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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Volume 2 Chapter 17

Chapter 17 – All-out Battle at the Nightless Castle of Debauchery ◆

Brothel Rafflesia.

It was renowned for being one of the Delpoix Brothel District’s finest brothels and one of the “Prided Places” of the Royal Capital……

……And also one of the places where every of men’s fantasies and dreams unfolds and come to life.


“Nhaaaaa♡♡ Thank you very much for heeding our request, esteemed customer♡♡♡……or rather, Mister Schild♡♡♡”

This was no longer Delpoix, but Shakira instead, who finally spoke.

It was the first delightful tone ever since she entered the room.

Right now, Shakira was no longer dancing in front of him, but has already climbed up on the bed and is moving back and forth in delirium as Schild’s mighty erection pierces her up to the base.

Shakira’s occupation is that of a dancer. Or at least, what it was used to be. But with her performance ratings constantly being low, she was made to switch to that of a prostitute, and as per the rules of the contract, she was made to lose her virginity to Schild as her debut.

Just before the deed, Schild made Shakira dance first, also while naked, to regain his erection from pumping a lot inside Delpoix. But it was too shameful for the girl so she wasn’t able to do it properly at first.


Nevertheless, along with the urging of her boss, Shakira eventually complied, despite with tears in her eyes.

After that, Shakira developed a kink for the act, which removed her shame and made her feel pleasure afterward.

However, Schild didn’t plan to stop there.

After all, as per the contract, she still needs to lose her virginity and gain experience before becoming a bona fide prostitute.

Meaning to say, she needs to experience sex first.

“Nhaaa!! S-so bigg!”

From here, Schild started jamming his iron manhood into Shakira’s vagina as if it was a natural thing to do.

Due to the non-stop butt-waving dance, Schild has already reached extreme levels of arousal, and that is even with Delpoix serving as his cock sleeve as the other show off her dance.

Nevertheless, it was not the first time Schild felt more aroused after just having ejaculated, especially now that right before him was a woman he was allowed to take her virginity at any time.

Schild has spent money on brothels and women several times before.

However, it was the first time he used his money in buying a virginity of a person……though technically, he wasn’t buying it, as she came along free.

Nevertheless, he didn’t waste time. The moment the other party announced their preparations, he plunged his penis into the virgin vagina right away.

And then, without pausing, he hugged, squeezed, and kissed Shakira’s dance-trained limbs, belly, and huge breasts, savoring them all with his own body.

“Congratulations, Shakira. You are now a whore in a true meaning.”

At Shakira’s bedside, Delpoix, the brothel’s proprietor, spoke her praise once again, smiling lustfully while her sweat was still beading around her body.

Just before this, she and Schild have done an intense sex. And as evidence for it, a huge amount of semen is still spilling out from her crotch.

“You’re so beautiful now. No, you’re even more beautiful than you were when you were dancing around the stage while grumbling.”

“Thank you……miss manager……so this is how sex feels……This is mind-changing. I’m gonna do my best as a prostitute tomorrow!”

Seeing that her proprietor is finally happy about her, Shakira also replied happily in return.

“Fufufu, what an energetic girl. But don’t worry about tomorrow just yet. For now, just let yourself go and allow our Mister Schild here to make you feel good. After all, not every customer who comes to this brothel is a nice man like Mister Schild.”

“Yes, miss manager! Mister Schild, I am now under your care. So please order me whatever you like♡♡♡♡ While at it, please teach me more lewd things that a whore should be able to do♡♡♡♡”

“Ooh, that’s a nice phrase, Shakira. If you make a debut as you are right now, people will surely rush for your services at any day.”

Shakira spoke this to Schild, this time without any traces of shame that she had shown to them before. And seeing this confidence now surrounding the girl, Schild also couldn’t help but sing praises for her. Thi s chapt er trans lati on is made po ssibl e by sta bb ing wi th a sy rin ge tran slati ons. ch eck u p-to- da te tra nsla ti ons on my Wordp re ss si te.

Hearing this, Delpoix also added her own, also to boost confidence on the woman.

“For sure! In fact, I have been eyeing those tits and that tight pussy of hers way back when she’s still applying as a dancer. She’s got great potential if not only for the fact that she gets stiff when embarrassed. But now that all of it has been solved……We are truly indebted to you, Mister Schild, for all of this!”

Putting her lustrous smile aside, Delpoix fully expressed her happiness here, seeing that her junior can now finally work well. Then, she brought her face next to Shakira’s ear, and after a few moments……

“……And that. Do you understand?”


Without Schild being able to hear anything, just like that, the boss and the employee finished their close-up talks.

Nevertheless, based on how Shakira’s face had transformed from a red tomato to a slutty yet premature succubus, he had a hunch that it was definitely something weird and perverted.


“O-our esteemed guest♡♡ I just want to say thank you very much for turning my virgin cunt into a soggy and wonderful mess♡♡♡♡ With this, starting tomorrow, I will be able to get dozens of happy customers at once♡♡ , But even if it’s the case, there’s still one cock that holds a special place in my pussy, and that is yours. So……uhmm……?”

“Please put your cock in the deepest parts of me and ravage this now erotic pussy with your own.”

“Ahh, yes!……So, just for tonight, please put your cock in the deepest parts of me and ravage this now erotic pussy with your own♡♡♡♡ This tight pussy of Shakira, the whore that has been working out her pussy muscles from her dancing♡♡♡♡ Not only my pussy, but my asshole too♡♡♡♡ You are free to try it later as well♡♡♡♡♡♡”

From here, it was clear that the brothel owner was making her say those perverted lines. Still, because Shakira’s delivery was full of emotions, a matter he didn’t expect for a newbie prostitute, every word of it resonated strongly to Schild’s lower half.

Of course, Schild gave her a lot of pumping after this, in which was repaid by a lot of moans and screams of the woman. A one hell of a lot.

“Hahiiiiiii♡♡♡♡ ahii, ahiii♡♡♡♡♡♡ I’m going to come♡♡♡♡ Even though it’s my first time, this Shakira’s newbie pussy already about to cuuumm♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡”

Soon, the signal from his testicles that they were ready to fire eventually reached Schild’s brain.

“Ugh, Shakira! Here I come!”

And as per usual, Schild ended up letting out his stuff without holding back.



“Whew. That was a great one.”

“Uhiiii……so much……it’s still coming out…….”

After the ejaculation was over, Schild spoke his exhilaration to the now-languid Delpoix and Shakira.

Right now, he was deeply overwhelmed with emotions, not only for his penis but to his own person as well.

“Nn? Wait a minute……Schild!?”

However, this sentimental achievement of his was abruptly cut off.

It was because Delpoix noticed something, and she looked like she was panicking.

“Mr. Schild, can you pull your cock out for a moment?”

“Huh? Like this?”

Because he was planning to do so without being told nonetheless, Schild obediently pulled his penis out of Shakira’s vagina after he had finished his business. If yo u a re ab le to re ad th is mes sag e, you are rea di ng fr om an una uthor ized a ggr ega te si te. Read at m y W ord Pre ss to s upp ort m e and my tr ans lat ions.


It was when both of them finally realized the discrepancy.

And that is, Schild has ejaculated inside Shakira’s virgin vagina without wearing any contraceptive beforehand – which should be a requirement when having sex with a prostitute in the Delpoix Brothel District.

“Ah, crap! What should I do now!?”

Realizing what he’s done, Schild couldn’t help but panic a bit. After all, he has disobeyed one of the rules in the district.

“Sigh. Though it’s not uncommon for customers to deliberately not put a condom, only a few people do it as it is punishable by banishment from the district.”

“W-what did you say!? Even though I just got here!”

“Please be relieved, Mister Schild. This time, it is also my fault for getting carried away with the raw sex we had earlier, hence me not noticing this early. She’ll be fine as long as she takes a high-quality pill after this. As for you, Shakira, you did well. I hope you keep up your work as a prostitute starting tomorrow……ara, my little darling has fallen asleep.”

Before they knew it, Shakira had already dozed off on the bed, fully exhausted from her first sexual encounter.

From here, Delpoix gave her a gentle kiss on the cheek.

“……Hey, owner, I know this is outside of my business, but can I make a request to you? It’s about Shakira.”

“I’m listening.”

“Can you give her another chance on the stage?”

From here, Delpoix gave a sharp gaze against Schild, a stare so fierce you wouldn’t expect it came from a prostitute.

However, Schild wasn’t intimidated by it and even stared back. He also supplemented his words from here.

“I know this is excessive meddling from an outsider, but I think the reason for her dancing to lack any impact even now is that she was too shy around men to be able to move properly. But now that she has accomplished shaking her ass with her butthole exposed, and on top of it, losing her virginity from me, I think she’ll now do well on the stage.”

“You think your doing her will cure her of her sickness? Are you getting too high upon yourself, Mister Schild?”

“I don’t know, but it’s still worth a try. Just put all the fees she will incur on that day in my tab if she still doesn’t work well. Then you can put her in the prostitute business for as long as you like……or whatever you have decided on the contract with her.”

The sudden suggestion made Delpoix think for a moment. After a few minutes……

“You are one troublesome customer, Mister Schild. Do you want me to breach the contract that we personally agreed upon and are based on the very same rules we have established with sweat, blood, and tears in the formation of this district? We will be losing a lot of face here if a word of this gets out.”

“So? Will you agree or not?”

“May I ask the reason, going this far for her?”

“I haven’t any. If this counts as one, then perhaps, the look on her eyes?”

“The look in her eyes?”

“Yes. Something in Shakira’s eyes tells me that even if she struck so low as being a prostitute, she would never give up her dream of climbing up to be a successful dancer.”





“Sigh. Very well. Seeing as there won’t be any loss for me since it’s only one more chance, much more that I can profit whether she fails this or not, I can’t see why I shouldn’t accept. But only one chance.”

“Sorry about you twisting the rules for me.”

“I don’t mind. The rules are made to keep us safe and to make our establishments profit anyway. As long as it doesn’t violate either, why should we not accept your offer? That would be putting the cart before the horse.” This cha pter t ransl ation i s ma de p oss ib le b y sta bbi ng with a sy rin ge tra nsla tion s. ch eck u p-to -d ate tra nsl at ions on my Wo rdpres s s ite.

With this, the conversation between Schild and Delpoix has been concluded in a good light.

For Schild, this also meant that he has one more thing to look forward to the moment he comes back to the store.

“So, Mr. Schild? What should we do next?”

“Next? What do you mean by “Next”? Isn’t my time already over? After all, I have already done it with you and Shakira. Also, haven’t I stayed in this room for too long? The sky is already dark!”

Schild was taken aback by the unexpected question. After all, other than the brothels, which also serve as inns for its customers, this was already his longest stay in a brothel – and a luxurious one at that.

But to this, Delpoix only replied in amusement, as if staring at a naïve child.

“Ara, Mister Schild, haven’t you forgotten how much you paid us? It’s almost equivalent to ten nights in this room with me, and that’s already with a special course!”

“Can you just consider the rest as tips?”

“No can do, Mister Schild! While Shakira’s issues I can allow as it’s also for her good, I can’t just send our esteemed customer home with inferior service! It would be tantamount to tarnishing the badge of honor of brothel Rafflesia! In addition, putting me aside, we still have other women who are greatly interested in you and are already waiting to have a taste of your stalwart cock!”


As she said this, Delpoix tinkled her bell again, the very same bell that called Shakira inside.

And as if in response to the sound, the door was opened again, but this time, not just one, but three women came in at once.

They were all beautiful ladies clad in light silk, with their nipples showing through their thin clothing.

After that, the three introduced themselves one by one.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Mister Hero of our kingdom. I am Platinum, the number one pick at brothel Rafflesia.”

“Likewise, I am Gold, the number two pick at this brothel.”

“And I am Bronze, third in the nomination ranking! Nice to meet you, big brother!”

Three beautiful women, none of them inferior to the others, lined up and smiled lustily at Schild.

Then Delpoix, also smiling seductively at him, started an explanation as if she’s just stating a fact.

“Since it will be impossible for us to hold you up for multiple nights, and since four or five ejaculations won’t make you deflate just yet, for our next session, how about our top three take care of you next? These three will be your next partners, together with me and Shakira as soon as we recover.”

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