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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Volume 2 Chapter 10

Chapter 10 – Other Things to Do in the Capital

“Mr. Schild……what a devil you are to come up with that!”

“What!? Why?”

All of a sudden, Schild was called a devil by Lady Nazah, which only added to his confusion.

“Because I’m sure that Mr. Schild’s friends are fellow monster slayers! Ahhh, to have so many similarly strong and vicious men in this house…….”

“It’s okay, mama! I won’t let you take all the brunt of this alone! We will do this together!”

“I can’t allow it, Tanifa! Unlike me, you are still a bride-to-be, so your body is still precious!”

“Even with that, I don’t want to leave you alone. Let’s overcome these difficulties together, mom!”

“Ahh, my sweetie is so kind. Alright then. First and foremost, let’s clean your ass. With so many people, there’s no guarantee you’ll be safe there either!”

The mother and daughter continued their panicked exchanges, leaving Schild who was ignored no choice but to listen to them with a lot of question marks in his mind.


After getting permission from the landlady, who has become fearful yet expecting for some reason, Schild immediately invited Lirica and Carney to his new home.

“Wow, what a magnificent house.”


“Putting aside its small size, it sure is well-built and has a nice ambiance. The garden is also beautiful and spacious. Schild is lucky to have such a house to stay in.”

Both the two seemed to have positive impressions of the house.

But then, when they were introduced to the Landlady mother and daughter……


“Not men? But women?”

For some reason, the landlady mother and daughter both turned out half relieved and half disappointed.

Nevertheless, at the end of the day, Schild didn’t forget to strip naked and enjoy to his heart’s content a game of ejaculating inside Lirica, Carney, Lady Nazah, and Tanifa – all four of these wonderful pussies in turn.


The following day, Schild, Carney, and Lirica were treated to a breakfast by the landlady and her daughter.

It was a home-cooked breakfast, something almost impossible to have in those with careers as Subjugators.

“Yum yum yum yum yuumyy~!”

Strangely enough, it was not Schild, but the female knight Carney who was noisily wolfing down the food with great gusto. If y u ar e ab le to r e ad this mes s age, you ar e re ad ing fr om an una uth ori zed ag gre gate sit e. Re ad at m y Wo rd Pr ess to su ppor t me an d my tra sla ti ons.

“This is so good, Ma’am! I’ve been living on my own since I started working for the Subjugators Guild, so it’s been a while since I’ve tasted a warm breakfast! This is even better than the food at my parents’ house!”

“Oh my, what a tireless and energetic young lady you are, even though you were the one shaking your hips the hardest last night. Very well, please don’t hesitate to eat plenty to replenish your energy~.”

Despite that, Lady Nazah seemed to be pleased with Carney’s impressive appetite.

“Come to think of it…….”

Schild was puzzled by Carney’s mention. Considering her family is the Leschbeins, a very prestigious aristocratic family at that, shouldn’t the food they serve there be more luxurious than this? Or does Carney prefer the taste of home instead?

“Hey, Schild. Listen to me. The young lady of this house is apparently going to be my junior.”

The one who spoke this time is Lirica, and before he realized it, she had become good friends with the daughter of the owner of this mansion, Tanifa.

“Your junior?”

“Yes. I’m a graduate of the college she is currently attending. Salena University is a supremely elite choice for those planning to be civil servants in the royal capital. If she successfully graduates, this girl is guaranteed to rise to the top in the future.”

As for Lirica, at the tender age of nearing her thirties, ignoring her single status, she is already in charge of an entire guild chapter, making her somewhat a perfect showcase of the college’s level of competency.

“Schild! I can’t believe you have a woman as good as Miss Lirica accompanying you! And she’s a very wonderful senior, too! Last night, she told me a lot about the university. Like how to make up for being late, how to get credit from professors easily……that and lots and lots of things!”


“Fufufu, anything for someone whom I shared a mouthful of Schild’s semen with. So, what are your plans? Do you want to join the guild after graduation? We can never have enough talented people.”

“Really!? This may be early, but thank you, thank you, thank you! Also, thank you, Schild, for bringing me such a wonderful senior! I’m really glad that I became a meat toilet just for you!”

And just like that, the women on the table were in harmony.

However, Schild couldn’t help but feel drained in another meaning, which was unusual considering he should be getting more aroused as he had also been thinking that his semen was still in the wombs of all these women.

Digging the matters deeply, Schild had been wandering alone his whole life as a warrior. As such, he is not accustomed to such a “familial” reunion at the dinner table, which also became the reason for his unease.

“Now that the issue of your new residence has been decided, are there any other matters you still want to settle, Schild?”

Thankfully, Lirica brought up a change of subject, so he utilized this to hide this uneasy feeling. Taking advantage of this, he spoke his thoughts.

“I went to Cymbium yesterday to see how they were doing, but she said it would take some time for her actions to produce results, so I guess I still have to kill time for a while longer.”

Of course, Schild didn’t dare to tell the part where they had sex while he went to check on her.

On the other hand, Nazah and Tanifa, the mother-daughter combo, had their eyes wide open when the names of the royal family started appearing casually on the conversation at the dinner table.

“Hmmm, so this lazing around of yours will continue for a while? How envious.”

Oddly enough, it was not Lirica who said this, but Carney, who has been gobbling breakfast since earlier. As for the reason, even though she’s on the same line of job as Schild, she also has many things assigned to her, like training and mentoring the younger members and the like. This ch ap ter tran slati on is ma de pos sib le by sta bbi ng wi th a sy ri nge tra nsl atio ns. che ck up -t o-da te tran sla tions on my Wo rdp ress sit e.

“By the way, Lord Schild. If you have nothing to do, why don’t you increase the schedule of your training? There are a lot of new subjugators who joined in because they were inspired by you. I’m sure they would be happy if they were personally taught by the star of the Monster Swarm Extermination Battle.”

“While that is a fine idea, Carney, there are still lots of things I’d like to do first, especially now that I am finally settled in the capital.”

“What is it?”


This is the royal capital, the very center of this country’s affairs.

Naturally, it is the most developed city in the country, where the latest trends are concentrated, whether it pertains to culture, civilization, or history. In other words, there are many things he could see here.

“Oh my, what a fine idea! Considering you have lots of time anyway, why not use it in a sight-seeing tour where you can expand your horizons!”

“Yes, Schild, come to my university! Some sections are open to the public, and from there, you will be able to enjoy the atmosphere of the campus, even if you’re an outsider!”

“No can do, Lord Schild! If you’re going sightseeing, it should be the old battlefields and memorials of heroes around the capital! With the country’s long history of battles, there are many places we could go to, just come with me and I will tour you there!


“The bazaar is also a good idea. It is held twice a month in the west square, where sellers and buyers from the outside the capital come here to trade goods and bargains at reasonable prices. I’m sure you’ll have a lot of things you’ll need now, especially that you had just moved in.”

Hundreds of ideas came out of the women’s mouths nonstop. All of them sounded appealing, but Schild already had one place in his mind.

“I’m sorry, everyone, but I’ve already decided on the first place I’m going to visit.”

“Oh? Where is it?”

“The Brothel.”

Whack! Whack! Wham! Bam! Naturally, after he said that, Schild was slapped on the head many times by all the members at the dining table.

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