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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Volume 2 Chapter 3

Chapter 3 – Finding a Place to Live

Schild came to the royal capital to find out the identity of his father.

The same father who abandoned his mother who carried him in her belly until he was born.

He wanted to meet such a man whose face he did not know and find out his roots. This was the purpose of Schild’s trip to the capital.

However, soon as he stepped into the capital, events, problems, and happenings came one after another at a fast pace, too fast for his simple mind to catch up.

Before he knew it, this journey of just intending to meet his father has grown and bloated into a much grander scale.

It was because it turned out that his father, whom he had never met before, could possibly be the king of this country.

Since his goal is to meet his father, inevitably, he has to meet the king, but due to the king’s current circumstances, the only way to do that is to get caught up in the political battles going on in the royal palace.  

In no time at all, he had sex with one of the princesses vying for the throne and became a member of that faction and an adversary of the other.

The First Princess Cymbium…… was the first princess that Schild has embraced and became an ally.

Then came the Second Princess Serenea……who was the representative of the Oscar House that was supposed to be their rival.

Though unwilling, Schild became the instrument that significantly disrupted the balance between these two factions, its impact so great it even reached the insides of the royal palace.

In the Monster Swarm Eradication Battle, the first major campaign of the kingdom after 20 years of peace, he tilted the scale significantly at Cymbium’s side.

He led his fellow subjugators to victory, bringing great joy and relief to the country which was already wrapped in fear and terror after finding out that the Oscar forces, an army consisting of more than a thousand knights, and ‘led personally’ by Princess Serenea, was defeated in a swift blow.


This victory even put him on a brighter pedestal when it was known that he also saved the Second Princess Serenea from the danger of being exterminated by such monsters. Consequently, this negligence dealt a massive blow to the Oscars for leading the knights to their deaths, as well as endangering the life of a member of the Royal Family. As such, the Oscars lost their rights for the custody of Princess Serenea, which also considerably hit their position in vying for the throne.

Not only that, because the knight order they rallied were defeated in the worst possible way, the families of the bereaved knights who initially supported their faction lost their trust in the Oscars, which significantly reduced their voice and influence in the royal court.

Undeniably, Schild and the others’ best results were that they were able to place in their custody the second princess, Serenea, the candidate for the throne that the Oscar family is promoting, in the hands of the First Princess Cymbium.

This meant that the Oscars had lost their strongest and most indispensable trump card, and Schild could now enjoy royal sex with the princesses whenever he wanted to.

Still, it is not like he could do it all the time. Even at this time, the first princess is still busy taking on the offensive, taking every opportunity to engage in political maneuvering to place all the blame for the defeat of the Knights on the bureaucrats of the Oscar family.

She probably intended to force some of the high-ranking positions allied to the Oscars to be removed and replaced with bureaucrats of the Cymbium faction.

This is so for the Oscars to weaken their influence within the royal court and eventually make them disappear altogether in the picture.

The sooner it happens, the sooner Schild would be able to see his father.

“But I’ve got a lot of free time until then.”

Schild blurted out in a sigh while munching on his breakfast. If y ou a re a ble to re ad this mes sa ge, you are r ead ing from an una ut horiz ed a gg re ga te site. Rea d at my W ordPr es s to sup po rt me an d my tra nsl at ions.

“Nevertheless, it’s good that Cymbium is working on it. It’ll take a few weeks at the earliest for it to take effect, months at the worst. In the meantime, there’s nothing for us to do.”

“It can’t be helped. Unlike slashing and tearing monsters, political battles take time to produce results. Even the bureaucrats who are forced to resign because of their responsibilities don’t quit immediately after their resignation is decided. It still takes at least a month to officially resign due to the handover and all.”

After receiving an explanation from Lirica, Schild couldn’t help but sigh once more.

“Bureaucratic work is troublesome, no matter what part it is.”

“Anyway, we’ve done our part, Lord Schild, and now it’s their turn. All we have to do is sit back and wait for Her Highness Cymbium to deliver the results.”

“Just so you know, I don’t expect to be doing any monster killing for a while.”

“Of course not, not after such a massive cleanup.”

Political matters aside, there was another reason Schild and Carney were in a state of prolonged inactivity.

And it was the lack of monsters to subjugate.

The battle against the monsters, which were estimated to number 700 in total, was one in which all the monsters living in every corner of the kingdom were gathered together in one place.

The fact that they were all eradicated at once meant that the monsters’ presences were erased from the land, albeit temporarily.

Monsters will spontaneously appear after a while, but from now on, at least for a while, the people of the kingdom will not have to worry about monster-related disasters happening.

At the same time, it also meant that those who made a living from killing monsters would have to close their stores.


And due to this, the two of them had been having sex almost every day.

“I’m running out of things to do……! Lord Schild! It’s time for more lovemaking!!”

“That’s a tempting proposal, but this time, I want to give myself a chance to do something else.”

Even though Carney’s tits, ass, and pussy were superb, Schild has already come to a point where he’s feeling bad now in doing nothing but indulging in sex in his spare time.

“I’ve been thinking that this is a good opportunity. Since arriving in the capital, I’ve been so busy getting caught up in monster subjugations and political disputes all over that I didn’t even have time for myself. Now is the time to take care of the things I’ve been neglecting.”

“Oh? And what kind of things have you been neglecting?”

Interested in the topic, Lirica asks.

“For example, finding a home.”

And to that, Schild answers.

“Since I’ll be staying in the royal capital for a long time, I thought it would be better to have a place of my own. After all, it wouldn’t look good for me, in the long run, to have no fixed address forever.”

Until now, Schild had spent his nights in the capital either having sex at Lirica’s house, staying in Cymbium’s room at the royal palace, or forcing himself to sleep in the corner of the Subjugators Guild whenever each of the two is not available.

In fact, the place where he was having breakfast right now is also one of these above mentions; Lirica’s house, where she lives alone.

Since he’s going to stay in the capital for a long time, Schild thought it was time to put an end to such stopgap measures.

“In that case, allow us in the Subjugators Guild to help you. After all, it’s part of the guild’s duties to support the lives of our members.”

“Lord Schild! If you want, you can live together with me!”

“I’m not sure that’s a good idea……plus, I don’t want to trouble your family with my circumstances…….”

Even though she looks like this, Carney is still the daughter of the Leschbeins, one of the three prominent noble families of the kingdom. Th s cha p ter tran sl at ion is ma de p oss ib le by sta bb ng w ith a sy ri nge tr ansl ati ons. chec k u p- t o- dat e tran sl ation s on my Wo rdp r ess si te.

In other words, a very high-class young lady.

Now that Princess Cymbium was engaged in an elaborate political struggle against her political rivals – the Oscars, Schild thought it would be bad to make another fuss that would influence her other actions, more now that he had become the hero of the current show.

After hearing the man reject her, however, Carney pouted her lips.

“You say you want a place to live; by that, you mean you’ll be renting, right? Just give me an estimate of your desired monthly rent, and I’ll pick out a place that’s suitable, if it’s okay with you.”

“I see. Here.” Schild wrote down the numbers on a piece of paper he found and handed it to Lirica.

When she saw the number, Lirica wrinkled her brow, and so did Carney, who was peeking out from the side.

“Uhm……Schild? Pardon me, but do you know the land value in the royal capital?”

“This is a very low price. You can only rent the lamest room in the capital with this.”

The two women looked at him as if he was some kind of country bumpkin, which made Schild twitch.

“Yes, it’s exactly that. As long as I can rent the cheapest one-room apartment I can find, I’m good.”


“But Schild, you must have a lot of money from the rewards for defeating the Amber Eye and Octolov, right? There’s also the reward for exterminating the monster swarm.”

Schild understood what Lirica tried to say.

She thought that with Schild’s current financial situation, he would be able to have the leeway to rent a better room.


“I don’t need a nice room.”

Schild said easily.

“After all, even if I had my own place to live, that wouldn’t stop me from having sex with you guys, and I’d probably spend half the week in someone else’s room anyway. All the more once I resumed my job in monster subjugation, as it’s not unusual for me to head out there and not come back for days or even weeks at a time.”

“That is true.”

“In short, even if I rent a luxurious room, most of the time I won’t be there. It would be stupid to spend any more money on that.”

To sum up, Schild wanted to have a place to live for the purpose of getting rid of the disgrace of having no fixed address in his profile, but with that as the only reason, he will now have to pay money regularly and for something that he will barely even use. This led him to a decision of choosing a cheap place instead of a better one that would improve the ease of his living.

“I see. In that case, I’ll put in a request to the guild’s support section to see if they have any good properties for this amount.”

“Now that we’re done with all that trouble, what do we do from now on?”

What Carney meant by “from now on” was his plans for the rest of the day.

Schild and Carney were the only ones who have been free these days. This is much in contrast to Lirica, who has been dizzyingly busy with the aftermath of the monster swarm eradication and investigating the source of the incident.

Today was a day off that she hadn’t had in a while.

“Of course, it has to be sex. I have to heal the tired Lirica by fucking all over her body!”

“Mou~…… ♡♡ This pure love addict…….♡♡♡♡”

For this reason, the three of them were completely naked the entire time while they were talking about this. After that, despite being exhausted from her work, Lirica was completely refreshed the next day after being fucked all over her body that day.

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