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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Volume 2 Chapter 9

Chapter 9 – The Special Use for the Room

Schild lovingly humiliated the beautiful mother and daughter, making them taste heaven and back until he was wholly content of their bodies.

After that, he returned to the topic at hand.

It was the story of adhering to Nazah and Tanifa’s request to live in the room they rented out.

“Please take care of me starting today.”

Schild bowed his head first in front of the mother and daughter, to whom had also become his mistresses from this day onwards.

To tell the truth, Schild already decided he would rent the lodging even before Tanifa stepped in. This was just a formal confirmation.

“It is we who should say this to you. Please take care of our mother and daughter cunts from here onwards.”

“Please have lots of sex with us.”

Nazah and Tanifa, too, bowed their heads in tow.


“But now that I tasted Mr. Schild’s cock, I’ll have to break all of the conditions that I just said. You are now welcome to turn me into a semen toilet at any time, as long as it’s inside the house, and even if it is in front of my daughter’s eyes♡♡♡♡”

“Mom is unfair! You can fuck me anytime with your cock too, even in front of my mom ♡♡♡♡”

Somehow or other, the mother and daughter became a cheerful and lively bunch after the act.

“So, um……”

But all of a sudden, the mother’s attitude changed. Her face became somewhat reluctant.

“Now that we have established a contract, the thing is……there is something else which we need to receive…….”

“My seed?”

“No, ah, of course we’d love that too, but we also need some things to settle first……if you know what I mean.”

The fact that she didn’t explicitly say “money” was the result of how modest Nazah is. Then again, if a person would emphasize “money” in a direct manner all the time, they would assume that that person has a money-grubbing personality.

It was only a simple act, but to this, Schild became more impressed with his new landlady. After all, it is rare to find a woman who had the elegance when opening her legs while at the same time also had the refinement to feel ashamed of being branded as money-obsessed.

“In that case, here.”

From here, Schild picked up his clothes and pulled out a notebook from one of its pockets.

It read, “Schild, to Nazah…….”

He scribbled something on one of the pages, then tore the page open and handed it to the worried landlady.

“Take this to the Temple Bank and ask them to exchange it for money.”

“Eh? Is this……is this a cheque?”

Lady Naza looked puzzled when she was handed the paper. After all, it was very unusual for monster subjugators to carry around marketable securities, according to this world’s common sense.

However, Nazah’s surprise didn’t stop there, as when she saw the amount written on the cheque, she couldn’t help but scream. Thi s ch apte r tr ansla tion is ma de po ssi bl e by st abb ing with a sy ri nge trans lati ons. che ck up -t o- da te tra nsl ati ons on my Wo rdpr ess si te.


Oddly enough, it was also the same scream she made when she reached climax during her sex with Schild earlier.

“What’s wrong, mom!? Eh, what the hell is this amount!?”

Surprised by her mother’s abnormality, the daughter Tanifa also looked at the cheque and was shocked at the numbers written on it.

“Uhm, Mr. Schild, I think you may have written too many zeros here!? Didn’t you hear the monthly rent we just quoted?”

To sum it up, the amount of money that Schild offered was not only huge – it was enormously beyond the expectations of the mother and daughter.

Seeing their reactions, Schild spoke without hesitation.

“But it’s not like you only have to pay for that month, right? There’s also the initial deposit and other fees for moving in as well.”

“Even so……!”

“Also, didn’t you say that there’s also added fees for the food and firewood for the bath? I just thought maybe I could pay it in advance. With that amount of money, I could easily rent the place for a year or two, no?”

“Ahh……Yes, yes!!”

The mother couldn’t help but just nod her head, her mouth still agape.

“Still, being a monster slayer, it’s not uncommon to be fine today and in the belly of a monster tomorrow. Even if that happens, I’ll make sure that you won’t be asked to pay back what I paid you in advance, so you don’t have to worry about keeping the excess in your pocket.”


Soon as Schild said this, the eyes of the mother and daughter, which had all been astonishment, gradually turned to gratitude and love.

“Mr. Schild! Pardon me if I’m rude, but would you like to care for some titfuck? And uhm……that’s right! You can freely use my asshole as well!!”

“Though I don’t understand it very well, I would like to have the same thing as mama’s! And as long as it Schild, anything is fine, even if it’s asking my hand for marriage!”

At that moment, the Nazah-Tanifa mother and daughter duo immediately decided to dedicate themselves – all their minds and bodies – as a property exclusive for Schild’s use. And that is without the man himself knowing about it.


Here’s an additional short explanation as to why Schild is a regular rich guy.

Since arriving in the king’s landing, Schild has successfully defeated the famous bounty monster “Amber Eye”, alone and also the “Unknown,” which turned out to be a stray yet evolved Octolov. That, and also his participation in the Monster Swarm Extermination Battle.

The Monster Swarm Extermination Battle didn’t make much money to him since it only offered a flat fee for participation. Still, the reward for defeating the named monsters was enough to keep an ordinary citizen busy for a year or so – and this has already put into the perspective that the bounty monster was subjugated by a group of people, and not just one.

In addition, if one looked deeply at his entire career as a monster slayer, they would find that Schild had also hunted more than ten or twenty bounty monsters in his adventures before he arrived at the royal capital. This has led to him accumulating humongous rewards one after in his bank account, almost roaring in the form of a considerable amount of money.

As a part of those with perilous jobs in which one might die tomorrow, Schild had practiced a policy to spend all that he could afford to spend since he knew he could not take this money to the afterlife.

It wasn’t as if he decided this on his own; his peers also influenced him on this. As for them, saving money was not only a fool’s errand but also an act that was despised for being futile, stingy, boorish, and petty. If yo u ar e ab le to r ea d this m ess age, you are re ad ing from an una utho rized aggre gate s ite . Re ad at my Wor dP re ss to sup po rt me and my tr ans lat ions.

However, in Schild’s case, the monsters he killed by chance were all vicious and those with high bounties, and because he kept receiving high rewards on them, his bank money didn’t decrease no matter how much he spent, but only increased further. That and also because he doesn’t possess any more hobbies than embracing women, to which more or less is free as they always come hand in hand whenever he does subjugation missions for a village, just like what that village with the Octolov did that day.

This explains why he is not afraid to give something huge to the mother and daughter even though he had just met them.

Thanks to these actions, he was easily able to win the absolute favor of the landowner mother and daughter.

But to Schild, seeing their overjoyed reactions only convinced him that what he did was not a stupid use of his own money only.


“We did it, Tanifa! To be honest, I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to pay for school even if I started renting this house, but now that we have all this money, all our problems have been resolved in one fell swoop!”

“Good for you, Mom! Now all I have to do is graduate from university with good grades and get a good job at the royal court, and from there, we won’t have to worry about money for the rest of our lives! I’ll make it easy for you!”

While the mother and daughter’s unusual joy continued, Schild, the source of their pleasure, couldn’t help but be bewildered.

“What should I do with the rest of this room?”


Schild once again looked around his room which he would be living in from now on.


It was the same impression when he first saw it – way too big for a single person to live in.

At first, he was going to refuse them for that reason, but after he was quickly won over by the pillow talk of the beautiful mother plus daughter, he ended up renting the room in the end.

And now that he had agreed to it, he has to put it into good use – and by that, he meant every inch of it.

“Hmmm. The most straightforward way I could think of is…….”

The first thing Schild came up with was to use it as a place to gather up his mistresses like Lirica and Carney.

Before this, Schild had been visiting them in their own lodging whenever he wanted to have sex with them, but now that he’s living in a room this nice and spacious, he thought it would be more convenient if he were to invite them here instead.

However, there is one problem…… how should he gloss this over to the landlady and her daughter?

“Um, can I ask you something?”

“What is it? You can ask me anything you want! Even outdoor sex is good now!”

“No, it’s not about sex, it’s about how should I use your residence…….”

In the end, Schild decided to ask directly.

“Is it okay if I bring my companions here?”

“Companions, huh. Wait, you mean……!”

“Yes. For overnight stays and the like.”

The moment Schild said this, Nazah’s teeth began to chatter. It was as if she has discovered something horrible and was holding back from fear.

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