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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Volume 2 Chapter 30

Chapter 30 – The Fall of the Assassin

“……how is it? What do you think?”

Shan asked as she faced the two, this time with her body laid bare for them to see everything.

Shan’s breasts and butt were on the more minor department, but to suffice for it, she had a slender body free from any useless flesh, probably due to the results of her assassin training.

But for some reason, Schild could only find this figure off-putting.

Normally, Schild would not be bothered by the other party’s figure, and even though he prefers larger ones, he also wouldn’t mind it small, but this time, he felt discontent with how Shan presented her body.


Shan’s undressing was superb, and in fact, she was so graceful that it was more than enough to catch her target off-guard, to which he also couldn’t help but think she was trained for this. Still, on the way she did it, Schild found out that she lacked something which was always present in every other girl he had partnered with.

(……I see. She lacks emotions.)

From the way she undressed the top of her clothing to the very last piece of her panties, Shan didn’t show any emotions whatsoever, no embarrassment, no anything, not even a bit of fluctuation on her face.

This was a massive problem for Schild who was thinking of poking fun of her embarrassment later on, also to stimulate her erotic side.

“That was some bold undressing! I didn’t know you had it in you!”

As for Carney, she immediately gave praise to her lover’s new partner, not knowing yet the discontent of her man.

“And with all of us finally naked and all, we can now get into the main cours-“

“Not so fast, Carney.”

Schild immediately went to stop the act.

“Just because you’re naked doesn’t mean the possibility of carrying a concealed weapon is completely gone. All the more so that she’s a woman. I mean, there are still some spots we need to inspect, aren’t there?”

“L-lord Schild, you…”

“Shan, you have to prove to me with your own hands that you are not hiding anything inside there.”

“……Understood. I will prove to you that nothing is being hidden in my pussy.”

Shan immediately caught up on what Schild was trying her to do. As such, while still naked, she opened her legs in a V-shape and spread her labia tightly with both hands, fully showing the depths of her vulva to Schild.

“How is it? I’m not hiding anything in my pussy.”

“I see that.”

“So, are you going to fuck me now?”

“Not yet.”

As for why Schild is still hesitating, it is because the female assassin’s reaction still doesn’t follow what he had imagined – which is her getting shy and flustered. If yo u ar e a b le to re ad this mes sag e, you are r eadi ng from an un autho rized aggre gate site. Read a t my W ordPr ess at s tab bin g with a syr inge. ho me. b log to sup port m e and my tra ns lat ions.

But this is the reality.

And the reality is that Shan had no qualms about exposing herself, even down to her most embarrassing part.

However, Schild is not yet done.

He really wanted to humiliate Shan to the point of tears, no matter what the cost.

“I’ve heard stories about female spies hiding things inside their vaginas. I’ve never actually seen it personally, so I’m just making sure. But I don’t feel safe yet!”

“You’re still going on with that!? Come on, Lord Schild, any more of this and you’re just being a sadist!”

At this point, Carney, who was watching from the sidelines, couldn’t help but express her sympathy to the female assassin. Schild, however,

“No can do, Carney! We’re just approaching the most dangerous part of all! Only after she proves that she is not hiding anything in there that we can finally start having sex!”

“Just what more do you need to seek from her!”

Carney still had no idea, but Shan herself had already acquired that Schild is referring to, so from here, she closed her legs, spun on her heels, and then pointed her butt to Schild and Carney.

“Wait, you don’t mean…….”

As if Carney’s worries were confirmed, Shan then began to spread her ass from side to side, stretching out her firm butt cheeks and also spreading her hole wide at the center of it.

From there, it presented to them a cute and pink anus.

“I’m not hiding anything in my asshole. But if you are still suspecting me, please, feel free to check it.”

Not only Carney but even Schild was overwhelmed by the asshole that was thrust out.

It was an imposing asshole, imposing in the term as it didn’t even show a sign of gaping or any other movement after being shown out.

“What a superb hole you got there……but if I stop here, I’ll lose!”

Schild couldn’t help but comment, but from the first time in his sex life, he felt cornered.

Schild wanted Shan to get embarrassed, not only to gain emotions back but also to make her “sense” the true feeling of sex.

Of course, he knows that it is difficult, as his target this time is a former assassin who was taught to kill her emotions right from the start.

Nevertheless, he hoped to see the moment when the humiliation would finally break her icy wall and turn her expression into a melted and lustful one.

But the problem is, no matter how hard he tried, the ice wall was not melting at all.

“Now that we have come this far, Carney!”


“It’s your turn!”


The subjugator-cum-knight immediately got confused by the abrupt transfer of roles. To solve this, Schild couldn’t help but “orient” her a bit.

“I can’t tell from the outside if she’s hiding something in her ass. Therefore, you’ll have to stick your finger in there and inspect her every inch!”

“Wait a minute! Why would I do that!”

“Tsk, tsk, tsk. It’s because you are perfect for the job, Carney!”


From here, Schild began to state another one of those make-up reasons he just thought.

“Just take this. You are a knight serving the kingdom, and she’s an assassin of the underground! It is your duty to inspect your mortal enemy in captive for something dangerous!”

“Hold on, that’s completely different from what you’re pointing out earlier! Just tell me the truth, Schild. Spit your real reason already!”

“Because I think it would be fun to watch a knight finger-fuck a female assassin in the ass!”



“……Sigh. Well, I kind of expected that it would come to this. Miss Shan, sorry, but I will need you to cooperate with me for a moment.”

“……Okay. Feel free to use my ass at any time.”

Because she had firmly established to Schild and his partners of her position as Schild’s “cum-dump slave” (self-proclaimed), and also stated that she will do whatever Schild will order her no matter how perverted they are, Carney had no choice but to comply.

So, despite her reluctance, Carney still approached Shan’s ass from the back, and after lubricating her fingers by sucking and spitting them in her mouth, she started to trace the rim of the female assassin, and with skills pretty unbelievable for a female knight.

“My fingers are much thinner than Lord Schild’s, so I think you’ll be able to handle it. My nails are already trimmed too, so I don’t think it will hurt-”

“Stop worrying about her and chuck it in already!”

At Schild’s urging, Carney finally placed her fingertips on the center of Shan’s anus.

“Nnn!! Mmhhh……!!”

She inserted little by little, and soon, the entirety of her fingers had completely slipped in.

From beside them, Schild was watching Shan’s reactions closely.

“Uuu, do I really have to do this play……Lord Schild, I have searched the assassin all the way to the base! She’s not hiding anything in there! She’s now completely safe!”

Carney yelled out, half in desperation.

However, even with this, Schild’s sadistic temper was yet to subside.

“You did well, Carney. But keep moving those fingers of yours. I want to see how Shan will react after giving her ass a thorough lot.”

“This rascal, I knew it!”

At this point, Schild is longer following his pretense of “inspection” and just directly stating he was trying to sexually torment Shan, much to the displeasure of Carney. This chap ter tra nsla tion is mad e possib le by sta bb ing with a syr inge trans lat ions. che ck only up-t o-da te trans lat ions on m y Wo rdp ress si te.

As for the person in subject to this……

“Aha~~……over there, it feels so good……!”


“My butt, my butt feels amazing……please, give me more♡♡♡♡♡♡”

She finally had the complete and dramatic change that Schild desired.

Earlier, no matter how humiliating she was made to perform in front of the two, Shan never moved an eyebrow, as if her emotions didn’t exist.

But as soon as a finger was inserted into her asshole, it was as if a switch had been flipped inside of her, immediately falling Shan into a lewd state.

“Ahieeeeee♡♡ My butt, my butt isshh♡♡♡♡ What ish this, it feelsh sho good♡♡♡♡♡♡”

“Eeh!? W-what is this? The asshole torture unexpectedly had an effect on her?”

It is human nature to adapt the more they are subjected to pressure.

Right now, Shan is making an example of this fact by taking the role of “violating” to herself this time – personally digging her own ass and ravaging it with her fingers herself and without being told, much to the surprise of Schild and Carney.

“Oh my goodness♡♡♡♡ Stop, stop, stooopp ♡♡♡♡ My asshole is going to breaaaak♡♡♡♡ But it feels so good, so please do it moreee♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡”

Shan has succumbed to pleasure so hard that she even began roleplaying on her own, imagining her own self still being violated by Carney’s fingers.

“That’s it! This is exactly the reaction I wanted! You did great, Carney! You have proven once again that you’re my best lover and my certified semen slave!”

“I did? Wait, is this what you wanted all along? Though I’m happy if Schild is happy, what should I do now? Huh!? Nhyaaa!!?”


Schild was delighted at the results of the efforts Carney had delivered.

As for the other party, she could only rebuke the man while confused. But then, something unexpected happened to her.

“Y-you dare stab me in the rear!”

“This is to repay you for making me feel good……Still, it’s on you for being careless and make an assassin approach you this close……!”

“W-wait, no, stop it! Don’t move your finger in my ass!”

“You have taught me how good it feels to have it in my ass. So I’ll teach you how it feels to be rammed in the same place, too♡♡”

“Y-you, nhyuuuhyyy!!”

This time, it was Carney’s anus that was subjected to Shan’s whitefish fingers’ mercy.

“Don’t worry……I already washed my fingertips thoroughly with the antidote……so just rest easy and feel good……mmlem, shlurrp♡♡♡♡”

“You bitch! And here I am, feeling sorry for you earlier! To think you’ll pay me back by forcing your fingers on me! In that case, then I’ll show no mercy! We’re going to be lovey-dovey and fully erotic together! Mmchuu, mlemm!”

Immediately after, Shan and Carney started licking each other’s assholes together.

Two women indulging in debauchery on their own, not only the scene was beautiful, it was wholly perverted as well.

However, no matter how beautiful the lesbian play is, there is always one thing that is missing from them.

Something that penetrates the depths of a woman, violates her insides, and stains her with a cloudy white liquid.

Thinking this was his cue, this was then when Schild stood up and went towards the two women.

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