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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Volume 2 Chapter 28

Chapter 28 – Being Defeated by the Other Sword

“There are several lessons I’ve learned throughout the course of my journey. One of them is that you can’t break a promise once you’ve made it clear. After all, for a wanderer, it means death if no one would trust you.”

“That’s true. It is also the same in the world of the nobility, as those who try to walk the earth with double-talk usually end up in misery.”

Schild bravely declared onto the head of the Oscars of his promise to support to Cymbium’s side, to which oddly, the old man also gave praise instead of convincing him to switch sides.

But it was then that he noticed that for some reason, the old man already had a cane in his hand.

As if it had magically appeared out of nowhere.


“I think I’ll give up for today. But, young man, if you cannot choose to make peace with us, then you will have to fight until one of us is destroyed.”

“You should tell those words to Cymbium, and not to me. Isn’t it your house and the Ryngbergs the ones fighting? After all, I’m just a helper.”

“Oh, you’re just a helper, huh…….haha, hahahahaha!”

Schild made sure to emphasize that he was not a part of the main fight. But the old man just laughed in amusement at his words.

“Now that you said it, I want to ask you something. Young man, what is your purpose in joining this fight? What do you want, that you chose to become Cymbium’s “helper”?”


The purpose, of course, was to meet the king, who was surrounded by lackeys of the Oscar family. If he stated this now, this old man at the top of the Oscars might be able to give him an immediate solution and his goal would finally come to an end.

However, this would also get the Oscars the “annoying” Schild on their side. Or at the very least, remove him from play in this political battle as he would also be indebted to them.

“I’ll let you know when we get to know each other better.”

But in order to be righteous with Cymbium, also to prove that he is a person that never breaks his promise, Schild dared to shut down the “shortcut” that was already showed in front of him. Not only that, but he also added an unspoken message that both sides should have a truce first. If yo u ar e abl e to r ea d this m ess age, yo u a re rea din g fr o m an una uth or ized aggr eg ate sit e. R ead at my W ordP re ss at sta bbi ng with a syr i nge. hom e. bl og to su ppo rt me an d my transl ati ons.

“You are a clever little fellow.”

The old man chuckled, the corners of his mouth lifting up in a smile. The smile was so scary that it would have made a weak-minded person swoon, but it was actually just the old man feeling very happy inside.

That was the end of their conversation.

Without another word, the old man turned on his heel and walked away into the darker part of the alleyway, along with the cane in his hand.

“Lord Patriarch!”

It was then when the female assassin, who was about to be left alone, panicked. But with Carney still holding a sword to her throat, she was not able to barge in.

Following this trend, Carney also almost put down her sword, thinking there was no longer a need to capture the failed assailant.

“Don’t follow me, you idiot.”

But all of a sudden, the old man spoke aloud, to which the female assassin couldn’t help but freeze.

As for the reason, her master’s happy tone just earlier has now switched to one that is dry and cold.


“I didn’t have expectations from you from the very beginning, but to think you couldn’t even make him draw his sword to test his skills before you became his captive? You struck so low that even I am left speechless. What is even more shameful is that his other sword is already enough to deal with you. You are nothing but a disgrace.”

The female assasin indeed made Schild pull out a sword. However, the sword was in between his legs instead of the one on his left hip.

“Lord Patriarch……please, give me another chance…..!”

“No can do. You can’t even fill the shoes of your predecessor. You are useless to me……Young man.”


Schild responded in surprise at the sudden call.

“Consider this as an apology for my rudeness today. This girl is yours now. Use her however you like.”

“Are you serious?”

Although she was an assassin, she was still a woman, and upon giving a closer look, she was youthful enough to be qualified as a seductress, in both mind and body.

If Schild were to be told to use her in any way he wanted, there would only be one way he would use her, and that is to make her do lewd chores.

“Even if she is useless as an assassin, I think she could still have other uses for you……. Shan.”


“Was that her name?” the female assassin immediately replied.

“Make sure to always give the best comfort to the man. If this makes him feel a little better about us, then I might consider it worthy bringing you here.”

“…….Yes, Lord Patriarch.”

This time, the old man completely disappeared into the dark alley.



“……Phew. I totally didn’t expect him coming. That said, to think it has also ended in a strange way, that old man sure is truly one of a kind.”

Schild spoke in his mind as he gave a huge breath, before looking at the woman who was gifted to him.

After all, he would never have predicted in his life that they would meet the very head of their political rival in this dark alleyway, and even in a manner that almost got him killed. What’s more, gifting him the very assassin that tried to kill him, saying he can do whatever he wants to her right after. Th is cha pt er tr ans lat ion is ma de pos sib le by sta bbi ng with a sy rin e tra nslat ion s. check only up -to- da te tr ansla tio ns on my Wo rdpr ess si te.

He couldn’t help but think of the old man’s boldness, as well as the strength he possessed to support that boldness of his.

Only those who are weak rely on schemes, and those who rely on schemes act in a roundabout way. Schild has known firsthand that despite being dubbed as the “Kingdom’s Shadows”, Former Patriarch Elovairo is never the former.

“The first time he threw the chain weight at me, I couldn’t believe how strong it was, despite it coming from an old man…….”

Their short face-off was enough for Schild to get a glimpse of the old man’s strength.

That if he would be given a choice between facing a hundred strong monsters or a single Elovairo, Schild would have definitely chosen the former without any second thoughts.

“Well, at least we can finally have it easy now, right, Carney?”



As for Carney, she had already sheathed her sword, which is fine because the female assassin no longer has the will to counterattack, having been shunned by her own lord.

But when Schild turned his head to the woman, for some strange reason, he found out that Carney’s whole body was shaking like crazy.

“Lord Schild!”


“Let’s have sex!”


The sudden request for intercourse made Schild’s eyes go completely wide. But as if to justify her request, Carney also began to explain.

“After all, that was the former head of the Oscar House! The former head, you know! The one who is said to be the most terrifying person alive in the country! And yet Lord Schild was able to question him without taking a single step back! So cool! I was so nervous back there I couldn’t even breathe!”

“Really? But why do you need to have sex?”


“You see, even with the content of the conversation being hard to follow, the way Lord Schild confronted him made me fall in love with you all over again! That’s why I want to be fucked and held by Lord Schild right now! I would love to see myself being dominated by this strong and domineering man in my pussy! Again and again and again! My womb is begging for you, Lord Schild! It’s screaming I want it, I want it, I want it!”

“All right, all right! Just calm down, sheesh! At least wait until we get home!”

As for the explanation why Carney was in heat, when he was facing the elders of the Oscar family, Schild must have unconsciously released a thick male presence around him.

And Carney, who had already been subjected to his embrace the most, seemed to have had her female instincts stimulated by this presence.

As a consequence, her body became in heat soon as the tensions loosened, making her want to be violated by her man as soon as possible.

As for the female assassin who is also of the same gender, she still had those instincts yet to blossom so she was unaffected. Nevertheless, she still stood in a daze at the direction where her former master left, still shocked at being abandoned by the said master…

…all while Schild and Carney continued their mayhem in the background.

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