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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Volume 2 Chapter 14

Chapter 14 – Delpoix’s Exclusive Contraceptive

“……And believe me, you’re gonna enjoy it a lot♡♡♡♡♡”

After saying those words, Delpoix rummaged under the pillow of the bed and pulled out something in it.

“……what is that?” To this, Schild couldn’t help but ask.

“Oh, this one? It’s a little measure we provide in the Delpoix Brothel District. And because it is exclusive to this district only, you won’t find it in any other places.”

What Delpoix has pulled out looked like a small pouch-like object, but it is long and is made out of a thin membrane. After playing it around for a bit, she then placed this thin membrane onto Schild’s erect penis, stretching out the membrane to cover his entire girth.

“Uhm, mind telling me what is this about?”

“It’s an original contraceptive made for the Delpoix Brothel District. This membrane acts like some sort of pouch for your cock so that semen won’t enter our wombs when you ejaculate inside us.”

Giving Schild a meaningful smile, Delpoix began to explain, this time in a tone not as a prostitute but as a business owner of an establishment.

“Even if we have other safe and reliable means to avoid pregnancy, those things are too expensive and uneconomic for the long run. As such, we tried to seek out alternatives, this being the best one we could come up with. We call these “condoms,” and with this, we can now have sex without worrying about getting pregnant, what’s more, for only a reasonable price.”

“so it’s called a condom? And what is this made of?”

“These condoms are made from the intestinal membranes of the weak monsters called condy, or condies, that graze around the wilderness of the royal capital. They are numerous, weak, and edible, so these “condoms” made from them can be mass-produced cheaply.”

Schild then looked back at his own penis, in which he felt a bit miserable as it looked like it had been bagged.

“Now then, if you’ll excuse me……hnnn……♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡”

But Delpoix just ignored this and continued on straddling him. Then, after placing the tip of this “wrapped” penis on her own crack, without hesitation, she plunged down right away.


“Uoooooh!? Ooooohhh!!”

The moment he entered the vagina of the “Finest Whore”, Schild immediately shivered, and an overwhelming pleasure assaulted his tip.

(What the hell is this! It felt like a thousand baby snakes wrapping around my cock! And it has a lumpy sensation throughout as if I’m plunging in some kind of roe! Nevertheless, it’s slimy, tight, and exquisite, a feeling I’ll never get tired of!!)

It was as if the best features of the female genitalia in the world are all crammed into one vagina, and that vagina is the vagina of Delpoix.

Thus, no matter who receives this kind of totally jam-packed set of features, they will be guaranteed that their penis would gain absolute happiness, even if it’s suppressed by a thin film in between……or that’s what Schild thought.

“This is not a human cunt anymore……this is a monster cunt, a monster cunt!”

Schild couldn’t help but shout in exaggeration.

“A monster cunt, you say? Well, that’s one way to praise it. I rose to the top of the Delpoix Brothel District with this “monster cunt” after all. And for that, I’ll be making you experience the same pleasure as well……♡♡♡♡”

Delpoix then started her cowgirl sex by moving her hips in swirling orbit, initiating her “devouring” of the man from there.

As for Schild’s penis, it was still unable to move, as if it was locked in place in the torrent of pleasure that is her vagina.

“Here you go……! There’s a lot more where it came from! Nhaaaa!!”

“Aahhhh……! This is……so good! So this is what the Delpoix of the Brothel District feels like!!”

Indeed, with this intensity, there’s no way a man can endure such a paradisiacal attack for long……

As a result, Schild rose to his limit, and once again, he released the seed that he had been holding back for the second time.

And this time, it was a haphazard release.

“Ah……You came.”

Delpoix muttered, immediately feeling the sensation even though they were separated by the thin film of the condom. But before the man could speak out, she had already pulled out her vagina, slipping out the cock which had its pouch already filled to the brim. If y ou are ab le to r ea d this mes sa ge, you are re adi ng from an una uth or ized agg reg ate sit e. R ead at my Wo rdP r ess to su pp ort me and my tra nsla ti ons.

Then, she moved her face towards the cock again and manually removed the thin film rich in semen.

“What an incredible amount……Kyaaa!”

But the moment Delpoix removed the condom from his tip, another burst of semen erupted from the end of Schild’s bellend – as if it was being trapped by the membrane earlier and was finally released.

“Uwaa, I’m now sprayed all over with your seed. I can’t believe there’s still so much in you even though you already let out a lot……”

Delpoix spoke in surprise as this sudden move caught her completely off-guard. Because of this, the semen ended up being sprayed all over her face and body as well.

“Well, I can’t help it. You felt that good after all. Still, sorry for the mess.”

Nevertheless, Schild apologized for his accidental deed. To which Delpoix gave a cheerful reply with a mix of awe.

“It’s fine. You are our esteemed customer at the moment. But more importantly, I can’t believe our condom wasn’t able to hold back your sperm in the end. I was really surprised that there’s still so much of it left on your pole. Aaan~. Mmmhh♡♡♡”

After saying this, Delpoix mouthed the end of the condom and slurped and sucked Schild’s semen inside as if tasting a wondrous delicacy.

“Mmm……! As expected of your seed, it’s still good even though it’s already the second time♡♡ But it’s not over yet, is it?”

“Of course.”

Delpoix straddled Schild’s body again and aimed the tip of his member against her slit for the third round. But this time, she didn’t apply any condom to Schild’s girth.

“Err, are you forgetting something-”


But then again, she ignored Schild’s mutterings and slid her hips down at once, this time finally connecting the raw, uncovered manhood into her finest raw quality vagina.

“Finally, a raw cock♡♡ My first raw cock in a long time♡♡♡♡ And as expected, it’s as good as ever♡♡ Yes, raw sex is still the best kind of sex♡♡♡♡♡♡”

“Uhm, is this really okay? Also, isn’t it you who personally said that it is a rule in this brothel that you have to wear a condom?”

Though Schild is saying this outside, he also couldn’t help but think that the raw feeling inside Delpoix was truly exceptional. As a matter of fact, he has been moving hips unconsciously as a response to this, repeatedly slamming the end of Delpoix’s with the tip of his penis.

“I-It’s fine……♡♡ I told you, didn’t I? That you’re our special customer tonight♡♡♡♡ And by special customers, I mean those people who were allowed to do things that we wouldn’t normally allow in these brothels♡♡♡♡ One of which is live, raw sex♡♡♡♡”

The moment they were joined together raw, Delpoix started to get wild in a way Schild couldn’t describe.

At one time, she’s as fresh as a girl who just lost her virginity, but on the next, she’s as slutty as a sex slave who’s only purpose is to eat cocks.

“My raw pussy♡♡♡♡ My raw pussy is being pounded hard by a huge raw cock♡♡♡♡ Oooh, oooohhhh, oooOOOOOOOHHHH♡♡♡♡ So bigg, so harrd, and so stroonggg, your cock is amaziiinnngg♡♡♡♡♡♡”


Nevertheless, the highest-class prostitute of the kingdom, renowned as an expert in a hundred “battles” going wild like this on his member, for Schild, this scene already felt luxurious.

Whether it was her huge, swaying breasts which sent beads of sweat flying, or her hips which moved relentlessly as she slammed her jiggly butt on his top, or her pussy that is almost transforming its insides on and on to give the utmost pleasure, as well as the rest of the features that are too many to mention and think about in his head,  all of it has brought Schild an unmatched delight.

“Nhaaa, aaaaaaaaaaahhh♡♡♡ I, I can’t take it anymore♡♡♡♡ With this, I’m already a prisoner of your cock♡♡♡♡♡♡ I can never be satisfied with any other cocks anymore unless it’s yours♡♡♡♡♡♡ This Delpoix, owner of brothel Rafflesia, is now a slave to your cock and your cock alone♡♡♡♡♡♡” Delpoix screamed as if she had finally caved in, doing this while also spreading her drool and tears incessantly.

From here, Delpoix has now transformed into a figure that is the embodiment of lust and debauchery. The change was so significant that if put side by side with her young boy appearance just earlier, one won’t ever believe it’s the same person.

In fact, Schild was still having trouble accepting this fact, even though he already witnessed the woman’s transformation firsthand.

“Please, give me your cum♡♡♡♡ Put it all inside this Finest Whore Delpoix♡♡♡♡ Inject it all in this pussy, where one is not supposed to semen in, without mercy and violate it all without this store knowing♡♡♡♡♡♡ Jizz your cum on me like you’re peeing in a urinal♡♡♡♡♡♡”

They said that a man’s desire for dominance is greatly stimulated when a woman starts to beg on them.

This technique is now being fully demonstrated by Delpoix in full, knowing that her partner is already nearing his end. But it didn’t stop from there.

“Please, I beg you! Mark this Delpoix’s highest-class whore pussy as yours with that incredibly thick cum from your big fat cock! Please, I can’t take it anymore♡♡♡♡♡♡”

This time, Delpoix gave one big hump, causing the “goal” that was inside her to approach Schild even deeper. It wrapped him up like a swarm of small boas constricting his member and after that, clamped him shut and tight.

As a result, Schild felt another deluge being expelled from his balls in an instant. It pumped outwards throughout his urethra and sprayed out on the tip of his bellend with a full-force not losing the former he had earlier.

(What a superb muscle control. She truly is another league!)

Schild came immediately as soon as his member struck deep. And this time, his seed reached towards the deepest parts of the pussy of Delpoix, the highest-ranking prostitute in the whole kingdom, without being impeded by anything.

Or that’s what Schild had thought.


“Wow, I can’t believe that this much came out. You’re incredible!”

After finishing the act, Delpoix immediately regained her composure, opened her legs, and pumped out the white stuff from deep inside her vagina.

Of course, this was none other than the seed Schild had let out, which the man couldn’t help but worry.

In any case, what he has done is a vaginal ejaculation, which is normally prohibited in brothels.

Even if she’s the owner, she’s still dubbed as the finest prostitute of the kingdom, so her getting pregnant will be a big issue, and there will only be a massive repercussion to both sides if these were revealed. This cha p ter tra nsla tion is ma de pos si ble by sta bb ing with a s yr inge tra nsl at ions. chec k up-t o-d ate tra nsla ti ons on my Wor dpr ess si te.

Realizing the impact of what he had done, Schild couldn’t help but turn blue.

“Is it really okay? Just now, I released all of my stuff as hard as I could.”

“Hmph. You men are all like that. You don’t think of anything while having sex, but once it’s over, you’ll start worrying frantically about what you’ve done. Of course, it’s not okay!”


“Fufufu. I’m just kidding. It’s all okay. See? Even though you had injected it all inside my pussy, nothing of it has reached my womb.”

“Come again?”

She took it inside her pussy, yet it didn’t reach her womb?

The more he thought of it, the more this reason puzzled Schild more.

“What I’m talking about is one of the traditional sex techniques passed down through the prostitutes of the Delpox Brothel District., where we voluntarily close our wombs tight to prevent semen from entering our baby rooms. With this, no matter how much our clients come inside us, we won’t get pregnant as they won’t enter our wombs. Neat, right?”


“How is that even possible?”

“I know what you mean, but it’s true, though it’s quite difficult as the woman must need first an excellent muscle control like I do to be able to do this. And we have to do this perfectly, not allowing any mistakes, or else we would end up with bloated bellies in the end. So, though there are a few prostitutes who can do this here, because of the difficulty and the risk that came along with it, we opted for seeking easier alternatives in the end, like these condoms or the more expensive birth control pills.”

Delpoix explained as she sighed in disappointment.

“But if you can do that, why did you make me wear that junk in the first place?”

“That’s because, you know, don’t we all love being treated as special?”

“Huh? Special? Wait, don’t tell me……”

With that one word, Schild realized everything.

While it’s true that it brings a pleasant feeling to be able to insert raw and ejaculate directly inside a woman, if the man is told that it’s OK right from the start, the joy he will feel would have less impact later on as the man would take it for granted.

But if the woman were to say no at first, and when the time is right, lift this ban, the man would receive twice the happiness in the end, as he would interpret it as a trial and the woman’s assent as a worthy prize.

In short, Delpoix was playing hard to get earlier, just to get Schild more anticipating on her later on.

A sly way of heightening a man’s arousal, but an effective one.

This also included the phrases “I’ll do this only because it’s you” or “because you are special”, “don’t tell my boss”, “keep it just between us”. This was all clever wordplay to make the customers feel more excited.

All in all, the whole process itself was a technique of entertaining customers created by the woman herself, the “Finest Whore” who had fought many battles in bed.

“Ah~. Did you perhaps believe my words earlier? If so, I truly apologize for breaking your expectations. I thought you would have already known this since you had a lot of experience in sex.”

“No, not really. Though I might have at one point if I say it honestly. As expected of a Delpoix. You truly are a superb whore.”

“Fufufu, glad you like it. Then again, I’m thankful as well, being found out by you this day. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have this amazing sex.”

“I’m just telling the truth, really. So……shall we have at it again?”

“You’re up already? Furthermore, this is the third time now. What an unbelievable vitality you have, Mister Schild.”

Once again, Delpoix smiles bewitchingly, to which Schild braces himself for another scene.

He had already learned a lesson that when this brothel owner smiles at him like this, something that will take his interest is bound to happen next.

“But you see, the money you gave us was still way more than enough. Honestly speaking, it would be bad of an image for us if we take it just to cover the fees of the creampies of this humble store owner. So how about I give you another bonus?”

“A bonus?”

“You said it in the waiting lounge, right? That you want her.”

As she said this, Delpoix grabbed a bell from the bedside table and tingled it. It was then when the door opened, and a beautiful young woman came in as if all of it had been prearranged from the very beginning.

“This girl is……!?”

First, Schild noticed that there was something familiar with this girl. Then he realized that it was the same dancer he had met on the stage of the waiting lounge earlier.

“As part of this establishment’s bonus service, allow me to introduce her to you. This girl’s stage name is Shakira, and as a part of our good service, we’re allowing you, Mister Schild, to take this dancer’s virginity for free.”

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