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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Volume 1 Chapter 7

Chapter 7 – A New Enemy: Joint Subjugation with the Knight

This is how Schild went out with his new comrade to kill the unidentified monster.

Knight Carney.

For Schild, it was the first time he had met a knight, but ever since the briefing ended, they hadn’t spoken a word to each other up to this day, so he still doesn’t know the true nature of this person. Still, he is hoping that they could get along more as they will be working together in this mission.

According to the supplementary explanation of Lirica, Knight Carney is the most skilled among the monster slayers registered with the guild’s royal capital branch.

As a knight, the person has a tendency to be a mediator, and usually takes the leading role in group subjugations where it needed several subjugators in trying to defeat a powerful monster.

However, this style of subjugating of little concern nor needed by Schild, who often takes on monsters solo.

“Is this some kind of initiation for the neophytes?”

Schild analyzed the reasoning behind this half-hearted joint mission.

It was a common practice for the guild to assess the strength and personality of unknown newcomers to get to know their qualities better, as well as to try to get a good sense of their standing with the guild as a whole.

For this reason, the guild usually assigns their veteran subjugators as their judge and examiners on their first formal mission, like what Carney is going to do with Schild today.

“Now then, what to do……”

Right now, Schild is waiting at the gates of the royal capital, and as he was busy thinking of such things, the knight in question, Carney, arrived. As per usual, the person’s armor was clanking hard, and their appearance was quite pompous, at least that is what it looked like for Schild.

“There you are. Let’s go.”



Without any roundabout chats, the two left the capital like this, heading for the direction where the ‘Unknown’ was reported to have appeared.

As they walked along the narrow trail leading to the village, the Schild recalled the summary of the incident reported to them by Lirica.

An “Unknown” appeared in a small village northwest of the royal capital. The villagers there spotted of what seemed to be a ‘monster’, and sent in reports of these ‘sightings’ along with requests for subjugation to the guild. If you are able to read this message, you are reading from an unauthorized aggregate site. Read at my WordPress to support me and my translations.

“Hey. Do you find the information kinda suspicious that it doesn’t match any data on the guild’s repositories?”

“Suspicious or not, and regardless of what it is, it is our duty to investigate it, and if it’s really a monster, defeat it as soon as possible. Monsters are nothing but a threat to us humans. It is also for the sake of the villagers’ safety.”

Carney spoke in an auspicious tone in response Schild’s questionings.

It’s probably because of their title as a knight that this tinman is so serious, but this made Schild ponder for a moment.

“By the way, changing the subject……”


“Why did a knight like you chose to become a monster slayer instead?”

Schild and Carney had already left the royal capital and were leisurely making their way through the peaceful countryside.

As the traffic lessens the farther one is to the capital or any other city, right now, there is not a pedestrian in sight. Because of this, Schild couldn’t help but speak out and initiate a chat, or else he would be bored to death while looking at the grassy plain that seemed to go on forever.

“A knight’s job is usually to serve the royal court and protect the king, queen, and princesses, right? Defeating monsters is clearly outside of their duties.”

Normally, those who chose to be a monster subjugator would be someone who has no other way to make ends meet but is still confident in his or her abilities to face danger for a living.

This is also the reason why Schild became a subjugator.

“If you’re a knight, you’re probably a straight-up nobleman by birth. What is it that has driven you to do such dangerous work……?”

“This is because it is the duty of a knight in the truest sense.”

Carney said with a look of heartfelt seriousness.

“A knight’s duty is to uphold justice, crush evil, and protect the well-being of the powerless. However, there are only a few knights working in the royal court today who perform such true duties.”


“It was more than twenty years ago that His Majesty the King defeated the Demon Lord and thoroughly destroyed the demon army. The threat of the demon race has diminished, and the only threats that occur are sporadic damage from lesser demons, but that doesn’t mean the country is already safe.”


“But those were chaotic times, and now the kingdom has already attained peace. Shouldn’t you be enjoying more in luxury instead of deliberately putting your life in peril like this?”

“But I still want to be a useful knight! The knights of today have fallen into a state of tranquility and have become nothing more than officials serving the royal court. In order to remember to fight as a knight, and to save the innocent people who are actually threatened by demons, I put myself in the Subjugators Guild to-“

In other words, this person is an oddball. An oddball who left the stable work in the knight’s castle to take up the dangerous job of a monster slayer, all just to gain a sense of pride and fulfillment from their work.

“You’re an idiot.”


“But I don’t hate that kind of idiot. In fact, I admire them.”

Just like that, the conversation between the two halted and they continued walking together in the countryside road. Dry wind blew in waves towards them as if it were caressing the meadow.

“Well, what about you, Mister Schild? To me, you’re a much more mysterious entity than I am, along with the monster we are searching for.”


“You just appeared out of nowhere, but you easily defeated the ‘Amber Eye’, which is considered to be the strongest monster in the past few years, all by yourself. You say you’re a wanderer, but where in the world did you train to become that strong?”

“A real battle, I guess. I’ve just been going around, fighting all kinds of monsters in the way.”

“And? How did you get such an abnormal strength? I don’t know how you did it, but Miss Lirica has a lot of confidence in you for some reason, which made it even eerier than this Unknown existence!” This chapter translation is made possible by stabbing with a syringe translations. check up-to-date translations on my WordPress site.

Hey, don’t put me in the same league as unidentified monsters…… Schild said to himself.


Carney’s straight gaze caught Schild’s.

“I know you’re not a bad person. My gut just tells me so. Maybe it’s because I got exposed to the noble society a lot, but I had a good judge of character. Let’s work together to investigate the Unknown from now on, Mister Schild.”

Schild could tell from this exchange alone that Carney had an overly serious personality.

“I’d be happy to.” He responded easily.

Although Schild originally intended to spend all his time slaying monsters in the royal capital in order to increase his fame, he was not that greedy for glory.

Two people are much better than one when it comes to fighting monsters, and just by looking at their appearance, you can tell that Carney is a strong subjugator, so having a strong ally is a good thing than having an unreliable one.

“So, in commemoration of our cooperative relationship……”



“Shall we have a ritual to deepen our friendship?”

Carney was surprised and intrigued by this declaration from Schild.

“What’s that? A ritual to deepen friendship? If there is such a thing, I’d love to do it!”

“Oh! You’re in a good mood! Let’s get started then!”

Schild suddenly veered off the path he was on and strode toward the grasslands that stretched out on either side of him.


“Come on, you too, let’s pee together here!”

Peeing together.

This was the ritual of deepening friendship that Schild had described, or so this is what the mercenaries Schild met has taught to him. If you are able to read this message, you are reading from an unauthorized aggregate site. Read at my WordPress to support me and my translations.

Without delay, he immediately unbuckled his pants, pulled out his penis, and aimed on the tall grass near him.


Carney immediately gets flustered by the sight of his thing.

“Wha, wha, wha, wha, wha, what are you doing, having such a vulgar thing in a place like this!”

If you bare your manhood in the open air like this, you can certainly be accused of vulgarity……but Schild is thinking otherwise.

“Well, maybe the serious knights like you don’t know this……but if you want to strengthen the bond between the people you’re going to fight with, the quickest way is to piss in a row. There are no formalities, and it’s effective in tearing down the walls between people.”

A stream of water was already shooting out of the tip of Schild’s with such force that was enough to wet the grass at his feet.

“Come on, Sir Carney, let’s line up and let off some steam. I promise I won’t laugh if it’s too small.”

“I, I am……”

One of the mysteries in the human body is that, when you see someone peeing, you’ll find a similar urge to pee as well.

Carney became an example of this, and as for evidence, the knight’s thighs were already fidgeting inward as the person held back.

“I-I……! I’m gonna do it somewhere else!!”

“Ah…… what a cold person.”

Carney ran into the meadow off the main path and dashed quite deep into the field. It was further away from the spot where Schild is urinating.

In the meantime, Schild was overseeing Carney’s gestures, as he couldn’t take his eyes off his distant companion. It was then when he noticed an unnatural movement.

“……? Why is that guy squatting? Taking a shit, perhaps?”

Or maybe……it was the person’s usual pose when taking a pee……but that just means……No, let’s just not go through that matter right now.


Although Schild thought it as strange, whether the knight has a strange quirk or the person has strange gender identity disorder, he knew it best that he should leave it at that.

It wasn’t like he was bothered by it anyway. Plus, as they’re currently on a mission, strength is the only thing that is relevant right now.  

In the end, the two cleared their bladders this way, and without bringing the topic again, they headed for their destination once more.

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