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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Volume 2 Chapter 16

Chapter 16 – Prancing Rears ◆

At Schild’s command, Shakira immediately stopped moving, like a puppet that moved precisely as she was told.

“Turn around.”


She immediately turned around, and from that angle, Schild was able to see her wheat-colored buttocks, now exposed and in full view.

(Maybe because she had been dancing around for a long time, but the development of her ass is good. Also, her muscles, her flabs, and that pelvis region……they could almost rival that of Carney’s.)


The more he stared at the woman, the more Schild found similarities of her to his dearest female knight in his arms. Nevertheless, he spoke his next commands.

“Stick your butt out over here.”

“Like this?”

“Yes. Now spread your butt cheeks apart with your hands so that I can take a good look at your anus.”

Because she was facing backward, it was no longer possible for Schild to see the humiliation on Shakira’s face. That said, he also knew that she had already understood her situation well.

Shakira immediately obeyed the order and exposed her asshole, which she had never shown to anyone before, in front of Schild.

“What a pretty asshole. If it’s this beautiful, I’m sure that your future customers would love it too.”

Delpoix immediately spoke her thoughts. It was the first praise Schild had heard that was directed to her since she made the dancer enter the door to please him.

Despite this, the girl didn’t seem to mind, so Schild spoke his next command towards the girl.

“Then, Shakira, shake your ass as hard as you can from that position.”

However, this time, instead of obeying the order, Shakira herself – froze.

The two who were watching could also feel the tense air shattering around her, but Schild didn’t pay attention to it and instead supplemented his words further. If yo u ar e ab le to r ead thi s mess age, you are r eadi ng from an una uthor ized aggr eg ate site. Re ad at my Wo rdP re ss to s upp ort me and my tran slati ons.

“You were shaking your hips pretty hard when you were dancing, weren’t you? Show me how your hips swayed with those movements that time and entertain me. Or is that all you got?”


“Shakira. Do what our customer ordered.”


Being pressed with both the store manager and the VIP customer, the lowly employee could no longer refuse, and from here, Shakira’s huge, butthole-baring ass began to sway lazily from side to side.

“You’re being too formal. No one will want you if you shake your ass like a walking cow. Shake your ass harder.”


“Not just left to right, but also cover the up, down, and diagonal directions altogether. Finally, shake it so hard as if you intend to create afterimages. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to get a hard-on on you.”


To Schild’s absurd command, it was then when a tearful gulping sound came down from Shakira’s throat.

Then, as if she had made up her mind, the wheat-colored ass began to shake harder, faster, and with a greater range than before.

“That’s it, nice! Shake your hips more erotically! I don’t care if this is embarrassing for you; just keep shaking your ass with your anus spread out!”

“I didn’t think you’re also quite the sadist, Mister Schild. This is really embarrassing, yet perverted at the same time. Nevertheless, this is for the better of her. Ah, right. Shall I start calling her “Shakira the Butt Shaker” starting tomorrow?”

Relentless harsh words kept pouring one after another, and because of it, it was in no time that Shakira ended up crying literally. Nevertheless, the professionalism ingrained in the dancer kept her from stopping, despite her tears already falling one by one onto the luxurious grass floor.


“What is it?”

“Can I use your pussy right now? Shakira’s ass-shaking has already given me a huge erection.”

“Oh my!”

It was then when the owner of the establishment, Delpoix, gave the most cheerful tone ever since she met Schild.


“You did it, Shakira! You have successfully given Mister Schild a boner with your ass shaking! Your dancing has finally tuned a man on!”


The sudden news made Shakira’s hips stop moving for a moment. But the moment she was about to pause, she was immediately yelled, “Don’t stop!” so she resumed her butt-shaking.

“This. You were always holding the brakes on somewhere because you couldn’t let go of your shame. That was the main reason why your movements were not sharp……nnhaaa♡”

Delpoix, the female shopkeeper, then began to walk in front of Schild as she spoke like a lecturer. After that, she sank her wet pussy on the cock between his legs as if she was sitting on a chair like usual.

“Our esteemed guest, can I have one more request? I don’t want my body to get in the way of you watching my junior dance, even more now that she’s performing it well. So, if you’re going to fuck me again, may we do it in a doggy style this time?”

Needless to say, Delpoix here has already bonded with Schild in the raw, without any condom on.

While at it, she didn’t forget to coach Shakira as well.

“Come on, Shakira, erection is just the starting point. You need to move harder and more aggressive if you want to excite Mister Schild!”

“But how do I……!?” This cha pter tra nsl ation is m ade po ssib le by s tabb ing wit h a syr ing e tr anslat ion s. c heck up-t o-da te tran slat ions on my Wor dpr ess si te.

But the poor dancer could only mutter in confusion, not knowing what to do next.

“For starters, why don’t you raise your ass higher? That way, I will see not only your asshole but your virgin pussy as well.”

Schild also began to recite some tips, all while he began to slam himself towards Delpoix’s insides as he admired the woman’s twerking in front.

“It is as what Mister Schild said. While at it, try saying some perverted words too. No, wait. You said you could sing during your first interview, so why not give it a twist and sing lewdly for our esteemed guest? Talents like that shouldn’t be wasted.”

Delpoix also began to follow up, together with a revelation that the person herself has a talent for singing.

((I knew it, doing it raw is the best.))

……little did the poor dancer know that the two of them had already other ideas in their minds at this point.

“Aaahh♡♡ Aaaaaaahh♡♡♡♡ Mister Schild’s cock is reaching deep into my pussy♡♡♡♡♡♡ Raw sex is so good♡♡ that’s not it. Raw sex feels the best♡♡♡♡♡♡”

Each banging from Schild’s and Delpoix seemed to add an applause to Shakira’s ass dance. Nevertheless, the three of them continued their own agendas, from which Delpoix began to let out her thoughts as well.

“What an extravagant man you are, Mr. Schild♡♡♡♡ To use this high-class Delpoix’s pussy as a masturbator to Shakira’s butt-dance, you are the first that has done so in the history of this brothel♡♡♡♡”

Delpoix also began to use some nasty slangs, showing off her veterancy as a high-class prostitute. This inspired the dancer, who had begun to lose her shame, to step up her movements as well.

“P-please, Mister Schild, start to look at me more……!”


Shakira’s hips rose higher and higher as she said this out loud. While at it, she didn’t forget to sway her hips even more as she begged Schild.

“Please stare at it harder, Master Schild! Please take a good look at my big butt, even my asshole! And while at it, watch this dancing whore, Shakira, as she dances her shameless ass off as well!!”

From here, Shakira’s ass started to move in large and unique orbits, as if she was writing letters with her butt. Because of this, not only her butthole, Schild has begun to see glimpses of her precious parts as well.

“W-what is this……? Somehow, it has started to feel amazing all of a sudden! I’m doing such things that one would normally hide in shame upon finding out, but now that I’m being watched, just the thought of it makes me want to expose it more! Ahhhh♡♡ that’s it, look at it more♡♡♡ Stare at this Shakira’s pussy as she dances her ass and pussy in full view♡♡♡♡ See more of my shame as I fall into depravity♡♡♡♡♡♡”

“She’s finally broken through.”

Schild spoke at last as he humped more at Delpoix’s vagina, where he felt a definite response and satisfaction each time he rams himself in.

“We’ll go to the next step later. For now, let’s ensure that our Miss Delpoix here is well-served first.”

“My pussyyyy♡♡♡♡ my pussy is starting to breaaakkk♡♡♡♡♡♡”

It was already Schild and Delpoix’s umpteenth sex, yet Delpoix only showed more and more excitement with each passing moment. This also caused her drool, tears, and sweat to drip over and fill her face every time she got rammed in in her precious parts by Schild.

To this perverted scenery, it wasn’t long before Schild reached his limit.

“Miss Delpoix, I’m about to start pumping my seed again. Have you closed your womb entrance properly?”

Earlier, Delpoix, the skilled prostitute, claimed to Schild that she had mastered the art of closing her cervix to keep the sperm of her customer from entering the deepest part of her vagina.

With this, she won’t have to get worried about the consequences of pregnancy, no matter how much she was ejaculated inside.

“Ahiiii!? P-please wait. I can’t seem to put any power into my pussy! If you let it out now, I won’t be able to hold it in, and it will surely enter me in my womb! Ahh, noo♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡”

But hearing the woman panicking and that he finally had the chance to eventually come deep inside Delpoix, combined with the desires boosted by the perverted dance of Shakira, Schild immediately didn’t waste any more time.

“Aaahhhh♡♡♡♡ my womb, my womb is♡♡♡♡♡ I’m finally feeling it, for the first time in a long time, I could finally feel semen entering my womb♡♡♡♡♡♡”

From here, Schild pumped out his seed, the greatest amount he was able to muster ever since they started their sex, and unlike the last where he was unable to enter her womb, this time, he has successfully breached through.

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