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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Volume 2 Chapter 24

Chapter 24 – The Fall of Sister Greidia

Schild’s plan was originally to make Sister Greidia watch him fuck Serenea and Cymbium after entering the room, eventually making her horny and convincing her to try and have sex as well.

However, he didn’t expect the sister to go around the roundabout route of collapsing and pretending to be asleep. To this, he suspected that she has also planned on using even her precious body as bait just to inflict them a bad image to Serenea, making her realize that they weren’t worth the company as they do things to her while she’s unconscious, thus also making it easier for her to convince her to go back and also putting evidence of a criminal act to Schild.

Nevertheless, all these wild and exaggerated suspicions of Schild went down the drain – and just only a couple of hours later.

“Ahiiiinnn♡♡ W-what is this♡♡ It’s shoo good♡♡♡♡♡♡ A cock is so goooood♡♡♡♡ The way it scrapes my pussy is incredible♡♡♡♡ Oh, no, not there♡♡ Ahhhh, ooohooooooohhhhhh♡♡♡♡♡♡”

It was only an hour or so, but the “Indomitable Sister Greidia” has already become no more. There was only the “Hapless Sister Greidia”, fully naked and waving her ass over Schild’s body.

“Ahaaaa♡♡♡♡ My pussy, my pussy feels so good♡♡♡♡ it feels so good it’s gonna go up to the Goddess♡♡♡♡ It’s gonna ascend to heaven in just its own♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡”

“What now, sister? I thought you said you’re gonna show me your justice?”

This was Schild’s seventh ejaculation into the sister’s depths.


As for Sister Greidia, she had already lost herself a few ejaculations just before this, and even though she was a virgin just earlier, she quickly developed her knack for sex, what’s more, at an incredible speed that even Schild was taken aback to it.

It was as if he had unleashed a beast that had been sealed inside of her all this time.

“So, sister, shall we have a review of what you have learned today?”

“Yes, yes♡♡♡♡ The pussy is a place where a male puts his cock inside and gets it doped up with his semen in order for the female to conceive his baby♡♡♡♡ Sister Greidia is born a woman, so it is her purpose to have her pussy creampied♡♡♡♡ And she’s very blessed to get her pussy doped up by Schild’s cock♡♡♡♡♡♡”

“And who gave you that blessing?’

“It is our Goddess in heaven♡♡♡♡ Oh, thank you, Goddess, for giving this Sister Greidia the pleasure of getting her pussy slammed by Schild♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡”

Sister Greidia then put her hands in prayer as her breasts shook in the intense sex.

She stubbornly refused to take off her clothes earlier, even during the actual sex with Schild, but after a few shots in her pussy, surprisingly, it was she who took it off on her own.

And because the nun garb was already gone, it fully showed to Schild her full tits, which were so big her loose nun garb couldn’t even hide it, and now that they were fully exposed, their size became more evident to see.

Greidia’s nipples were also as big in proportion and could be comparable to soybeans in size. But what’s unique is that her surrounding areolas are as big as well.

As for the veil she was wearing and was unique to the sisters of the convent, it was already taken off, thus revealed her long, chestnut hair that has long disheveled by their continuous sex.

Okay, sister, next review. What is a cock once again?”

“Here~. Cock, a male cock is the gospel for all women♡♡♡♡ Its main role is to fuck a woman’s pussy and make the man feel good♡♡♡♡ Then, when the man feels good, he ejaculates semen inside the woman’s pussy, and the woman gets pregnant♡♡♡♡ From there, a new life will be born, a product of miracle of the Goddess herself♡♡♡♡”

Sister Greidia then performed a religious gesture exclusive to the believers of the Convent in the middle of Schild’s pumping, all while in a state of euphoria.

It was as if she was treating the communion with Schild as a sacred communion with the Goddess.

Up to this point, Greidia has been immersed in nothing but a gray life, obediently following the precepts without any doubt. But, for Schild, it is nothing but a big waste, considering she won’t be able to use that erotic body of hers that could rival even that of a top prostitute. If y ou ar e ab le to re ad th is me ss age, yo u ar e rea din g f rom an unaut ho rized aggr egat e sit e. Re ad at my Wo rdPr es s at st ab bing wi th a sy ri nge. ho me. b log to su ppor t m e and my tr ans la tions.

But all of it will change from now on, as she has tasted firsthand the true feeling of sex and has awakened her feminine nature through the copulation with Schild.

“Sister, I’m going to kiss you now.”

“Okay♡♡♡♡ Please, feel free♡♡♡♡ this Sister Greidia is happy to have tongue sex with Mister Schild♡♡♡♡♡♡”

With their genitals still connected to each other in missionary, Schild and Sister Greidia started putting their lips together.

Yes, this was Sister Greidia, the same sister who vehemently refused from the beginning, and now she was doing a deep kiss to Schild, a kiss so thick and lewd that drools were overflowing from the surroundings of their mouths. This ch ap ter tr ans lat ion is mad e pos si ble by stab bi ng wit h a sy ri nge transl ation s. ch eck only up- t o-d ate tran slat ions on my Wor dp ress si te.

“Ahhmm♡♡♡♡ chupu chupu, chupu♡♡♡♡ mlemmlemm♡♡♡♡ slurrup♡♡♡♡ mmghhh♡♡♡♡ Ahhh, it’s like my mouth is being fucked♡♡♡♡”

Even with her body alone, it goes without saying that Sister Greidia is a superb woman.

Whether it’s her lips, her breasts, or her pussy, for a man, to be able to make love to such a woman is one of the greatest pleasures he could achieve. Thus, thinking that he has now such a blessed chance, Schild couldn’t help but feel something resembling a swarm of caterpillars right away, crawling up to his urethra until it flowed out of his penis and into the womb of the sister he was penetrating.

“Nnnnnnnhyuuuu♡♡♡♡ A creampie again♡♡♡♡ If this continues, you’ll make my womb pregnant for several times♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡”

As this was already her eighth vaginal ejaculation, Sister Greidia is no longer surprised or upset.

The only thing that was left in her was the joy of being pleased by sex.

“Oohh♡♡ Ooooohhh♡♡♡♡ Our Goddess, thank you for giving such wonderful pleasures to this human child♡♡♡♡ This humble being once again is in awe of the miracles you perform♡♡♡♡♡♡”

Sister Greidia then made a religious gesture and put together her hands in prayer.

But the fact that she’s doing it completely naked with her tits bare and her crotched opened wide, with massive amounts of semen overflowing from her insides, makes her feel like she’s doing a sacrilege instead.

“Phew, I’m out.”

Schild, finally feeling empty after all the ejaculations he committed for the day, pulled his manhood out of the sister’s crotch.

At the same time, the uncorked precious hole spurted out more semen out of her vagina. It was almost like a dike that had collapsed.

“Now then, sister. What do you need to do again once my cock is out of your cunt?”

“Ooh! I know, I know♡♡ It must be given a clean-up blowjob each time♡♡♡♡♡♡”

Sister Greidia immediately put her face close to the erect penis, then after muttering something like a prayer once again, she sucked the head of it into her mouth.

“Jubooh jubooh chuupha, chuupoh♡♡♡♡ Chupu, schuup, mhuup♡♡♡♡ Mllem, mmloom, mmmrghhh♡♡♡♡ Chuu, chuup♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡”

“That’s it, it feels good, sister. While at it, use your breasts as well” Schild also commanded upon seeing the grand chest of the sister swaying around without any restraints.

Ever since arriving at the royal capital, Schild had made many acquaintances. Most of them have very big breasts, including Carney, Lady Nazah, Shakira, and Miss Platinum, making him feel the luxury of never running out of beautiful and busty women at his side.

“Ahaaaa♡♡ Schild’s cock is now sandwiched between my tits♡♡ Looking at it closely, it resembles the sacred symbol of our convent♡♡♡♡”

“That’s a bit too much, don’t you think? But come to think of it, it certainly is.”

The symbol of the convent is two circles drawn side by side with a line in between, a religious symbol of the convent ever since it came to be.

But despite being long-established, there were several disputes of its origin, mainly because of the wars coming and going in the kingdom in the past, added to that the continued invasions of the demons of their lands, the traces and pieces of evidence that pointed out to the meaning of the symbol were either erased or destroyed. Thus, there are no longer any concrete pieces of evidence of what the symbol truly meant.


Some priests say those circles represent the human eyes, and the line in between represents the human body. At the same time, some interpret it figuratively that the two cicles represent infinite harmony and the line between them is a pillar that holds this harmony in place. In the end, these were just theories, and the symbol was vague, which is ironic as the convent emphasizes teachings as their base.

But whatever it meant, it was no use to Schild.

As right now, what is more important is pleasing the woman in front of him.

“Ahhh, aahhhhh♡♡♡ I never knew sex filled with love could be this good♡♡♡♡♡♡♡”

Greidia made another wail. At this moment, she was already a woman who’s succumbed to the pleasures of sex.

From this, Schild is now able to conclude that Sister Greidia – the hard-headed, iron-willed sister of the covent – has finally fallen.

As much to say, their goal has already been reached.

“So, sister, isn’t it about time for you to do it?”

“Do what? You want to fuck me in my pussy again?♡♡♡♡”

“No, not that. I’m talking about your declaration of surrender. Are you ready?”

“Yes, yeshh♡♡♡♡”

Sister Greidia rose her body up, then sat on her buttocks and opened her legs. Then, using her hands to spread her pussy to the fullest which also exposed the depths of her womb, and with all her voice,

“I, the faithful servant of the Goddess, Sister Gladia, together with her now devirginized pussy, fully accepts her defeat against Mr. Schild’s muscular cock♡♡♡♡ Sex is not filthy, but the most wonderful act that was ever created♡♡♡♡ It is one of the precious miracles that the Goddess has taught to us♡♡♡♡ And I want to make this miracle even more wonderful with you, Mr. Schild♡♡♡♡ so please, fuck me more♡♡♡♡♡♡”

“Mission complete.”


“Congratulations, Mr. Schild!”

Greidia declared loud and clear, which was then followed by the congratulations of Cymbium and Serenea, and the room immediately erupted in applause.

But these sounds of clapping out of nowhere immediately brought the sister back to her senses. Th is cha pte r tran slati on is ma de pos sib le by st abb ing wi th a syr ing e tr ans latio ns. che ck on ly u p-t o-d at e transl at ions on m y Wor dpr ess si te.

“Wait, what?”

Sister Greidia then looked around, only to mutter in shock upon realizing that the two princesses were still standing right behind them.

Of course, still fully naked as they were.

These two princesses had never left the room from the very beginning, unknownst to the presence of Sister Greidia. As for the reason, they said they wanted to see how Schild would settle the disputes with the said sister, and while at it, learn from it, even though his method is just to make the sister submit by shaking his hips and pumping his cum inside.

Nevertheless, the sister was so immersed by the repeated sex that she could no longer pay attention to her immediate surroundings, an unexpected but a great blessing to the camp of Schild and Cymbium.

Of course, this matter didn’t last long, as when the two started clapping, Greidia then realized that she was being watched the entire time.

Still, it was too late.

 “Ahh, I’m so proud of you, Schild! I can’t believe you were able to bring down such a stubborn sister in less than a night!”

“I didn’t know my nanny was such a slut! But now that I have discovered it, I admire you more and more! So please, Mr. Schild, teach me more about sex!!”

Cymbium and Serenea both screamed in delight.

As for the said sister……


As if all the shame and embarrassment she threw out the window all came back to her, the fallen sister immediately screamed out on top of her lungs in front of Schild.


“Oh, my Goddess! Filthy! filthy, filthy, filthy!”

Sister Greidia went on and on like this soon as she came to her senses.

“Sexual intercourse is indeed an essential part of procreation, but there should still be the right amount to everything! Sex in excess of that limit is nothing but depravity to pleasure!”

“Hey now. Don’t blame me. Also, you’re the one who was drowning in that depravity just a moment ago!”

“Noo~♡♡ Ahhh, this is not enough♡♡ Still, it’s your fault of why I became like this♡♡♡♡ Stupid Schild♡♡♡♡”

Despite her angry sermons, however, Greidia continued to have her crotch pounded by Schild’s penis again and again, after which it miraculously revived when she shouted her declaration of surrender to the other three earlier.

“Ahaa♡♡♡♡ But even so, moderation is still necessary, even though it’s the royalty’s mission to preserve the bloodline of the royal family♡♡♡♡ Ah, there, Schild, my pussy feels good there♡♡♡♡ From now on, this curriculum should also include classes that foster such self-control……! Oh, my Goddess, this is so awesome♡♡♡♡”

“Do you want to preach or do you want to indulge yourself in sex? Make up your mind already, you young hag!”


But even though the issue has already been resolved, Sister Greidia didn’t release herself on Schild’s penis right away. In fact, as soon as it got erect, she plunged it into her pussy once again, much to the dissatisfaction of both Cymbium and Serenea.

“I’ll admit that I made a mistake when I sent Princess Serenea into battle……Nhaaah, yess♡♡♡♡ However, I would like to remind you that the error was mine and mine alone! Ohh, yes, there, hit it more♡♡♡♡ And not the mistake in the Raina Gata Monastery! Nhoooo, fuckk mee more♡♡♡♡♡♡”

“We don’t care about that anymore! Please switch with us already!”

“Yes, yes! We’re already tired of waiting! Our pussies were already oozing with pussy juice!”

Meanwhile, Cymbium and Serenea, witnessing the intense sex between the sister and Schild, couldn’t hold back anymore and started complaining. They even showed to Schild their pussies, already releasing almost a flood of love juices, just to entice the man to bang them. If you a re ab le to r ead this me ssag e, yo u are re ad ing fro m an unaut horize d ag greg ate sit e. Rea d at my Word Pres s at s tab bing wit h a syr inge. h om e. blo g to s upp ort m e and my tra nslati ons.

Schild, seeing so many pussies in his surroundings and craving for his cock, became even more erect.

“Noo! You can’t take turns!”

Thinking that this foursome would last until midnight, Schild started to prepare himself, but all of a sudden, Greidia shouted out her rejection, much to the surprise of the three.

“What do you mean by that, Sister?”

“Yeah! Nanny is too unfair!”

Because of this, the princesses revolted right away. After all, the Sister, who is just a latecomer, suddenly declared the monopoly of Schild’s cock.

“No can do! While I agree that the royal family should learn such ways to preserve the royal bloodline, that doesn’t mean you can just practice having sex with any man you can find! You need to choose carefully who you will associate with, and Mister Schild, a commoner, is out of the question!”

“Ah, so that’s what you meant.”

“Yes! So, if you accept cock of such a man whom we even have no idea where he comes from and gives birth to a child, only to find out that the person you have copulated with is of a low bloodline, then it is nothing but a relegation of duty! You two should be more selective on who you will associate with, so I’ll take care of Mr. Schild’s cock from here on! You two just watch there and learn!”




To Greidia’s speech, the three could only stay silent. But then, after a while,

“Fufufu. Is that all? In that case, it’s all okay.”

Cymbium spoke in amusement to the Sister who is still intruding their way.


“Princess Cymbium! Haven’t you heard what I just said!”

“I have heard it, loud and clear. However, there’s also something you need to know.”

“What is it?”

“The man you are having sex with just now, Mr. Schild, is also a royalty.”


“You see, my father told me that Schild was born to a maid that helped him out while he was still in the frontlines, battling against the demons. In other words, he is Serenea’s big brother, and also my little brother!”





When Greidia heard this, she looked back at the man who was penetrating her just now, then to Serenea, then to Cymbium, then to the man once again.

Then, little by little, the sister’s face turned to a shock, the most shocked look they had seen on her so far.

But as if still not content with this reaction, Cymbium added an even more shocking statement.

“Sister Greidia, do you know what that means? You are now a concubine of the royal family! And if you get pregnant with Schild’s child, you might even become the next queen!”


From this point, Greidia finally gave in.

“What are you doing, exposing her that all of a sudden” Schild couldn’t help but wonder faintly. But thinking it was an excellent opportunity, he immediately switched to Serenea and Cymbium while Greidia was still in shock.

After that, he spent the entire night getting wild, enjoying a foursome with the two royal princesses and the newcomer sister in his arms.

Translator Notes:

Volume 2 Cover: From left to right: Lady Nazah, Tanifa, Schild, and Greidia

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