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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Volume 2 Chapter 31

Chapter 31 – Finishing the Female Assassin

“Ooooohh♡♡♡♡ My ass and pussy♡♡ My ass and pussy are…oooohhh♡♡♡♡”

“So good! Lord Schild’s cock is going to split my head open from pleasure♡♡♡♡ Shan’s fingers so intense that my butt is feeling great as well♡♡♡♡”

Carney and Shan.

While these two beauties are busy fingering each other’s assholes, Schild entered in the middle and haphazardly penetrated each of their vacant front holes with his manhood.

Each of their vaginas was more than sufficiently wet, probably because of how the women had been caressing each other for a while.

Because of this, the penetration made them feel much better than they should have, no matter in which way he put it in or how hard he bucked.

“Whether it’s my asshole, or my pussy♡♡ It’s so good♡♡ …….Lord Schild, I want to kiss♡♡ I know that I’ve got a cock stuck in my pussy and a finger in my ass, so if I’m kissed here and now, I think I would die from all the pleasures, but still, I kinda want to feel it♡♡♡♡”

“No fair……I also want to kiss♡♡♡♡ A hero’s kiss……I want it♡♡♡♡”

With the two cute and pink appendages reaching out to him, Schild had no choice but to reach out to them with his tongue at the same time – all while his penis alternated between both of their vaginas from below.

“Ahh♡♡ Ahh ahh ahh ahh ahhhh♡♡♡♡ Ahhhhhnnn♡♡♡♡♡♡ I’m going to cum, I’m going to cum again with Lord Shild’s cock♡♡♡♡♡♡”


“Nooo♡♡ My ass and my pussy are……♡♡♡♡ They both feel so good that I am cumming againnn♡♡♡♡♡♡”

Soon, spurts of semen were alternately poured into the pussies of both Shan and Carney, where Schild also completed an equal distribution of creampies to each of the two.

“Ahhhh……Shan, you don’t have to move your fingers in my asshole anymore.”

“You’re the one……who should be stopping it, Miss Carney!”

But even though Schild’s ejaculation has ended, Shan and Carney have still yet to remove their fingers from each other’s asses.

“How about this, we pull both out in the count of three?”


“Here it goes. One, two, three……nhaaaaa♡♡”


But the moment they pulled each other out, they both felt pleasure once again.

“Ahh, that was good. I think I’m gonna get addicted to this♡♡”

After that, the atmosphere around the three had utterly relaxed.

And with the calm bringing their senses back, Carney stared at her own hand.

To be precise, to her index finger that had been stuck deep into Shan’s asshole just now. If y ou ar e ab le to r ead th is messa ge, yo u are rea din g fro m an unaut oriz ed aggre gate s ite. Re ad at my Wor dPr ess at stab bing wit h a syri nge. hom e. bl og to s uppo rt me a nd my tra nslat ions.


“What’s up, Carney?”

“……I think I’m going to wash my hands.”

“Uh, y-yeah.”

Thankfully for them, there is something like a washing area in the cheap room they rented, so it was a great help.


“Don’t you need to wash your hands, too, Shan?”

As sounds of water echoed in the corner of the room, Schild and Shan were left alone in bed.

Schild was the first to speak, turning his head to his remaining partner as she lay dazed on the bed.

“I……yes. I just……I’m still surprised that I acted like that just now.”

“Yeah, you sure are.”

Her reaction is not unusual. After all, the expressionless Shan hadn’t even raised an eyebrow even after exposing her everything to the two. Yet she immediately went wild when Carney started putting a finger in her ass.

Even Shan herself was surprised and in a daze upon the discovery of this new side of hers.

“I……I was a drop-out in the Oscar House’s clandestine training camp.”

After a brief staring in the air,  Shan suddenly started narrating the memories she had back when she was still in training at the Oscars.

“There were several curriculums available in that training camp. Nevertheless, “training to kill your own emotions” is always one of the basics……after all, a secret agent needs to control their own emotions……and the best way to start is to deprive you of having your own first.”

“Well, that’s true, in a way.”

“So, I trained hard to kill my emotions, and I mean really, really hard. But before I knew it, I couldn’t show any emotions at all.”

“Did you go too hard?”

Secret agents are trained to “kill” their own emotions. It is so for the agents to easily paint new “false” emotions on top of them, and it could be quickly done when you have an emotionless “blank” canvass at the ready. But more importantly, it is also to prevent their own feelings from showing up and interfering with their line of work.

But if you kill your emotions to the point where you can’t even paint on the false emotions on it, then all of it is meaningless.

“In the end, I was told that I was unfit to be a secret agent, so I decided to at least polish my skills as an assassin instead…….”

“But you got your ass handed back at me, twice, though each in a different meaning.”

“That too, but in the first place, the Oscars doesn’t really have an assassination curriculum of some sort….”

“That’s just even worse. Wait, so you’re saying that all your skills are self-taught? That’s……impressive.”

Schild found out through their conversation and sex that this girl, Shan, was really a hard worker.

Nevertheless, he also couldn’t help but feel sorry for her, as with her innate ability to screw up at the last moment, it makes her efforts to be almost 90% in vain.

(Still, thinking about it, I couldn’t help but find that part of hers as cute.)

From here, Schild changed his position and orientation on the bed, this time bringing his penis right in front of Shan.

And as per usual, it hadn’t wilted even after he ejaculated once.


“Remember the first time we met? You gave me a blowjob, right?”

“Yes, and that time you were really forceful……though I never expected that it would also become a way to stop me from moving.”

“So, I was thinking, can you give me a blowjob again? I’ll make it so that we make ourselves feel good this time, for the both of us.”

“Understood, Master Schild♡♡♡♡”

Without hesitation, Shan buried her face in Schild’s crotch and took his penis deep into her mouth.

“Urrg♡♡ Urg, shluurpchup, chup, chluurp♡♡♡♡ How does it feel? Does it feel good?”

Shan then tilted her head up as she sucked the penis into her mouth.

“At the training camp, they told us that female spies need to be able to do sexually explicit things……there was also a course on sexual techniques. From there, they taught me how to give a blowjob.”

“I see. So that’s why it feels like you had the knack for it.”

While Shan was giving a blowjob, Schild had observed that she was also aiming precisely at the sensitive parts of his cock, a part that women shouldn’t know unless they were taught or had a lot of experience. Hence, Schild saying that she had a knack for it is undoubtedly true. Thi s chap ter t ransla ti on is ma de po ssib le by st abb ing wi th a syr i nge trans la tions. che ck o nly up -to- da te trans lat ions on m y Wo rdp ress sit e.

“However, they said that my blowjob skills were not up to snuff. Some got even turned off because I had no expression on my face while I was giving head.”

“Well, I could somehow guess why they said that.”

“Either way, because I couldn’t even pass the blowjob test, I was dismissed from the sexual techniques class early. So I didn’t even get to take on the real sex……that’s why, Master Schild, you were my first that time…….”


“I, I hoped you felt good. As for me, I felt good, really good, in fact. But if you still felt unsatisfied with me, I’ll try my best to make it up with this blowjob.”

“Wait a minute! So you’re saying you were a virgin just now?! Ughh!”

“Shhurrp, ssshurrp, mgu, mgu……♡♡ Please, cum whenever you want♡♡♡♡ I will swallow everything in my mouth, no matter how much it is♡♡♡♡ Shhlurrp, slurp……!”

“This girl……to think she’s already able to do this while she has lost her virginity just earlier!”

However, unable to resist the thought of what she had just said, Schild immediately pulled his penis out of Shan’s mouth and pushed her down from there instead.

“Ahh, master, what are you-“

If that’s the case, I need to get a better taste of this virgin pussy once again!”

The “overnight” rule.

It was one of Schild’s made-up rules pertaining to his belief in sex, that even if the woman had her hymen already torn open, as long as the night is not yet over and the wound is still fresh, her pussy is still considered a virgin pussy for that night.

And so, to get a proper taste of Shan’s “virginity”, Schild plunged his erect manhood into her vagina right away.

“Ahhnn♡♡♡♡ So, it’s not in my mouth, but in my pussy this time? Master Schild has decided he will lodge his huge cock inside my pussy and cum lots and lots in there instead? Ahh, imagining it is already making me feel good♡♡♡♡♡♡”

The feel of the vagina is always different from the mouth, as the former is much more in direct contact with the woman’s inner self.

Thus, the moment she discovered that her partner still hadn’t had enough of her, and now he was going to violate her again, the woman’s face immediately went in bliss.

“Nyaaaahhhh ♡♡♡♡ My pussy is, my pussy is being cummed a lot ♡♡♡♡ ♡♡♡♡”

So again, after enjoying her “virginity” to the fullest, Schild spewed his semen all over Shan, who, in return, bounced up and down in a shrimpy manner on the bed.

“Aah! You two are cheating! How dare you start on your own while I’m not around?”

This was then Carney, who took her time in washing her hands, came back into the room.

“Haha, sorry about that. I’ll make sure to cum inside you next. But first……”

Schild looked around his vicinity, specifically on the shoddy interior of the cheap inn they were temporarily using as their sex den.


“We only took this room to resolve your crisis, right? So before we start another, I guess it’s better if we switched venues first.”

“Is it? Well, come to think of it, this is not a very appropriate place to have sex all night. It’s still an inn after all.”

Despite being dilapidated, Schild and the others initially entered this inn to have a quickie with Carney and solve her rut as soon as possible.

And now that she has calmed down after a few spit-ups and pours, them staying at the inn for longer has already lost its meaning. Nevertheless, both of the women are still eager to continue.

“……so, shall we move now?”


“Eh? Yeah?”

And so, they decided to check out at that inn right away after washing themselves up, before going to the next place where Schild can fuck women all he wants overnight – the lodging in the mansion of the mother and daughter whom he also had made into his permanent residence.

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