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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Volume 2 Chapter 22

Chapter 22 – Education Exclusive for Royalty

“Ahee♡♡♡ Aheeheee♡♡♡♡ Aheeeeeeeee♡♡♡♡♡ My pussy♡♡♡♡ My pussy feels so good♡♡♡♡♡♡ More, make my pussy drink more of your cum♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ ahiahi♡♡♡ Hyuuuu♡♡♡♡”

What was brought in front of Sister Greidia’s eyes as soon as she entered the room was Second Princess Serenea, straddling a man of unknown origin in a reverse cowgirl position, and even seemingly enjoying herself as she moved her hips up and down on her own.

And with Serenea directly facing the door, the nun was able to see all of her student’s lasciviousness from the get-go, fully soppy and in euphoria as she got seeded by the man. But also because of this position that she was unable to see the face of the man violating her.

Nevertheless, she couldn’t be bothered with such minor details and immediately snaps back to Cymbium with a demon-like look on her face.

“Princess Cymbium! What is the meaning of this! Y-you, to Princess Serenea……! What kind of disgusting thing you have done to the princess! She’s still an heir to the throne! Make her stop, now!”

“I cannot do that, sister.”

“W-what? Are you insa-“

“Because you see, this is the kind of education my little sister, Serenea, needs the most, and that you lack.”


After giving a firm reply to the enraged nun as if it totally didn’t bother her, Cymbium started to explain.

“One of the most important duties of royalty is to ensure the continuity of the ancient royal bloodline for future generations, and one of the most concrete ways to do this duty is to have sex with the right people.”

“That’s……yes, but……”

“But “having sex” is not as easy as it sounds, especially more for a woman who is born with royal blood. She needs to learn the proper “bedroom etiquette” first before she can meet with her husband. Sister, you didn’t teach Serenea anything about that, dd you?”

“Of course not! That’s so disgusting! Princess Serenea doesn’t need to know about such filth!”

“Even if you are also born of such “filth”?”

Meanwhile, while the two were exchanging questions and answers, Serenea didn’t stop swinging her hips in the reverse cowgirl position. Soon, Schild’s penis exploded inside her again.

“It’s not that you didn’t teach her. It’s that you couldn’t teach her. If I were to use your terms, the world of politics, as well as the world of the bedroom, is filled with a lot of “filth”. It is not even an exaggeration that we, the royalty, face and manage such “filth” every day. And yet, just because this education is too much for you to bear, you dare say to me that Serenea doesn’t need to learn such thing, and even have the audacity to call it as “filth”? Sister Greidia, even an inflated ego has limits on the amount of incompetence it could hide.”

“S-such thing is……”

“Say no more. Your words are but an insult to the existence of the royal family. This world is not as divine as you think. Instead, be grateful to me that I have noticed this deficiency of your teachings early. From this point onwards, let me handle on the teachings of Serenea, for I will teach her to be a proper member of the royal family from both the outside and the inside.” If y ou ar e ab l e to re a d th is m ess age, y ou ar e re adi ng from an unau tho rized aggr ega te site. Re ad a t m y Wor dPr ess a t stab bi ng wi th a syr in ge. ho me. blo g to su ppo rt m e an d m y tra nsl ati ons.

“From both the outside……and the inside?”

“Oh, you still don’t get it? Then please take a good look, Sister Greidia. Because I, too, am about to show you what I meant.”

It was then when Cymbium snapped her hand on something on the back of her neck. It was a clasp on her dress, and when it was released, the entire dress she was wearing immediately fell on the floor.

The dress was something that Cymbium had custom-made for herself, a garment that would allow her to be naked at a moment’s notice when she wanted to be embraced by Schild.

“P-Princess Cymbium……! Th-that’s……!”

And as expected, Sister Greidia paled when she saw Cymbium suddenly going completely naked.

Yes, she was already without any clothing underneath, no underwear or anything, and from her crotch, white slimy stuff was also flowing down, the same stuff she saw on Serenea’s crotch earlier when doing sex.

“As you can see, I just had a series of creampies of that man myself.”

At that moment, Greidia felt something had snapped in her head, and after swaying a little bit, the iron-willed sister finally fell unconscious on the floor.


“Oh my, did I go a little overboard? I didn’t think she was going to pass out that easily.”

Seeing the sister suddenly collapsing, Schild and Serenea stopped what they were doing and immediately rushed towards the fallen clergy member.

Schild then took the fallen Sister Greidia into his arms and quickly laid her on the bed they were just copulating on.

As for Serenea, she was incredibly distressed. After all, despite being strict, she was still one of the people that took good care of her.

Nevertheless, Schild couldn’t help but find Serenea’s state arousing, even in this situation. After all, while she was frantically panicking, she was also dripping his semen all over the place, especially the ones he injected in her crotch and those he showered on her face.


“Nanny! Are you okay? Are you hurt!?”

“She just got a little too hot-headed; she’ll wake up soon. That said, I swear these nuns are so quick to get a stroke whenever they see someone acting against their beliefs.”

Schild spoke in an amused tone as she appeased Serenea, despite him being the main culprit that brought her to this situation.

Schild wasn’t new to interacting with the clergy. As such, he wasn’t surprised upon discovering that Serenea’s “nanny” was a woman of a very young age even though he wasn’t told of it, unlike Cymbium. The evidence for it is also in the way he set up today’s ruse.

“I’ve been involved with the convent a few times during my travels. As such, I was immediately able to guess that their way of addressing does not follow their actual age.”

“Why didn’t you tell me that sooner! I was really shocked when I saw her face, you know! So young and beautiful, yet should be treated like an old granny?! It’s completely reversed on the ways of the society of even addressing an old woman as a young lady! I think she even snapped on me at that point!”

“To be honest, I am also very uncomfortable with it, but she gets upset if I didn’t call her that.”

“That, my princesses, is called religion.”

Nevertheless, Schild noticed that Serenea had already returned to her calm, semen-soaked expression. This quick changeover must probably be the result of the progress of Cymbium’s teachings on her.

“Still, we didn’t consider in our plans that she will faint after that. So, Schild, what should we do now?”

Greidia is still unconscious.

However, there was no sign of physical nor mental damage on her; she was just sleeping on the bed with a peaceful expression on her face.

In fact, Schild could see her eyes opening up slightly from time to time as if checking the situation around her.

(Wait, her eyes are opened slightly? I see now.)

“Either way, “fainted” or not, we still need to keep going. Here we go.”

From here, Schild grabbed the hem of Sister Greidia’s nun uniform and pulled her up until it fully exposed her lower half. This chap ter tran slat ion is ma de po ssi ble by stab bi ng wi th a syr in ge trans lati ons. che ck o nly u p-to-d at e tr ansl at ions on my W ordpr ess s ite.

“Ooh, as expected of a nun, even her underwear is pure white and innocent.”


(Still not responding, eh? Let’s see if you can still make that after this.)

Nevertheless, Schild couldn’t help but admire the nun’s lower body as he looked at it. Putting aside the simple white panties, Greidia’s legs were slender yet toned, showing she had lived a life of strict discipline. This also showed it in the way she wore her other garments, where no detail or design was put on any of them.

From here, Schild took off the nun’s panties, revealing the female genitalia right away.

A pussy of a sister that hasn’t yet to be defiled.

(Is she……serious? She didn’t even quiver a bit.)

“Also, it’s……wet.”

Schild took a glance at the sister’s face once again.

She was still “asleep”, yet her pussy was flowing love juices non-stop as if she was waiting for a cock to break in.

Was it because she got super horny on witnessing the lasciviousness of Serenea and Cymbium earlier? Too much pleasure that she collapsed? Schild couldn’t help but run his thoughts wild.

He was expecting to see a dry, rough pussy, but instead, what he got was a moist, fresh one, and it was even leaking out.

(But if it’s with this, there’s no need for extra preparation.)

Schild immediately aimed the penis he had just pulled out of Serenea and inserted it into Sister Greidia’s vagina.

As for the nun, she flinched for a moment when she felt the tip of the man hitting her crotch, but she slightly – very slightly, also opened her thighs just a little bit for him to allow more entry.

Then, Schild began to push. Finally, after a series of penetrations, the man’s penis successfully entered the nun’s depths, almost akin to entering a forbidden sanctuary.

And that sanctuary is about to get ravaged for the sake of pleasure from this point onwards.

“Mmhh, hhnnn, mppph!”

“Oooh, oooooh, so this is how a cunt of a nun feels like!”

Blood immediately flowed out from the gap between their joined parts, evidence that Sister Greidia is still following the doctrines of the Goddess in a lawful way.

But that was now in the past. As such bond with the Goddess is now severed by the lower half of Schild, which is none other than his penis.

“Big brother, is this really going to work?”

On the side, Serenea couldn’t help but ask in worry, with not a single idea of the silent interaction between the two.

“It’s going to be fine. I have told you, didn’t I? I’ve been involved in religious groups like this before.”

For the people of the Convent, people are all equal no matter what they are, and they believe that the only rules humanity should only obey are the commandments imposed by the Goddess herself. As such, they are all very rigid in the discipline of their members, even down to the very lowest ranking.


To sum it up using Serenea’s terms, they are all hard-headed, but that’s because they are trained to be hard-headed in the first place. Because of this, one cannot convince them with arguments, even if it proved to be more logical than their beliefs. And Schild has already learned this fact firsthand during his journey.

However, despite their stubbornness, the people of the convent are still humans and humans inside.

They feel lust, greed, envy, anger, all sorts of negative feelings. But because of their standing where they have to keep up a model face to society, it became harder and harder for them to express these feelings, ending up with them bottling up everything inside.

Before they realized it, it had already taken a hit on them. They became unable to openly express their true desires anymore – because they were too afraid of getting berated for not following their belief.

Yes, it was also the case for Sister Greidia. Even though she wanted it, she could not just directly ask Schild to fuck her, as it was tantamount to disobedience to their beliefs. So instead, she pretended to be asleep and let Schild do all the work himself.

And fortunately for her, this wasn’t Schild’s first time dealing in such situations where someone in the convent wants something forbidden on him, so he immediately noticed Greidia’s subliminal message. What only surprised him was that she was still a virgin, as usually, those who do it with him are already “tainted” in their cores.

After reaching the end, Schild immediately wiggled his hips, repeatedly penetrating the insides of the “unconscious” sister’s vagina, and soon, he took his first shot. If yo u a re a ble to re ad this mes sage, you ar e rea din g fr o m an unau th ori zed aggre g ate si te. Read at my W ordPr ess at s tab bing with a sy rin ge. ho me. blo g to sup port me and my tr ans lati ons.

Of course, like always, he unleashed his seed inside Greidia without qualms.

“Ooh, this feeling, I just can’t get enough of it!”

“Hnnn, ngggh……mmmhh……”

In one go, the sister’s pussy was filled to the brim. The same pussy which is not supposed to have a drop of semen in it for all eternity, yet it was ejaculated inside with the tainted object of a man.

But of course, for Schild, this first ejaculation was just the beginning.

From here, he began to speak out, loud enough for the three to hear.

“For now, let’s get a couple more shots inside her before she regains “consciousness”. Then, once she wakes up, we’ll begin negotiations again.”

After that, Schild put his penis into the sister’s vagina again and immediately began to lurch himself back and forth.

All for the purpose of getting the now-tainted vagina even more stained.

Despite this, Sister Greidia still didn’t regain her “consciousness” as she was violated by Schild.

Nevertheless, she also couldn’t help but moan in pleasure from time to time.

Sister Greidia is in her twenties, the most vibrant age for a woman to easily copulate and get aroused. But because the teachings of her religion, it forbid her to do such things, as it only results in being sinned.

Now, that same body of hers, which should be a symbol of purity for all eternity, is being used for its original role, which ironically classifies as a sin.

“Uuu……this……I can’t watch it any further. My mentor who has been good to me, yet she is being violated like this without herself knowing……even for my sake, it’s too much. Right, big sis?”


“Big sister?”

Serenea’s gaze wondered at Princess Cymbium, who had remained unresponsive even after asking twice.

But soon, a crying, touched Princess Cymbium immediately marveled to the three.

“Incredible, Schild! Even though the other party is a member of a clergy, you didn’t even hesitate to plunge your cock inside her and give her a creampie♡♡♡♡ Schild is so devilish♡♡♡♡ , and yet he also looks so cool while doing it♡♡♡♡ Ahh, this made me fall in love with you once again♡♡♡♡ While at it, why don’t we carry her to the balcony and fuck her there while she’s still unconscious? I’m sure the guards outside also want to see the devilish side to you, Schild♡♡♡♡ it’s also for the people to know that we are in a really close relationship to the Raina Gata Convent♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡”

“No, you can’t!!!!!……Ah.”

Suddenly, Sister Greidia “woke up” from her slumber and screamed, as if she was fully rejecting with all her heart on what Cymbium said, much to surprise to the three, especially Serenea, who was looking at her sister with genuine worry just now.

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