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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Volume 2 Chapter 27

Chapter 27 – Conversation between Two Great Men

“The Oscar House……!?”

Schild muttered in surprise when he heard the everly-familiar name.

The Oscars were the greatest obstacle blocking Schild’s path at the moment.

Belonging to one of the three great noble families, It was them who had taken advantage of the king’s illness to put him under what’s practically a house arrest and also used this chance to make various maneuvers to control the state for their own good.

For Schild, who had been wanting to meet his real father and learn about his roots, they were something he had to get rid of in order to achieve his goal.

“So you’re saying he is the head of the Oscars? This old man here?”

“Yes! In fact, I am pretty sure I have seen him many times at parties and other ceremonies.”

As a daughter of one of the three great noble families, the Leschbeins, it was natural for Carney to have a slight connection with the Oscars.

Nevertheless, it was more of rivals rather than allies, as even though they’re already the greatest noble factions, one could still detain the other if one of them plans to reach the top.


“It’s been almost ten years since I saw him. And I think he was much more fierce-looking back th–”

“Ten years, huh…. It’s no wonder I don’t feel as good as I was back then. That was also about the time I retired from my position and transferred my title to my useless son.”

“Oh really? Still, It’s such a surprise to find out that such an old geezer is related to the assassination business himself. The head of the Oscars sure is a hard worker.”

When the old man began to interject to their conversation, Schild immediately gave a retort. Then, using that as an opening, he gave a sword thrust at the old man without any second thoughts.

“Like I said, I’m no longer the head of the house anymore.”

However, the old man just dodged nimbly and backed away, even though he just stated he had felt much older in the past years.

“I gave that position to my son a long time ago, but he has never improved, even after a decade has passed. So I had no choice but to go up on stage again, whipping this old body back in shape.”

“Is that so? But I think you picked up the wrong stage here, old man. You sure you can take me on?”

“I like your confidence. Sadly, I know very well the stage I am stepping on. And my senses are still very good, even to this day.”

The old man then aligned his already dried-out eyes toward Schild.

“Actually, it is you who’s making this old man feel closer and closer to being senile. The more I learn about you and your actions, the more and more annoyed I was of your existence. Before I know it, the plans I painstakingly set up all these years have gone to waste, with the biggest chunk of its benefits being stolen by none other than you. And I am talking about the glory of the monster swarm extermination battle that was supposed to be ours.” I f y ou ar e ab le to re ad t his mess a ge, y ou are r ead ing fr om an unau thor iz ed ag greg ate s ite. Rea d at my Wo rdP res s at sta bbi ng wi th a sy ri nge. ho me. bl og to su pp ort me and m y tra ns lat ions.

“Hey, that’s on you for recruiting such weak office knights when you have experts like us. Also, isn’t it a bit too unproductive to assassinate someone for such petty reason? After all, it won’t help you in any way at all.”

“Assassinate you? Not really. If this was a serious assassination, do you think this old man would show up to you and chat like this? This is all just entertainment for me.”

The Oscar patriarch then threw away the chain he was holding.

“I just wanted to see in my own eyes how good you really are. You are the most successful man in the last war after all, and the one who made the kingdom survive another day. The man behind the victory, and the Slayer of Forty-Eight.”

“It was a victory we all won together.”

“He also said the same thing. Is it in the blood?”


It was then when the old man’s deep-sunken eyes switched to the sword at Schild’s hand.

“That gaze of yours makes me feel nostalgic. Makes me recall that time when this body could still move as it should. I was in the army and in the very front lines, and while donning my armor, I was listening to that man as he gave his encouraging speech.”


“That man has always led the very front of the charge, holding that sword up in the sky as it reflected the sun’s light. And every time I saw this, I always thought to myself, “He is the incarnation of the sun” and was always mesmerized by his heroism as he struck those demon foes each time.”


“Indeed, you alone made it worth it for me to come here personally.”

The “man” referred to by the patriarch is none other than the king who is currently in his sickbed.

And with just a stare of his sword, the head of the Oscars, their political rival, immediately connected the relation of Schild to the king.


“Now I know why our plans suddenly started to go haywire when they were all progressing smoothly. Even my daughter’s clever plan of getting Serenea back by using the convent, which we aren’t expecting to fail because it has no loopholes whatsoever, has ended up in failure with that nun having a change of heart. It was you, wasn’t it?”

“Are you referring to the attempt of Sister Greidia to take back Serenea?”

“You know exactly what I mean. You’ve done something on that nun to convince her, didn’t you?”

This guy is a serious business, despite being old……Schild couldn’t help but click his tongue.

Still, now that he knows that the other party isn’t intending to take his life, Schild sheathed his sword back, also to relieve his arms from holding it up for long. He also sheathed his other sword, which was still covered in the female assassin’s saliva, away in his pants.

“Lord Schild?”

“Carney, don’t let down your guard on that female assassin. I need to talk more to this old man.”

At Schild’s command, Carney held her sword firmer towards the female assassin’s throat.

Right now, Schild is thinking that this is a once-in-a-lifetime chance.

If he could deal with this old man right here and right now, he would be able to end the stupid political struggles once and for all, and he would be able to meet his father soon.

“……Still, It never came to my mind that you valued me this much.”

“Sigh……Young people these days.……they have no sense of propriety.”

But when Schild opened the conversation again, what he got in return was a sigh.

“If you want to know who I am, why don’t you tell me your name first? Or is the nobility of the blood that flows through your body long overshadowed by the lowliness of your upbringing?”


“About 20 years ago, in an unpreceded battle to finish off the Demon Army once and for all, and also the last time I worked for that man, he suddenly started to act really nervous even though our army was in the lead.” Thi s chap t er tr ans lati on is m ade poss ible by sta bb ing with a sy rin ge transl at ions. che ck on ly u p-t o-d ate t rans lat ions on my Word pr ess si te.


“I wasn’t as curious as I was back in the day, so pardon this old man for not remembering much, but back then, I noticed that there had been traces of movements of his own special ops.”

“The king’s special ops?”

“They were the king’s most trusted aides. With them personally moving, it also meant that something that was must kept secret must have happened. And considering the situation back then, I wouldn’t even doubt if he got a village girl pregnant or something equivalent. And now that I’m looking at you, I am now more inclined to believe that it did really happen.”

A shiver ran through Schild’s spine as he was told everything that the old man just deducted.

The sharpness of the old man’s intuition is almost akin to an arrow or even a spear.

“He was nothing but a ruffian before he became king. Yes, just like you are now. Still, it is also the same for all the kings in the past, where all were perverted ruffians who could only think with their dicks and fuck every woman they fancy before they become king. But look at him now. He has become an exemplary male of the royal family in every sense of the word.”

“I guess feigning ignorance is no longer of any use to you, huh.”

“No matter how hard you try to hide it, it is all futile. After all, your body is radiating a strong “Majesty of the Lion” just like what I felt when I was in his presence at that time, the very model of the male royalty. And with your unstoppable streak, I also couldn’t help but think that you are born under the brightest star in these modern times.”

The old man then held up his hands and clawed the air as if he struggled against something.

“What a shame. I didn’t realize that Cymbium had already acquired such a great talent……I can’t win this. What a shame…….”


“Cymbium says that you are trying to monopolize the control of the entire nation for yourself.”

“Maybe, maybe not. Either way, it is a shame, too, that I am not blessed with an heir. Even so, I can’t stop here. I have to get my granddaughter on the throne and solidify our foundation, or the Oscar House will fall after my death…….”

“But won’t it do worse for the country if you put her in charge? Also, it was clear that Serenea is not ready yet.”

“You cocky brat! Are you telling me I should just watch as my house gets destroyed?”

“If it’s for the peace of the country, then so be it. At least it is better than the other way around.”

For the old man, what Schild had let out were harsh words. But since it was for someone who is trying to destroy the country just to claim more power to himself, it was already a well-deserved move.

“……Looks like you’ve inherited their relentless side too. I take back what I said earlier. You remind me more of His Majesty Waldborn than your father.”

“Waldborn? Who’s that?”

“He’s the king of these lands, two generations ago. Basically, he’s your great grandfather, and also the first king I have served, and also the scariest.”

“…….What brings you to compare me to someone like that?”

“Hehehe. Oh, you have no idea.”

The continuous chatting between the two men gradually dissipated their tension for each other, and the each of them became more at ease.

Still, Schild didn’t let his guard down, as he was suspecting that even this relaxed atmosphere might also be a stunt by this political specter.

(At the very least, this old man is cunning, and I can always feel a dangerous aura about him.)

“I think I can’t talk for much longer, and I think it’s also the same to you.”

“Finally. I thought you won’t ever bring up the main business.”

And just like that, the atmosphere between the two got tensed again.

“Are you interested in switching from Cymbium to us?” “No.”

It was the old man who first spoke, to which Schild gave an answer immediately.

“Is it because you believe Cymbium when she told you that we’re the bad guys?”

“I don’t. I have already matured to the point of knowing that there’s no right and wrong in politics. Nevertheless, I had already made a promise to her, and I am not going to break it, no matter what you offer to me.”

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