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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Volume 2 Chapter 25

Chapter 25 – Schild’s Current Circumstances

After visiting Princess Cymbium’s camp and receiving the teachings that she was “deemed lacking”, Sister Greidia finally admitted that she was at fault, making her withdraw her plans and return to the Oscars empty-handed.

With it, she also resigned from her position as Oscar family’s tutor in the name of taking responsibility for the wrong decision of agreeing to Serenea to participate in the campaign.

She also tried to resign from the Raina Gata Convent, but the convent itself refrained her from doing so.


Of course, the ever-stubborn Greidia still pursued it, causing a lot of pushing and shoving between her and the convent, but thanks to the personal intervention of Princess Cymbium, the situation finally calmed down.

In the end, Greidia retained her position as a sister. However, instead of working for the Oscars, she will now be transferred to Princess Cymbium’s camp in the name of re-training her ability to make proper decisions in politics.

Cymbium also made use of this opportunity to hire Sister Greidia back again as Second Princess Serenea’s tutor, putting everything back on the way it was.

Nevertheless, the Oscars’ move to retake Serenea ended in another failure. What’s more, it gave the Ryngbergs a chance to solidify their position and even gained another talent at their disposal.

 “Even so……”

Schild suddenly muttered.

“Why go a roundabout way of convincing her to retain her sisterhood now that she’s going to get transferred here to learn the ways of politics? What happened to the convent’s policy of not being “involved to the worldly affairs of humans” that they are so proud of?”

“That’s because Greidia is a person too capable for them to let go, hence their wishes for her to stay even if it means breaking some of their teachings. As for me, I want her to be our connection with the Raina Gata Convent itself. Besides……”

This time, the expression on Cymbium’s face turned into a bewitching nymph.

“Wouldn’t it be more exciting if you have sex with her while she’s still a sister?”

“Well, I can’t deny that,” Schild spoke but only in his mind, a bit frustrated that he was easily read by the woman.

(However, another problem still remains. And that is Cymbium revealed to Greidia the secret of me being a royalty.)

And this revelation alone significantly impacted Sister Greidia the most.

In fact, when this was revealed to her,

“As the future king, I can’t allow His Highness Schild to act like a country bumpkin who only knows nothing but sex! Therefore, from here on, this Greidia will be imposing myself on educating him all the knowledge about the Goddess, as well as teaching him good conduct, and how to act like a proper royal as well!”

……said the sister with a snort.

Sister Greidia immediately understood that the presence of Schild was a bomb that could turn the situation of the whole royal castle upside down, hence not revealing any of it to the outside. But to suffice for it, she became more persistent in teaching Schild the ways of the Goddess and all sorts of other stuff instead, making the man fed up on her in return.

“I said I don’t want to be the king!”

Yet the sister didn’t listen.

In the end, Schild had to resort to pushing her down personally and having sex with her just to make her stop, thus giving him one more person to sire on together with Serenea and Cymbium. If yo u ar e ab le to re ad this me ssag e, you are re adin g fro m an unauth oriz ed aggr ega te si te. Re ad at my Word Pre ss at sta bbi ng with a syri nge. h ome. bl og to suppo rt me an d m y tra nsla tions.

Schild becoming king.

Such an idea only came up when Carney’s camp discovered that Schild’s father might possibly be the king himself, and this idea was being brought up more and more frequently by that camp from that point onwards, making Schild feel more and more uneasy.

His father is the king, yet his mother is a nameless village girl. Compared to Cymbium and Serenea, whose mothers are great nobles, he is alone and thus has no political power.

It could even be said that becoming a king is already nigh impossible for him because he lacks influence, which is ironic as he has the most rightful claims for the throne himself.

However, several conditions were already in place, unknown to Schild, that would allow him to overcome the obstacles in him becoming king.

The most favorable condition is that there are no male heirs to the throne other than him.

This fact has already been confirmed even before the announcement of Cymbium and Serenea being official heirs to the throne, despite being princesses.

Traditionally, the ones who are supposed to rule the country are men, and queens being rulers are just an emergency measure if there are no longer any male royals available.


Even if the youngest son is of a branch family, as long as he is proven to possess the royal blood, the princess must abdicate the throne for him even if she is of the direct bloodline.

Even so, there are still limits to this condition, as there were also many cases in history where a more promising princess took the throne rather than an incapable prince.

However, Schild has another favorable trait that could shut down those opinions.

And that is, he is strong.

That was all, but this ever-so-simple trait has always been the deciding factor in this kingdom that the ruler will have a solid reign, especially as demons and monsters are always a threat and are running rampant to destroy everything they have built in.

This point was proven when 21 years ago, despite the significant opposition, the previous king was able to firmly set his grip on the throne after winning the war against the Demon Race.

The royal family had always been a family of warriors for generations, and whenever a war broke out, it was them who always led the army and fought at the very head of the line in order to protect their land.

It is also for this reason that the most precious metal in the kingdom, the Hihi’irokane, is reserved only for the royal family to possess for their outstanding quality when forged into weapons.

Either way, Schild’s strength has been proven many times in these current battles alone.

Even among the kings of the past who had been obliged to protect their subjects by picking up their arms, no one was able to manage to cut down foes and monsters as successfully and akin to slicing a cake like Schild.

Once again, Schild is the sole male royalty of the current generation.

His ability as a warrior is the strongest in history and needs no exaggeration.

With these two things alone, Schild has already enough to blow away the hurdle of his lowly birth and solidify his own rights to the throne.

As long as he vies for the throne himself, that is.


Right now, this same Schild is currently walking down the streets of the royal capital.

But unlike when he just arrived where he was treated like an ordinary passerby, ever since he made outstanding accomplishments in the last monster swarm extermination battle, he has begun to live the life similar to that of a celebrity.

It can be said that there’s no one in the capital today who is not aware of the existence of their hero, Schild.

The one gifted with overwhelming strength, the one who slew forty-eight monsters with his might alone, one who possessed the power of a thousand subjugators, every name, either truth or exaggeration, all of them were talking and pointing to Schild.

In a single battle, he has slain forty-eight of the mutated monsters that posed a threat equivalent to dozens of their standard versions and would require the sacrifice of at least ten subjugators per monster, alone.

This tremendous feat of his has earned him a huge amount of recognition that after the incident, in every way he went, many eyes were always drawn at him.

[The Slayer of Forty-Eight].

This is the nickname Schild has earned after bringing victory to the Monster Swarm Extermination Battle.

And because it has the number, it was easy for the people to know that this man had killed forty-eight of these dreaded monsters by his own hands.

Or course, some people doubted this fact and came in and investigated for themselves, even searching for witnesses and verifying the monsters’ corpses. Still, instead of them disproving this as a mere exaggeration and a bunch of fallacy, it only strengthened the fact that Schild indeed dealt with those monsters alone, which boosted his popularity even more.

But what became the deciding factor why Schild became so famous and acknowledged by the kingdom’s citizens is not for his strength, but in fact, his act of heroism.

It was a well-known fact that before the battle had begun, the subjugators were told that they would only be receiving a flat sum for participating to avoid a fight for credits, which significantly diminished their morale. But for Schild, even knowing that the “pay will be the same no matter how many you kill”, he still risked his life to vanquish strong monsters and even led the charge himself.

To the general public, whether it is a fact or not that he killed forty-eight monsters, this act of charity and sacrifice is already enough reason to them to rain him recognition. Th is ch apter tra nsla tion is ma de possi bl e by sta bb ing with a sy ri nge transla tio ns. che ck o nly u p-t o-da te trans lat ion s o n my W ord pre ss si te.

Thus, he became the hottest topic in the royal capital, and his popularity has grown so big it has already surpassed that of the current king.

As he walked the streets, people would recognize his face, shake his hands, and ask him to tell the stories of his battles.

Of course, at first, Schild welcomed this attitude with open arms, but as frequency went up, it started to get annoying for him that he couldn’t even barely move from his spot as he constantly got swarmed with people wherever he went.

But not all of this was annoying for him. After all, being the hottest hero of the kingdom has its perks too, and one of which is he’s now become more popular with women compared to before.

Before, Schild would have to go out and seek out beautiful women by himself, but now, even with just a little stroll, they would be flocking around him readily, thus making his hunt a whole lot easier.

This has also been proven on every brothel he has been to, especially when he went to Rafflesia, the best brothel in the capital, where he was given an immediate VIP treatment and was able to taste the best of their prostitutes right off the bat.

Thus, it was no longer difficult for the current Schild to take a woman he fancied on the street into an alleyway and have sex with her the moment eyes met.

Just like this time.


“Chuup, mmlem, sshlurp, mchuuup……! Mmhelm mlemmm, churrp, schluuurrp……!”

Today, Schild is being given a head by one of the said women in a back alley.

A woman whose name he didn’t even know and whom he had just met.

While he was casually strolling down the street, he was suddenly pulled by the hem and was asked, “Are you Mr. Schild, the “slayer of 48?” and upon confirming, he was immediately pulled to this back alley.

According to the woman, she wanted to get closer to the hero of the capital, even for a short moment.

To this, Schild gave her the opportunity and made her kneel on the ground, and just as the woman did so, he immediately plunged his erect penis into her mouth.

“Gbbbbuh! Oohmmh, uughh……!?”

The woman seemed to cry out in pain at this abrupt act, but Schild didn’t care.

Instead, he grabbed her on both wrists as a response, and using his penis, he even pushed her body towards the wall of one of the buildings on the side, making it impossible for her to escape, and to which he gave another thrust right after, further lodging his member down the woman’s throat.

The woman groaned in even more pain as she tried her best to breathe through her nose so she wouldn’t suffocate. Still, she knows that if this continued, it would become unbearable for her later on, and she would collapse due to lack of air.

But even after all of this, Schild remained unconcerned.

“I can fuck any woman I want now.”


Schild began to declare, his tone dark and cold.

“I can take any woman, whether she be a street girl, a mature woman, a knight, a nun, or even a princess and fuck her senseless then and there…….”

“Mmmmgh, mmghh, nnnngghhhh?”

“But even with these opportunities, I always treated a woman gently, never going rough on them like I am doing to you.”

“Mmguhh, mmurguh, cough, goughh.”

“Do you want to know why?”


“That’s because all of them never had the intentions to threaten my life, unlike you, miss assassin.”


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