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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Volume 2 Chapter 13

Chapter 13 – Service from the District’s Finest Whore


When Schild entered the brothel’s most luxurious room, dubbed the “Great Flower Chamber”, he was immediately overwhelmed by its scenery.

“Wait, this is……the outside?”

It was an open area, far beyond Schild’s ideas of a luxurious room inside a brothel.

First of all, the area had no roof, so he could see the sky above, and despite it being located inside the brothel’s grounds, its floor was covered with grass and countless greenery, some of which were ornamental plants he had never seen before, which also made him thought they’re probably brought from some foreign country far away.

(Also, what huge leaves they have. It reminds me of the southern parts I visited in my journey.)

As he wandered his gaze around the room, which gave off a bit of an exotic vibe, his eyes stopped at the center, from which stood a piece of furniture.

It was an incredibly luxurious bed with a canopy.

(So I’m going to get laid there, huh.)

“Shall we begin, Mister Schild?”

Suddenly, words came out from the servant boy beside him.

It was a beautiful woman dressed as a boy, to be exact.

“Once again, I will formally introduce myself. I am Delpoix, the owner of this establishment and the one who’ll be your companion for tonight. It has been a long time since I retired from my position as a prostitute, so please forgive me for any inadequacies I may have.”


The woman who guided him here introduced herself reverently then prostrated herself with her hands on the ground.

It was a bit of an excessive move to Schild, but he also could not help but feel a tinge of professionalism into it.

“So, just to make it clear. You’re now the owner of this brothel, and back then, you worked as a prostitute here?”

Schild began by asking again for clarification.

“Yes, I used to be a prostitute myself, but I did not work here. This establishment was already mine from the start.”

But right after the respectful greeting, he noticed that Delpoix’s tone resumed being frank as if she treats the excessive politeness as a hindrance to her job.

(Nevertheless, it’s a good call. It somewhat irks me as well.)

Then, from here, she started to tell her story.

“……I wonder if it’s talent, or it’s just fate? By the time I entered the business, my techniques and pussy became well-received by many people and even caught the attention of some very important ones. Soon, I found myself being awarded the title of the “Finest Whore,” which may or may not be a badge of honor for me at that time.”

“The Finest Whore?”

“Don’t you recognize something in my name?”

“Come to think of it, wait……!!”

Eventually, Schild noticed the oddity.

Her name, Delpoix, is also the very name of this brothel district.

“In this area, only women who are recognized by that “certain person” are allowed to use the name of this district as their own. As for me, I was given the name “Delpoix” more than twenty years ago.”

“Twenty years ago? That means……”

……wait, just how old are you exactly? Schild had the urge to ask, but he immediately choked the words right before they came out of his throat and dismissed the idea altogether. This cha pter tran sla tion is ma d e pos sib le by st abb ing with a syr ing e trans latio ns. chec k up- to-d at e trans lat ions on m y Wo rd press si te.

After all, he knew that asking a woman her age face-to-face is taboo.

“Thanks to such popularity, I was able to earn enough money to open my own establishment after I retired.”

(However, with such a tale of success, she must be pretty old. And yet, here in front of me is a woman who looked to be about twenty years old. What sort of demonic quality does this prostitute have to be able to regress in an age like that?)

(Also, the vibe she’s giving me. Even though she’s dressed as a boy, the more time I spent with her, the more I felt aroused by her seductiveness, even though she’s suspicious as hell.)

“So, why is the owner of this brothel personally judging me?”

Schild let out another question, also while trying to control his mind, which he felt it was about to lose at any moment.

“I already told you before, didn’t I? Special customers like you are a symbol of status to our store. Also, if there’s a matter that may directly affect the establishment’s interests, isn’t it the task of the owner to check them out personally?”

“Why the disguise then?”

“That’s for saving me the trouble. You see, going out while carrying the title of the “Finest Whore” will always create unnecessary disturbances, and as I am a de-facto celebrity, things I do always get blown out of proportion, which is bad for my clients and me alike.”


“So that’s why you chose to pretend to be a lowly errand boy of some sort, huh. Do you always reveal yourself like this to your “important” clients?”

“Nope, not at all. In fact, some had already tasted me yet still don’t know my true identity up to this day. But you found it out all on your own, which I didn’t expect. And for that, I’ll have to reward you with some kind of prize.”

“And that is the owner of the brothel personally serving me? Neat.”

From here, Delpoix began by unbuttoning the front of her male attendant uniform.

First, she took off the tailored jacket, then the shirt then unbuckled her belt and pulled down her pants, revealing to Schild a woman’s bra and panties of plain design, but in complete contrast to the man’s clothing she took off earlier.

“I’m very sorry for the simplicity of my underwear. If I had known that today would be my first day of work in a while, I would have worn something flashier to please your eyes.”

Then, as if all her pheromones had been released, a rich scent of the woman began invading Schild’s nostrils which almost took away his sanity.

As for the underwear Delpoix is wearing, it is of pure white and without any unnecessary decoration, emphasizing that its purpose was more of functionality rather than glamour.

“But pure white, eh? That’s a color I didn’t expect.”

“Oh, please, say no further. I know this design is not suited to this establishment, but it’s just more comfortable to wear. Also, we won’t need this anyway after we get on the nasty fucking after this♡”

After she said that, Delpoix slipped off the said bra and panties next, the cloth going through her white and slender arms and legs.

The only thing left behind was a glorious nude body that was undoubtedly worthy of being described as priceless.

Delpoix’s breasts were exquisitely heaped, neither too large nor too small. And from his position, Schild could also see that the rest of her body was well maintained even though several years had already passed.

“Now then, it’s time for mister to get undressed as well……oh my.”

Delpoix rolled her eyes to Schild, only to be surprised as she discovered that the man was already naked and his erect penis already exposed to the world to see.

“I didn’t even notice when you had taken it off. Fufufu, what an impatient man. Then again, I didn’t expect you to be this loaded as well.”

Delpoix spoke as her gaze went to Schild’s phallus, before it became a look of admiration as if she was about to enjoy a delicious treat. Then she knelt down with her knees first on the grass below.

After that, she brought her face right up to Schild’s penis, and in one go, she took the throbbing member straight into her mouth.

“Oooh! And so sudden, too!”

“Urg, urrgh, urkh……! Sluurp, shluuurp……! Chuup! Chupa~~~! Mlemmlemmhhphh……! This cock is sho big. And it tastes so good, too!”

It was a quickie blowjob.

As Schild knows, it was a dream service only offered in high-class brothels, where the client gets a blowjob immediately after the prostitute introduces herself and without warning. If yo u a re abl e to re a d this mes sa ge, you are r eadin g from an un aut hori zed ag gr egat e si te. Rea d at my Wo rd Pre ss to su pp ort me an d my tra nsla tio ns.

“Mmpphh, really, what an incredible cock you have. Not only it is big, but it tastes like it has already been through a lot of pounding. Just how many hundreds of women have you made cry with this thing!?”

“Hundreds? No……come to think of it…….”

Schild first thought that a “hundred” was a bit of an exaggeration, but the deeper he thought of it, the more the numbers aligned that Delpoix was right.

“By the way, you said that you pay attention only to very important people. Why me, though? No matter how famous I am, I am still, in the end, a monster slayer.”

“Well, I wonder why too? But now is not the time for such guesses, is it? Because this is the time where you let your fierce cock go wild and enjoy to its fullest our professional techniques and service. Haammuu~♡ Urk urk, urk urghh…… ♡♡♡♡”

After she said that, Delpoix resumed her quickie on Schild’s cock, to which just the sheer force of it quickly pushed Schild over the edge.


As a result, a batch of cloudy white substance suddenly got blasted inside Delpoix’s mouth.

The impact was so intense it was as if a firecracker had been thrown inside of her mouth, but instead of gunpowder, what exploded there was semen instead. Even the “Finest Whore” went into tears when she received the full of it.


“Mghhh!? Shlurrp, gulp, gulp.……”

Delpoix then took her mouth off Schild’s rod, which, despite its release, is still fully expanded to the core. But instead of throwing it up, Delpoix chewed this white and sticky gum that violated her mouth a few times before gulping it down. Then, she spoke.

“……my goodness, what is this thick cum!? I have to chew it well to an extent, or it would get stuck on my throat! And this amount as well!”

“Hahaha, sorry about that. But it’s just the way it is.”

“Ooh, getting cocky now, aren’t you? But not only that, it’s still hard and throbbing even though it had already let out once. Are you one of those types that recover fast?”

“Who knows? And I could even care less about those types. So? What are you gonna do next, Miss Finest Whore?” Schild said as he nudged his still towering erection against Delpoix’s face.

To this taunting, Delpoix stared once more at the rigid member, then after a while,

“I see now. Seeing you’re this great in bed, you’re most probably not gonna finish with just one or two times. In that case, let’s do it at least five or six times♡♡♡♡ Wait, even better, I’ll keep you company until your cock can’t get erect anymore this night♡♡♡♡”

She spoke those words, then pushed Schild’s body straight down on the luxurious canopy bed at the center of the room.

“You don’t have to do anything. Or rather, you don’t need to move at all♡♡ After all, this is a brothel, a place where we have everything set up for you ♡♡ And you are a handsome customer who is deserved to be served by us♡♡♡♡”


“Isn’t it? You see, I already knew just by looking at you that you’re the kind of guy who wants to “fuck women senseless”, and I’m sure you already had plenty of it done in other brothels before ours. But tonight will be different, for I’m going to show you what it feels like to “be fucked senseless” instead♡♡♡♡ And believe me, you’re gonna enjoy it a lot♡♡♡♡♡”

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