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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Volume 2 Chapter 36

Chapter 36 – The Claws that are Still Hidden in the Vicinity

“If Schild becomes king, Serenea and I can become his queen consorts together. If this happens, our houses can both prosper under the protection of the new king.”

“I see. So that’s what you’re planning to do.”

To Princess Cymbium’s proposal, the former patriarch of the Oscars couldn’t help but think of the man’s face that he saw the other day.

(Still, that man becoming king, huh…… And from what I could tell here, even Serenea isn’t against it.)

Even if they were related by blood, it was not uncommon for kings in the past to take a sister or two to be his consorts in order to solve some political rivalries.

There were even rare cases where kings married their own mothers.

“By doing this, we won’t just be solving the conflict between our houses, but also help Schild overcome the greatest issue with his inheritance, and that is his “impure” blood. we could claim our statuses as his rightful wives for the purpose of “enhancing the purity of the bloodline” and just like that, the positions of our houses will be secured.”

Being the only surviving male royalty alone is enough to make Schild silence the crowd.

No matter how illegitimate he is, only a few would object to his accession when his existence is revealed.

And with him becoming the hero of the last “war”, many would not doubt him of his strength and capabilities.


It is even more now that he will now have the backing of the Ryngbergs and the Oscars after this.

“So you’re saying it’s a win-win situation, but I’m afraid that you two marrying that man doesn’t completely solve our problem. Haven’t you forgotten? There is still the hierarchy of queens. Won’t there be another conflict between you and my granddaughter over who will be the first queen?”

But to this question, Cymbium and Serenea looked at each other, then just smiled.

Then, Cymbium began to speak again.

“We already had discussed this. Neither Serenea nor I will be the first queen of Schild.”

“What? Then how-”

“For that, we are planning to give that position to Miss Carney.”

“That knight?”

The patriarch then remembered the female knight standing beside Schild as soon as he heard the name. If yo u ar e abl e to r ead this mes sage, yo u are read ing fr om an unaut horiz ed ag greg a te sit e. Re ad at my Word Pre ss at stab bing with a s yring e. h ome. bl og to supp ort me an d m y tran sla tio ns.

“If I remember right, she’s from the Leschbeins. I see. In terms of family background, she’ll pose no problems.”

“Right? Also, the Leschbeins have been out of the spotlight for a very long time, despite being counted in the three major noble houses of the country. If we give her the position of the first queen, it would also help her revitalize the long-forgotten third greatest noble family.”

“So it’s about time that house got rid of the god of poverty, is it? Continue.”

The patriarch then stroked his own beard.

“I’ll be the second queen, based on seniority, and Serenea will be the third queen. That way, it would provide the best balance, as this order would also follow the exact opposite of the strength of the noble houses behind us.”

“O-our Serenea becoming the third!? Then that changes nothing at all!”

“That’s where you’re mistaken, Mr. Patriarch. The moment Schild builds his harem palace, there would be at least a hundred consorts following him. Being third is already giving Serenea the highest advantage here, despite being a young girl. Also, our competition will be much, much harder from here on.”

“You…you’re really one sly woman, Cymbium Ryngberg.”

“I have to be, or else I would already be swallowed whole by this country itself. Fufufu”

And just like that, the discussions were steadily becoming more and more solidified without the consent of the two parties involved.

But this was then when the patriarch questioned it.

“The first time I met him, he told me he was just a “helper” of yours. Are you sure about this? From every angle, he looks like he’s not interested in the throne.”

But to this question, Cymbium just happily responded, as if she was waiting for it to come.

“Doesn’t that make him the best candidate of all? Desiring to be the king is usually not included in the qualifications of an ideal king, for it is those who have these desires, more often than not, who tend to abuse their power right after becoming kings. On the contrary, those who do not have the ambitions at all won’t use its power for their own will, but for the people’s will instead.”

“That’s……very convincing……coming from the person who wants the throne the most.”

“That’s where we enter. Both of us have to convince Mr. Schild to sit on the throne without making him develop a desire on the throne.”

“I see. So, what should we do?”


“Well, first and foremost, we need to give Mr. Schild what he truly wants. After all, this is also his “purpose” of coming here.”


The old man once again recalled that he had asked the man this question before.

“He said he would tell me what he wants when we get to know each other better, so now would be a perfect time. Does Your Highness already know?”

“Yes, now that we have found a way to reconcile with the Oscar family, it will not be a problem anymore to tell you his objective.”

From here, Cymbium told the old man of the Oscars of Schild’s true goal. And that is to seek an audience with his own father, King Preslate I, in order to find out his roots and discover who he really is.

It was for this reason that he joined the First Princess faction, and even to the point of having sex with Cymbium – all to get a clue or a chance to meet the other person responsible for giving birth to him in this world.

“It’s time for you to show your sincerity, Mr. Patriarch, or Schild will lose his affection for us. Please allow us to meet with the current king, our father, whom you have surrounded with your aides that always prevented us from visiting him.”

 The current King Preslate I has fallen ill and is bedridden.

The Oscars took advantage of this situation and coerced their physicians and entourage, all belonging to their faction, into forbidding everyone from visiting, not even seeing him. Thi s cha pter tran sla tion is mad e poss ibl e by st abb ing wit h a syr inge transl at ions. che ck only up-to -dat e tran slat ions on my Wor dpr ess sit e.

With this, Cymbium thought that now was the perfect time to get what they wanted, with the perfect man for the job right in front of them.

“Not only Schild, but I as well. I would like to see father, whom I haven’t been able to see, for a long time, for I want to ask him several questions. Please, Mr. Patriarch. Urge them to lift the ban on us visiting father.”

“What the…”

But seeing the patriarch not yet giving them the affirmation, Serenea too joins in with the request. But this time, in a protesting tone.

“You’re terrible, Grandfather! You’re taking advantage of your father’s illness to monopolize him! I’m asking you the same! Let big brother and father meet each other!”

“No, wait! Wait a minute!”

But this was when the patriarch made the most panicked sound they have ever heard, making the two princesses sense something else, causing them to gulp simultaneously.

“You’re saying that we have surrounded His Majesty on his sickbed and prevented him from seeing anyone? And you think that we have him all to ourselves?”

“That’s right! It is you guys who are-“

“What the fuck are you talking about!?”

“Wha- what are you-”

“You are the one who has His Majesty surrounded, First Princess!”

At these following words of the patriarch, it was Cymbium’s turn to be flabbergasted.

It felt like everything she had ever believed in was being rattled all over.

“What are you talking about?! Whenever I requested to see father, I was always told I was not allowed to see him by the order of the Prime Minister! The current Prime Minister is a genuine member of the Oscar Faction, isn’t he?”

“We were also denied access too! My daughter, the second queen, was always screaming at me, telling me that the king shall meet no visitors, all by the order of the First Queen!”


It was then when the two camps discovered that a contradictory fact had emerged.

… a discrepancy in perceptions that had never been revealed until now due to the lack of interaction between the opposing factions.

“In fact, if we had a monopoly on him, we would already have had him issue as many false edicts as possible to get rid of you, princess! Isn’t that what you were trying to prevent by keeping him away from us??”

Both sides had always thought that their mutual enemy was blocking the way to the king’s sickbed.

“If what you said is true….”

“Then who is really giving the order to not see His Majesty?”

And it was only then when both of the largest camps knew that the demons lurking in the palace had not revealed all their claws just yet.

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