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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Volume 1 Extra Story 1 (LN Exclusive) + Afterword

Short Story – The Other Female Knight

I want to have sex with Carney.

This is what Schild is thinking right now.

It is the nature of men to suddenly and unexpectedly become horny at any time of the day.

In such a case, it was customary for a man to solve the problem by either suppressing his animal desires with his mental strength or by masturbating to release them.

But in Schild’s case, he doesn’t take either of those solutions.

His most legitimate way to deal with his animalistic tendencies is to fuck a woman and ejaculate inside her vagina, and this is how he has always dealt with his sexual urges up to this point.

This is why right now, he’s searching for a female knight named Carney, a colleague from the Subjugators Guild, and more importantly, a person who he can have sex with the most easily in these times.

He guessed that she would be somewhere in the guild’s royal capital branch, and after looking everywhere in that area,

“Oh, she’s over there! Finally!”

At a side glance, the profile of Carney is of a dignified female knight, yet unlike before, she now possessed a charm of a beautiful woman.

Though she was a person of beauty right from the start, it was only after she lost her virginity to Schild that Carney began to exude this unique womanly aura, the same Carney who had once prioritized the demeanor of an upright knight over all.

“Carney, let’s have se- Ah, sorry. I didn’t notice you.” Schild was about to say he wants to have sex, but he swallowed that last word just in time as he noticed another person in the vicinity besides Carney.

“Looks like you have a guest. Pardon my rudeness earlier.”

Schild assessed the stranger in Carney’s company.

It was a person he had never met before.

If they’re a member of the Subjugator’s Guild, the person will exude familiarity on him as he should have seen them at least once, and Schild was also confident that he would not mistake them in this aspect.

But since the face is unfamiliar to him, and the fact that they were meeting with Carney outside the Guild branch, he naturally assumed that this stranger is an acquaintance to Carney in other prospects.

“Just in time, Mister Schild. Let me introduce you to this person.”


It was around this time when Schild noticed something strange in Carney.

She is still as beautiful as ever, but from his point of view, this beauty is now emitting nervousness everywhere, and from her eyes were the vibe as if they’re screaming “help me, help meee!” to the man.

This was so obvious that Schild would not be surprised if she suddenly breaks into a cling and hides behind his back at any time.

It seemed that the only thing stopping Carney was this guest, who, for some reason, is watching her with great intentions.

“This is Lesnussa, a knight who was a great help to me when I was a still novice and a half-assed knight. It’s been a while since I’ve seen her, but today she came all the way here to visit me.”

“Oh? When Carney was starting out, as a knight?”

Schild gives a disinterested gesture, but he didn’t miss the chance to tease Carney while at it.

“What else could it be!? And why is your tone suspecting that the ‘knight’ part of me is a lie?”

Carney, who immediately notices this, rebuked the man.

Despite her current appearance which was oozing with femininity, Carney is a knight born into a noble family, and not just any other noble family, but one of the most prominent ones in the kingdom, the Leschbeins.

For Schild, she’s an aristocrat who can basically do whatever she wanted. In this line of thought, he believed of her status of a knight as nothing but self-proclamation, also for the fact that the proper ‘knights’ are all in the royal court doing office work, while she is down here on the gates of the kingdom doing all of the ‘dirty work’. Her pretending to be a man also added to this justification.

Because of this, a legitimate knight recognizing her as a real knight was really a shock to Schild. If yo u a re a ble to rea d this mes sage, y ou are re adi ng fro m an unaut hor ized agg regat e sit e. R ead at my Word Pre ss at stab bi ng with a syri nge . hom e. bl og to su ppor t me and my tra nslati ons.

“You mean she’s the one who had taken care of you when you were still a rookie knight?”

“That’s right! Which also means……this person is a knight who belonged to the Royal Court.”

When Carney mentioned the last part, Schild took another look at the visitor.

A knight.

And it was a female knight.

She was in her late twenties, as far as his eyes could tell.

(In terms of both gender and age, she was indeed a suitable predecessor to Carney.)

Her hair was of a rusty brown color, and the knight’s uniform she wore was old and tattered on some sides, giving Schild an impression that it was well-used.

Moreover, her eyes were glittering like that of a hungry beast.

“It is a pleasure to meet you. I am Lesnussa, a knight in the royal court.”

“Ah, L-likewise! I’m Schild, a subjugator!”

Schild is weak against polite confrontations. When the female knight Lesnussa bowed deeply in accordance with the ancient etiquette, he also bowed just as deeply, but he was in a panic.

“What is it?”

But right after bowing their heads, Schild continued his stare at her, causing the other party to become somewhat suspicious instead.

“Oh? Ah, sorry! I was lost and didn’t expect that you’re such a beautiful woman!”

The moment Schild said that, however, a reproachful glint appeared in Carney’s eyes who was beside him.

“But……a royal court knight? When you say the royal court, you mean……!?”


It was Carney who answered Schild’s question.

“She is from the same organization of knights that got defeated in the monster swarm extermination battle the other day. Normally, they work at the royal palace, guarding the royal family as well as serving as the chief vassals of the royalty.”


“Your tone is as harsh as ever, Sir Carney.”

The female knight says in reproach to the other female knight.

“Well, it’s no wonder you’re talking like that. After all, you are the one who was disappointed with the current situation of the knights and ran away because of it. At that time, this little officer of yours has lost all her face as a superior.”

“Sir Lesnussa……! It was none of my intentions to do that to you! It’s the truth!”

Carney suddenly went into distress upon hearing Lesnussa’s speech.

This was probably the first time Schild had ever seen someone made her sweat this much.

“It’s okay. You are the daughter of the Leschbeins after all, so you should be allowed to have that level of leniency. In fact, it was me who was rude to you at that time, talking to you in such a manner. I’m sorry about that time.”

“How can that be! Sir Lesnussa is a woman worthy of respect, regardless of any rank or origin! To me, you’re the only one who can be called a real knight among all the other ‘knights’ in the royal court!”

Carney raises her voice against Lesnussa’s apology, giving a handful of praises to the woman instead.

The fact that she could make Carney, who knew nothing about obedience, say this much, showed how heavy the impact of this knight is in her life.

“My pride will only shatter if you speak to me in honorific terms and treat me like a daughter of some noble family. For me, Sir Lesnussa is one of the people I respect the most!”

“Fufufu. I see. Well said, Sir Carney. I knew I could count on you on that part.”

From there, the senior female knight altered her tone to her junior female knight.

“That said, I have another favor to ask of you.”

“What is it?”

“Return to the castle, Sir Carney. I want to rebuild the Royal Court Knights with you as my trusted deputy officer.”


The one who exclaimed in surprise was Schild, who was listening on the side.

“Oi oi, don’t tell me you came all the way here to headhunt Carney!?”

“Headhunt? That’s a strange thing to say. Sir Carney here is originally a knight, a bona fide one, mind you, and also the daughter of one of our country’s three most prominent noble families, the Leschbeins.”

In other words, she’s certified in all qualifications.

“The Order of the Royal Court is where Sir Carney belongs.”

“But Sir Lesnussa, like I said, about that matter……!”

From here, Carney’s face showed traces of exhaustion, indicating that they had a few heated conversations about this topic already. This ch apte r tra nsla tion is ma de pos sibl e by stab bin g wi th a sy r i ge tran slatio ns. chec k on ly up-to -dat e trans lati ons on my Wordp ress sit e.

“Like I said before, Sir Lesnussa, I clearly refuse. I left because I condemned the corruption of the royal court knights, and that’s also the reason I moved to the Subjugators Guild. So why should I go back now?”

“And just like I said as well, Sir Carney, that problem is no more. The circumstances will be changing for the better.”

The circumstances have changed?

“The Oscar family led the corrupt knights to their own demise to the monsters in the last monster swarm extermination battle. I’m sure you’re all aware of our disastrous defeat, right?”


About this matter, Schild and Carney had already known this, for it was they, of all people, who had kicked the butts out these monsters on behalf of the defeated knights.

“Many of the mainstay knights of the rotten factions were either killed or injured. As for the remaining ones who were also involved in the instigation and sending them to battle, they were also forced to resign after taking responsibility for the matter. Due to this, the whole line-up of knights in the royal court will completely change in a whole-wide scale.”

“To sum it up, Sir Carney. The weak-kneed, namby-pamby knight order you hated so much is now uprooted and no more!”

“Of course, it will be…….”

“Yes! And what’s more, this new knight order will now require the knights to become a battle-hardened group that can fight against monsters!”

“Only it was right after that terrible defeat…….”

“This humble little officer has been chosen to lead the rebuilding project. So soon as the new Royal Court Knights get established, this humble officer will immediately be appointed as their Knight Commander! Though we still have to gain our numbers first and foremost.”

“Really? As a knight commander? This may be too advanced, but congratulations, Sir Lesnussa!”

Whether the two noticed or not, only the fact that Lesnussa had been selected as the head of the Order made Carney express her unmixed joy. As for the state of the knight order, it was evident that she didn’t care much about it.


“You’ve been in the limelight for a long time, and now, the opportunity has come to you, Sir Lesnussa. I’m so happy for you.”

“Thank you, Sir Carney. It is a great pleasure to be congratulated by you.”

Nevertheless, Lesnussa accepted Carney’s blessing without hesitation.

“So, how is it? Will you help this humble officer as a form of celebration?”


“I want you to become the vice commander of the new Royal Court Knights. With your abilities and the backing of the Leschbeins, I believe that this new knight order will be reborn as a true powerhouse.”

“But……Sir Lesnussa……!?”

“I’ll need competent subordinates more than anything else right now, moreover, those that are willing to follow me. Even if I get promoted as a knight commander, if I do not have any followers, I will be nothing but a paper tiger. I’m not trying to make myself sound boastful, but it was this lowly officer who taught you, a naive young lady, how to be a knight. Now is the time for you to show me the results of our efforts!”

“Hold on a second.”

It was then when Schild’s sidestepping stopped the turgid momentum.

Had it been a little later to stop her, Carney would have been pushed over the edge and nodded “yes”.

“I understand what you’re going through, and I don’t want to be the one to tell this to you, but….”

“What is it with you, mister?”

“The point is, Carney is now a subjugator. And one of the best in our guild at that. Do you think we’ll just sit back and let you pull a guy of that caliber out of our woodwork?”

In fact, Carney’s skills as a fighter are second only to Schild in the Guild’s Royal Capital Branch.

In addition, she also has excellent commanding ability, which is rare for a Subjugator who mainly works solo. If y ou a re ab le to r ead this mes sa ge, you ar e rea d ing from an una utho r ized ag gre gate sit e. Re ad at my Word Pr ess at sta bb ing wit h a syri nge. ho me. b log to su ppo rt me and my tran slati ons.

In other words, Carney has become an important pillar not only for Schild but also to the other Subjugators in the guild, a role too precious for them to let go of.

“To put it simply, we can’t afford to be without Carney either. So we’ll never let her go.”

“Lord Schild……!”

At this point, Carney had completely revealed her feminine face.

In fact, if it hadn’t been for the presence of the third party Lesnussa, she would have already taken off her panties and pressed her ass against Schild right on the spot.

“Schild……I see. So, you are the one.”


“The man who has led the Subjugators to victory by turning the tables around in the monster swarm extermination, and was recognized as the hero of the first campaign. Fine then. You’re in perfect timing.”

This time, the female knight, Lesnussa, turned to face Schild.

“I challenge you to a duel.”

“A what now?”

“A duel. As for the stakes, how about we bet on this battle the custody of Sir Carney? After all, I believe that her place as a capable woman belongs to a stronger one.”

And that is how it happened.

For the sake of Carney’s companionship, Schild, the Subjugator, and Lesnussa, the female knight, have decided to duel.


“Lord Schild……please don’t think ill of Sir Lesnussa!”

With the course of events taking an unexpected turn, Schild has found himself agreeing in single combat with the female knight Lesnussa.

Why are the two of them fighting?

In his mind, Schild already understands the reason.


“She has always been treated coldly among the knights of the royal court. This is because she was originally from a lower-class noble family, and because she’s no backing, her position was very weak. And on top of that, she’s even more belittled because she’s a woman….”

“Maybe because of that, she strove to get higher by skill, but whether she has gone too far or not, she became so skilled in and so strong that instead of feeling awe, she garnered more hatred on the knights instead. From there, she believed that a power not backed with influence is not power at all.”

Carney also stated that when she was still in-training as a knight of the royal court, Lesnussa had always been placed in a low position that was not appropriate for her seniority, nor her skills. And in the recent monster swarm eradication battle, it is said that the knights even made a variety of reasons and excuses just to prevent her from participating, in order not to share the promised merit of the supposed ‘victory’.

“But that’s when the tables have turned.”

“That’s right. Those ‘knights’ were slaughtered by the monsters one-sidedly, a possibility they didn’t even expect because of their difference in numbers. But, ironically, it had also become a stroke of good luck for Sir Lesnussa, who was left out in the king’s landing, as it saved her from the disaster.”

In the face of strong public criticism, the royal court had no other choice but to entrust the unharmed Lesnussa with the task of rebuilding the royal knights.

For Lesnussa herself, whatever the circumstances, it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

“If she can get results here, she can rise from eating cold crusts to enjoying good meals at the top. It’ll be an overnight success story.”

“Lord Schild, Sir Lesnussa is not a person that can be consumed by power. The current situation is indeed a unique opportunity for her to rise in the ranks. Still, more than that, she must be genuinely thinking about rebuilding the unsalvageable reputation of the Royal Court Knights!”

“If you think about it more, isn’t that one of the reasons that she was denied from being promoted? I’m not the one to talk about this, but aren’t her methods a little too……forceful?”

Of course, Schild’s thoughts are not without basis. From the way Lesnussa acted just now, he noticed that even though she emphasized that she was doing this for a noble purpose, she completely ignored Carney’s thoughts and treated her as a commodity instead of hearing out her opinion, even enforcing a duel to the other party without even discussing what will be in it for them if they win.

It wouldn’t be a problem if she treated Schild like this because of envy, as he was from the same people who made a name for themselves in the monster eradication battle that led to the downfall of the Royal Court Knights.

But she invited him to a duel because he was Schild.

Schild and Carney were dubbed as the most successful individuals in the last campaign. Th is cha pt er trans lati on is m ade poss ibl e by st ab bin g wi th a sy rin ge trans la tions . chec k on ly u p- to -da te tr ans la tions on my Wo rdp res s sit e.

They were the ones who led the team of heroes and annihilated the monsters.

It was especially more for Schild, who defeated dozens of vicious and famous monsters in that battle on his own, deserving the title of the strongest subjugator.

That very Schild himself is being challenged to a duel by such a woman who literally is without any place nor rank.

“With your defeat from me, the knights of the royal court will be able to clear out our names in one fell swoop.”

With that thought process, Lesnussa has concluded that what she needs the most now is proof. A proof that even with the terrible defeat, it doesn’t mean that the knights are weaker than the subjugators.

And for her, the quickest way is by beating the strongest subjugator that will provide a great motivational force for the inspiring knights on establishing the new knight order.

(I admit it’s a bit hasty and rash, but it’s also effective. And if I were to perform well, I can also snatch the reputation that the Subjugators Guild has built up as a bonus. More than that, I can also pull out Carney to them……). This was going on inside Lesnussa’s thoughts.

“Lord Schild, if you lose this duel, it could lead directly to the downfall of the guild. Wait, come to think of it, it’s possible that the Oscars are also behind this as well.”

“We still don’t know about that, Carney. But it wouldn’t matter one way or the other.”

Whether the Oscars, the political rivals of Schild and the others, are involved or not……

“This simple scheme won’t be enough to ruin us anyway.”


The duel between Schild and Lesnussa took place in an indoor training room in the furthermost corner of the Subjugators Guild branch.

Surrounded by solid walls on all sides, it prevented anyone from seeing or even eavesdropping, so only the two participants, Schild and Lesnussa, and Carney as a witness, are the ones who would know what’s happening inside.

Because there are no spectators other than them, Lesnussa immediately complained, as they were detrimental to her plans.


Since her objective was to defeat Schild and spread the reputation of the Knights’ strength throughout the capital, she thought that the more spectators spreading rumors about the result of her victory, the better will be the outcome for her and her knights.

Nevertheless, it was but a useless worry.

In order for things to work out the way she wanted, she had to first and foremost defeat Schild.

And here, she will find out how impossible that goal is.


“……We’re actually giving you a lot of face here, you know? Having this match without any spectators….” Schild emphasized for the nth time. Then, he lowered his wooden practice sword that was pointed towards the woman.

“It would be nice and all if you win, but if not, like this time, not only will your reputation take a hit, your new knight order dream will also collapse before you can even establish it. Well, it’s not like your reputation in the kingdom will go lower than now after that shameful defeat of your knights anyway.”

The match is already over.

Right now, the female knight, Lesnussa, is kneeling in front of Schild.

Her breaths were heavily uneven, and she had countless beads of sweat all over her face and body. As for Schild, he’s still calm and composed.

“No matter how anyone would put it, a newly established knight commander being defeated by a monster slayer of common birth would have their reputation be beyond irreparable, to the extent that even their very existence could be erased from shame. You don’t want that, do you?”

“……!! ……!!”

“High risk and high rewards are one and the same thing. Unfortunately, you’ve lost sight of that. That’s why you lost.”

“Certainly, it would be the same for me. No, I would be even worse. Aside from Carney being taken by you, my reputation, which I had worked for in all my life, would all be ruined. I would lose everything I gained from the monster swarm extermination battle. That said, it is only if I lose.”

But Schild didn’t lose the duel.

It was an overwhelming victory – or a one-sided beatdown if one describes it well.

There was no way that a single human, no matter how well trained they are, could compete with Schild, who was crushing vicious and famous monsters one after another as his bread and butter.

The wooden sword used for the duel was smashed, and only the hilt remained in Lesnussa’s hand. If y ou a re a ble to read this me ssa ge, yo u are re ad ing from an unau thorize d ag grega te s te. Re ad at my Wo rdPr ess at st abbin g wit h a syr ing e. ho me. b log to su ppo rt me and my trans latio ns.

“H-how……!! How could there be such a great difference in our power!?”

“Sir Lesnussa……this is just a portion of the power of Lord Schild.”

After a single sword match, Schild has already understood. The kind of woman Lesnussa is.

As Carney’s teacher, her swordsmanship is straightforward but fierce. Her slashes are so powerful they could break down any defense, and it was hard to believe that it came from a woman with thin arms.

It was only her misfortune that she was matched with something that was beyond her reach.

By standards, Lesnussa is an abnormal one among normal ones, but Schild, on the other hand, is an abnormal among the abnormal ones.

Therefore, it is evident that she couldn’t compete with such existence on her own.

“Rest assured. I’m not going to blow the whistle on the fact that we had this fight. Only if you promise to give up Carney.“

“Not yet!”

Lesnussa threw away her wooden sword, which only had its hilt remaining, and put her hand on the hilt of her real sword, which was on her lower waist.

“Give it up.”

However, Schild was still unperturbed.

“If you pull that out, then there’s no turning back.”

Schild also threw away his wooden sword and lowered his hand on his own waist.

What he had there was his own weapon. It was the sword that was made from Hihi’irokane, one of the most famous swords that had slain hundreds of monsters so far.

“There’s no place left for me back there anyway….”

She was in a state where she was thoroughly beaten down by Schild for the umpteenth time.

But even though her legs were already trembling from bodily injuries, she continued to rise and rise again.

“My family has held the position of knights to protect the king for generations. That is the only thing we are proud of. Even now, even after the Demon race was eliminated 20 years ago and war has long since ended, that duty remains unchanged.”


“Lacking a male in our family, this lowly female officer had no choice but to pursue the path of knighthood. For a long time, I had endured being slighted because I’m a woman and being blocked repeatedly from my promotion because of my lowly backing….”

“…But now, at last, the chance that I thought would never come has come! In order to be a true knight who protects His Majesty the King, the noblest of this land, this minor Officer will seize this opportunity and make a breakthrough, and that starts with you!!”

Lesnussa pulled it out.


She pulled out her beloved sword, which was resting on her hip.

Schild also pulled his own.



The two drew their swords precisely the same time, but when they clashed their blades against each other, one of the swords was snapped with a high-pitched clang.

“Sir Lesnussa! Please don’t do this ever again!”

Unable to hold back anymore, Carney also jumped in.

“No matter what you do, you’re no match for Lord Schild! Even if you fight with real swords here, there is nothing you can do!!”

Carney held her senior in a hug. To which, Lesnussa only stared ahead, still stunned by what just happened before her. If y ou ar e ab le to r ad th i s mes sa ge, yo u are rea din g from an una uthori zed ag greg ate si te. Rea d at my WordP re ss at sta bbing wi th a syr inge. ho me. bl og to su ppo rt me and my tra nslat ions.

She was looking ahead at her opponent, Schild, who was facing her.

However, her gaze was not focused on the man’s figure but on another point instead.

It was on the sword that Schild had just pulled out. Lesnussa’s gaze was glued to the blade of that sword.

“……That sword……!?”


“Why……! Why?! Why do you have that sword? That sword is not something you should be holding in your hands!”

Lesnussa suddenly burst out in rage.

It was so abrupt that Carney had to seize her in a different way.

“Sir Lesnussa! What is the matter with you all of a sudden?”

“Don’t you see, Sir Carney? That man has that sword! You were born into the House of Leschbein. You should definitely understand!!”

It was then that both Schild and Carney realized that this Knight Lesnussa also knew the significance of the sword Schild was wielding.

“It’s the sword of the sun! It is a special sword that only the royal family’s warriors are allowed to wield, a sword that commoners like him should never have!”


Schild’s Hihi’irokane sword was originally belonged to his father.

Schild’s father――whom he discovered to be the king.

After raping a nameless village girl and impregnating her with Schild, he left this sword as proof of his existence, which was also the only thing he had left for his child.

Since then, the sword has been Schild’s weapon of choice.

“But I didn’t expect her to notice it so instantly.”

In the end, this sword became the reason the true identity of Schild was revealed.

A secret that he doesn’t want to be shared with the world……at least for now.

“The sword of the Royal Family is made from precious metal, so not many people have seen it before, but that’s what makes it more memorable. The texture it possessed, its luster, everything of it is clearly different from iron or steel.”

Those who don’t know it may think it’s just ‘a piece of an unusual metal,’ but those who do would immediately notice the difference.

This was proven as a fact as Lesnussa, whose family has been knights for generations, was able to distinguish between the normal swords and the hihi’irokane swords wielded by the royalty she was supposed to protect.

“This humble officer is deeply sorry for her rudeness!!”

As a result of this revelation, Lesnussa is now prostrating with her knees, hands, and forehead firmly planted on the ground, which is a troublesome situation for Schild who still wants to lie low.

“To behave so rudely, to speak so carelessly, and even to point a sword at His Highness, though this one does not know it, is worthy of death. Please punish me severely.”

“No, no, no. Stop with the His Highness. I’m just an ordinary commoner. There’s no need to humble yourself at me.”

Lesnussa’s change was so great that Schild couldn’t help but be confused.

She has been like this for a while now, rubbing her forehead against the ground and refusing to raise it no matter how much Schild appeases her.

“But I’m surprised, ……. I’d heard you’d been oppressed by people of influence for years, so I thought you’d be more rebellious of me….”

“How can that be, Lord Schild!”

This time, it was Carney who spoke out.

“It is a knight’s duty to give their absolute loyalty to their Lord. The lord is none other than the royalty. For Sir Lesnussa, being humble to Lord Schild, who’s a part of the royal family, is the very meaning of her own existence!”

“Isn’t that just one-sidedly giving in to the power of influence? And going by that logic, submitting to this influence is the most shameful thing to Sir Lesnussa, am I right?”

“There’s a huge difference in the influence of the aristocracy and the monarchy, especially if you’re a knight whose duty is to serve the royal family! Also, the most shameful thing for a knight is not submitting due to fear, but drowning in power and using it for their own good!”

“But even with all that, I’m not even royalty…….”

“Lord…no, Prince Schild, with all due respect…….” It was then when Lesnussa enters the conversation. This cha pt er trans lati on is m ade po sibl e by sta bb ing with a syrin ge tra nslat ions. ch eck o nly up-to-da te transl atio ns on my Wor dpress site.

“Your Highness……please don’t humble yourself anymore. For this Lesnussa, this is already worthy of offering my loyalty! As a knight, serving the royal family is the greatest happiness, much more to this lowly officer! So please command me, no matter how impossible the task!”

“It is as she said, Lord Schild!”

From here, even Schild could see that if he said no, it would get more troublesome for him……or bloodier, whichever is the outcome.

Because of the current instability in the political situation in the royal capital, Schild wanted to keep his existence a secret for as long as possible.

However, there was nothing he could do now that his identity was exposed before Lesnussa. At this moment, he has two choices; to accept the woman or silence her permanently.

“If you’re this insisting, then I’ll give you your first order. Stop addressing me as ‘Prince’, or ‘Your Highness’, and so on. Also, I’d appreciate it if you didn’t tell anyone about what you discovered about me and what happened in this room. Right now, my existence is known only to a number of people, and I want to keep it that way.”

“Understood, milord! This Lesnussa will not divulge your secret, even if they dismember me of my limbs and gouge out my eyes!”

Because she stated it in such a gore way, Schild couldn’t help but imagine this person being tortured.

(Ugh……Anyway, with this, I succeeded in keeping her mouth shut.)

“……Do you have any other orders, milord?”

“Anything else, you say? Hmm……”

“Yes, for a knight, carrying out his lord’s orders is their greatest joy. Much more so for this little officer of humble rank who has no possibility of receiving direct orders from the king. Being given such an opportunity like this is already considered a blessing for us!”

Lesnussa, eagerly awaiting an order from Schild, is now similar to that of a dog desperate for attention from its master.


“If it’s alright with you, milord, should I carry out the reestablishment of the new knight order just entirely for your sake? I promise that this new knight order will be the elite of the elite that will move at the will of Master Schild at any time!”


“In that case, can you stop recruiting Carney for now? She’s the kind of woman I’d like to have by my side at all times.”

“……as you command, milord!”

Lesnussa looked disappointed at the order, but she backed off obediently.

And just like that, the matter of Lesnussa trying to recruit Carney was resolved.

“As for my next order, try putting off the idea of starting this new knight order for a little longer. At least, do it after the succession struggle between Cymbium and Serenea’s factions is settled.”

“Pardon, milord?”

“With the political balance still in turmoil, if another knight order – a new rising force – appears in this situation, both sides will struggle to either possess you or destroy you all. Either way, it will become harsh to the new knights as they will also be subjected to power struggles. If that happens, it will only be the repeat of the previous one.”

“……I understand. I will obey the will of Master Schild.”

Still, as a person always deprived of chances of rising in power, this was a painful move for Lesnussa, as it was her long-cherished desire to sit in the position of leading the knight order. But as Schild first wanted to ensure the prevention of the Oscar family, this move was necessary. It is also to prevent them from infiltrating their ranks and causing another commotion again.

“Well, if you still insist on being given more orders…….”

“Yes, milord? Anything you want, milord!”

“Then, let me have sex with you.”

“Lord Schild!? I knew I should have expected this from the get-go!”

This time, it was Carney who interjected them.

“Well, I can’t help it, you see.”

But as if he had also seen this coming, Schild begun to explain.

“If one were given a chance to have a beautiful woman do anything you’d say, a healthy man would first order to let him have sex with her, am I right?”

“Normally they would think of it, yes, but ordering it or even speaking it out loud is another matter entirely! You were supposed to keep those thoughts in your head!”

Carney has a good point, and normally, Schild would often do just at that. But it was only this time that he dared to push forward. If y ou ar e abl e t o r ea d th is m essa ge, y ou are re a ding from an unauth or ized ag greg ate sit e. Rea d at my Wor dP ress a t sta b bing with a syr in ge. hom e. bl og to su pp ort me and my tra nslat ions.

It was because in the first place, before coming here, he was searching for Carney because he wants to use her female organ to subdue his horny animal lust.

But this was put on hold by Lesnussa, who intruded with her sudden visit on Carney. Her challenging him to a duel also made it worse.

Schild is literally boiling right now. The bloody battle made him so excited that he could already feel the semen rising from his balls.

At first, he was intending to pour this heated semen into Carney’s familiar vagina, but after all that had happened, he is now tempted to have a taste of this other vagina that has wholly submitted to him.

Carney’s familiar pussy versus Lesnussa’s completely unknown pussy. Tasting an unknown delicacy first is obviously the first choice.

Although Lesnussa is a manly knight, it’s the fact that she’s such a strong-willed woman that made her attractive to Schild.

(Another female knight……though she’s not as fresh and young as Carney being her mentor and being the older one, she still had a unique appeal in her as an independent woman.)

And because she’s also a woman that possessed such attractiveness, it was all the more for Schild to desire her and pour his fluids into her flesh.

“Sex……is it?”

Nevertheless, it was an absurd order, so it was not surprising that Lesnussa was troubled.

No matter how absolutely submissive a knight is to their master, the duties of a knight do not include serving as a night partner.

If she were to follow this and be embraced by Schild, she would not be a knight anymore but a mere concubine.

This was why Lesnussa is showing her confusion in obeying such orders – that wasn’t meant for a knight in the first place.


“Sir Lesnussa, you should have known of this because you’re a knight, but there’s a certain unspoken rule that is followed in all warfare.”

“Unspoken rule?”

“Yes. It is the fact that you can’t take your mistress with you on the battlefield.”

“…Yes, I know it, but isn’t that common sense?”

“It is, but the horniness of a man does not choose a place nor a time. And even if you suddenly become horny on the front lines, there’s nothing you can do if you don’t have a woman to hold. So let me ask of you this. What would a high-ranking commander do if he would suddenly be put in such a situation?”

“He or she would choose a good-looking knight and order him or her to get fucked by them.”

With this unspoken rule, it has been commonplace for good-looking knights to serve as an escort for the commanders and always be at their side.

“And because of the nature of their duties, they are most often well-liked, and their careers are on good track. Lesnussa. Would you like to be that ‘knight’ for me?”

“Yes! With pleasure!”

Be chosen. Be loved. Then rise up from ranks.

The parade of such glorious phrases for a knight caused Lesnussa to immediately be convinced.

In reality, being embraced by a commander and gaining glory from it is nothing more than a whoring up the ranks, but with Schild’s skillful phrasing and rewriting of its impression, Lesnussa was not able to distinguish anything odd at all.

With the results doing good, Lesnussa knelt down once more and prostrated herself to Schild.

“This knight, Lesnussa, will now serve as Master Schild’s escort. Although this one is but an inadequate and ugly woman, this one would be delighted if His Highness would enjoy my body to the fullest!”

And so, another ‘battle’ was started.

Unbeknownst to the two women, this battle was also another reason why Schild chose the indoor training grounds of the Subjugators Guild for their duel.

The indoor training room was originally closed off from the rest of the world for the duel between Schild and Lesnussa. This cha p ter tr ans lation is ma de p ossi ble by sta bb ing wit h a sy ri nge tran slatio ns. ch ec k onl y up-t o-da te tra nsla ti ons on my Wo rdpr ess si te.

Because it also has decent soundproofing to keep out the shouts and battle cries from disturbing the work inside the guild, even if they continue to keep the room closed for a few more hours, the other subjugators and the guild staff would only think, “Schild is working hard again”, and will just leave them aside.

As such, even if he fucked Lesnussa up until he had violated every corner of her body, even if they moaned on top of their lungs, there will be no problem for Schild.

“Still, an ‘escort’, huh……this word is a bit too formal for my tastes.”

Schild started by judging Lesnussa’s introduction first. That he was not impressed on how Lesnussa expressed her way of subservience to him.

For Schild, this was an important part, as he believed that good sex does not start if their partners were too embarrassed to speak in a more open and more vulgar way.

“Carney, how about you teach her a more appropriate opening statement for sex?”


Carney, who’s already turned into a state of self-abandon as she thought there’s no stopping for Schild now, immediately approached her senior on command. Then, upon whispering some words to her senior and former teacher’s ear, both the speaker and the listener blushed to the point of boiling red.

“D-do I really have to say that?”

“Yes, Sir Lesnussa. I know it’s embarrassing, but you have to get used to it fast, or you won’t be able to please Lord Schild.”

“I-I see. W-well then. M-milord. T-this Knight Lesnussa is but a lowly officer, but she also dreams to be your pussyslut knight, a-a knight who wants to be embraced even in wartime. Please use your muscular cock to train and transform this knight’s pussy into a sloppy cunt of your own liking, and add it to Master Schild’s exclusive pussy collection……!”

“Pussyslut knight, huh. That’s a new phrase. I like it.”

“Really, Lord Schild? I just thought of it recently.”

“Oh? That’s even more impressive. Now, take off your clothes at once.”

“R-right now!? I mean, Y-yes, milord!”


At that command, Lesnussa crisply took off her knight’s clothing, then her bra and panties, which had a cute design surprisingly, in front of the watching Schild and Carney.

“While at it, I as well.”

Schild also took off his clothes, revealing his penis that was raging hard for a while now.

At this point, Schild’s cock looked like a dragon about to run amok.

The only difference is that his cock, compared to a real dragon, wants to ravage a woman’s vagina instead of a noisy town.

“Lesnussa. From this point onwards, my cock will mess up your cunt until I explode my load inside of you.”

Unable to hold it in, he spoke to Lesnussa, which also served as his final warning.

And as a response,

“Feel free to play it to your heart’s content, milord. Ah, but……”

Lesnussa obeyed, but in the middle, as if remembering something, she anxiously covered her now-naked breasts with her arms.

“But? But what? You don’t desire it?”

“No! It’s not that, milord. It’s just……this lowly officer fears that she may not satisfy you. After all, to fulfill the duties of a knight, this one has been training and practicing day in and day out, thus has never behaved in a feminine manner. With such a brawny body, master might get turned off from it instead…….”

“For now, let me see it.”

Because of this worry, Schild approached Lesnussa and stared at her figure for a while without blinking an eye.

His stare was as if he’s trying to see through the hands which covered Lesnussa’s private parts.

“Uhm……please don’t stare at me too much, milord. Like I said-“

“All I see is a great body, Lesnussa. What is present before me is but a tanned, wild beauty in my eyes. Also……”

Schild removed the arms that were hiding her body, then pulled her in his embrace.


“Oh, that scream just now, did you hear it? It’s full of your femininity, Lesnussa. And I believe there are more of it stored in that body of yours as well.”

At this point, Schild started groping his hands all over while commenting on Lesnussa’s body. If y ou re a ble to re ad th is mes sage, yo u a re readi ng from an unau tho rized aggr egate si te. Re ad at my Wo rd Press at stab bin g wit h a sy rin ge. ho me. blog to sup port me and my tra slati ons.

First, he approached the female knight’s breasts.

“Look at it, Lesnussa. They might be small, but you have such nice, shapely tits. I also like the way your nipples perk up. It’s like it’s telling anyone who stares at them that it’s not going to lose to anyone.”

Next, he went to the female knight’s waist.

“Your waist, being well-toned, is no surprise to me because you’re training hard as a knight. But despite that, you made it stay in a perfect shape, the most ideal for a man to hug it in his arms.”

Then, he went down to the knight’s hips.

“Now, this place is unquestionably a woman’s. Fleshy, thick, and big. A curvy ass that can be rubbed and slapped at any time.”

Most importantly,

“This pussyslut knight couldn’t be more of a woman without this perverted cunt of yours. Look at this. It’s so wet as if it’s already expecting to get rammed and twisted by my cock and my semen pumped into it.”

“Uuu……no more, milord! I’m so embarrassed!!”

“Very well, then.”

This time, Schild took Lesnussa’s lips while she’s still in his embrace.

His slippery tongue went and invaded the other’s mouth and entangled itself with what’s inside.

“Mmm, mmmhh!? Myuummm. Chuup, chup mmmh!?”

The way Schild moved and licked was so perverted it was as if they were having sex using only their tongues.

“Your tongue is one of a kind as well. It’s so sweet and delicious that it makes me want to lick it forever.”


“Mmmhh……Please……don’t tease me anymore…! My chest is small, my body is full of muscles, and my figure isn’t attractive at all!”

At the multiple reviews, Lesnussa could not hide her embarrassment any longer.

After all, this was the first time in her life that she was being treated not as a knight but as a woman, and she was even praised for it.

“It’s not fair, both of you!”

It was then when Carney, who was the only one to witness the duel, intervened the two.

She was already naked, the same as the both of them.

“Lord Schild, it’s not only Sir Lesnussa who is the female knight here! I’m a female knight too! And yet, I’ve never been praised like that! So, Lord Schild, praise me too! Praise me a lot! And while at it, give me a perverted title as well!”

“Good grief. What a pampered knight you are…….”

To the sulking Carney, Schild opened his arms again, this time spreading wider to collectively hug the two naked knights. Then, he invaded their lips together, alternately sucking in between their two pink tongues.

“Now that Lesnussa is established as my pussyslut knight, Can you have the honor of being my first meat toilet knight, Carney?”

“With pleasure, Lord Schild!”

“Good, good. Now, as for your first mission, assist me in working up our second meat toilet knight.”

W-wait, I can do this on my own. There’s no need to-kyaa!”

After giving Carney her new ‘title’, she and Schild laid Lesnussa’s naked body on the floor and opened her legs wide.

From there, the tight-looking vagina of the slender, tanned knight was exposed for them to view.

“Ooh, that’s one nasty cunt you have.”

“Indeed, Lord Schild. It’s so wet already.”

“Um, ……, milord, before we begin, I want to tell you something……”

But before the two arrived in the actual sex, Lesnussa spoke first.

“This will be my first time……I’ve ever had sex before.”


To the sudden confession, both Schild and Carney shouted in surprise at the same time. Th is ch apt er trans lati on is ma de pos sibl e by sta bbi ng wi th a sy ri nge tra nslati ons. che ck on l y up-to- dat e tra nslati ons on my Word pr ess si te.

“Because of it, milord, there’ll be some points where I might not know what to do. I might even fail your expectations along the way, but I request of you to please bear with my lack of experience!”

“That’s not what’s important here, Sir Lesnussa! Are you really a virgin!?”

“Rather, why are you even more shocked than I am, Carney? You should be her old friend, right?”

“But Lord Schild! Sir Lesnussa is 29 years old this year! A virgin until that age?”

“Don’t talk about my age!”

Lesnussa groaned at the two, feeling insulted at their way of tone.

She has even forgotten the fact that she’s still naked and her crotch was wide open to see right now.

“It is as I stated, Sir Carney. I was so dedicated to my duties as a knight that I had spent no time for romance nor looking for a man to relieve me of my desires. There was an instance when I was once almost raped by a group of fellow knights who were harassing me, though.”


“However! They were all frightened by the glare of this little officer, ending up with their manhoods wilting before they could even do anything. After all that happened, I was convinced that no ordinary man would be able to rape nor have sex with me……that until milord came.”

Lesnussa’s gaze then switches to Schild’s manhood.

It stood tall and straight, just a few inches from Lesnussa’s entrance.

“Honestly, yours is incredible, milord. I’ve never seen a man’s member that didn’t flop under the gaze of this lowly officer. And I never thought they could grow up to this size.”

“Don’t talk like that, Sir Lesnussa.”


“Don’t say ‘manhood’ or ‘member’. Instead, say ‘cock’ or ‘dick’.”

When Carney whispered that in her ear, Lesnussa followed suit, her face turning red.

“I-I never seen a cock that didn’t flop down under the gaze of t-this lowly officer……uu♡♡”


“So, in short, you’re telling me that my cock is more than qualified to fuck you? A cunt that only the strong are allowed to plunge into……that’s impressive. In that case, let’s see how it tastes.”

After that, Schild thrust his own organ into Lesnussa’s without hesitation.

“Ngiiii! ♡♡♡♡”

Just like that, the female knight Lesnussa has finally parted with the virginity she had been protecting for almost 30 years.

“That’s a tight fit, almost like a vise. Still, as you would expect from a well-trained knight, your body is first-rate, right down to the walls of your pussy.”


Surprised by the sudden invasion of her interior for the very first time, Lesnussa could only mutter gasps as her insides get rammed by the intruder’s bar.

“Damn……the more I move, the tighter it goes. If it was a normal dick, it would be torn off or crushed already, and I’m not kidding. It’s already a form of mercy that they wilted upon your stare, or else they’ll receive a more horrible fate afterward.”

“Gahaa…… ♡♡ Hii…… ♡♡ it’s lodging in me……it’s lodging in mee……. ♡♡”

But despite the exclaimed tightness, Schild was still able to penetrate Lesnussa at her deepest.

Then he began to extract slowly.

Lesnussa is a robust female knight, so even to her pussy, she possessed considerable strength, but even that strength is no match to Schild, who’s like a warrior blessed by heaven.

Thus, the only person who could violate her like a little girl is Schild and Schild alone.


“Ahiii, Yesh, yshh♡♡ miloordd♡♡♡♡”

“Tell me how it feels to be fucked for the first time.”

As her vagina is getting loosened by his own meat rod, Schild asks Lesnussa.

“As a knight, you’ve lived your life seeking only strength, aren’t you? To the extent of pushing aside the joys of womanhood and the like. And now, you are completely defeated in strength, that same strength you’ve worked hard to improve ever since you became a knight. Not only that, because you lost, you’re now being treated as a mere sow, as a lowly meat toilet. Do you have any thoughts about that?”

‘I feel……I f……I never felt so happy, milord♡♡♡♡♡♡”

As she said this, Lesnussa’s hands and feet got entwined with Schild as they lay together in the missionary position. If you ar e ab le to re this m ess age, yo u are re a ding fr om an unau tho riz ed ag greg ate si te. Re ad at my Wor dPre ss at sta bbin g wi th a syr i nge. hom e. bl og to su p port me and my tra slati ons.

“This lowly officer has now realized. That she has strived to become strong not because of the royal court. It’s because she has to prepare herself to submit her true master, the one who can defeat and overwhelm her in battle and in sex! and that person is you, Master Schild!”

“Thus, when I completely surrendered myself to you who’s my champion, also when I offered my pussy to you, all I felt was true bliss……for this is my true purpose of being a knight all along…….♡♡”

Because of her low rank, Lesnussa had never been able to meet the royal families of Cymbium and Serenea, not even from afar.

The fact that she was able to meet Schild, the only male royalty in this world, even if it was only by chance, was already enough to give Lesnussa the illusion that their meeting was desired by fate.

“This man is the lord I’m fated to serve.”  This was what’s going in Lesnussa’s mind right now.

“Aahh, I’m so happy ♡♡ To be able to make myself submit by Master Schild personally, there’s no other bliss than this♡♡ This is the long-cherished desire of this humble knight all along♡♡♡♡“

“I-is that so…….”

“That’s why, please humiliate this lowly officer more♡♡ Forcibly fuck me more, as if you’re raping me♡♡ Take all the strength and pride away from this arrogant bitch pussyslut officer and make my cunt yours, my lord♡♡♡♡”

“Then, can I cum inside your pussy?”


In this sudden proposition, Schild immediately stopped his pumping as if to tease the woman.

Nevertheless, because his penis was left squeezing through the tight gap, he was able to feel thoroughly Lesnussa’s pussy in each throb. This made him feel pleasant as well, even while he’s keeping still. And because it was secreting a constant amount of love juices, its slickness remained exquisite.

(Damn, even the muscles of Lesnussa’s insides were tight. Not just tight, but super tight!)

In fact, it’s the tightest of all the women Schild has fucked until now.

But because it was a tightness he also finds pleasing, the man considered it a masterpiece even with the intense pressure.

Still, Schild knows. If he were to continue to move further than this, it would only lead him to one result.

And that is ejaculation.

So within this time, Schild had hardly moved, not even a small step for fear of blowing up.

“A-are you saying it is possible for this lowly officer to receive the seed of royalty?…….but, I’m not-”

“What’s wrong with that? Isn’t it a pleasure to you knights to obey my commands?”

“But if my womb receives your sperm, there is a possibility that I’ll get pregnant. A lowly officer carrying a royal child……becoming a mother of royalty is just……!?”

“So you’re saying I shouldn’t?”


“It is way beyond the duties of a knight, milord. It’s too much that even I couldn’t help but be afraid…….”

Schild sees that Lesnussa’s expression was of confusion. Rather, it even seemed more of fright of the consequences.

The horror of being pregnant with a royal child.

But this frightened look on her face was very seductive to him as well.

So, without even waiting for her permission, Schild came inside.

“Eeh!? Eeeeh!?”

Lesnussa noticed the sensation and understood immediately, despite never experiencing it before.

“What is this……! No way, milord!? You really…in my pussy!?”

“Phew……! I knew it feels best when you do a creampie without permission!”

Schild’s semen was released into Lesnussa’s vagina without warning.

The champion of their battle’s semen occupied the loser’s womb, violating and filling it all inside.

“No……it can’t be! This is no good, milord! This humble one is but a small knight who dedicated her loyalty to the royal family. Seeding a lowborn like me is…….auuh!?”

Lesnussa thought that if she conceived royalty in her womb, she would no longer be in the position of the knights anymore, but on the side of royalty instead, to whom she is supposed to pledge her loyalty.

“This little officer’s cunt is just a cunt for Master Schild to use as a masturbation toy! It should never be meant to be impregnated like this!”

But even with all the complaints, Schild’s cock still spewed white liquid and continued to fill Lesnussa’s womb to the brim. Th is cha pt er tra nslat ion is m ade pos si ble b y stab bing wi th a syr inge tr ansla tions. ch eck on ly up-to -da te tran slati ons on my Wo rd pre ss si te.

Though her pussy possessed the characteristics of being firm and tight, Schild discovered that Lesnussa’s womb, as if to balance, also has the capacity to hold in more load. As a result, it didn’t leak even after having pumped with his semen for a while.

“Hey now, why are you insisting? Isn’t it you yourself who was begging me to fuck you like I was raping you, to take away all your strength and pride until I make you give in?”

For Schild, sex in its true meaning is to cum inside until the woman gets pregnant. And it was always what he’s done.

“That’s exactly what I’m going to do. I’m going to take away what’s most important to you as a knight. And that is by making you into my woman from deep inside your cunt.”

For Schild, having done only one vaginal ejaculation, even if she has a huge capacity, it was still unknown if she could get pregnant or not.

To solve this, he decided to pour more semen into her womb.

“Nhoo, milord, I……ugh……uaahh……”

As if to react to this, Lesnussa trembled in fear of losing her knighthood in the process and becoming just a woman meant to be fucked, yet she also gasped in pleasure and delight.

But seeing her in this state just aroused Schild more.


A couple of hours later.

“Aheeee♡♡♡ Ahiiii♡♡ I’m shorryyy♡♡ I can’t. I can’t bear it anymooree♡♡♡♡♡♡”

At this point, Schild has already cummed inside Lesnussa multiple times, yet he hadn’t shown signs of stopping at all.

He continued thrusting his hips, not even allowing a single moment to remove his penis out of Lesnussa’s vagina.


This is one of the reasons why Schild is known as an unrivaled sexual prodigy.

For him, his first vaginal ejaculation is just a signal for the beginning of a long and wild sexual relationship.

“M-milord♡♡ Enough already♡♡♡♡♡ this Lesnussa’s pussy is broken for good♡♡♡♡♡♡”

Lesnussa agreed to be embraced by Schild on the pretext of providing sexual services as a knight, but that pretext was shattered on the first vaginal ejaculation of the man.

But Schild didn’t stop there and continued violating her, and as a result, the arrogant and proud knight is now reduced to a state where she can now be easily swept away with just a fuck of a man.

“My butt♡♡ My butt is waving so much♡♡♡♡ It’s shaking so hard while my lord’s cock is plunging my pussy♡♡♡♡ Yes, fuck me more♡♡♡♡”

Earlier she was saying this is no longer the scope of being a knight, but now, Lesnussa is accepting Schild’s cum as if its rightful place was only inside her womb.

Still, Schild couldn’t help but praise the woman for having a strong sense of duty……though that duty is now replaced by being a sleeve for his cock.

Intense carnal pleasure and the elation of fulfilling a mission as a knight.

The mixture of these two types of pleasure overwhelmed Lesnussa, and now, it started to get rid of her restraints as well, turning her into a shameless slut bit by bit.

“It’s now this pussyslut knight’s duty to make you feel good wherever, whenever♡♡♡♡♡♡ Whether it’s my tits♡♡♡♡♡♡ or my ass♡♡♡♡♡♡ , Feel free to fuck and violate everything I have, milord♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡”

At this point, Lesnussa is no different from a beast in heat as she was fucked by Schild from behind.

She was also shaking her hips by herself, and it was so intense that it was already hard to tell if she was giving Schild pleasure or just devouring it for her own.

Moreover, the momentum with which she shakes her ass is ridiculous.

Because she was trained as a knight, the muscular strength of her thighs and buttocks far surpassed that of an ordinary woman, or man even. And if it had been an ordinary man who had his genitals connected in her posterior, he would no doubt be thrown off just from the impact of her buttocks and would have rolled far away.

Though hilarious as it sounds, Lesnussa’s big ass was an ass with a literal power to knock out a man. If you a re a ble to re ad this me ssag e, yo u are re adi ng fr om an un aut hor ized ag greg ate sit e. Re ad at my Wor dPress at stabb ing with a sy ringe. h ome. b log to supp ort me and my tran slat ions.

This makes Schild even more special, as he is the only person with the power to take it head-on and thrust his meat stick back into it as if the force didn’t matter at all.

As if not wanting to be outdone, he pushed Lesnussa’s ass back and skewered her vagina deep inside.

The clash of great forces gave the both of them pleasure beyond the usual sex.

“This sex is too hardcore……! It’s exhausting, but I feel so much better for it……!’

“Master Schiilllddd♡♡♡♡ I will serve you for the rest of my life♡♡ As a token of my loyalty, I will conceive and bear a son for milord at any time♡♡♡♡”

Her buttocks rippling in lovemaking, Lesnussa again pledged her knightly loyalty to Schild.

The loyalty she spoke of this time is the kind that will make her open her legs to Schild when ordered to do so.

Soon, another batch of semen came, and once again, Schild exploded it inside Lesnussa’s vagina.

Of course, he continued swinging his hips like before, all until he had let out his entire load. Then he pulled out.

From there, a huge flood of semen oozed out from the orifice of the knight like a full water container getting pierced.


“Now, Lesnussa. Can you repeat what you just said?”

“Yesh, sir…… Which line?”

“The one that you’ll do whatever I tell you to do.”

As soon as he was reminded of this, Lesnussa happily shook his buttocks and said,

“This Lesnussa is now but a loyal servant of Master Schild♡♡ A servant in which he can order anything♡♡ It is but her duty as a pussyslut knight♡♡♡♡”

“I see. Be honored, for I’m going to torment you with all sorts of nasty commands after this. As for the first one, I want you to spread your buttocks so that I can clearly see your embarrassing parts, Lesnussa.”

“As you command, my master♡♡♡♡”

Without the slightest hesitation, Lesnussa grabbed her own butt cheeks from both sides and spread them apart in different directions.

Because of this, her asshole, which had been hidden behind the crack of her buttocks, and her vagina, which was overflowing with semen, were exposed to the man in all its glory.

“You’ve got your asshole and pussy in full view of your lord. Aren’t you ashamed of yourself?”

“This Lesnussa is very ashamed♡♡ But If Master Schild commands it, this knight had no choice but to endure, for it is her duty♡♡♡♡”

“You’re a good servant, Lesnussa. And by the way, your anus is very beautiful.”

“Thank you, Master Schild♡♡♡♡♡♡”

“As for your next order. Clean my dick. It’s gotten so sticky from having sex with you. But only with your mouth.”

And as soon as the order was given, Lesnussa took Shird’s still erect penis in her mouth and licked it as hard as she could.

“Mmmphmmbh♡♡ Melmelmbbh……♡♡ mgkh, mhgk♡♡♡♡ schlurp♡♡♡♡♡♡”

It was an amazingly intense blowjob for what must have been her first time.

“Good, you’re good, Lesnussa. Makes me want to give you more reckless orders……let’s see. This time, I will now test your shamelessness. I want you to leak out your piss right here.”


Lesnussa herself was completely naked, and where they are right now was one of the training rooms in the Subjugators Guild.

Taking advantage of the natural drainage which is the absorbent ground, Lesnussa opened her legs and sprinkled urine vigorously from in between her crotch.

It was Lesnussa herself who said that as a knight, she would obey her lord’s orders, no matter how absurd they were. This cha p ter tr ansla tion is mad e po ssi ble by st abbi ng wit h a syr inge tr ansla tio ns. che ck only up-to -da te tra nslati ons on my Wor dpre ss si te.

And she did it. Moreover, with honor and glee.

It was as if she truly enjoyed the fact that she is now reduced to a sow and that she was successfully fucked by a man.

Wholly aroused by the numerous lasciviousness she showed, Schild once again plunged his male organ to Lesnussa’s counterpart.

“Nhiiiiiiiii♡♡ Master’s cock♡♡ went inside my pussy agaiin♡♡♡♡ Do it more, master! Make yourself feel good in this Lesnussa’s pussy mooree♡♡♡♡♡♡”

“Aaah~, Sir Lesnussa has completely become a meat toilet for Lord Schild too.”

Carney, the other female knight, spoke in ‘regret’ as she watches from the sidelines as her former superior – who is also her teacher – was being trained and conquered in a hapless manner.

At first, she was the witness to their duel, but before she knew it, she became the witness to their sex and the transformation of her senior from a knight to a lowly whore.

“Sir Lesnussa, can you still hear me? You’re not losing your mind over sex, are you?”

Aahh……♡♡ Sir Carney♡♡ Forgive me……for this Lesnussa is happier today than she has ever been in her life……. ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡”

She already lost it.

The look on Lesnussa’s face says it all.

“Aaa aah~. It’s a shame that Sir Lesnussa, whom I respected as a senior knight, has fallen into a meat urinal so easily. I’m really disappointed in you. Oh, where has the gallant knight that I know well have gone to?”


Then she started her verbal abuse.

Schild immediately guessed Carney’s intentions as he kneaded Lesnussa’s ass.

What she’s using is a technique of deliberately spitting out abusive words to stimulate the other person’s sense of shame – and at the same time – draw out greater pleasure in them.

Carney learned this technique naturally after experiencing the repeated fuckings and treatment as a semen toilet by Schild.

After being reduced to a cum-loving whore, Carney has become ever-so diligent in this part, which is also one of the things that made her so attractive to Schild.

“Lord Lesnussa is no more. She’s not a knight but a coward. She’s a pervert who enjoys having her pussy fucked by men.”

“……What did you just say to me, Sir Carney?”


Suddenly, Lesnussa’s naked body, covered in semen, leaped at Carney.

Because of the unexpected movement, Schild’s erect penis got slipped out of her vagina, and a large amount of semen spilled out of her vulva.

Because Carney was pushed down by Lesnussa, the two women were now basically in a position where one is lying on top of the other.

Two female knights overlapping bodies. To Schild, their position is now like a lesbian play between senior and junior, between master and disciple.

“Sir Carney. Tell me, honestly. You’ve already been fucked senseless by Master Schild, am I right?”

“How did you know!? W-wait, before that, you were conscious all along!?”

No matter how high you have reached in your life, you will always have a lifelong weakness for the people who cared for you when you were just starting out.

For Carney, her senior female knight, Lesnussa, is just such a person, hence her nervousness upon discovering she’s aware of her actions all along.

“Did you think I wouldn’t notice? I’ve known you since you were a naive young lady. When I saw you today after a long time, I immediately noticed that you smelled like a female all over your body. You’re practically oozing out your pheromones all over.”

(Wow, Lesnussa is sharp. Still, you won’t think of this as a conversation coming from two loyal knights of the kingdom, especially with the two naked and hugging each other like this)

“Even a virgin can detect such subtleties after almost 30 years of life. With the other party being Master Schild, then I am even more convinced. After all, you were a daughter of the Leschbeins, so it’s natural for you to accept a royal cock.”


“But to think me and you will become pole sisters of Master Schild……I didn’t expect this, really.”

“M-me as well I’m also happy that I gained a big sister from this! Moreover, its Sir Lesnussa whom I admire all along♡♡♡♡”

“Fufufu, by that logic, I also gained a cute little sister. I’ve always wanted to spoil you like a little sister during our training, but you always get angry when I treat you like a child. Mmmhh♡♡♡♡”

The female knight sisters then licked each other’s tongues while they overlapped their naked bodies. If y ou a re ab le t o re ad this me ss age, y ou are rea ding fro m an unau tho rized agg regat e sit e. Re ad at my WordP ress at sta bbi ng wi th a syr ing e. hom e. bl og to supp ort m e and my tr ansla ti ons.

Schild, who was watching them, was naturally aroused by a lot.

Unable to hold it in, Schild inserted his penis into a wet pussy once again.

“Nhiiiinnn♡♡ Lord Schild, you can’t just put your cock inside my pussy all of a sudden♡♡♡♡”

And this time it was Carney’s pussy, whom he hadn’t fucked yet today.

“It feels so good♡♡ Lord Schild’s cock feels so good♡♡♡♡ More, mooree♡ This Carney’s pussy is made to be raped by Lord Schild after all♡♡♡♡”

“Your cunt is as incredible as ever, Carney. It’s already a wonder that I couldn’t get tired of you no matter how many times we fucked.”

Once again, the knight and the subjugator slammed their hips together, making Schild cum in a stream. Yet, he continued pummeling the back of Carney’s vagina even after that.

“It must be the blood of the Leschbeins flowing in her veins, milord. After all, the blood of their noble family, along with the Oscars and the Ryngbergs, were the only ones that touched and melded with the Royal Bloodline, as they were deemed as the most compatible.”

“Is that how it is?”

“Yes. Usually, girls of the three great noble families are married to the king, and their mission is to get pregnant by squeezing the semen out of the king’s cock. Sir Carney is a woman born into such a family. It just so happened that there were no male royals of her generation, so her role came up empty, but I once thought during her training period that if fate had played a different trick on her, she would have become an excellent queen.”

“And now it’s coming true. It seems that fate really likes to play tricks on us!”

Lesnussa expresses a smile at her beloved disciple. This should be a touching speech for the two, if not for the fact that this ‘queen candidate’ is busy devouring the cock of the king’s illegitimate son and moaning deliriously, all while she was being pushed down by her former superior’s body from above.


“Mou~♡♡ Big sis, don’t be so cruel♡♡♡♡ This Carney’s dream is just to become a strong knight♡♡♡♡ Being a queen is just too much♡♡♡♡”

“You’re feeling so good that you’re back to your old tone♡♡ Aah, Carney’s so cute, you’re really, really cute, Carney♡♡ It makes me want to fuck you too, if only I had a dick♡♡♡♡”

Maybe because she’s liking Carney’s current state too much, Lesnussa’s tone of voice had also changed.

“Carney, don’t be so stubborn. Always swallow Master Schild’s cum deep into your cunt, so that you will conceive us an heir for the future of our kingdom♡♡♡♡”

“But, sister♡♡ Big Sister♡♡♡♡”

“Also, you must conceive a boy, my little sister♡♡ It is only by getting fucked and giving birth to a boy that the queen can fulfill her mission♡♡ Well, in that sense, the current first and second queens who only gave birth to princesses are nothing but failures, so swallow Master’s sperm in your womb more so that you can give birth to a healthy boy and overthrow them♡♡♡♡”

A black smile appeared on Lesnussa’s face as her female side blossomed after being ‘raped’ by Schild.

It is unknown if it was from the accumulated resentment of being trampled as a low-ranking noble for so long or it was something else.

But, but, aahhh♡♡♡♡ That‘s too much, big sister♡♡♡♡”

“I think Carney still doesn’t get it, Lesnussa. Would you like to set an example for her?”

“Eeh? Hyaaaaann♡♡♡♡♡♡”

After saying that, Schild pulls his penis out of Carney’s vagina and thrusts it straight into Lesnussa.

“It’s not only Carney, remember? I also want you to take my cum in your womb and impregnate yourself properly. And since you’re talking so big, why don’t you try our best until you bear me a son as well?”

“Master Schild!? Again, it’s too much for a lowly officer like me to give birth to royalty! Moreover, to a lowly officer who barely even functions as a knight……!?”

Lesnussa’s tone immediately returns to its formal self in a hurry, but Schild is relentless.

He kept thrusting his penis deep into the vagina of the strong female knight even while the other begged him in an overly formal speech.

“This knight Lesnussa, aahhaaah♡♡ Though this one has pledged her allegiance to her lordddhhoohh♡♡, she offered her pussy only for the intentions of being his cock sleeve,eevvhh♡♡♡. This kind of pussy is not worthy to bear the royal seed! nhaaaaahh♡♡♡♡”

Despite being ruined by her moaning, Lesnussa constantly begged Schild, accompanied by the shaking gestures of her head.

But to Schild,

“Isn’t that too late now? You have been cummed inside several times by me now. Having another one makes no difference either way.”

“No, please! This Lesnussa’s pussy is just a disposable fuck toy. Being made as a cradle for the sacred royal family……I’m just not worth it! Please, have mercy, have mercy on this one, Master Schild……!”

“I will still cum inside your pussy.”

Schild declared, unperturbed of Lesnussa’s begging.

And for the umpteenth time, A thick stream of baby batter was once again poured and filled all of Lesnussa’s uterus. This chapt er tran slat ion is made pos sib le by st abb ing with a syr ing e tr anslat ions. check o nly up-to -date tran slations on my W ordp ress s ite.

They flowed tremendously. It was as if they wanted every single egg stored in her ovaries to be fertilized immediately.

This showed another proof that when it comes to conquering women, both physically and mentally, there was no greater tyrant other than Schild.


“Another ejaculation straight the pussy from Lord Schild. You did it, big sister!”

”Noo!! Even though this lowly officer has implored so much……If I were to conceive the child of the King, being a concubine will be an inevitable path for me…… What am I supposed to do with my body at that point!?”

Carney congratulated Lesnussa in delight, only to the horror of her former superior who also taught her how to be a knight.

“Wait, why am I the king already? Stop expanding the story without permission!” though he wanted to say that, Schild thought it will just pass from one ear to another with this knight, so he chose to keep silent instead.

“Big sis, I just thought about it, but how about you become the first queen?”

All of a sudden, Carney suggested something outrageous.

“H-how can that be possible! Also, Sir Carney, now that we’ve come to our senses, can you stop calling me “big sister”? It’s really embarrassing, now that I have cooled down and all!”

But Lesnussa just rebuked it with all her might, combined with the embarrassment and shame mixed in.

“But Sir Lesnussa is in the first place a sister to me. Or, you don’t want it?”

As a response to this, Carney played the role of a pitiful little sister instead.

“Really, that’s unfair. This high-class lady…….But somehow, you have grown a lot more than you were still training under this lowly officer, Sir Carney.”

Lesnussa looked at Carney with eyes full of nostalgia, an unexpected reply for a woman who only thinks about promotion and the knights.

“Really, big sis?”

“Like I said……sigh……fine. Anyways, I’m talking about the old you. In the past, you really hated being a woman and being treated as an upper aristocrat, and you would forcibly deny any treatment that correlates to that. But that didn’t stop, so you ran away from the Royal Court Knights and turned yourself into a Subjugator.”


“Even now, I can see that you’re still stubborn when you get associated with the Leschbeins, but at least you seem to fully acknowledge now that you are a woman. The reason this is the case is that you were fucked hard by Master Schild, am I right?”


This time, as if the nostalgic look of hers earlier was a lie, Lesnussa sent the question with a nasty smile, to which Carney responded in a way that takes a defiant attitude instead.

“Grrr, yes, that’s right! But what of it? When a woman’s pussy gets violated by such a strong, big, and delicious cock, she will have no choice but to admit that she is a woman, no matter how stubborn she is! Therefore, so that I can be loved by an exceptional man wich is Lord Schild, I have to be a woman, a licentious woman at that!”

“Mm! Well said!”

Lesnussa nodded in satisfaction, like a knight proud of her subordinate’s accomplishments. Though that same superior is now in a state where she is naked and with cum dripping between her crotch.

“But putting all that aside, I’m sure that with the current you……you can now resolve your ill-tempered relationship with your family, can’t you? Also, I think it’s time to change the way to refer to them as ‘those Leschbeins’ into ‘my family’, unlike how you treated them before.” She whispered to Carney’s ear.

Meanwhile, Schild observed the two naked beauties having sweet talks.

(For a pair of knights having a senior-junior relationship, these two sure are getting along well. No, that’s not it. these two are more than good friends, even by looking)

For Schild, there is no more delight than a harmonious relationship between two mistresses that he has fucked.

“Putting that aside. Milord?”


Lesnussa was the first to separate from the two, then she turned and faced Schild. No traces of shame were left in her movements anymore, unlike when she first undressed to the man.

“For this moment you have given me, this Lesnussa would like to express her utmost gratitude, also for accepting this lowly officer’s loyalty. If it’s for Master Schild, I’ll do my best to serve as your fuck toy whenever you want it.”

“Eh? I-it’s not much, I suppose?” (Crap. Have I gone too far on her?)

Seeing the outcome of the female knight transforming into a sow he can have sex on command, Schild couldn’t help but feel bad for a little bit. If you are ab le to re ad this m ess age, yo u are rea di ng fro m an unaut hori zed agg egate sit e. R ead at my Wor dPr ess at stab bing wit h a sy rin ge. ho me. bl og to supp ort me and my trans lat ions.

“From now on, the humble officer is your servant. Master is free whether he wants to use me as a sword or as a human toilet. And as long as it’s you, I am prepared to accept any kind of treatment, no matter how shameful it may be.”

For a knight, it is a supreme joy to meet a lord to whom they can truly surrender and give their loyalty.

In the eyes of the female knight Lesnussa, Schild has now become the ideal monarch for her.

Schild is still irked that she decided it all on her own again, without consulting nor asking his opinion, but since this treatment is already okay for him, he didn’t budge on it anymore.

“Very well. I am hoping for your support in the future, Lesnussa.”

“Yes! This Knight Lesnussa will obey your commands.”

Lesnussa puts both palms and forehead on the ground and prostates again before Schild. Still completely naked as she was before.

Because she was on her knees, the curvature of her buttocks could be seen, and that if he were to turn around for a bit, he’d be able to see it in its full view.

Nevertheless, it didn’t miss in his attention her exposed vulva dripping out the semen he injected and making puddles on the floor. Seeing this, Schild’s libido was stimulated again.

“Ahh, damn it. I just thought how enticing you are, Lesnussa. And now, I’m horny again. Let me fuck you one more time.”

And so Schild overlapped bodies with Lesnussa once again, ejaculating three more times into her vagina before they were kicked out by Lirica.


After that, Schild became close to Lesnussa, the new Knight Commander of the Royal Court.

As per Schild’s wishes, she tried to delay establishing the new royal court order as much as possible.

But one day, when he tried to contact her well-being in the order, “She left the capital and went on a trip all over the country” is the news he received instead.

When Schild asked the reason, they said that she did it to “find and select talented people from all over the country that she can recruit to the knights.”


Unknown to many, this was a trick laid by Lesnussa to find talented people regardless of their status like herself. This is to organize a more practical knight order under Schild’s banner. But as the new knight order would not be officially recognized until Lesnussa returns to the royal capital, this also delayed the matter of restoring the royal knight order, therefore hitting two birds in one stone for the both of them.

“We were still unable to find where the intention to rebuild the order came from, but with this, at least the Oscars regaining control of the actual fighting force of the kingdom is now gone.”

“The only thing left to do is to settle this dispute with the Oscars before Lesnussa returns. And once she gets back, I’ll make sure to reward her with a good fucking. All night long.”

《To be continued》

Character Summaries:


My name is Ikuhito.

I hope you enjoyed the first volume of “After being Abandoned, the Bastard of the Royal Family turned out to be the Strongest, and is now Embracing every Woman with He Likes with his Extraordinary Prowess”.

This story is originally published on the novel submission site “Nocturne Novels”, and now, Orgis Novel offered me the chance to publish it as a book.

My work is an erotic novel, and frankly speaking, it’s just porn in words, with a plethora of descriptions of men and women having sex and many of the female characters talking about pussy and cock.

Nevertheless, it was super fun to write.

I’m sure that reading these kinds of ero-manga or novels is already a common experience for readers who pick up this book. Still, I couldn’t help but think that among these people, most had no experience of writing erotica.

After all, it’s a whole new world.

When reading erotica, there are times when the content of the work suits your taste, but oftentimes, it doesn’t.

The key to finding a good erotic work is to find an author whose tastes match your own.

At first, it will be easy, but as you delve more into the genre, the more specific your tastes will be, and when you reach that point, it will become nigh impossible to find them.

And even if you ever find one, it will only up by 50%~99% match at most.

However, if you make it yourself, it will be 100% your own taste.

Once you re-read the story you’ve written, you’ll notice that the characters will start having sex at 100% of the time you want, they wear 100% of the clothes you want or none at all, and they will perform 100% of the plays you want.

Again. It was super fun.

And when my work, which I wrote with my libido in full swing, caught the attention of people and was published in book form, I have never been so happy.

It’s because it also means a professional illustrator will now be able to draw my fantasies with my imagination as its limits!

As I’m a person with no artistic ability, the production of the book form of the novel has become a precious event for me. In fact, when the end product was finished, it has now become a part of my family heirloom! Thank you very much for the illustrations, Nekuta!

Now that we had talked about the erotic parts, let’s get on with the non-erotic part of the works next.

For example, if you read more than ten pages of an erotic manga and the sex still doesn’t start, it’s kinda annoying, isn’t it?

Based on this experience, I tried to get into the erotic parts as quickly as possible in my own work. …… However, I realized that a novel is far unlike the manga.

In a manga, the scenario can be expressed in a single panel at a minimum. However, in a novel, even a minimal description of the situation still consumes many words and paragraphs. I really had a hard time aligning them just to make it clear.

As for the protagonist of this story, Schild, I made him the strongest and most loyal to his desires because I want him to be a refreshing character. It was also for that reason so that he could have sex with so many women simultaneously. After all, as long as you’re strong (and you’re in a medieval fantasy), you can get anything in those times. Money, honor, and women. Though most of the ‘refreshing part’ is his considerate attitude when having sex with women.

Because of this, it became more of a fantasy-fulfillment story, but hey, people don’t live by sex anyways. Unless it’s a novel like this one.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the everyday lives of these characters.

This ends my afterword.

Again, thank you very much to everyone involved in the production of this book and those who bought and read my works.

I hope to see you again.


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