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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Volume 1 Chapter 8

Chapter 8 – Survey of the ‘Unknown’ and Hospitality of the Village

“Phew. I’m glad we got there before nightfall.”

It was almost dusk when Carney and Schild arrived at their destination.

The village that was brought before their eyes had the look of a typical rural village. It was small, poor, and lifeless, with only a few worn-out villagers looking distantly at strangers – who are them.

The forlorn and desolate atmosphere reminded Schild of the village where he was born.

“Well, then, Mr. Schild…… now that we’ve arrived at the village, what should we do first?”

Knight Carney asked Schild for instructions, which caused the latter to pause in thought. The peeing ritual aside, the knight had become very familiar to him after the passing days in their journey.

“For now, let’s go and see the village chief. After all, he’s the one who sent us all the monster sightings.”

“Let’s ask him about the situation again, if there are some recent changes. Also, since he is the leader of the village, he would be able to help us in various ways, like accommodation and such,” and so the two went there first.

The village chief that Schild and Carney met was an old man who looked like he was tired of life. He was giving a dry look all over his body.

“……please, help us……”

The old chief squeezed his best plea from his dry throat, but it made it even drier.

“We’ve been too scared to go out of the village ever since that monster started appearing. We can’t work in the fields, heck, we can’t even go into the forest to pick up firewood. If this continues, our village will be wiped out before winter. Please, help us!”


“Chief, please don’t worry! Now that we’re here, we’ll quickly crush that monster and restore peace to the village!”

Carney was the first to assure the old man. This made Schild chuckle for a bit, but he didn’t forget to delve on the necessary topics.

“So, Chief, I’d like to ask you again about the characteristics of the monster you say you saw. Can you tell us?”

Before this, Lirica had already briefed them that they couldn’t find any monsters that corresponded to the sighting reports sent from the area, even after cross-checking all the past data they had in store.

That’s why, up to this point, the monster that appeared in the vicinity of this village is still called “Unknown.” Hence, they dispatched Schild and Carney, their strongest subjugators, to confirm this “unknown” here.

After all, there is nothing more terrifying in the world than something you don’t know the identity of.

“That’s……! It’s really horrible……! I, I don’t think it’s of this world……!”

“Um, be more specific if you can, please.”

“Well, that…… I don’t know. After all, I wasn’t given a chance to see it directly! But it is horrible! That’s it!” The old village chief said with an expression like he didn’t even care to bother explaining the thing.

Schild almost zonked out with this. He couldn’t help but wonder how were these witnesses able to take the initiative in unmasking the unidentified monster, if they all lack the courage to take a proper look at it?

“D-don’t look at me like that. Even I fear for my life, you know? J-just, just put a stop into it.”

“Put a stop into it?”

“A-anyway, please stay here. I’m going to call one of the people in the village who directly witnessed it……Millie, come over here. Millie!”


At the village chief’s call, the crude wooden door opened, and a young girl entered the room.

Her clothes were shabby, as befits a resident of this village, but the girl wearing them was quite beautiful, and the expression of “a rare spectacle in the countryside” was able to fit her perfectly. If you are able to read this message, you are reading from an unauthorized aggregate site. Read at my WordPress to support me and my translations.

Schild thought that this woman may not be on the well-nourished side, but if she is well fed and fleshed out, she will definitely be a beauty not losing even to those living in the royal capital.

The woman’s blond hair, which she had left to grow out, was brightly colored but had lost its luster like dead grass.

“My name is Millie. I saw the monster in the forest.”

“Can you care to elaborate more on that?” Schild spoke as he put aside for the moment the evil thoughts that welled up inside of him.

……and this is what he painstakingly summarized from the girl, whom he discovered that, despite her hidden beauty, is a pain in the ass to get on point.

I should have expected this from a rural person……Schild couldn’t help but think after all he has been through.

About seven days ago, Millie was ordered by her parents to go out and fetch water.

The village’s water source is a pond that was somewhat far from the center of the village. However, despite it being a pond, it doesn’t dry up even in the summer, making it a precious water source for the village.

To reach the pond, she has to pass through a dense forest. This is then where she met what appeared to be a monster.

“It was so horrible; it was as if it doesn’t belong in this world……!”

“That’s enough.”

“It was deep in the forest, hidden by the trees, so I couldn’t see much, but there were several legs crisscrossing around……!”



“When I got close enough to check it out, I felt a terrible pain all over my body. After that, I fainted. When I came to, it has already left.”

“A terrible pain?”

“Yes! A terrible, excruciating pain! You can confirm this with the other villagers as well!”

According to Millie, several people then began to see the same thing around the village. However, whenever they tried to get closer look, they would lose consciousness from a terrible pain, and by the time they awoke, nothing was left there.

“So this is why this “Unknown” is still treated as “Unknown” up to this day!”

“Should we assume that the witness losing consciousness is some kind of ability of this Unknown? I’m also curious about the intense pain. But I can’t think of any monster with that kind of ability. Can you?”

The knight tilted their head in thought.

Even with the new information, this “Unknown” only became more and more mysterious to them.

“…… Anyway, I’m sure you must be tired after coming from the city.” The village chief spoke once again in his very dry voice.

“Why don’t you take a good rest today to recover from your journey? I will assign Millie to assist you both during your stay. Please feel free to ask her for anything.”

Mille bowed her head in sync with the village chief. Her withered blond hair swayed stiffly, just like that of a withered grass.

“Well, I guess I’ll take your offer and let ourselves rest for a bit.”

“Agreed. Plus, it’s getting dark now. It is ideal if we start the real investigation tomorrow. For now, let’s just concentrate on regaining our wits tonight.”

Thus, with this, the update on the Unknown’s information has ended, and Schild and Carney excused themselves from the village chief’s house.

The lodging that the village had prepared for them was apparently an empty house.

It was shabby, but it showed the village chief’s intentions to be as hospitable as much as possible for the people who came all the way from the capital to defeat the nuisance.

From what Schild had observed, the house is least used, indicating it’s for guests. It had also been cleaned well, as if they’re expecting someone to come.

Still, it was shabbier than the shabbiest inn in the royal capital.

“Yellowed sheets!”

Carney, because the person is a particularly well-bred noble, or at least to Schild, had their cheeks drawn together upon seeing the horrible state of the accommodation provided. But in contrast to the knight who was feeling disgusted by the sight, Schild actually found it well within the acceptable range.

“In the end, our difference shows that you’re still a nobleman’s child.”

Schild smiles nastily as he sat down his butt on one of the ’yellow’ beds.

“I-I’m not really complaining or anything! Stop treating me like a little boy!!”

“Yes, yes. So, what are our plans now?”

“Let’s start looking for clues on the monster tomorrow. This time, let us confirm the information from each witness whom said that they encountered the existence personally, to align those that we have acquired from Millie…”

“No, no, no, no. That’s for tomorrow. What I meant is for tonight.”

Schild couldn’t help but laugh as he denied Carney’s serious opinion.

“Or rather, it’s on what we’re gonna do to her.”

Schild directed his eyes on the village girl, Millie, who stood upright in the corner of their room. She had been standing there ever since she had led them to this empty house.

“Hm? What about her?”

“The village chief said, she’s at our service, remember?”

Don’t tell me, you still didn’t get the idea behind those words? I knew this knight is pampered, but to think it’s to this extent……Schild couldn’t help but think to himself.


This time, it was Millie’s voice who squeezed between the two. She was giving off a face as if she has made up her mind onto something.

“I’ve been told to follow the wishes of our guests, but I think it will be hard for me to take care of both of you at once, so I’d like to invite a friend if possible, if that’s okay with you?”


But even after all of this, Carney wasn’t able to get the other party’s intentions straight.

“Sigh. What she’s talking about is this kind of thing.”

Schild then approached Millie from behind, who remained standing on the spot, and gave her a manly hug. From there, he grabbed and cupped the woman’s breasts, which were far from being lush, and squeezed them in front of the knight.

“O, oi……”

“The people in this village want to be as hospitable as possible to their savior, but in this poor village, they can’t even give us a good meal. As you see right now, they can’t even provide us a proper bed. So, the least they can offer is women.”

“Yes……he is correct……hnn!”

Millie reacted primly as her breasts got squeezed repeatedly by the man. This chapter translation is made possible by stabbing with a syringe translations. check up-to-date translations on my WordPress site.

“I have been told by the village chief to do whatever you ask for. I know I’m not as good as the beautiful women in the capital, but please enjoy my body to the fullest!”

This kind of hospitality is quite common in rural villages, so Schild was used to it.

Schild’s ideal is simple. To “embrace a woman he wants whenever he likes.” Also, he knows that if he didn’t do this, it may cause a rift in his relationship with the villagers, as this will be considered as an act of denying their utmost generosity.

For this reason, Schild decided to embrace Mille without reservation.

“What about you, Carney? Just so you know, it’s also a show of politeness to accept their hospitality.”

“I, I, I, I’m……”

With a bright red face, Carney ran out of the room.

“I still have my daily sword practice!”

“A~ah. What a pity.”

The door that Carney had exited was left open. But Schild didn’t mind that either.

“Don’t be affected by that. that tinman wasn’t rejecting you. That person is a city-bred virgin after all.”

“Don’t worry, sir……we’re not affected by it.”

“After this, tell the village chief that I’ve had my fill of your feast and I was very pleased.”

“Thank you very much.”

“Well then, let’s get you undressed.”


From there, as per Schild’s command, the village girl who was assigned to do whatever he wants began to take off her clothes.

When her naked body with visible ribs were shown, Schild was pained in seeing them, but this provoked the man’s protective instincts as well, making him decide to treat her with care.

As for Schild, he has already with his clothes off. Because of this, the raging tension between his legs was already revealed, and it was pointing up the ceiling as if showing its incredible might.


Seeing that humongous spear, Millie immediately recalled without the need for words on the role she had to do.

And so, the frail woman started her approach on the mighty symbol of the man.

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