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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Volume 2 Chapter 12

Chapter 12 – Brothel Rafflesia

As it was Schild’s first time in this establishment, there was no way he should be familiar with any of the girls.

The boy had thought of this, so it was only to his confusion when the man said that he had already decided whom he’d choose this time.

However, that confusion ended when he saw Schild’s finger……pointing straight at him next.

“You. I want you.”

Schild said this with all seriousness.

“What are you……are you insane!?”

Picking up not a woman but a man in this establishment whose specialty is womanly pleasures is nothing but an act of insanity.

“After all, you are a woman too, aren’t you?”


However, these following words wholly crushed the rest of the thoughts of this person, whom Schild is now addressing as a girl.

Pretending like a man to hold a position or a job usually being held by men, Schild has already seen this stereotypical mimicry.


“……I’m surprised you noticed.”

“Well, you see, the last time I saw a girl dressed as a man, I didn’t notice her at all until she undressed all of her clothing. I was about to lose confidence in myself, thinking I was blind to women, then you came along and saved the day. This time I saw right through it.”

Putting this subject aside, when he realized that he discovered Carney’s gender that late, Schild got so frustrated that he mercilessly banged Carney on the way back. This was also a part of the reason why their supposedly one-day return journey had become a three-day one, much to the anger and worry of Lirica when they returned home. If y ou a e ab le to re a d th is mes sa ge, y ou are rea di ng fr om an unau thor iz ed ag grega te si te. Rea d at my Wo rd P ress to sup port me and my tra ns lat ions.

But thanks to this, Carney has become one of the most sex-crazed people that Schild has gotten to know, which also made the man more fascinated with her than ever.

Going back to the topic……


A burst of cute laughter was then let out by the assistant boy, whom Schild has assumed to be a girl.

That was the first emotion she had shown to Schild since she started serving him.

“I apologize if I acted like I was testing you. But, you see, I really wanted to see with my own eyes the rumored [Slayer of 48].”

“So……you’re not a boy after all?”

“Of course I’m not. But even though I’m like this, I am also a part of the upper staff of this establishment.”

From there, the conversation between the two started to get a bit tense.

Feeling this, Schild became a bit concerned about the surrounding eyes. But since the waiting room was dimly lit and there was light music playing to accompany the dancers on stage, he guessed that the possibility of being spied on or being overheard would be extremely low.

(As it was originally a brothel, they must have taken a lot of countermeasures to prevent customers from spying on each other.)

Thinking of this, Schild relaxed for a bit and continued the conversation in the meantime.

“Please allow me to introduce ourselves again. We are……”

“I’d rather hear your answer first.”

“Answer to what?”

“The one whether you’ll accompany me for the night or not.”

When Schild pointed out her actual gender earlier, he did so in the form of nominating a prostitute.

Now that this has been the case, the person would then be obligated to answer whether she would accept the nomination or not.

To this, while wearing a boy’s clothing, “he” started making a cute yet bewitching smile. Then, she spoke.


“Very well. “I” will gladly comply with your request. But let me warn you first –  this is gonna cost you a lot. In fact, this may be the most expensive thing you’ll ever find in this establishment.”

“Then how about this amount?”

Schild immediately pulled out a piece of paper from his pocket and handed it out to the “boy”. This was also a cheque, and when this “man” received it, she became more astonished when she saw the amount written on it.

“…… Are you serious? With this amount of money, you can get ten times the best service in this establishment!”

“I already said a lot of nasty things up to this point, so just think of this as some sort of additional for the inconvenience. Now, what do you say? Are you going to serve me? Or not?”

Schild then looked at the “man” with a penetrating gaze……as if he was evaluating a prostitute, or rather, as if he was probing the enemy’s intentions.

The “man” too, stared at Schild in return.

Then, after exchanging hard stares……

“Psyche! Just kidding. You don’t actually need to serve me.”

Schild suddenly blurted that out in a light tone, breaking the previously tense atmosphere between them.

“Sorry for being so rude. I was just trying to examine the quality of this brothel. And it’s a bad habit of mine to deliberately embarrass people to see how they respond outside the standards set to them.”


“I rescind my previous request. I’ll also leave the women to your recommendations. But take the money as it is. As I said, think of it as a nuisance fee.”

“……you’re a strange man.”

The girl in the boy’s outfit laughed with amusement, and this time Schild could feel that it was mixed with genuine emotions within.

“Okay, I’ll take care of it. Your request.”

“Come again?”

“If you’re alright with me, then I will gladly serve you personally. Or is there a problem, perhaps?”

“No, not really. Though I was already expecting that you’d reject me. But……are you really sure?”

Schild reconfirmed his suggestion again, not even hiding the genuine surprise on his face. Th is cha pt er tra nslat ion is m ade pos si ble by st abb ing wit h a sy ri nge tran slati ons. ch e ck up- t o-da te tra nsla tio ns on my W ord pre ss s ite.

“I know I’ve said this before, but my request should be pretty absurd, even for this establishment’s standards. Even if you accept it readily, there would still be repercussions to you, you know? I think you should consult with the owner first or someone else before-”

“Oh, you don’t have to worry about that part. Because I am also the owner of this place.”


At the same time, the woman in a boy’s costume laid her knees on the floor and took a prostrate pose.

“For that, I’d like to introduce myself again. I am Delpoix, the owner of the brothel Rafflesia.”

She spoke out, loud enough for Schild to hear.


Although the posture of prostration would be deemed strange and would easily catch attention when done in public, oddly enough, no one in the vicinity paid attention to this abnormality. A part of it is because the place is dimly lit, but the actual cause is that the people here are too distracted by their libido as they eagerly wait for their prostitute’s arrival. That and also the “temporary relief” provided by the dancing girl on stage.

In other words, no one has the time to bother with Schild and Delpoix right now.

“Owner……wait, you’re the owner?”

“Yes. But don’t worry. Even though I currently look like this, I was one of the top prostitutes back in the day. Also, while I’ve been out of the actual business for a long time, I’ll gladly open my legs again if it’s for future customers of the highest caliber to like our establishment, just like our situation right now.”

This attendant, who looked like a young boy, was the actual owner of the store.

Moreover, “he” was actually a woman.

(No matter how much crass they are in the service industry, isn’t this a bit too much to pull out these kinds of surprises on their customers?)

“Now that this is all settled, please, allow me to show you around.”

“Where to?”

“To the place where erotic and fun services are provided, of course. The amount of money you gave to us is quite a lot. For this, you will receive the top service in the most luxurious room, the Great Flower Chamber.”

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