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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Volume 2 Chapter 4

Chapter 4 – Nazah, the Landlady

On a later date, after Schild spoke his desire for his own home.

And thanks to Lirica’s fast work as the head of the guild, his wish was immediately fulfilled.

With the help of a guild employee who acted on behalf of the busy Lirica, Schild visited the property.

“This is an excellent property that the Royal Capital Branch of the Subjugators Guild and the Registrant Support Section proudly recommended. What do you think?”

“I have many complaints.”

Schild muttered as he looked at the detached house from the outside.

Yes, it was a house. A huge one. In fact, it’s already gone from the point of being called a house and could be described as a small mansion instead.

“I thought I requested the cheapest apartment, right? So why are they showing me a single-family home? And a pretty nice one at that. Isn’t this big enough for a family of four to live with their parents?”


The house was magnificent. The place was not a size that Schild should be living in alone.

“Please don’t jump to conclusions yet, Sir.” Said the guild official to appease Schild.

“Of course we are not offering this entire house to you. It’s one of the rooms here, which is being rented out as lodging.”

“As lodging?”

“Yes. The owner of this house lives alone with her child, and as you just said, the house is way too big for them to maintain. “If that’s the case, why don’t we rent out the extra room and make them pay for the boarding and lodging? Then we can eliminate the troubles of maintenance and earn us money as well. Two birds with one stone”……is their reason.”

“I see. that’s pretty……clever.”

Schild finally understood what was going on.

“I will introduce you to the landlord now. Do you want me to negotiate the rent and other details?”

“That won’t be needed. After all, if I just sign the contract without any talking, it would be too awkward for us once you leave, more so that this will be our first meeting, and we will be in a landlord and tenant relationship after this. Plus, it would help me build up rapport as well.”

“Very well thought. As expected, Mister Schild is much different than the other subjugators.”

The guild’s staff, for some reason, had an oddly high opinion of Schild.

It’s not without basis, though, since he defeated the powerful monsters, Amber Eye and The Unknown, in quick succession and even played the most remarkable role in the monster horde extermination that commenced last time. If y ou a re ab le to re ad this m ess age, you are r ea ding from an una utho ri zed aggr ega te site. Rea d at my Word Pre ss to sup po rt me and my trans lati ons.

“Very well, soon as I introduced you to the landlord, I’ll be leaving. After that, please have a one-on-one discussion with the tenant and the landlord as you desire.”

The two then entered the mansion.

The person who greeted them was a woman dressed in mourning dress, wearing all black.

“……well then, I’ll be heading now. If there are some problems, please inform us in the guild. Hope you enjoy the place, sir.”

After a short conversation with the woman, the guild personnel took his leave, just like what they had discussed.

After confirming that the man had left, it was then that the woman in black approached Schild.

“Welcome, sir. I was already informed by the guild personnel of your arrival, so I have been waiting for you ever since.”

“……are you the owner of the house?”

“Yes, I’m the owner of this house. My name is Nazah.”


The woman in mourning clothes spoke her name.

She was dressed in black with a long skirt that covered up to her ankles, giving the impression of a mature woman.

For some reason, her hands were also covered with black gloves, and her face as well with a black veil. She was wearing black all over that it gave Schild the illusion that he had wandered into a funeral of some unknown house instead, even though he had only come to see his room.

“Oh, my apologies. I didn’t mean to confuse you.”

Nazah, the lady in mourning, chuckled as if trying to repair Schild’s confusion.

“I lost my husband,” she said, “and I’ve dressed like this ever since.”

“That’s…… I’m sorry for your loss.”


“Don’t worry about it. My husband died eight years ago. And I should have taken off this mourning dress a long time ago too, but……for some reason, I couldn’t bear to do it. Before I knew it, I had kept this on out of habit, so how do I put it……I felt like I lost my timing to do it long ago…….”

The lady in mourning explained with a wry smile.

The black veil hid the details of her color and expression, but she was probably around forty years old from the sound of her voice.

“Well, putting that aside, would you like to see your room? Since the guild has given us the seal of approval, it has already been prepared, and we would love to have you as a tenant.”

“I would be honored.”

“The room you are renting is on the second floor, just up the stairs. Now then, if you please.”

When Schild put his foot on the stairs, it made a squeaking sound, but it didn’t give the impression that it was old.

In fact, just by looking at the exterior and interior of the house, it gave him a soothing impression, something like a durable antique.

“The house was left to me by my husband, along with some of his wealth, and thanks to it, the two of us, me and my remaining child, are able to live comfortably.”

“I see.”

“We’ve arrived. This is the room you’ll be using.”

After opening the rather solidly built door and entering the room, Schild found out that the interior was much larger and more well-appointed than he had imagined. It even had a huge window. This ch a pter tra nsl ation is m ade p oss ible by sta bb ing with a syr i nge tran slati ons. che ck up- t o -da te tr nsla tio ns on my Wor dp ress si te.

“I was in a hurry to clean it when I heard you were coming to see it today, so pardon me if you see some leftover dust, but the furniture here is all of the good quality. If you are willing to take good care of it, I permit you to use it.”

“Oh, oh, oh…….”

Schild could only mutter a series of oh’s in amazement at the almost high-class room he’d be staying in. Then, after walking across the room, he stood in front of the large window and looked outside.

It was all greenery behind the glass. It viewed the vast lawn of the garden and a row of trees that blocked the neighboring houses.

“It’s a small garden, but it’s our pride and joy. For now, please follow me. There are still some places I need to show you.”

At the invitation of the lady in mourning, Schild moved to another part of the room and found a small partitioned space with a sink. From its side was a water pump used to pump up the water in place.

“You can wash your face and do some simple cooking here. You’ll have to go downstairs to use the bathroom, though. You can also use the bathtub if you want, though you’ll have to share it with us landlord’s family and split the cost of firewood.”

(What can I say, it was very thoughtful.)


Was it because it’s the royal capital that they take care of this up to this extent? It’s rare to find such a good service at this price, even in the center of the capital.

“What do you think? For me, I’d really like you to rent this room, Mr. Schild.”

The landlady, a woman in mourning – Nazah, and her willingness to rent this room at any cost was again repeated to Schild with a gentle breath.

But that’s also why……

“Sorry, but I can’t accept this lodging.”

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