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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Volume 2 Chapter 15

Chapter 15 – Dancing Hips

Free virginity! What an extravagant phrase!

This went in Schild’s mind ever since he heard Delpoix speak those words.

He has recently confirmed that Shakira, the woman who came into the room, was the same girl he saw dancing on the waiting lounge earlier.

She was still dressed in her unfamiliar and exotic costume. Still, now that he had taken a closer look, Schild noticed that the outfit she was wearing was also very revealing, with a sensational design that showed off her stomach and thighs.

However, the dancer herself had a very stiff expression on her face, and Schild could even see anger in her eyes.

Was it anger at the situation itself? Or was it something else?

“Hold on a minute. I can’t accept this service.”

Either way, Schild spoke his refusal, showing he’s a gentleman through and through, even though his member is still fully exposed and erect for the two to see.


“I’m sure it’s because of the unreasonable request I made in the waiting room, but that was just a bluff to see how the store would react to something outside their manual. I didn’t want you to take me seriously. Besides, didn’t you personally say it to me? That dancers in this brothel are not prostitutes.”

In Delpoix Brothel District, or at least in Rafflesia, although both are jobs that provide pleasure to its customers, dancers and prostitutes were of different positions and roles. While prostitutes sometimes also perform private dances for their customers in the form of stripteases, dancers, on the other hand, only perform on stage and are not involved in anything sexual entirely.

“While it’s nice of you that you’re willing to give me a special treatment to this extent, I think it’s going overboard if we go against the rules. With this, she has every right to get angry.”

“I’m afraid you misunderstand something, Mister Schild. We haven’t broken any rules in bringing her here. Actually, this was also stated in the contract Shakira and I had signed from the very beginning.”


“I will explain to you the employment regulations of this brothel.”

Delpoix, still naked like Schild, then began to speak with a tone of a lecturer.

“While the rules change in detail depending on the type of work, and while each job has its set of own rules and regulations, for the Dancers of Rafflesia, we have certain risks and rewards that are clearly imposed for them to agree on first, whatever the outcome it may bring them in the future.”

“Risk and rewards?”

“You see, being a part of the biggest entertainment district, our establishment has partnerships with many high-class restaurants and theaters throughout the capital. To these establishments, we offer our dancers, which we trained here from scratch, as performers. If the dancer receives a certain level of recognition, she will be introduced to them to give them a chance to work on a bigger stage. So, in a way, we’re also some sort of training grounds for performers. And usually, the ones who ended up being introduced elsewhere always struck big.”

But upon hearing this much of a benefit, Schild immediately sensed a hint of danger.

“But what if she doesn’t get a high rating?”

“The dancer will continue to perform with us. but if her ratings remained low, she will have to choose one of the two options.”

“And the two options are?”

“Either they change their occupation to a prostitute and start dancing on top of male customers, or they quit the establishment entirely. If they choose to quit, they have to pay back the costumes and lessons that the store has supported them with. And this is the third month in a row that Shakira has received a D rating from the store.”

Schild then recalled that time.

None of the customers paid any attention to Shakira as she danced on the stage in the waiting lounge.

At first, Schild thought it was normal as all the customers were impatient for their women to come out, but he didn’t factor out that maybe it was also due to the performance itself not doing well. If yo u a re a le to re ad this me ssa ge, you are rea di ng from an u nauth oriz ed aggr egat e site. Re ad at my Wor dP ress to sup por t me and my tr ans lati ons.

(So, if it were to be another dancer performing, they would react differently? Is that it?)

“Our store has decided that we can’t expect any more from this girl. So all that’s left is to recoup the money that was wasted on her by any means necessary.”

“And? What is her decision?”

“─She has chosen to stay. Of course, by changing her profession.”

It was then when Schild finally understood the hardness of Shakira’s expression.

She was frozen in humiliation.


“I’m sorry for getting you involved in the store’s affairs, but I’d like to make something clear first. We will provide no charge nor consequence whatsoever for having sex with this girl, so please be at ease in fucking her entirely.”

“Are you sure? You just told me she’s a virgin, didn’t you?”

“You think she’s worth it because she’s a virgin? If that were the case, all the prostitutes in the brothel would be worthless. The value of a prostitute is not determined by her virginity but by her experience, technique, and care. She doesn’t have all of that, so we might as well say that her pussy isn’t worth a penny.”

“That’s harsh.”

(Still, it’s probably the same in every profession out there. No experience means you’re worth as shit.)

“For now, please think of her virginity as just a tea tray that comes out before the food you have ordered, some kind of appetizer before the main dish. Plus, this will also help her a lot, as if she were to lose her virginity to the new hero of the royal capital, it will also be good promotion for her debut as a prostitute.”

At this point, Schild wasn’t sure anymore if Delpoix was being kind or being harsh.

After that, the shopkeeper’s cold-hearted gaze turns to the dancer who has been branded out of service.

“As for you, Shakira. The guest room, not the stage, will be your workplace starting tomorrow. Since you didn’t live up to our expectations, you’ll have to repay us for the costumes and lessons we spent on you in the form of selling your body. Now show us your determination here and now.”


This was then when Shakira, the dancer, assumed a prostrate posture with both knees and the tips of her hands on the floor.

“My name is Shakira, and I will be working as a prostitute from now on in brothel Rafflesia. This will be my first job as one, and I’m not sure if I’ll be able to do well to your expectations, but please enjoy my free pussy to your heart’s content.”

With this, Shakira the dancer became Shakira the whore.

Nevertheless, the tone of her voice showed that she was willing to endure the hardships and endure the difficulties it may bring her. A sign that she hasn’t given up yet in her dreams.

“In that case….”

Schild begins to open his mouth.

He knows that if it’s Shakira right now, she will do anything he would ask, all the more now that she was tasked to open her legs to accept his manhood altogether. This cha pt er tran sla tion is mad e pos sibl e by stab bi ng with a sy ri nge tr ansl at io ns. che ck up-t o -d ate tra slat io ns on my Wor dpres s si te.

“Will you dance for me?”


At this unexpected request, not only Shakira herself but also Delpoix, who was beside Schild, raised her voice.

(She was no longer a dancer, but a prostitute, and yet, he still wanted to see her dance?)

“Yes, I’ve seen you do it in the waiting lounge. However, you were pretty far away. But now that I now have you up close, I’d like to see you dance once more, just for me.”


“But this time, you’ll have to do it naked.”

On the following order, the air suddenly took on a pink direction. Which also made the store owner, Delpoix, to smile suggestively.

“What a good idea, Mister Schild. Shakira, did you hear all of that?”


“If so, what are you waiting for? Take off your clothes. It’s funny that you’re still all wrapped up here while the owner and our esteemed guest are already completely naked.”

“Y-yes, Ma’am!”

Putting up a firm determination in her face, Shakira started taking off her beautiful dancer costume one by one, revealing the unblemished skin hidden underneath.

“What a great pair of tits (They’re almost as big as Carney’s).”

“But if it’s too big, they will start to get in the way with her performance. I heard that she was trying hard to lose weight to make it smaller. Sometimes with this, I couldn’t help but think she’s built more for a prostitute than a dancer.”

Soon, Shakira, with her rich, wheat-colored skin, has lost all of her adornments. However, she still retained an exotic look on her now-nude body, unknown whether it was because of her persistent diet efforts or because of her natural constitution entirely.


“Now, dance for me so that I can get an erection just by looking at you.”

“As you wish, sir.”

Shakira then put her arms around herself and began to shake her hips. However, the way she danced naked without any music gave the two viewers no impression other than surreal.

“She was dancing like a shriveled-up dick. Of course, the audience won’t be interested in this.”

“I had high hopes for her at first because of her vibrant looks. But her movements were nothing like sharp at all.”

During the performance, Schild and Delpoix didn’t even hold back and started saying whatever they thought of in their minds.

“So, what are you going to do? it’s a total waste of time to keep watching, so why don’t we start putting your cock in her pussy already?”

“Now now, don’t be impatient. Especially now that the fun is yet to start. Also, Shakira, stop dancing for now. There’s something better I need you to do.”

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