♡♡ My cunt is soaking again just in the thoughts of you putting your cock in here♡♡”

Seeing both of them all gung-ho over his cock, this made Schild wonder for a moment, how many hundreds of men had been misled into pouring large sums of money into their holes?

But in the end, no semen has ever been poured into them.

The only exception was Schild’s semen, which was now dripping outward from their vaginal holes.

“Hey, you! I’m the one who’s going to take Master Schild’s cock! Here, Master Schild♡♡ My cunt is sexier than hers, so please put it in mine instead♡♡”


With that, Miss Gold also opened her legs and showed off her very fine-looking vagina, which was also on constant reflux of fluids injected by Schild.

The very vagina was only one step short of Platinum and had also sucked up considerable amounts of money from men’s balls and pockets.

”Gold, back off. It’s still my turn to have loving sex with Master Schild. Since you’re the second-highest earner, why don’t you stay behind the first? Yes, like the usual.”

“Since when does the difference in sales matter when playing with cocks? Just be honest. Master Schild wants my pussy more than yours.”

“That’s hubris. The numbers show exactly which is better between your cunt or my cunt. And since I’m at the top, mine is obviously better.”

“That’s just temporary! I’ll turn it around soon! That proud face of yours of being on top all the time, I’ll make it into a howling one when you fall!”

“I’m not sure if that day will ever come, though. After all, you and I were both born with a different sense of luxury……hyauuu!”


Miss Platinum and Miss Gold.

They both screamed out as they felt a sharp pain in their bodies and a shock that shook almost their entire body.

As for why, it was because their butts were spanked by Schild.

Both and at the same time.

“I’m very sorry for my misconduct, Master Schild!”

“Me too! I’m very sorry to show you something unsightly!”

The two girls plopped down naked on the ground and got down on their knees to beg for forgiveness.

Each of the girls now had a distinct red handprint on their buttocks, but due to the bountiful structure of their bodies and because they were crouching while facing each other, only the other could see the warm and red mark on their asses.

Nevertheless, they were both horrified to see Schild still looking so unhappy.

“To spoil the customer’s fun by our feud with each other…that was very impudent of me!”

“I’m sorry, I will reflect my deeds! We’re not on the top; we’re both the lowest class of meat toilet girls!”

Still, Schild’s expression remained stern, so they had no choice but to show further remorse for their actions. If you a re ab le to r ea d th is mes s age, y ou a e rea di ng from an unaut ho ri zed agg rega te si e. Re ad at my W ord Pr ess at st abb ing wit h a syri ng e. ho me. b log to su p ort me and my trans lati ons.

“Platinum……this isn’t working…….”

“I guess we have no choice but to do that.”

The two finest prostitutes then turned to face each other and brought their faces close.



Then, with their pair of lips laced with a thousand gold values, their faces met in a lesbian deep kiss.

Performing lesbian play in front of customers was one of the essential services at the brothel, but when it came to lesbian play involving the most popular girl and the second most popular girl, it was nothing short of extravagant.

That, and Miss Gold and Miss Platinum were too prideful and would often bicker with each other for being the top pick, just like what happened earlier, but not to the extent to the point of aggrieving Schild. As such, they immediately set aside their rankings and even stooped down to lick each other’s lips and refer to themselves as lowly meat toilets, just to put him back in a good mood.

“Mmmchup, mmlem♡♡ I’m shoryy, Platinum♡♡ I love you♡♡”

“Mmmhh, I’m shooryy too, I went too far♡♡ You see, mm, I love Gold too, I love you very much♡♡ Ahh♡♡ Gold’s tongue is so good♡♡”

Although the exchanged “I love you’s” in their mouths didn’t match what was exactly in their minds, and it was more like a word for reconciliation rather than love, Schild was more than satisfied, so he held them close and placed the tip of his rod at their vaginal openings.

“Ahh♡♡ Are you perhaps going to put it in♡♡ Yes, Master Schild is going to put his penis in me♡♡ Ahhhiinn♡♡”

Soon, his penis fell into one of the already sopping wet vaginas.

There might have been countless penises that had experienced the vagina of these high-class prostitutes, but there was a great difference between them and Schild, as he was the only one who was able to taste them raw.

“Ahiiiin♡♡♡My pussy pussy♡♡♡ My pussy feels so good ♡♡♡ Please, cum inside me again♡♡”

“Master Schild, you’re giving her too much of your cock! Please have mercy on my pussy also and grace it with your big cock as well♡♡♡♡”


As he pulls his penis out of one vagina, he immediately thrusts it into the other, his cock gouging the inner walls as soon as he goes in.

He went alternately between Gold and Platinum’s vaginas in this manner.

Back and forth between the vaginas of the two most superb prostitutes, the best service one could have in the kingdom that money can buy.

This meant that anyone could do it as long as they could afford it, but Schild’s was a service so expensive that even anyone who could afford it would have to think twice before saying in the end that “It’s not worth it”.

“Master Schild’s penis♡♡ The same penis that was in Platinum’s pussy is now ravaging inside my pussy♡♡”

“Me too♡♡ Gold’s love juices♡♡ Together with Master Schild’s semen, they are churning up and mixing in my insides♡♡”

After this, Schild once again ejaculated inside each of their vaginas, which should not be allowed in a brothel, much more in the highest-ranking prostitutes like them. After that, the two put on a show where they went on each other’s crotches and licked each other’s vagina in a sixty-nine, sucking out the semen inside. Then, after filling their mouths full, they transferred their contents to the other’s mouths through another deep kiss.

“Whew, that was good, both of you.”

“Thank you for your hard work, Mr. Schild.”

After experiencing the dreamy course of a threesome with the finest prostitutes, Schild was greeted by Delpoix, the brothel owner, as he came out of his room.

“So? How are they? Did you get them to behave?”

“Well, at least they are better acquainted now than they were before they came here.”

Schild, who was supposed to have paid for the service, somehow sounded like he had finished a job instead. Th is cha pt er trans lat ion is ma de pos sibl e by stab bi ng wit h a sy ri nge tra nslat ions. ch eck on ly up-t o-da te tran sla tions on my Wor dp ress sit e.

“I’m sorry I asked you to do something so reckless. It’s good to be competitive, but nothing should be taken too far. They are the best and the second-best in the store, so if they get into trouble, it will affect the atmosphere of the establishment overall.”

“Well, either way, it is okay for me. After all, I also get to have a nice raw penetration on the both of them.”

“I didn’t allow raw penetration, though?”


“Sigh. I brought you in just to break up the bad blood between them. Not to cum inside them. Well, either way, thank you very much for your help.”

“You’re always welcome. But why me, though?”

“It is because I believed that only Mr. Schild would be able to get those two to make up through sex. I don’t know why, for some reason, the bickering of these two got worse ever since our fivesome when you first arrived in this establishment. But seeing how they got tamed by your dominant plays and seeing you also had the financial status to nominate them, I thought you were the perfect man who could get them to give in to each other.”

“I don’t think it gave much of an effect on them, though.”

“But it’s a good start. After all, feuds like this must start to end first with both parties meeting up and shaking hands. Or else they would devour each other later. Putting all of those aside….”

Suddenly, Delpoix stripped off all her clothes and underwear in front of Schild, then did a sexy pose that spread her now oozing crotch as if to show them off.

“Master Schild, you still haven’t had enough, haven’t you? Here, please use this pussy of “The Finest Whore” to claim your reward♡♡”


Character Information

All characters


It’s been a while.

I’m Ikuhito, the author of the second volume of “After being Abandoned, the Bastard of the Royal Family turned out to be the Strongest, and is now Embracing every Woman with He Likes with his Extraordinary Prowess”.

It’s been about a year since the last volume was released.

I’m really sorry for making you wait.

Or maybe you’ve been thinking, “It’s never going to be released, is it? That’s why I’d like to thank you, the readers, for your patience and patience.

I hope that the readers who have been looking forward to it were able to receive it and enjoy it. This time, there are a lot of stories that should be called daily life stories, which may not be satisfying to those who were expecting a fierce battle with monsters, with some even saying this is an escapade to the main story, but please bear with me for it.

As an author, I was happy to fill the story with my favorite characters.

Widows. Mother-daughter threesome. Forbidden raw sex with a prostitute. A dancer, Sisters, Female assassins.

I think they are all romantic, but I regret to say that my writing skills are still not good enough to express them. But I’ll keep working on it!

The web serialization of “Abandoned Strongest Bastard” has already reached its conclusion, but a new work of mine is being produced and serialized for even more eroticism.

I hope you’ll be interested in that one as well.

I hope to see you again in the third volume.

Thank you for reading!


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