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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Volume 2 Chapter 32

Chapter 32 – Deadly Honey Trap

Even though they had decided to transfer to some better places, there’s only one place in Schild’s head right now.

To Schild, this was his new home, where he could finally have a peace of mind and settle down throughout this action-packed journey.

“I’m home!”

“Welcome home, Mr. Schild! Have you had your dinner yet?”

“I missed you so much! Please stay with me until I sleep today.”

Soon as he opened the door, the beautiful mother and daughter, also the owners of the house, welcomed him with open arms.

The widow Nazah and her daughter Tanifa.

These two are well known in their neighborhood for their beauties. However, with the father of the house dead for decades and the daughter going to college, which requires a lot of money, their family was put on the brink of bankruptcy. To this, they decided to rent out a part of the mansion they were living in.

This enters Schild, who solved their financial crisis in one go by giving them more than they need by renting the place for a year or two. This was after seeing Nazah throwing out in desperation all the benefits they could manage just for him to rent out the place, even her body as a bonus, just to make her daughter have enough money to enter school.

Of course, Schild being Schild, he also added the condition of having sex with the mother and daughter, to which the other party gladly complied as he became literally the man who saved them from the financial crisis. It is also because they had already become addicted to Schild’s cock after having sex with him once.

So, whenever Schild comes home, the two happily turn their asses to him each time. Also, opening their legs wide and offering their pussies to him has already become his exclusive greeting.

This time, the said mother and daughter noticed an unfamiliar figure following Schild up to the mansion.

“Oh, if it’s Ms. Carney, welcome! Also, you have brought another woman again?” greeted Tanifa.

This was their meeting with the female assassin Shan.

“Let me introduce her to you. This is my new lover, Shan.”

“……Shan, Master Schild’s newest meat toilet. Please to meet you.”

“Wait, you’re going with that introduction?”

But the two weren’t surprised by this.

“I kind of expected this, basing Mr. Schild’s personality. In fact, I already ran out of surprises when you introduced Miss Lirica and Miss Carney. Then again, You’re gonna get stabbed in the back one of these days, Mr. Schild.”

“Hahaha, they are prepared to try, Lady Nazah. Then again, if they did it and succeeded, they’ll never have a taste of my cock again, so it’s only a lose-lose for the both of us.”

“Sigh. At this point, I don’t know anymore if you’re being manly or a jerk.”

“Anyways, now that we’ve arrived, how about you guys? Do you mother and daughter want to join us and have a fivesome altogether?”

“Of course! We want us all to have another cum-slurping lesbian deep kiss like we had back then!”

“I also want it. But before we do that, why don’t we have dinner first? Fufufu, come to think of it, it’s been really lively since Mr. Schild came to stay at our house. In both the dining table and the bed♡♡♡♡”


As for Carney and the rest, they had already started taking off their clothes, showing their eagerness for Schild’s cock.

From here will be the start of a sweet and dazzling night, with four asses on his side by side.

“Oh, but first….”

Lady Nazah, who was about to get her naked apron before preparing dinner, suddenly remembered something. If yo u a re a ble to re ad this m essa ge, yo u are rea di ng from an una uth ori zed aggr ega te s ite. Rea d at my Wo rdP ress at stab bin g with a syr in ge. ho me. blo to su pport me and my trans lat ions.

“I almost forgot, Mr. Schild. It’s about the errand I was asking you to run for me….”

“Of course, I already had it in me. Here.”

Originally, Schild’s purpose for going out was to hang around the city on a date with Carney.

But since the original purpose was just going for a walk, Lady Nazah asked them to run an errand for her.

Nevertheless, also out of their expectations, they met the assassin, Shan on the way there. They also ran into the Oscar House’s Patriarch, who then tried to “test” Schild for his skills.

But it didn’t stop there. To repay the disturbance they have caused, the patriarch then decided to give Shan to Schild to be violated personally as well as serve as a sign of their reconciliation.

“I’m sorry about this. It didn’t have to be now, but….”

“No, it was me who asked first if there was anything you needed as we will be going to the city. Also, this is but a small thanks compared to the delicious food you’ve always cooked for us.”

Schild puts his hand into the leather bag from his waist and takes out the goods he bought along the way.

“Here, here, here and h-ouch!?”

At that moment, Schild felt something sting his hand, but he didn’t care much as he had experienced more excruciating pains from the front lines of his monster subjugation missions.

“Here, your maple syrup.”

“Yes, that’s it! Tanifa would be in a bad mood if she didn’t put this on her pancakes…oh?”

It was then when Lady Nazah noticed something on Schild’s hand that was being held out to her.

“Mr. Schild, there’s something stuck on the back of your hand.”


When he checked it himself, Schild noticed that there was a small, flat object sticking into the back of his right hand, like a piece of seashell, along with a streak of red blood flowing on the pierced part.

What’s more, the small object that pierced him had a bright and seemingly poisonous color.

“A fingernail?”

Schild muttered. And when he came to his senses, he realized that it was the same one that Shan tried to use when she attacked Schild.

“And it’s stuck in me!?”

The fingernail, laced with Viagert venom, which is said to pose an extreme lethality even with just a single scratch, is now dug deep into a part of Schild’s body.

Even if he pulls it out in a hurry, it would already be too late as the venom that was seeped into the fingernails had already entered Schild’s bloodstream.

 “Why? And why at this point of all times!?”

“Mr. Schild!? What’s in that leather bag!?”

“Come to think of it, I felt the pain when I put my hand deep into the bottommost part of the bag. Wait a second!”

Schild opened the mouth of the leather bag wide, and upon peering at it, he discovered nine other similarly colored nails scattered at the bottom of the bag.

“Shan! What’s going on here!?”


He immediately asked the person who had just been using them.

“You said you took care of the venom-laced nails, right? Then why are they in my bag!?”

“What? That wasn’t a garbage bag?”

“No, it’s not! Also, why would I carry a garbage bag up to here!?”

In other words, Shan had thrown her venom-laced nails into Schild’s luggage bag, mistaking it for a garbage container.

“Even if it really was a garbage bag, you can’t just throw away something this dangerous just like that!”

“Now I know why they threw you out! You were too careless with your methods!”

Schild didn’t expect that the attribute of the screw-up assassin was devastating to this extent. However, he didn’t have the luxury of chasing after what was already done.

Now that the snake venom of the Viaget had entered his body, he would definitely die if he didn’t detoxify it at all costs.


“Schild!? Are you gonna die!?”

Listening to the conversation beside them, the mother and daughter pair were also shaken by the emergency.

“Shan! You told me that you used an antidote to treat your nails. What’s left of it?”

“None! I used them all to ensure that my fingers had no more poison in them!”

“Dear Goddess!”

Carney groaned once more at Shan’s unimaginably clutzy behavior.

“Lord Schild! Let’s run fast to a place where we can find an antidote! Hospitals, guilds-“

“No, the poison will be all over me before we even get to the nearest place. The Viaget’s venom is fast-acting and never to be underestimated.”

“No way…!!”

With a look of despair, Carney fell on her butt.

“Don’t die, Mr. Schild! What will happen to our family when you’re gone?”

“It is as mom had said! It’s no longer for financial reasons that Schild is indispensable to us anymore!”

Nazah and Tanifa clung to him desperately.

“It’s……it’s all my fault……!!”

Shan, the culprit, was already crying all over her face.

All his women reacted in their own different ways.

In the meantime, the venom is spreading inside Schild’s body, indicating he hasn’t much time left. This chapt er tra n lati on is made p oss ible by st abbi ng with a sy rin ge trans lati ons. che ck on ly up-to- da te tr ansla tio ns on my Wo rdpr ess si te.

“Everyone, I’m gonna need your help…”


“…to survive this.”

But even in this state, there was no resignation in Schild’s eyes, only the eyes of a challenger trying to overcome danger.

“What?” “you have a plan?” “We’ll do whatever we can!”

“I heard a story once. It is about a subjugator who was bitten by a Viaget just like I am now…”

He also had no antidote on his hand, thus no way to treat it, so he was prepared to die.

To make matters worse, he was alone in front of a swarm of monsters that were attacking him.

“If I fall now, these monsters will head for my friends who are fighting in the other direction, and if that happened, our whole party will inevitably be wiped out.”

Thinking of this, the subjugator decided to protect the place at the very least before he dies from the venom spreading all over his body.

And if possible, he hoped that he would wipe out all the monsters here before he exhaled his last breath.

He fought desperately, pushing himself beyond his limits and for a long time. But when his friends returned after wiping out the monsters, they found that the subjugator who was protecting their flanks managed to survive despite all of that.

“That person had completely nullified the Viaget’s poison in his body. He was a person who is ready to die, yet he managed to burn the venom out of his body after exerting his physical strength to its utmost limits!”

“Lord Schild, you are suggesting that….”

“It’s not that easy, master! Especially for a human being to go beyond their limits! I also heard that story, but the subjugator at that time also happened to be confronting enemies that far surpassed his ability! We cannot find them here! And we can’t even match you with your prowess even if we fought hard!”


Shan was right.

Schild will not be able to overcome this venom unless there’s someone out there with whom he can improve his abilities to the point of exceeding his limits.


But there are those who can make him surpass his limits in other ways.


Carney, Shan, Nazah, and Tanifa turned to him at the sudden call.

“We’ll do this not in battle but in sex!”

Push himself to the limit, and along it, burn the poison that is in his body.

“ “ “ “……!!” ” ” ”

Upon realizing what Schild meant, all the four stripped naked in a hurry, then pointed their asses in a line immediately towards Schild.

“Schild! Fuck me! Fuck me now!’

“I’ll gladly give you my pussy as long as you survive, Mr. Schild!”

“It was my carelessness that caused it all! Feel free to even break my pussy to make amends!”

“I can’t live without you anymore, Lord Schild! But as long as we have the chance, I’ll make sure you survive! So please, Lord Schild, use me as you like!”

Seeing his women already up and ready, Schild also took off his clothes and jumped at the asses that were flailing in line.

From here, his harem orgy of survival has begun.

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