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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Volume 1 Chapter 9

Chapter 9 – The Truth behind the ‘Unknown’

“Mmph, sluurp, mmlem, shluurpp, mmmh.”

Currently, Millie is on her knees in front of Schild, licking and sucking the member of the man who’s now sitting on one of the beds of the offered lodging.

Yes. Millie is giving a fellatio to Schild.

And despite her seemingly innocent face, she was able to swallow Schild all the way to the back of her throat, an accomplishment which left the man impressed even though she wasn’t able to cover the entirety of his member.

She was only sucking with the movements of her head, but this already gave Schild an extremely superb feeling around his rod.

And it was a sensation he honestly wasn’t expecting from a woman of a rural village.

“You’re used to it. Looks like it’s not your first time.”

“Apuhaaa! ……I-I’m sorry for not being in your expectations. D-do you prefer innocent ones instead? We can call them if you want.”

Millie showed a little nervousness, not wanting to upset her guest even for a moment.

“There is no need. and I don’t really care whether my partner is a virgin or not. Go on.”

“Yes! Thank you for patronizing us!”

With this behavior, Schild couldn’t help but observe Millie further.

Despite her malnourished state, he could estimate that this woman giving him a head is either in her late teens or her early twenties.

But what he was impressed is that, even though she is living in a shabby village, her skills are superb. At least, they are on the level of new prostitutes he had tasted in whorehouses and are specialized to the cause.

He couldn’t help but think that she must have lost her virginity and was ordered to be the ‘comfort girl’ for those who do favors for this village at an early age.


But Schild was not perturbed by this, as this was a common occurrence in a poor and run-down village like this with nothing of value.

“slurrp, mmphh……haamu, chuuu……”

As Schild contemplated about the woman’s situation in his head, Millie, on the other hand, continued her healthy oral sex underneath the man.

Despite comparing her to a prostitute, Schild has noticed that her tongue is now beginning to falter, and her movements were starting to deteriorate as well, as if she was having a hard time with his size, but these characteristics only made it more appealing to the man.

“It’s about time. Shall we?”


Schild then laid the naked Millie on the bed and piled her body with his own.

He then aimed his now raging tension on her gaps between her legs.

From there, Schild’s cock, which was completely soaked in Millie’s saliva, came into contact with Millie’s secret place, which for some reason was already overflowing with love juices even though he hadn’t done anything yet.

“I’m gonna go in. Relax your crotch for a bit.”

“Ah……! Before that, please wait a moment!”

But before he was able to penetrate her, Millie stopped the man. Then, she stretched her her secret hole wide before saying this with a flirtatious expression on her face. This chapter translation is made possible by stabbing with a syringe translations. check up-to-date translations on my WordPress site.

“Sir, please insert your cock into this Millie’s slutty pussy and fuck it hard until you cum……♡♡♡♡”





Schild looked puzzled, wondering what he should say on the slutty words that came out of the blue. This confusion, however, made Millie even more upset.

“……where did you get this idea?”

While in fact Schild is not averse to such lewd words as the other day he made the uptight career woman of the guild say the same perverted speech, this time, his partner spoke so abruptly, so off-putting that even Schild himself felt he had to back off for a bit.

“Uhm……you didn’t like it? I was taught this by a guest we have welcomed here before. They told us that saying this before the act will definitely stimulate the man.”

“So that’s how it is.”

This odd exchange relaxed Schild’s shoulders for a bit but also made him see Millie in a more adorable light.

“Then, as your guest, I have an order for you, Millie. While you are having sex with me, you must do the following.”

“Y-yes, whatever you wish!”

“Stop letting out scripted words and enjoy the sex in full.”

“Yes! I’ll enjoy the sex- Hauuuu!”

Millie hadn’t yet finished talking when Schild penetrated her in full.

Maybe he was a bit annoyed by the fact that he was interrupted by the teachings of another man, but It was already too late when Schild realized he went a bit too hard on Millie, whom he was supposed to treat with care because of her frailness.

“W-what’s this? It’s totally different from what I’m used to feeling!?”

But seeing that the woman is giving positive reactions to his piercing, Schild went along with it and gave her more advice instead.

“Those speeches are only good if you truly feel it. In fact, I don’t really need such things if you’re only doing it just because you want to comply with something.”

Schild then began to shake his hips vigorously, and with each thrust, Millie’s body bounced like a carriage on a rough road.

“Ahh, kyaauuunnn! Wha, what is this! It’s so amazing! I didn’t think it would feel this good! This is the most amazing feeling I’ve ever had!”

“Good, good. Now that’s what I like to hear.”

“But please, slow down a little. I won’t be able to take it if this continues, so please slow down!”

Millie tried to rise up to avoid the plunge, but her waist was grabbed by Schild despite her begging, and from there, her ass was pulled back as if he’s not allowing any escape.

That momentum again caused Schild’s penis to slam hard into the back of Millie’s vagina, making the woman almost moan to a scream.

“Afuuuuuuhhh!? No, waaait! I’m gonna break, my pussy’s gonna breaaakk!”

“How is it? Feels good by a lot, right?”

“Yesh! It feels so much better unlike the last time I did it!”

“I see. That’s better. Now that you’re able to learn now how to enjoy sex, you can tell me what you desire.”

“My boobs, please suck my boobs!”

“With pleasure.”

Maybe it was to distract Schild and stop his pumping for a bit, Millie requested Schild to cover her small breasts instead, as the man also showed no intentions in slowing down.


Schild then proceeded to lick her breasts all over, as if he wants to taste the entirety of them mounds.

But when his tongue, which was crawling all over reached the tip of her breasts, Millie’s slender body jolted immediately.

“Hyaaaaaaaaaaa!? Afuuu, aaaaaaaaaahhh!?”

And far from the woman’s expectations, the pistons in her sweet hole did not even diminish in momentum despite Schild dividing his attention on two points. As a result, a double source of intense pleasure hit Millie from both sides: her nipples and her pussy, and it hit her hard.

“Hyaaaaaaa!! My boobs, my boobs feel so good! My pussy is feeling so good as well♡♡♡♡”

“You don’t have to force yourself to use words planted by the last customer, you know?”

Schild spoke in care for Millie, who had begun to spew out vulgar words without any sense of shame.

“Ahh, no, I’m really feeling good……whether it’s my pussy or my boobs, I’m feeling so much better than the sex I have gotten used to. I feel so strange……am I becoming a shameless woman? But, it feels so good♡♡♡”

“I’m not seeing any problems even if you become one, feel free to do what you want. I’ll allow it this night.”

“But, if this continues, I’ll really become a slutty woman……! Because this village is poor, all the young men have gone to the capital and work away from home. Even if I turn slutty, I won’t have a chance to have sex unless a visitor from the outside comes this way……♡♡♡”

“You……so you volunteered as a witness because you want to have sex, huh……”

While they were talking, Schild thrust his hips harder.

“Hyaaaaauuuuaaaaannn♡♡♡……Yesh! It was because of that that I asked the village chief that I will be the witness today, because if I were the witness, I will also become the guests’ caretakers! That’s right. I love sex. I just love sex that muchhhh♡♡♡♡” Millie confessed as she shook her hips wildly as well.

It was indeed the hips of a prodigal woman who likes to have sex herself.

“Sex♡♡♡♡ sex is so good♡♡♡♡ My pussy was so wet and squirming all over ever since that time♡♡♡ I’m so happy to be fucked with such a robust and cool man♡♡♡♡”

“That time……?”

“Aaaaahhh♡♡♡ I’m being fucked♡♡ I’m being fucked so hard yet I’m also enjoying it♡♡ ……cumming, I’m cumming♡♡♡ I’m cummiiiinngg♡♡♡♡”

And just like that, Millie came, indicating that the woman enjoyed her sex to the fullest as ordered by Schild.

“Nchuu……Haah♡♡ I’m very sorry. I came earlier before our esteemed guest…… aahmm♡♡ urgh, urrfh, urfhhh……♡♡♡”

Millie had opened her legs to entertain the newly arrived guest, but she felt it disrespectful that she climaxed before his patron did. To make up for this negligence, she gave the man another blowjob without being asked to do so, also in order to clean up her love juices that sprayed all over the man’s crotch.

“You don’t have to get bothered by it. I am fully content. It’s just that if I let out my seed right now, I won’t have any strength later on. I always try not to ejaculate before a fight, you see.”

“Is that so? Hafuu!”

“Yes, so don’t worry about it.”

Schild stroked Millie’s head as the latter continued to suck his cock.

“Still, I’m really sorry. I really should be the one serving our guests, but I’m the one who’s being served and feeling good instead……aaahh, my pussy’s getting drenched again♡♡♡♡” she spoke out loud as she ran her hand over her crotch to show how moist she was.

“I haven’t been this wet since that time I did it the last time! Esteemed guest, you are really good at sex……!”

“Oh, come on, you’re talking about the last guest again?”

If he were to be honest, even if Schild is superior, he didn’t feel very good about being compared to another man.

“Ahh, no, it’s not what I mean, sir! I was just talking about that time when I was……!!”


“Well……I already had developed this kind of relationship with sir, so I think it’s already good to tell the truth. Actually, I lied to you earlier about what I said when I witnessed the monster.”


“I told you I saw the monster from a distance and suddenly fainted from the intense pain, right? Actually, that’s not all true. It didn’t hurt like hell. It just felt really, really good……!”

“Oi oi, what the hell do you mean by……!?” If you are able to read this message, you are reading from an unauthorized aggregate site. Read at my WordPress to support me and my translations.

“I passed out not because of pain, but because it felt a really, really intense pleasure even though I haven’t clearly seen anything. When I regained consciousness, my crotch was soaking wet, just like it is now……!”

Millie got off her face from Schild’s crotch, with the latter still stunned by the confession of his partner.

And with a face as if feeling extreme euphoria, she put both her hands onto her crotch, then spread and wriggled some fingers in her insides in a very lewd manner, as if she was reenacting what she remembered in those days.

“Today’s sex, is the first time I’ve had felt this good since that……! It felt so good, really good that time……sir!”

Suddenly, Millie went and hugged Schild’s hard and broad chest.

“Let’s have more sex! This time I want you to ejaculate too! You can use my pussy all you want! You can even use my asshole! Please, do anything you want with my body!!”

“Hey, wait, wait……!”

It was here that Schild realized for the first time.

There was something wrong with Millie.

She is not a comfort girl who entertains guests anymore, but a slut who is crazed in seeking pleasure.

“Sex! Sex, sex, sex! I want to have sex with you. I like your cock. I want your cock! I want it in my pussy, I want it in my pussy, I want it in my pussy! Please, put it in! Make me cum once more, I beg of you!”

“Calm down!”


Schild pushes Millie away, feeling threatened by the girl’s approach.

No matter how insane she was, there was no way she could bring Schild down with her thin arms.

“Is she losing her mind? It’s still……arggh!”

All of a sudden, Schild felt something change within his body. His joints, which were feeling good just earlier, were now beginning to ache and throb nonstop.

“What is this pain……! It fucking hurts so much! Wait, no way!”

At the same time, strange sounds began to ring from outside.

They were screams of men groaning in pain.

But along with it, were lovely voices of women moaning in pleasure as well.

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