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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Volume 2 Chapter 20

Chapter 20 – The Oscars’ Scheming, Again

“And? What did you call me for this time?”

Schild asked while lying at the center of his naked sisters, not even bothering to dress himself up on the aftermath of the play they had been.

“Oh yes. The sex was so good that I almost forgot. Actually, we have a problem.”

“Problem? An actual problem or “you just want to see me” problem?”


It was no longer news for Schild to be summoned by Cymbium in the castle from time to time, just for the reason of having sex because she missed his cock. This is why the moment he enters the princesses’ chambers; he always strips himself up and either fucks them or makes them lick his penis right away. Of course, this “routine” was decided by the princesses themselves beforehand, just to save time.

“It’s a real problem that needs your consultation. Also, what do you mean there by “just”? Not being able to see you is a really big problem for us too, you know? After all, we can’t have a normal day without the taste of your cock!”

“Yes, yes. I totally understand.”

“Your tone shows you totally do not understand it at all! Anyways……”

As for why Schild was being skeptical about this, he already knew that Cymbium is a type of person who could pull out these moves for the strangest reasons. He even wouldn’t bat an eye if Cymbium called him all the way here just to try out that “I love You” sex that Carney boasted about to them under the guise of a consultation. If yo u ar e a ble to rea d this mes sa ge, you are r ead ing from an unau tho riz ed ag gre g ate s ite. Re ad at m y Wor dP ress to supp o rt me an d my tr ans latio ns.

“Still, consultation, huh. Why me, though? True, the last time, the reason you needed my help was to subjugate monsters, which is also my forte. But if it’s consultation, even if it’s aligned to my specialty, isn’t Lirica the better option? All the more if it’s a princess-related business. I just don’t think a lowly monster slayer would be of help.”

“Well, about that, I, too, already expected it. So even if you provide no help at all, We’ll just leave the matter alone and indulge in sex for the rest of the day.”

(This woman. So sex was her main goal after all.)

“Well, since you already brought this up, I’m all ears.”

“Thank you, Schild. You see, the Oscars are trying to get Serenea back.”

“That’s not news anymore. Didn’t we already expected that their fiasco isn’t gonna stop them?”

“Yes, I know. But they losing the recent battle became an effective deterrent for them, at least to oppose me out in the open.”

“And, what seems to be the trouble now?”

For Schild and Cymbium, it is within their realm of expectations that the Oscars will want to get Serenea back, by hook or by crook, if they want to keep themselves in power. And Serenea, who is both their blood and the royal blood, was their best and indispensable trump card.

It’s already to the extent that if they don’t get her as their queen, the Oscars will never get to see the spring of their lives.

“You see, the Oscars has finally found a loophole they could utilize openly.”

“What do you mean?”

“Someone claiming to be Serenea’s educator came to see me recently. She introduced herself as Sister Greidia of the Raina Gata Convent.”


Schild couldn’t help but be puzzled, suddenly being brought up with words he was hearing for the first time.


“The Raina Gata Convent is the largest religious ascetic institution in the whole kingdom. They have no direct influence with anyone because our country has long established the separation of the church and the state. But, nevertheless, it still boasts a certain level of authority, especially to the common and the poor people, which they primarily help. Hence, their words are not someone we could just ignore, even if it’s a ruler of a kingdom.”

It was then when Serenea, too, started to narrate.

“When I was young, it was mother who requested that I be educated there, thinking I would be safe from any outside influences there as they have a policy of not involving themselves in any political matters. And because the convent also has the doctrine of “teaching and guiding others”, whether they are rich or poor, they also agreed, and for it, they sent one of the supervising sisters, Greidia, to tutor me ever since.”

But as she explained this, Schild noticed that Serenea’s expression was gradually turning in for the worse.

“Sister Greidia……to sum her up, she was my nanny back then. She is a wise and intelligent person……and should be a perfect tutor if not for her stubborn personality.”

“I still don’t get it. It may be different if Serenea is still in the Oscars, but why is the convent involving themselves in this, especially now of all times? Isn’t this a clear move that they involve themselves in the political battle, what’s more, right through the center of it, the one they very stated as they should not do?”

To Schild’s question, it was Cymbium who started explaining.

“It was because I deemed the Oscars unqualified to take care of Serenea. Somehow, because of this move, since they were in charge of taking care of her before she came to me, the convent took it as an indirect blow to them, and now they are coming at me personally.”

“Wait, how come this is allowed? I can’t help but praise them for their audacity to the royal family.”

“It seems you still don’t get it. For the convent, “Teaching” and “Guiding” people are their raison d’etre. They believe that by doing these acts of kindness to the people, they will get closer to God. Now that the Oscars, who has decided to hire the Raina Gata Convent, was branded as unfit for taking care of Serenea, it became tantamount to indirectly saying that the convent was also incompetent in their jobs. That’s why they want Serenea back –  in order to salvage this reputation of theirs somewhat.”

(So that’s why they’re protesting so vehemently.)

“So, in other words, we can no longer use this fiasco as an excuse to keep them quiet?”

“That’s right. The loss of the Knight Order to the monsters was solely the responsibility of the Oscars, and has nothing to do with the convent. This means that the methods I’ve been using to silence the Oscars will not work on the convent, as they’re clearly uninvolved.”

“But isn’t it just a convent in the end? So why not also protest against them?”

“That would be very difficult, Schild. Didn’t I say so earlier? The Raina Gata welcomes everyone with open arms, whether they are rich or poor. But it was especially so for the rich ones. As such, the convent does not only hold education to the Oscars but also to many other noble families, and thus bringing them a huge network of connections in many fields. Sometimes, it makes me think that they always go hand-in-hand with the Oscars, who are the de-facto rulers of the kingdom’s shadows. Also, as we were still in the middle of civil unrest, I don’t want my reputation to backfire me by challenging them. In other words, there’s no benefit in making enemies with them.”

“But if we do as they wished, Serenea will once again be in the hands of the Oscars…….”

The enemy will get back their strongest trump card, and we will be back to starting line again. This cha pter tra nsl at ion is mad e pos sib le by sta bb ing with a s yr ing e tr ansl atio ns. che ck up- to- d ate tr ansl ati ons on my W ordpr ess si te.

“I don’t want to go back….”

Serenea, who was listening beside them, also spoke sadly.

“Mother, grandfather, everyone in that house always thinks too much of themselves. They need to realize that the Oscars are not the only nobles living in this country. I don’t want to go back to mother and the others until they cool down and think about the kingdom from a bigger picture.”

“A good comment with a royal sense of responsibility as always. Ahh, I’m so grateful that I have a little sister like you~♡”

Cymbium sang praises to Serenea again, as always, but Schild couldn’t help but ponder Serenea’s attitude to all of this.

As a princess who was indoctrinated by the Oscars for a long time, Schild viewed her at first as somewhat a stubborn and selfish person, and that naivety of hers was only an act to hide her agenda, but the more he conversed with her, the more it proved that she was not, so he couldn’t help but think how could those people come up with such a pure and selfless girl.

(Maybe it’s the influence of the convent. Still, it is thanks to them that Serenea has grown a proper woman as she is today.)


“By the way, Sister Greidia is a really stubborn person. And she’s not afraid of authorities, and she’s the type not to back down even when pushed to a corner. So if she’s here, then it is likely that she had already conducted plans to take me back to the Oscars at all costs, even if it’s confronting big sister.”

“So, Schild, do you have any ideas? Honestly, I think we need a novel idea that we haven’t thought of yet.”

“Yes. Big brother has done a lot of work outside the capital, right? We thought big brother would have ideas that are out of the box for us to use.”

The two princess sisters then approached Schild, full of expectations on what he would say next.

To this, Schild paused for a moment, and soon as if he has thought of something,

“In that case, how about we……”

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