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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Volume 2 Chapter 35

Chapter 35 – Schild, the Middle Choice

“Kakakakakkaka! No way! Heeheeheehheehee!”

The former head of the Oscar House, the “Patriarch” Elovairo, was laughing hysterically in a meeting room.

Such a scenery was so rare it could be classified a once-in-a-decade occurrence if ever witnessed by those who know him well.

“To disable the deadly venom of the Viaget in such a way is…it’s just totally unheard of! Honestly, it sounded dull and stupid, but as a man, I envy him! Ho-ho-ho-ho-ho-ho”

“This is no laughing matter, former patriarch!”

In response, Princess Cymbium, sitting directly across the retired patriarch, spoke to him in protest.

“Mr. Schild really resembled a beast that night. And while it’s a good thing that he managed to purify the venom and get out of trouble, after that, we had a whole day of harem sex as a thank you for saving his life! Serenea had already recovered because she is younger than us, but my back is still sore! We really had a hard time, you know!”

She also added in her exclamation, rubbing her lower back as she sat down.

“That’s right! Grandpa’s assassin is too much of a screw-up!”


Serenea, who is currently snuggling up to her sister, also protested against her own grandfather.

The detailed account by which Schild was venomed was fully conveyed to all the women who happened to be in the place. Even the youngest Serenea is no exception to it.

“Well, I can’t refute that. Even I didn’t think that the next generation of the Oscar family’s intelligence network would be this inept.”

The old then directed a stern gaze at Shan, who was also sitting in the corner of the room.

As for Shan, she tried to stand up as if she also wants to protest herself, but the pain in her back prevented her from doing so, and she fell flat on her seat again.

“Even so, please forgive her. After all, she was one of the people who worked their hardest for Schild to recover, and probably the one who hurt her back the most compared to most of us, feeling responsible for all this fiasco. Besides, it was thanks to her doing that you and I were able to meet today, wasn’t it?”

“Ain’t that the truth…”

The harem sex of the venom-crazed Schild has brought together women of different calibers who had no previous contact with each other.

Among them was the encounter between Princess Cymbium and Shan, the assassin of the House Oscar, which was probably the most important of all in terms of their situation, as she created a straight pipe between the two factions even though they were of opposing forces.

This “straight pipe” tried her best in traveling back and forth between the camps while also rubbing her aching lower back. As a result, today, Cymbium and the former head of the Oscars are now able to conduct a secret meeting with each other personally.

“Fate is really fickle sometimes. I never imagined a few days ago that I would be able to talk with you in secret like this.”

“Neither did I. It was Mr. Schild who brought me this opportunity. He’s almost akin to a God of War who always brings me glory.”

Or perhaps it was I who is the tool here, and my hard work for Schild is just a result of also benefiting relatively while at his side.

…and that in exchange for becoming a sex slave and a servant of Schild, I would receive the most exquisite pleasures and love from him.

“So this meeting is it also about-”

“Yes. For seeking the future that I, Serenea, and Mr. Schild wants.”

Cymbium was saying it was also for Schild, but she knows very well that the person doesn’t really care whether she or the Oscars win this political battle. If yo u a re a ble to re ad this mes sag e, you are r eadin g fro m a n unau th orized aggr egate si te. Re ad at my W ordPre ss at sta bbin g wit h a syri nge. hom e. blo g to supp ort me and m y trans lat ions.

However, as he needed her support in achieving his goal, and because he had already stuck his feet too deep into this quicksand of political battles, he had no other choice but to intervene.

“Princess……I had always thought that on the day we’ll meet face to face, will be the day that this civil war would be over and either you or us will perish soon after.”

“I thought so too. After all, once a new king is chosen, he and only he can possibly become king.”

It was an unspoken rule that the one who successfully grabs the throne shall kill those who couldn’t, all to ensure the safety of their reign and prevent any possible uprising. This has also been the result of every political struggle over the kingdom over the centuries past.

If Cymbium were to become queen, then Serenea and the Oscars have to die.

And if Serenea becomes queen, it was Cymbium who will fall, and execution will be the very least of her problems.


Both sides have fought desperately to destroy the other in order to prevent their own destruction.

They had no choice but to do this in order to survive, for only one of them should remain as a ruler of this country.

“But now, a third option has presented itself to us. And for this, I am willing to choose the third option, if you too are willing to agree to it.”

“If I am willing to agree, huh… How about you, Serenea?”

The old man then looked at her granddaughter who was snuggling up to her sister, who was supposed to be her political enemy.

To him, she was their ultimate political pawn, but also her own family.

“By the way, how are you doing, Serenea? Is Her Highness treating you well?”

“Yes! And it was more fun here than when I was with Grandpa and the others! After all, the people here don’t swear or get annoyed with me and my actions!”

“I-I see…”

The former patriarch was slightly hurt by the unexpected harsh words that came from his granddaughter.

“Fufufu. Serenea is a very good girl, you know? Ever since she got to know me better, she started to get clingy, never leaving my side even for a moment.”


“She sleeps in the same bed with me, always takes a bath with me, and even goes to the toilet with me. Do you know what that means?”


At first, the former patriarch thought that Cymbium was just emphasizing how close she was with her granddaughter. Under normal circumstances, it would only just be interpreted as the doings of a goofy and spoiled child. But when she unusually emphasized the last part, considering all kinds of hardships the old man has seen through in his old age, Elovairo immediately understood what she was trying to say.

“She was on the lookout for any assassination attempt?”

It was a predictable development that the cornered Oscar family would try to turn the tables by assassinating their political rival on their head, which is none other than Cymbium. This cha pter transl ati on is mad e pos sible by stab bi ng with a syr i nge trans lati ons. check o nly up- to-d at e transl atio ns on my Wor dp ress s ite.

The Oscars are already trapped to the point where it would be possible for them to take such a risk.

Perhaps sensing this, Serenea began working together with Cymbium, always following her wherever place she went.

She thought that if she, the most essential member of the Oscar family right now, was near their target, it would be difficult for her family to make a move on her sister.

The worst-case scenario is that Serenea may be killed as collateral damage, and with her death, the Oscars would fall apart right on the spot.

“She has always pretended to be indulgent and spoiled. Believe it or not, she made me share a bite of my food with her every time we had a meal. And she always did it while everyone was looking so that the story of her always sharing food with me would spread in front of everyone.”

“I see. With that, it makes it impossible to choose to poison your food as an option.”

But unknown to the old patriarch, his response made Cymbium feel puzzled on the inside.

(Why is he so surprised about this? Wait, is he telling me that there had never been any plan to assassinate me at all? Even though he had moved himself to assassinate Schild just the other day!?)

Cymbium was right. But the truth is, even though his son and daughters have gone out of control, Oscar’s former patriarch had no personnel to dispatch assassination missions in the first place, except for the clumsy Shan, which was unreliable, and the former patriarch himself, which is too conspicuous and busy with other affairs.

“To think I was also causing so much trouble to my granddaughter, even though she’s still so young!”

Nevertheless, this has proven to them that the former patriarch still cares for her granddaughter at the very least.

“My granddaughter has grown up to be such a good royal family member. But with such deep sense of thought at such a young age, Serenea, don’t you have desires to take the throne yourself?”

But to this question of her grandfather, something snapped inside Serenea, causing her to retort to her old man in anger.

“I don’t wanna! Even if I ascend to the throne, the Oscars are the only ones who will benefit from it! In the first place, the duty of the royalty is to ensure the stability of the whole country, and not an instrument to get a biased treatment over a single House!”

Serenea was absolutely right.


It is the royalty that should stand on top of the country. And because they stand above the country, their care must also be focused on the entire country, and not only on a single noble house, or else it would be no different from the noble house usurping the throne by making the royalty its puppet.

As for the noble houses, it is their duty to help the king provide its citizens with a stable rule. Even if it means the demise of their own house in return.

In their first meeting, Schild casually pointed this out, but the patriarch was too blind to realize.

But it wasn’t without reasons. The old veteran had been too focused on keeping his house afloat when he saw that his son showed no signs of being a reliable successor and her granddaughter’s fate after being overtaken by Cymbium.

(Thankfully, there’s still time. And it is not too late.)

After thinking through, the old patriarch had made up his mind.

“Either way, my Oscar family’s chances of winning in this battle are already ruined. But that doesn’t mean it is already over for us, as we also know that it was unlikely for your faction to rule on our own, especially without our help. Thus…”

“……we can only aim for the third option, where the both of us can prosper together.”

So what is the third option that Cymbium is talking about?

Whether Cymbium becomes queen or Serenea becomes queen, whichever house loses the race to the throne will fall.

The only way to avoid that is for neither of them to become queen.

“That’s why I want to propose to you that instead of us, it will be Schild who will be the king.”

This was Cymbium’s third option.

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