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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Volume 2 Chapter 29

Chapter 29 – Carney’s Sudden Dilemma

Carney went in a state of extreme arousal due to receiving the “Majesty of the Lion” from Schild.

She’s so wet between her legs as if it was telling it wanted a man, not to mention her arousal that it seemed like she’s going to be incontinent on the street at any moment.

Realizing that her partner wouldn’t be able to make it until she reached Lady Nazah’s Lodging, their main sex spot, Schild decided to enter a cheap inn near their current location in the meantime, also to temporarily relieve her of this “stress”.

“Put it in my pussy right away, please♡♡ This Lord Schild’s exclusive pussy is already screaming it wants his master’s muscular cock♡♡♡♡”

And as soon as she entered the shabby room of the cheap inn, Carney immediately took off her armor and spread her legs on the hard bed.

Seeing the woman already doing this much for him, it was impossible for Schild not to get a hard-on.

So in response, he also stripped completely naked and immediately overlapped himself into Carney’s body with the force of an animal, also not forgetting to lay their genitals on top of each other.

“Ooohh♡♡♡♡ Yesshh♡♡♡♡ My Lord Schild’s cock is finally going in!! I’m so happy♡♡♡♡”

“Ooohhh! It’s slippery and tight. It’s like Carney’s pussy is evolving every time I put it in here! Thank you, Carney, thank you for providing this delicious pussy!”

“You’re always welcome, Lord Schild♡♡♡♡ After all, this pussy is only for your exclusive use♡♡ Ahhhh, so handsome♡♡ So handsome that I want to kiss you♡♡ Lord Schild, let’s kiss♡♡ I want to kiss this handsome man in front of me♡♡ That way, I’ll feel even more loved♡♡ Please kiss me too while you’re ramming at my pussy♡♡♡♡”

“Of course! Let’s kiss together! And yes, not only our mouth and tongues but with my cock to your womb as well!”

And so, the man and woman immediately started shaking their hips regardless of who’s on the top who’s on the bottom. And they were doing it with such force that the crude bed looked like it was about to break at any time.


But this was to be expected, as these two were originally the strongest and second strongest in the Subjugators Guild. So in proportion to it, their sex is as also strong and wild, and could be even classified as unimaginable if watched by those who are weaker than them.

Soon, Schild was already pumping his seed into Carney’s vagina, where the two finally found relief right after.

“Ahhh, I’m so happy♡♡ Why does sex make me feel so happy? But with this, I couldn’t help but love you more, Lord Schild♡♡ I love you so much♡♡”

“I love you too, Carney. I also feel surprisingly happy whenever I have sex with you.”

The two subjugators did a couple more rounds before they finally decided to settle down. Nevertheless, this didn’t stop them from exchanging sweet nothings brought by the comfort of the afterglow.

But because they finally calmed down their senses, they also began to notice the presence of the third person in the room.


Watching them nearby was a woman who had the looks of a very ordinary girl you can find on the streets outside.

The only difference is that the woman is now fidgeting innocently while staring at them in a daze.

She was the female assassin who had sharpened her nails in an attempt to poison Schild just a moment ago.

However, she failed in her job and for it, was punished by her employer, making her “serve” the enemy instead as she was unable to do the only one job that was tasked to her.

In a way, it was almost akin to subjecting her to be violated by the enemy.

But because it was her employer’s order, she got no choice but to comply, to which she ended up following Schild up to here.

“Sorry that we have left you hanging for a long time.”

Carney first spoke out of concern to the woman. She was back to her composed self, to which the watching assassin couldn’t help but find it hard to believe she was the same woman begging for cock just earlier. If you are ab le to rea d this m ess age, y ou are rea d ing from an u naut hor ized aggr ega te si te. Rea d at my W ordPr ess at sta bb ing with a sy rin ge. ho me. bl og to sup por t me a nd my tra nslatio ns.

However, the following line she muttered immediately betrayed the expectations the assassin had of her.

“Why don’t you try to have sex with Schild for now? I’m pretty used to threesomes and foursomes myself, so you don’t have to worry about getting shy around me. In fact, I even found them fun!”


“Odd. She isn’t responding. Why is that?”

Carney found the situation strange, seeing as all the women she had done with Schild immediately participated as soon as they were urged.

But what she didn’t know is that even though she was educated as an assassin, Shan is still a normal woman through and through, far unlike Schild’s women that Carney had met. And for normal women, it would be hard for them to honestly say “yes” when invited to a threesome.

And this was even more so for Shan’s case, in which the other party was her enemy just earlier.

Yes, this female assassin was referred to as “Shan” by her master, now her former master.

For the purpose of getting closer to her target, Shan disguised herself as a street girl, only to be detected by the other party and fail her assassination as the other party detected her intentions in the smell of the monster venom painted in her nails.

If not for her nails painted in monster venom arousing suspicion, Shan would have caught Schild’s guard then and there, and though it would still be questionable if she would succeed or not, at least she would have a more satisfactory result than she had today.

But even though she’s a failure at assassinating, Shan’s impersonation skills are no doubt top-notch. This was because she still managed to approach Schild, a tempered veteran, up close, and even successfully hid her intentions before the man noticed the smell of her claws.

Shan has slightly coarse hair that was pulled back to a ponytail, and she has a dress with a matching apron of a beautiful flower pattern which boosted more of her skills in disguise.


If not for her incompetence as an assassin like the old man had said, she would be a perfect agent in the suburbs because she can impersonate a street girl so well.

“Ah, right, you cannot move well as you still have your hands sacked. Wait a moment as I will remove them for you-“

“There’s no need.”


“I…… already removed the sacks by dislocating my joints. I also cleaned the poison off my nails……while you were doing it.”

Shan spoke as she showed Carney her hands, emphasizing the nails on her fingertips, which were now of healthy and glossy pink color, almost comparable to seashells.

“W-wow. I didn’t know you were this dexterous enough to escape from my restraints, and this is the first time I heard of someone dislocating their joints voluntarily! But, then again, you’re an assassin after all.”

“I’m no longer……an assassin……I failed……and got fired……after all…….”

The woman spoke in a voice full of depreciation of herself.

Her tone is also sluggish, and it is unknown if it was because of the shock of being abandoned or it was just her natural voice.

“I……was ordered by Lord Patriarch to test his abilities…… First, to lure him in an unpopular place under the guise of an admirer……then engage him into a fight to make you reveal his moves. Those were the all, but…….”


“The only thing I saw when I accepted the order is that I’ll be instantly killed by him. After all, my target is the strongest subjugator who slays mutated and powerful monsters like it was nothing……so I decided to take some precautions by adding venom to my nails……thinking that If I just make a scratch on him, it would already suffice to at least put him in check and at least give me a fighting chance……but you know the rest.”

“So that’s your reason for using the Viaget’s poison?”


But instead of being an effective counterbalance, it became the root of the failure of the female assassin, causing her to be immediately detained in a strange way before they could even fight in earnest. This chap ter tra nsl ation is ma de pos si ble by sta bb ing wi th a sy ri nge tra nslat ions. check on ly up- to- dat e t ran sla ti ons on my W ordp ress si te.

As a result, the battle where Schild was to show off his moves was not demonstrated to the old man, causing him to personally take action instead. This was the chain weight throw to which Schild had dodged and dealt with personally with the inherited sword he drew right after.

“Please order me whatever you like. After all, I am just a defective product who can’t even serve its original purpose.”

“Uu…… (I already know she has low self-esteem, but this is just too much!).”

In the end, Carney couldn’t say anything, being told this much by the girl.

The assassin, Shan, though she had an expressionless face at first glance, inside hers is a heart wallowing in regret.

Though the lack of emotional ups and downs is an essential trait for being an assassin as they always tackle covert actions through basically any mission, the lack of emotions meant something else for the woman herself.

“I’ve……always been a failure. I was an orphan before I was taken by Lord Patriarch, but even though they tried their best to train and nurture me……I, I always failed them when it came to the most crucial things! E-even though I am also trying my best here!”

“Yes, you’re right. I can relate to that feeling.”

While this was happening, Schild was at the side, thinking, “isn’t it fatal for an assassin or a covert operative to blabber about their personal life without being specifically asked?” but he stayed quiet as not to disrupt the mood.

“If that’s the case, then you’ll just have to carry out his orders properly this time!”


Both Schild and Shan couldn’t help but look back at the suggestion of the naked Carney, who was getting excited and shaking her tits with it for some reason.

“Just think about it. Even though you have failed, you still got another order from the patriarch, right? As I remember, it was to “always give the best comfort to this man.”

“Yes, but in the first place, I’m not good at those kinds of thing-“

“Even if you’re not good at it, you have nowhere else to go. Or are you intending to be a failure to your patriarch again?”


“Not to mention, you’ve come all the way to this secluded room and not escaping, meaning you’re anticipating it either way. So, what are you waiting for? Strip down so that we can begin dyeing you with Schild’s cum!”

Carney spoke with confidence as if she was just stating a natural fact. To this, Schild couldn’t help but feel she was becoming more and more of his dignified mistress as time went by.

“Indeed, what you said is correct. Thank you, fully naked and shameless woman!”


“Hey, take that back! I’m not shameless! Well, I’m sort of at times, but not enough to be called that! And either way, you’ll be naked after this as well!”

“Okay! For me to clear my name, please let me have sex with you as well!” Shan spoke as she turned her eyes on Schild.

“Hey, don’t you ignore me! I’m going to strip you naked personally!”

For sure, Carney is bold in the weirdest of ways……Schild thought as he observed the interaction of the two.

Then all of a sudden, an idea struck him.

“Wait a minute, Carney, don’t undress her just yet.”


When Carney was about to undress her personally, she was stopped by Schild, much to the surprise of the two.

“What’s the matter, Lord Schild? Aren’t you the one who told us that you like doing sex completely naked?”

“I’m not saying leave her undressed. But to make her strip on her own instead of you.”

“But why?”

“Aren’t you forgetting something, Carney? She’s an assassin, and you’ll never know what kind of weapon she might be hiding in her clothes.”


“If you’re not careful, you might get stabbed by assassin paraphernalia from an unexpected place, not to mention that this is the Viagert venom here. Even a prick could send you to heaven, and without any chance of going back.”

“You’re just telling me in a roundabout way to leave her be and watch her strip in shame, aren’t you? I already know your intentions!”

From here, Schild began to point out his “concerns”, but Carney immediately saw through them.

As for the person in question……

“……Got it. I will take my clothes off on my own.”

And so, in a surprisingly graceful manner unbefitting of one specialized in taking lives, Shan started taking off her clothes one by one, making rustling sounds as she dropped each piece toward the dilapidated flooring.

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