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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Volume 2 Chapter 33

Chapter 33 – Raging Sex to Survive

“Mmm-ho-ho! ♡♡♡♡ Mh-hoh-hoh! Mmmhooooo♡♡♡♡ I never knew Mr. Schild’s cock could still give this old lady pussy a hard pounding, even though it’s already an old and aged pussy♡♡♡♡”

“Ahhh, Mom’s moaning is already sounding like a real beast. That said, ahh, aahhh♡♡♡♡ My pussy, my pussy is♡♡♡♡ My pussy is feeling so good too♡♡♡♡♡♡”

“Amazing♡♡♡♡ So this is the real sex when Master Schild is not holding himself back♡♡♡♡♡♡”

Three beautiful women with their three beautiful assess in a row were being driven crazy by the penis that was entering them in turn.

The owner of the penis was none other than Schild, the man who has been subjected to the deadly venom of the viper Viaget.

With no antidote at hand and a high chance of dying, Schild decided to take an unconventional measure to combat the venom.

He decided to eliminate the venom through sex.

Suppose humans were to unleash their latent abilities that are not normally used. In that case, their immune system alone may be enough to defeat even a venom that is normally impossible to fight.

Sex as a way of pushing the limits of the body and mind.

Sex as an instrument to elevate one’s potential to the extreme to burn out the foreign elements eating away the body.

This is what Schild had thought of as a solution, and the same reason that the mother-daughter Nazah and Tanifa, as well as the female assassin Shan, whom he just met today, had voluntarily offered their asses and pussies to him.

In addition to that was one more person…

“Mwah……♡♡♡ Mwah……♡♡ Chu♡♡♡ kiss♡♡ Chu-chu-chu~~~♡♡♡♡”

The female knight Carney is also one of the four women who offered her female genitals in the nude to save their beloved Schild.


Right now, she’s hugging him and laying her lips on his to help him get aroused.

“Lord Schild, does my tongue taste good? How about my lips? My drool? I’ll let you lick me as much as you want and as long as you want it, Lord Schild♡♡♡♡♡♡”

A large amount of semen is currently dripping from Carney’s vagina like a broken embankment.

It was so much it was already impossible to tell how many times she has been ejaculated inside this day alone.

More than two hours had already passed since Schild was accidentally pricked by the venom-laced fingernail of Shan.

The four of his beautiful women happened to be there during that time, so he ejaculated into each of them at least ten times. As a result, their wombs are about to burst open from taking too much of his seed.

Even then, Schild’s hips were consistently slamming into them with almost the same power as before, making them barely even able to stand up in the end.

“Fuhii♡♡ I’m gonna die♡♡♡♡ If we don’t do something, we’ll die before Mr. Schild does♡♡♡♡♡♡”

Schild was so focused on beating the toxin that he couldn’t even care for the women’s conditions like he usually did.

In fact, he hadn’t responded to any of their calls since a while ago, and it was already doubtful if he was still in his right mind.

“Lord Schild!”

But Carney was fully aware of his condition, being in the full-body embrace of the man. Her first clue was that she felt that Schild’s body temperature was abnormal.

Schild has a high fever. And a nasty case at that.

It was to the point that Carney felt as if she was hugging a red-hot iron rod.

Was it due to the effects of the venom? Or was it due to the immunity that Schild himself was producing to fight the venom?

Either way, the toxin had already spread throughout his body, and it would not be surprising if he dropped dead at any time. If yo u ar e abl e to r ead this mes sag , you are rea din g fro m an u nauth ori zed aggr egate si te. R ea d at my Wor dPr ess at sta bbin g with a syri ge. hom e. blo g to supp ort m e and m y tra nslat ions.

But Schild is still alive.

This meant that the desperate sex therapy by Carney and her team was working.


“I, I can’t take this anymore!”

The first to fall was Lady Nazah.

She was so overwhelmed by the sheer force of Schild’s mating that her fatigue peaked.

“No, Mom! You have to hold on! But I’m also……!”

Her daughter Tanifa collapsed next. As they were ordinary people, it was natural that they couldn’t take on Schild’s seriousness which was extraordinary from the start.

“If this happens, then I’ll……!”

Shan, who had been trained as an assassin by the Oscars, had not yet run out of energy or strength.

But it was evident that she was also nearing her limit.

She also knew that if she continued to receive Schild’s penis, all the more now without the support of Nazah and Tanifa, she would be guaranteed to break next.

“……!! Lord Schild, Over here~ My pussy is still hungry for your cock!”

Seeing the state of the three, the female knight Carney prepared her last resolve. First, she broke away from Schild’s embrace, then went on a corner far away from the other three.

Afterward, she went down on all fours and waved her buttocks on Schild from side to side, as if “luring the beast” away from them.

“To this pussy who has only swallowed Lord Schild’s cum so many times, this Carney’s vagina who has now become exclusive for Lord Schild, please grace this pussy with your almighty cock, and while at it, ram it in here as many times as you like!”

At the temptation, Schild let out an animalistic breath and immediately jumped on Carney’s waving ass.

“Nkyaaaa♡♡♡♡ It immediately went inside♡♡♡♡”

It was the umpteenth intercourse between Carney and Schild.

Yet, the force being executed as he pounds his penis into her is still relentless and unforgiving.

“……uuhgh, hyuuu, shyuuuuu……!!”

“L-Lord Schild!?”

Schild was no longer in his right state of mind.

His reason, which functioned to keep him in check at all times, had already been shut down in order to concentrate on overcoming the venom.

Thus, Schild right now is no different from a berserker, obsessed only with raping women before his eyes, a brute who could only think of the woman’s ass and vagina as tools for ejaculation.

“Uurrgghh, ggghhhhh, grrrrrrrr!!”


“It’s okay…Even if you can’t remember anything now, I know. I know that you’ll still come back to my usual beloved Schild!”


But even though she already knows of his state, Carney didn’t stop offering herself, much to Shan’s worry.

Even so, Carney hasn’t yet given up.

“Master Schild! Master Carney has already been violated by you more than double the total amount compared to any of us! She had also received the most of your cum! But even with that, she’s still taking over each time we need to take a break! Any further than this, and she’ll be….”

Shan tried to talk to Schild, but no matter how hard she pleaded, the man-beast continued to fuck Carney mercilessly.

“No, Shan! Don’t make him stop! Even if everyone else collapses, I will still try my best to offer my pussy to him! I could feel it. Lord Schild is at his peak of fighting the venom in his body! If he stops here, Lord Schild will truly die!”

Carney is right.

Inside Schild’s body, his life force and the venom were still in a fierce battle.

And his life force is being fueled by his lust for sex.

“Ooooohhh♡♡♡♡ Oooohh♡♡♡♡ Oooooooohh♡♡♡♡”

“Please, no more! If you let him do you any more than this, you will surely die!”

“I don’t care if I die first! As long as Lord Schild is alive, it’s already the best outcome for me! Even if it means my life will be the exchange for it…nhaaa!!”

Even while being pierced in her rear, Carney didn’t bend her will.

“You see, at first, I hated being a woman…That’s why I left my womanly self behind and strived to live as a male knight! But when I was put in a similar crisis due to the poison from the Octolov, Lord Schild saved me! He showed me the greatness of being a woman! A true woman made to be fucked with so much love!”


“After he fucked me again and again, I eventually became addicted to him! Schild is my everything now! I can’t live without him anymore! So I’ll try my best so that he won’t die! And make him continue to love me for the rest of our lives right after that!”

Every time she was thrust from behind in the Doggy-Style position, Carney’s legs would lift off the ground, and she would almost flip forward. This chap ter tra nsla t ion is mad e possi bl e by st abbi ng wi h a s ri nge transl ati ons. chec k onl y up- to-d at e tra nsl atio ns on my Wo rdp ress si te.

No, if this continues, Master Carney will surely break.

Is there anything I can do?

Just as Shan was thinking of this, she heard a thumping sound of something in the distance.


At first, she thought she was hearing things, but then, the thumping became louder and louder.

“Was that a knock?”

It was after a few moments of rest that Shan realized that the sound was of a knocking on a door.

Someone was knocking on the door of Lady Nazah’s house, where Schild and the others are staying.

Who could it be at this time of the night?

“Uhm, Y-yes?”

“Wait, Lady Nazah!? You’re going to leave the house looking like that?”

All the women in the room were completely naked and covered in Schild’s semen.

Even Nazah was no exception, but perhaps she was too tired to think that she was unable to notice her condition.

“W-who is it? Oh my!”

When Nazah returned from the doorway, she brought a beautiful woman with her.

It was an office lady with nice rimmed glasses.

“Miss Lirica?  Mmhaa! Aahhh!”

Carney was surprised by the appearance of this person while she was still being poked by Schild in the butt.

“What are you guys doing here? Uwaa… It smells like sweat, love juices, and cum all over the place! Also, there’s even a new face here?”

“Miss Lirica! This is…!”

Carney tried her best to summarize their current situation with Schild.


The accidental taking of the venom, the way to get over it using sex, and the fact that the women are already reaching their limits even before Schild himself.

“…I see, I had a bad feeling about this, and I guess I was right.”

Lirica thought to herself as she repositioned her glasses.

“A bad feeling?”

“I know what you’re about to say, and I know that I’m not the type of person that trusts my intuition, but today is the first time I actually had a terrible feeling ….”

After this, Lirica quickly took off the clothes she was wearing and stripped completely naked.

“But now that I’m here, allow me to help you as well! Schild, over here~! You can fuck me just like the others in interval!”

Just like what Carney did earlier, Lirica also lifted her hips and swayed them lasciviously.

This “new treat” enticed Schild, who was now working only on his instinct, and as a result, he immediately pulled his penis out of Carney’s vagina and plunged it into the Lirica’s who had just arrived.

“Hyaaaa♡♡♡♡ So this is how it feels to have rough sex without any love…Still, I’ll try my best to endure it!”

While Schild was getting busy with Lirica’s ass, Carney used this chance to catch her breath.

“But even with her help, it’s still too much for us!”

It was Shan who said weakly.

“From the start, even before losing his mind, Master Schild was already so powerful that the four of us are no match for him! A single woman added to the fray wouldn’t make any difference!”

It was evident that Lirica’s strength would run out before Carney and the others could recover.

“We need to have at least twice the people as this to break even… but where are we going to get that many people from?”

But that’s when it happened.

The door of Nazah’s residence was knocked again. Not just one, not just twice, but several times at this late of the night.

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