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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Volume 2 Chapter 21

Chapter 21 – Sister Greidia’s Intrusion

“First Princess. First of all, I would like to express my gratitude for accepting my request for a direct meeting.”

“That tone of voice……Sister sure lives to her iron will, isn’t she.”

In front of Princess Cymbium is Sister Greidia.

The two are currently a room in the villa in the royal capital which Princess Cymbium owns, one of her numerous separate residences where she sometimes stays from time to time whenever she wants to avoid the hustle and bustle of the royal capital.

As for why Cymbium chose this villa as their meeting place, it brought to her that the fewer the people listening to their conversation, the better it would be. She also knew that this confrontation could take a dangerous turn depending on the outcome of their discussion.


Cymbium couldn’t help but speak in bewilderment when she first set her eyes on the sister she had met for the first time.

“Surprisingly, you are quite young, aren’t you?”

Yes. Sister Greidia is a beautiful young woman who looked like she was still in her twenties.

“And here I thought you were an old lady since you were addressed as “nanny” by Serenea, at least, from the way she told me.”

From here, the nun raised one of her eyebrows slightly, as if feeling offended right of the bat. Then, she spoke.

“For us, it doesn’t matter how old or young our bodies are. What’s important to us is our capabilities to manage the teachings of the Goddess and the strength of our soul’s radiance and our indomitable wills. Age is only a number. Thus, in the convent, it is not uncommon even to the young ones like me to also receive the address of the elderly people despite our age, for it also shows our veterancy.”

“Is that so?”


Cymbium muttered in interest. However, that interest was focused elsewhere.

Despite proclaiming herself as one of the messengers of the Goddess, she immediately noticed that Greidia herself possessed a very feminine and lustful body.

Not only it was full of youth, but her body is also rich in thickness of a woman on the areas which are supposed to be thick. In fact, her figure is so sexy that the simple monastic garb only accentuated its features more. This also goes for her enormous breasts, which are as if they were asserting their dominance even over the loose-fitting robe.

Abstinence is one of the doctrines of the sisters of the convent. As such, Sister Greidia’s outfit not only covers her entire body but also her head. However, to Cymbium, it looked like this sister had become a walking impurity instead, a walking sin wrapped up inside of the sister robe she was wearing, and it was so full it was as if it was ready to burst at any time.

To sum it up, Greidia is oozing with so much sexiness that the more you look at her, the more you want to want to unleash your lust on her.

(Ahh, I’m ruined, and it’s all Schild’s fault. I have been fucked so much by him that I developed a fucked-up personality as well. Not that I regret it~.)

“Nevertheless, the more I looked at you, the more I was amazed that you have been entrusted with the education of royalty at such a young age. As for me, the one in charge of my education was an old and retired minister who was already over sixty years old.”

It was when the sister’s raised eyebrow lowered down, finally realizing that Cymbium’s speech just now was a compliment for her skills. Then, as a response, If y ou a re ab le t o re ad th is me ss age, yo u are rea d ing f rom an unau thor ized agg re gate sit e. Rea d at my Wo rdPre ss at st abbi ng w ith a syr in ge. h o me. b lo g t o supp or t m e an d my tra nsla ti ons.

“……Before I became a sister, I was also born in nobility. But my family was of a poor lineage that barely had enough to support themselves. And with little money as a reason, they……decided to send me to the nearest convent at a very young age, thinking that my dowry was too much to pay, as they had already two older sisters born before me.”

She began to tell Cymbium about her heavy past.

“However, instead of wallowing about what they have done, I took it as a Goddess-given opportunity and devoted my days to my training and my studies instead. And thanks to my efforts, I was able to qualify for the preacher role, a role held by men even though I was a woman, and from there, I was able to work my way up until I reached the Raina Gata Convent in the royal capital.”

“What a wonderful and inspirational story of your career you have shared with us, Sister.”

“Yes, and I am proud to say that the Oscars giving me the honor of being Princess Serenea’s educator is also a recognition of my unceasing efforts to get closer to the Goddess’ Will.”

Armed with her hard work and education, she is an unassailable iron woman.

This became Cymbium’s impression of Sister Greidia after this short conversation with her and more probably the reason why Serenea, who had been trained by her personally, was slightly afraid of her.

“I think now a good time to get on the point, isn’t it? After all, I don’t want to spend much of our time here. I’m still on my path to the divine, you see, and worldly affairs like this are a waste of time and nothing but a hindrance to my training.”

“Oh, I’m sorry to hear that. And, what does Sister want?”

“Pease retract the unjust public statement of yours of my education of Princess Serenea being unfit. And while at it, please return her to us.”

This time, Sister Greidia spoke in a condensing manner as if her conversation partner was not a princess of a kingdom but as if a higher being talking to a lower being.

Her demands were as she had expected, but what Cymbium didn’t anticipate was her ferocity in doing in such a way; a total disrespect for a royalty.

“I have been entrusted with the responsibility of educating Princess Serenea. As such, I have poured all of my knowledge and principles that I have cultivated on the path of being closer to the Goddess’ ways into her. To deny that would be denying the very existence of our convent, the Reina Gata itself.”

“I am afraid you misunderstand something, Sister Greidia. For one, I do not deny your very existence, nor the efforts that you have put to Serenea’s education as something “unfit”. I am simply taking a just action to the Oscars’ unscrupulous treatment of a member of a royal family. After all, frankly speaking, my sister is simply of no use to the battlefield there, just to maximize the results of berating me and my faction once they won. From your perspective, isn’t this worse? After all, they are also treating your precious student, the one whom you have put all efforts to teach the knowledge given by the Goddess, not as a human being, but simply a tool to achieve their own goals?”


“I’ll be heartbroken in the end if I were to leave Serenea in the hands of such people. As such, to protect my little sister from their hands, I can’t withdraw my decision.”

“That would be a mistake on your part, Princess Cymbium.”

“Oh? And why is that?”

“Isn’t the duty of royalty to protect their own people?”

“That’s true, but…….”

“As such, it was only natural that Princess Serenea had to go out on her own to defeat the monsters that were the greatest threats to the people. Also, the princess is not a pawn in this war; she went into it of her own free will. That fact, I know it at the very least, as also one of the people that permitted her.”

(How can she recite that sophistry with such a straight face, to me, no less.)

Cymbium first tried to use the same logic she used in the royal courts to argue with this sister, but she was immediately struck down from the get-go, a thing she already expected, but again, not in such a way. Th is ch a pter tra ns lat ion is m ade po ss ible by s tab bi ng wi th a sy r i nge tran slat ions. che ck u p – to-da te tra nsl ati ons on my Wo rdp re ss si te.

“Again, I think you’ve misunderstood, Sister Greidia. It is indeed the duty of the royal family to protect its people, but that’s only for the men of the royal family.”

Even if they are royalty, the women’s standing is still weak, especially more if it’s the issues regarding the battlefield.

She’s not saying that she denies the existence of women who are stronger than men on the battlefield, and for a fact, Carney is also one of them. Still, for the royal family, who had different teachings from the get-go, once the gender of the baby is revealed, there was never a decision to a royal woman to be taught to command the battlefield and use a sword from the day she was born.

To sum up, it’s a matter of specialty, and royal women are taught lessons not specialized for war.

“Certainly, Princess Cymbium is right about that…….”

“I see that you get it now, Sister.”

“……but that reason is only applicable if there’s still a living male in the royal family.”



“You see, His Majesty has only sent two young girls into the world, you and Princess Serenea. Since there are no longer any male heirs that could be made to take up the sword, isn’t there no other choice but for the women to take their place?”

Sister Greidia is correct. In fact, the kingdom has already conducted this emergency measure several times in the past where women take the role of men on the battlefield. In fact, many anecdotes of women of the royal family wielding swords and taking up arms in place of unworthy men were easy to be known if one searches the history of the kingdom.

“To be honest, as her educator, I was against Princess Serenea going to war at first. However, the Oscar House’s retainer’s continuous persistence and this reason persuaded me. Finding his logic acceptable, I finally agreed to let Princess Serenea go to war.”

(What in the world……)

“As such, I am also responsible for the decision of the departure of Princess Serenea. And for the reputation of the convent not to be tarnished, even though they ended up almost being defeated in the end, I cannot just allow that my decision be publicly deemed as inappropriate and unjust, as it also pertained to the honorable acts of a royalty of the kingdom.”

What a hard-headed woman……Cymbium couldn’t help but admit.

Even though the cunning Oscar’s retinue who convinced her is the main culprit, it was still an error of judgment on her part to agree to Serenea partaking in the war.

(And now, was it because she was obsessed with authority? Her ego has grown too big to admit that she was wrong, that she was even willing to challenge the royal court, who made the decision, for it, even if it means endangering the existence of the convent she belonged to. I guess we’ll have to go with Schild’s plan here.)

Cymbium’s stomach clenched a bit.

“Even if I were to accept your claim, you’re still not the right person to educate my sister.”

“Your Highness, what did you just say!?”

When Cymbium started to speak straightforward words, Sister Greidia’s face scrunched up with colors for a moment, which was uncharacteristically reserved for a lady of her social standing. If yo u a re a b le to re ad th is me ss age, yo u ar e re ad ing fr om an una utho rize d agg r egate s ite. Rea d at my Wo rdPr ess at sta bbi ng wit h a syr i ge. ho me. bl og to sup po rt me and my tr ansl ati ons.

“I realized this fact when I finally had Serenea in my hands, that she lacked one of the skills absolutely necessary for royalty. But that’s not her own fault; it was the responsibility of those that who didn’t teach it to her.”

“So, you’re saying……my teachings are lacking?”

“That’s right. It’s not for nothing, however, as this also allowed me an opportunity to nurture her in that aspect – an aspect you gravely neglected even though you were her educator – so please be relieved. Everything that you missed, it has already been prepared by my own hands. I will make her a true royalty with me and me alone. In other words…….”

Cymbium paused for a bit, and while giving a hard stare back to Sister Geidia’s face,

“Your services are no longer needed, Sister Greidia. You have shown me your incompetence; hence I can no longer give my sister back to your care.”

“You, you dare be so brazen to the convent……even if you’re the candidate to be the next queen, this act of yours is something I cannot just go by! Let’s hear it then. So, what is the education that is absolutely necessary for royalty that I was not able to teach the princess?”

(Whew, that took you a while. Hook, line, and sinker.)

“You want you to hear what you lack? Very well. Please follow me.”

After that speech, Cymbium stood up.

“What do you mean? Where are we going?”

“To the answer to your question. I think it’s better to see it with your own eyes than explain it with my own mouth. As a matter of fact, Serenea is in the middle of its lessons right now, in this very house. That, of the very subject I spoke to you.”

“What did you say? Princess Serenea is also in this house?”

“This way, please.”

It didn’t take that long when they arrived at their destination.

Where Cymbium took Sister Greidia was a door on the corner of the same room they were in. This door is different from the one in which the two had entered; it was a service door with the only purpose of connecting the two adjacent rooms without going through the hallway.

From here, Cymbium opened the said door, then facing the nun with a proud tone, she spoke.


“Take a good look, Sister Greidia! Look at my Serenea, who has grown so beautifully under my care!”

“W-what is this! P-pr-princess? Oh, my benevolent Goddess!”

However, Sister Greidia could only scream in shock soon as she stepped inside.

After all, what arrived in her sights was a naked young woman lying on the bed in the center of the room. She was spread-eagled, and in between her legs was a penis of an unknown man, penetrating her deeply from her below. Also, a white slimy substance could be seen leaking out continuously of the gap between their connecting parts, and it was so thick it could already be mistaken for the woman having incontinence.

Her body covered in semen, yet still shaking her hips as if she was drunk in the pleasure of sex – this was the new Serenea that welcomed Sister Greidia inside the room.

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