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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Volume 2 Chapter 11

Chapter 11 – Sightseeing in the King’s Landing

Delpoix Brothel District.

It was the name of a facility located in the northeast section of the royal capital.

Dubbed as the greatest red-light district, it is where bewitching women of all shapes and sizes could be found, selling their color, spring, and dreams to lonely men.

The name Delpoix is derived from a certain king’s mistress who existed hundreds of years ago.

She was of such low status that she couldn’t even be a queen, let alone a concubine. Still, she was said to have made the monarch’s love life more debauched and captivating compared to his regular wives, much to the displeasure of his contemporaries. However, because of her peculiar background, her identity was then treated as a synonym for the sex trade in later generations.

In fact, in the capital, “going to see Delpoix” has become an idiom for going to the brothel district to “buy” a woman, and in this sense, Schild was indeed “going to see Delpoix” today.

Initially, the Delpoix Brothel District was the first place that Schild wanted to visit ever since he arrived at the royal capital. In fact, if not for Lirica’s sudden offer to stay with him for the night, he would have veered himself in that particular direction of the capital instead. He probably could have been enjoying himself with the prostitutes there even.

As the royal capital became the number one city in the whole country in terms of population, culture, technological advancements, Delpoix, which was also situated in the royal capital, naturally gained its fame in a similar manner, and it now holds the title of being the best and largest red-light district in the whole kingdom.

In fact, it had gotten so huge it was already known to every of the kingdom’s borders. As evidence of this, Schild, who had been traveling around the kingdom, had already heard of its existence so many times in his colleagues before coming here.

Schild was a man who had been burning with youthful ambition. Still, ever since he arrived in the royal capital, he got so busy in having sex with Lirica, outside sex with Carney, step-sister play with Cymbium and Serenea, and now, having mother-daughter sex with Nazah and Tanifa that he hadn’t really had the time nor the opportunity to visit this facility. That and also resolving every one of the problems of these women, which are by no means an easy feat at all.

But today is an exception, as he had been given the free time to explore this enchanting garden without anyone to hold him back.


Since it was called a district, Schild expects that there would not be only one, but many brothels all lined up and gleaming on the street. And being in the capital, he also expects each of these establishments to differ in service from the other in several distinctive ways.

If so, which brothel should he pick first?

Thankfully, Schild had already resolved this crisis, as he had been asking around for recommendations from his fellow male Subjugators in the guild before this. After coming up with a variety of them, he chose the place with the most votes.

Brothel Rafflesia.

It was recommended by thirteen out of twenty of my drinking buddies of Schild whom he had asked for their opinions.

By the way, he has already made a reservation at this store through these evil friends of his, so he expects the store to already have their best prostitutes ready and waiting as soon as he enters the place. If yo u a re ab le to r e ad this mes sa ge, y ou a re rea din g fr om an una ut h ori zed ag gre gate site. Re ad at my W ordP re ss to s upp ort me and m y tra nsla ti ons.

Of course, Schild also prepared plenty of money for this. Even if it’s a brothel, no, especially that it is a brothel, he doesn’t want to be treated inadequately as a first-time customer.

And so, after readying out his bank cheque and after cleansing his body thoroughly at Nazah’s place, Schild immediately set off for the said brothel.


After a bit of walking, Schild has finally arrived at Brothel Rafflesia.

From there, he was led to a waiting lounge by a boy, who seemed to be their attendant, and was instructed to wait there as the prostitutes prepared to get ready. But when he arrived at this waiting lounge, Schild was already caught in a surprise.

It was because at the center of the lounge was an incredibly wide stage.

And on the stage, a young woman was performing a very slutty dance. She was probably there to alleviate the customers’ attention from the uncomfortable waiting time.

“……that’s the Delpoix brothels in the royal capital for ya. Even a mere waiting room already offers such luxurious hospitality.”

With this scene alone, Schild no longer doubted that this brothel district was the best in the country.

However, upon observing further, Schild noticed that the men, young and old, even though they are already sitting on the comfortable couches of the waiting lounge, were all fidgeting and shaking their heads repeatedly as if the softness of the seats were a lie. Several were even wiggling their legs and feet uneasily, showing their impatience on when their numbers will get called out.

(I guess everyone is more interested in a prostitute who can be touched, sucked, and penetrated than a dancer who can only be seen. After all, this is all where they came for.)

Schild also sat down in his respective seat and took a hand towel and a drink offered to him by an assistant boy who came to receive him.

After receiving it, the boy then went and gave him a customer service greeting.

“Thank you for visiting our brothel. We will do our best to provide you with hospitality and a dream-like experience of your wanting.”

“A dream-like experience, huh. I’ll be expecting that. By the way, I believe you have a reservation under the person named Schild?”


“Are you perhaps Mister Schild? Indeed, we do. In fact, we are proud to welcome you, the famed “Slayer of 48”, to our establishment.”

“Ah, y-yeah.”

[Slayer of 48].

That was the title that was bestowed to Schild after the recent Monster Swarm Extermination Battle.

In monster subjugations, there will be times that Subjugators will discover a variant of a monster that is much more violent and more powerful than its common equivalents.

These monsters will then be given special treatment by the guild, by which they will also be given names according to their most distinctive parts for easier identification and avoidance.

After that, they will provide a huge bounty for the monster, which will attract Subjugators with the confidence and skills to subdue them.

Either way, these monsters will then be referred to as “Named Monsters”, indicating that they are a danger to be wary of.

The prime example of this is the “Amber Eyes” that Schild has defeated on his way to the royal capital.

The “Amber Eyes,” which Schild has defeated, was a mutation of the alligator-type monster species called the Dinogator, which are also known for their great size. And this dinogator is a mutated species, meaning it was more fierce, more humongous, and more dangerous than the common ones at present and will require a group of elite Subjugators to take it down safely.

This was why Carney assembled a group of elite subjugators first to subdue this named monster and was even more shocked when she discovered that it was subdued by only one man after her return. Th is cha pt er tran slat ion is ma de po ss ib le by sta bb ing wi th a sy ri ng e tra nslat i ons. che ck u p- t o- d a te tran sla tio ns on my W ord pr e ss si t e.

Naturally, it wasn’t the only named monster in existence. In fact, just recently, several of these beings had been identified in the most significant battle that happened in the capital right now – the Monster Swarm Extermination Battle.

Of the total number of monsters, which was about 700, the guild discovered that there were 57 named monsters included in them. Of these numbers, Schild has defeated forty-eight of them in actual combat, all by himself, hence his title of [Slayer of 48].

What’s even more incredible is that, according to the guild’s estimate, the difficulty of these monsters was so high that it usually would take a sacrifice of more than ten people just to defeat one of these dreaded creatures.

That’s why Schild’s contribution was so outstanding that they couldn’t help but be in awe as they sing praises for his achievement.

Being as simple and straightforward as they were, the Subjugators gave Schild a title they thought he should deserve. And that is the [Slayer of 48], for killing 48 Named Monsters all on his own.

“……can’t believe it came all the way here. And here I was thinking that name will only be popular among my peers. I guess the rumor got out before it died down.”

“That’s because our establishment is generally favored by monster subjugators. That, and we, because of our profession, need to keep abreast of world affairs or else we would flop right away.”


The boy said indifferently as if it was a common fact. There was no intonation, but it did not sound too inorganic or emotionless, showing Schild that it wasn’t his first time doing this as a customer service provider.

“Therefore, it is a great privilege for us to have a celebrity like you, Mr. Schild. Today we will be preparing you with something special as a part of our utmost hospitality and hope that you will become a regular customer of our establishment from this point onwards.”

“Something special, huh. You really know how to treat your customers well.”

“By the way, we are confident in our variety of women. Whether it is blonde, redhead, or brunette, pale skin tone, brown, or black, even all body types and age. Just say it, and we will immediately prepare them for you.”

“In that case……how about her?”

Schild sat deeper on his sofa, then raised his hand and pointed at his front……towards the aforementioned dancer dancing on the stage.


The boy became silent for a moment and then began to speak again without inflection.

“I’m sorry, Mr. Schild, but in our establishment, dancers and the prostitutes are two different jobs. Her duties do not include serving customers in private rooms.”

“I see. That’s too bad.”

“If you prefer to choose a girl in person, how about a face-to-face meeting in another room? I’ll have a few of our best girls lined up, and you could choose the one you like from them.”

“That’s also good, but I’ve already decided whom I should pick next.”

“Oh? Who is it?”


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