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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Volume 2 Chapter 26

Chapter 26 – First Meeting with the Patriarch

Schild is not exactly interested in playing with random women.

He believes that to have the most sensual sex with a woman, he first has to woo the woman. That way, he would be able to enjoy her to the very core of her being.

This is also why Schild has been repeatedly making love to a woman he has already embraced; he just enjoys the new charms they develop as he continues to have sex to them.

Thus, Carney, Lirica, and Cymbium were not only his lovers but also the supreme creations that he had held and nurtured in his own way.

And this is also why Schild is not interested in women attracted to him only because of his fame.

Of course, if he was invited, he would take her offer right away,  but with Carney, Lirica, Cymbium, Serenea, Nena and Nina, Nazah and Tanifa, the Rafflesia’s prostitutes and their host, and lastly, Sister Greidia, all waiting for his beck and call, Schild is no longer interested in spending his time with these random girls.

This is also why Schild has never touched any women outside his entourage ever since becoming a celebrity. Nevertheless, he still dealt with them in the most appropriate and gentlemanly manner possible.

So why is he letting a random woman suck his dick just for today? What is his real reason?

“Who asked you to come and kill me?”



The moment he told her this, the woman’s tongue licking on Schild’s penis stopped.

“Also, these nails…….”

But Schild ignored it in the meantime and rolled his eyes to the woman’s wrists next, from which he observed that the tips of her nails were long and dyed of an eerie primary color.

“It is coated with venom. And from the looks of it, it is the venom of the snake monster Viagert, which is also one of the most deadly venoms known in the guild. One scratch from these claws, and a man is sure to die in minutes.”

As soon as she heard this, the woman went into a rage and tried to escape from his grasp.

But with her both arms being pinned to the wall behind her and with Schild’s body at her front, it all prevented her from taking any actions.

But what surprised her the most is that her head is unable to escape his grasp the most. Schild’s tremendous cock strength had her head completely nailed to the wall, and no matter how much effort she put in biting it to let go, it was too hard for her to even leave a mark on its surface.

“You shouldn’t have used a monster venom on a veteran monster slayer, or the smell will instantly give you away. You’re a bit careless for an assassin.”

Based on the information that Schild likes to embrace women, the assassin conducted a honey-trap on him, planning to poison him as soon as he lets down his guard.

However, Schild immediately noticed this upon smelling the dangerous scent of the woman’s fingertips. Still, instead of avoiding, he decided to play along, also to know this woman’s motives.

While accompanying her to an alleyway, he pretended to want a good blow, then as soon as he got her pinned on the walls using both of his arms and his dick, Schild immediately began his interrogation.

Either way, it ended up with the woman being caught off-guard and in the strangest way she could ever possibly imagine. I f yo u ar e a bl e to r e ad th is me ssa ge, you ar e re ad ing f rom an unau thor ized aggr ega te sit e. Rea d a t my Wo rdPr es s a t st ab bi ng wi th a syr i nge. hom e. bl og to su ppor t me an d m y transl ati ons.

“If you think you can get away by biting me, then go ahead, bite me as hard as you can. From here, I’ll show you that the hardest parts of a male subjugator aren’t his chest nor his legs, but his dick.”

“How did it go, Lord Schild? What the……hell?”

The female knight Carney, who was made to come to the alleyway late, was immediately surprised upon seeing the unusual positions of the two.

“You’re finally here, Carney. Your timing is perfect, just as we planned.”

“You said you’re going to catch her off guard and pin her here, but I never thought you would pin her this way! This is not some sort of play, is it? Is it?”

Before this, Carney was hanging out in the city with Schild, and if one were to look at it closer, it was already qualified to call it a date.

But then, this woman showed up suddenly and started seducing Schild from the front – even with the presence of Carney just right beside.

But rather than getting angry, this made them rather suspicious instead, so in response, Carney and Schild pretended to be played around by the assassin and parted ways from there, also not forgetting to give secret signals to meet up when the time is right.

“In the meantime, I’ve prepared two burlap sacks just as you asked.”

“That’s great, Carney. Now put them on this woman’s hands to disable her claws. Also, so that I can finally ejaculate in her mouth without worrying.”

“Don’t do it!”

To Schild’s perverted remarks, Carney hurriedly put on the burlap sacks she prepared and covered both of the female assassin’s hands. Then she mercilessly sealed them with the tightest knot she could ever give.


“With this, she won’t pose harm to anyone anymore. What’s next, Lord Schild? Should we take her to the guild next? After all, they have the antidote for the Viagert.”

“Who ordered you to kill me? And what is your purpose? Ah, right, your mouth is still blocked……let me unload one on you first before we start.”

“Lord Schild, I just told you not to put your load on her!”

Since he has achieved great success in the capital and had proven to be a capable piece that can be used by the First Princess Cymbium, Schild was already prepared to be targeted by the enemy camp, in one way or another.

Of course, expecting it doesn’t mean he’s anticipating it. In fact, just the thoughts of this alone is enough to make him feel uneasy each time.

“That aside, from any angle, she looks like a normal city girl……I won’t even believe that she’s an assassin if not for the fact that you caught her red-handed!”

“Indeed. Her disguise is excellent. She is a big failure when it comes to improvisation and situational awareness, though.”

This remark was also because Schild noticed that the girl hasn’t taken any other actions like killing herself yet, even with her plans already being compromised. After all, even with her nails being covered by the sacks and rendered unusable to harm others, she could still at least kill herself by clenching her hands tightly and sticking them in her own palms. Th i s cha p ter tra nsla tion is m a de poss ib le by st ab bin g wi th a s yr inge tra nslati ons. che ck on ly u -to -d ate tr ansl ati ons o n my Wor dpre ss site.

Still, Schild was okay either way, as usually, perpetrators like her don’t know much about their clients, and if they are, they would at least try to negotiate their way out using this instead.

“Lord Schild, watch out!”

At Carney’s warning, Schild lowered his head as quickly as he could. Immediately after, a chained weight replaced the position where his head had just been, crashing into the wall and making a huge noise in the middle of the alleyway.

“They have another one?!”



However, because he dodged, this also created an opening for the assassin to escape, to where she immediately used this chance to pull herself out of Schild’s “dicklock” first.

“Don’t. Move.”

Still, it was futile in the end because as soon as she recovered, she was confronted with a sword on the throat by Carney.

Seeing that the assassin was successfully put in check, Schild immediately switched to the new intruder from the direction the chain weight had been. Then, disregarding his phallus which is still erect and exposed, he pulled out his family’s treasured heirloom, the Hihi’irokane sword.

The second throw was already approaching Schild when he did this, but he just intercepted it with a cleave of his sword blade, slicing the metal weight in half.

“That accuracy even against a mass that is flying at high speed…….as expected of my Lord Schild!”

“How is that? I have just destroyed your weapon. Do you want to run away and abandon your colleague, or do you still want to pull a new one to test out my blade?”

The alleyway was dark, and it was hard to tell who, if anyone, was in it.

But out of that darkness came a set of footsteps, and soon, the culprit that attacked them appeared.


It was an old man.

But this old man had a torn chain hanging from his hand, convincing Schild and Carney that he was definitely the other foe they needed to be wary with.

“L-ord Patriarch ……please run away!!”

All of a sudden, the female assassin immediately shouted from the side.


“Lord Schild, that old man, I’ve seen him before!”

Schild also repeated the term, but was immediately interrupted by Carney, who also shouted in surprise as soon as she got a good stare of the intruder’s face.

“It has been a long time, but I still remember him! This old man is none other than the former head of the Oscar House, Former Patriarch Elovairo!”

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