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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Volume 2 Chapter 23

Chapter 23 – The Tainting of Sister Greidia


When Sister Greidia woke up, there came an awkward silence between them.

“Oh, finally awake now, sister?”

But Schild was the first to break the silence, even resuming the movement of his hips immediately before conversing with the sister once again.

“You know, when you suddenly collapsed on the floor, I kinda got a little freaked out as well. But when I realized that you didn’t really fall unconscious and just pretended to be, I thought of making a little mischief. So, do you want some water, Sister? Just to quench that thirst a bit.”

“Ah, Y-yeah……”


Schild, still connected to the sister, reached out to the glass and the pitcher from the bedside table, and after filling up the glass, he brought it to the sister’s mouth.

Of course, their male and female organs were still connected during the entire time, with the two not intending to stop their debaucheries just yet.

“Make sure you keep yourself hydrated. After all, you sweat a lot during sex.”

“Ah, thank you……wait, that’s not it!”

Finally, as if her consciousness had just returned, Sister Greidia went to a scream.

“Y-you! W-what the hell are you doing! Y-you, to dare to commit such acts of blasphemy towards me, a servant of the Goddess!? This is sacrilege! The Convent will make you pay for this!”

“I’m surprised you still dare to yell at me even though you’re the one opening up your crotch so readily to me. Well, that’s religion for you. They won’t budge to what they believe in even they’re proven at fault.”

If it were an ordinary man, Greidia’s words are already enough to make him back down, not to mention deflate his penis.

But to Schild, who had a lot of experience dealing with women in every sense of the word, he knew that it is all just an act to save her face to Serenea, her student. In fact, even after doing all that, she had not shown even a hint of rejection on her actions, which only made Schild’s penis even more erect.

“Let me introduce myself first. I am Schild. But either way, I’m just a rapist in your eyes.”

“Damn right you are! You’re the one defiling Princess Serenea, aren’t you? And also, to Princess Cymbium…….”

“Yes. After all, Serenea and Cymbium are my women. But I don’t like you using the word “defile”. There are many other words for sex, you know? Like “making love” or “exchanging fluids” or just the simple “fucking”.

“F-fucking……y-you, you still dare to mention that act of blasphemy!?”

“Act of blasphemy? That’s not right, Sister Greidia. What I’m doing with you right now is the most sacred thing a human being can do.”

There is a certain mindset in the convent, no, not just in the convent, but in the world that sex makes a woman less valuable. Th is ch ap ter tra nsl ati on is ma de po ssi ble by sta bbing wi th a syri nge transl at ions. che ck on ly up -t o- d ate tr ansl ation s on my Wo rd press si te.

But they are wrong. In fact, sex makes a woman more beautiful and valuable, at least it was for Schild.

For him, the only reason the woman becomes less valuable after having sex is only when the woman had sex with a man unworthy of her, thus degrading her quality.

“That’s just sophistry! The true value of a human being lies not in the body but in the heart and spirit. And intercourse is but a sinful act that corrupts that spirit!”

“That’s some nun-like reasoning. But no matter how you put it, it doesn’t deny the fact that your pussy is clinging so hard to my cock even now. I could even barely move when I fetched you some water.”

Sister Greidia looked down, then frowned when she realized she was still connected to the man in her precious hole, and that she was the one not letting go.

“Still hard to digest? Just look at your student Serenea. She immediately began to shake her hips to me while making womanly noises upon knowing that as royalty, she had a mission to produce an heir from her cunt.”

“W-what an obscene way of stating it…….”

“But it’s still a fact. And you know what another fact is? That this is an essential education that Serenea will never learn from you. That said, I know you still won’t believe it as necessary. So, sister, why don’t you make a bet with me instead?”

“A bet? For what?”

“I’m going show it to you how important this education is by giving you lessons of it firsthand. Then, after that, I’ll make you decide if it’s really necessary for Serenea or not.”

“W-what kind of incredibl- nonsense……is that? H-how can such an unholy act be necessary for the education of royalty!?’

“Didn’t Cymbium already tell you that earlier? Sigh. This is why religious people are……anyway. I’m giving you a lot of advantages here. You’ll be making the final decision after all. But if the “lessons” convince you, you’ll have no choice but to give up on taking back Serenea and just go home empty-handed, okay?”

“So, if I were to keep my original intentions after these “lessons”, you will return the princess to me?”

“Yes, and I promise you that. Well, Cymbium is now but my slave in sorts of meanings, so she’ll do whatever I tell her to do. So you can consider my words to be her words.”

This was, of course, a bluff made by Schild, but he suddenly felt a chill run down his spine upon saying it. When he looked at the source of the cold, he discovered it was from Cymbium, and for some reason, her pupils were dilated wide, as if similar to a cat when they’re about to pounce their prey.

As for why he spoke like that, it’s because lately, he noticed Cymbium seemed to be genuinely enjoying being treated as his semen slave.


(I think I have awakened something in her that I shouldn’t have awakened.)

Cymbium’s reaction aside, more and more hostility towards Schild appeared in the sister’s eyes. But for some reason, Schild could also feel a bit of anticipation mixed in them.

As for Serenea, she was tasked to watch quietly at Greidia’s behind, together with Cymbium. Schild wants to have the sister’s focus on him and on him alone, and the presence of the two will just provide distractions. If y ou a re ab le to r ea d this mes s age, yo u are r ead ing fro m an unaut hor ized aggr eg ate si te. R ead at my W ordPr ess at sta bbing wit h a syr inge. ho me. bl og to sup port m e and m y trans lat ions.

“Fine. In that case, this Sister Greidia will endure your torments in the name of the Goddess! Even if this body is stained with your impurities, I will show to you that the Goddess’ will is impregnable, and you, the devil of debauchery, will be vanquished in the end! I accept your challenge!”

The sister finally accepted with great motivation.

“We have a deal, then. But before we start, let’s take your clothes off because they will get in the way. Sex should be done naked, after all.”

So far, Schild has only done a minimal amount of undressing on Sister Greidia, with the hem of her nun uniform lifted up and her panties removed just for the sake of bonding their genitalia.

In other words, even if not wearing back her panties, she would be back to her normal state once she pulled down her skirt.

“What are you talking about! You can have sex with me even in my current state already! So why do you need to take it off altogether!?”


“It is shameful to expose one’s skin so carelessly. So if you want to fuck me, then you can fuck me as much as you want as it is! But the nun outfit stays on!”


Schild was perplexed by this sudden assertion but on another meaning.

For Schild, sex is not proper sex if you just ram each other’s genitals until you cum. It is also about praising each other’s bodies, especially the curves of the woman’s waist or the greatness of her tits. Otherwise, it would only be as good as masturbating through a sex toy.

(But if the other party refuses, so be it.)

“Then, let me kiss you instea-“

“What are you doing, you filthy thing!”

Schild tried to bring his lips close to hers but was denied once again.


“Kissing is a sacred act performed when making vows in the presence of the Goddess, and it’s not to be performed for pleasure!”

“That’s a lot of no-goes!”

Schild was immediately torn of the several restrictions imposed by the uptight sister.

However, he had no choice but to follow, as not to set the nun in a further bad mood. After all, these lessons will also decide the development of Serenea’s future.

Nevertheless, all he needs to do is to fuck Sister Greidia sincerely and thoroughly until she gets convinced.

And soon……

“Ahiiiinnn♡♡ W-what is this♡♡ It’s shoo good♡♡♡♡♡♡ A cock is so goooood♡♡♡♡ The way it scrapes my pussy is incredible♡♡♡♡ Oh, no, not there♡♡ Ahhhh, ooohooooooohhhhhh♡♡♡♡♡♡”

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