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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Volume 1 Chapter 6

Chapter 6 – Start of Business in the Royal Capital and the Appearance of the Knight

The following day, after eating a good amount of ‘high-quality rump’, Schild and female branch manager Lirica went together to the Subjugators Guild for work.

“So Schild, I’m sure I had already told you this yesterday, but the Royal Capital Branch of the Subjugators Guild always welcomes you with open arms, this time, in its true meaning.”

“I am greatly obliged.”

Because he personally received the highest level of welcome, Schild thought of receiving it without any doubts for now. His manners are still something that needs a lot of workout, though.

After making it through the guild, they immediately completed all the paperwork they weren’t able to do because of getting too absorbed in sex, and after a lot of this and that, Schild finally completed his formal registration.

“Now that’s settled, I’d like to talk about the work you’ll be doing. Since you are so powerful that you can defeat the Amber Eye alone and in one piece, we will not hold back and prioritize to you our most difficult cases that are too much for our registered subjugators to handle.”

“Oi, oi, you aren’t trying to push all the troublesome things on me, are you?”

“You have made the branch manager of this capital your mistress, so at least, I’d like you to show off a bit of your presence. Also, it’s not like you’re going to be a workhorse of the guild. After all, if a monster of a strong presence equal to the [Amber Eye] would appear that often, the kingdom would have perished in no time.”

“Also, being that you are still a newcomer here, there are still many that have doubts about your ability. No matter how strong your real power is, even I can’t introduce you to very difficult missions right away. In other words, it’s a matter of saving face.”

“Well, I never thought it would be this pain in the ass, but still, I’m glad, somewhat.”

But when Schild was about to give a sigh of relief,

“Well, there is one mission that was bothering us for a while. For now, it was set as an [Unknown Difficulty].”

“Unknown Difficulty? What is that?”

“We couldn’t identify the monster, hence the title,” Lirica answered frankly.

“You mean……there are still monsters of unknown race? At this era? Is it still possible for the guild to not know a monster at this point?”


The process by which the guild learns of the existence of a monster that appears is roughly as follows:

First, monsters must be spotted. Whether in villages and towns all over the country, it first must be seen directly because they are required to describe the characteristics of the monster to determine its identification.

Second, this information is then reported to the guild, and usually, it comes with a request for elimination. In this way, the guild staff then identifies what kind of monsters have appeared based on the information received.

Third, the guild staff then determines the danger level of the monster and arranges for the appropriate person to kill it. These are the Subjugation Missions that members of the Subjugators Guild partake.

“But based on what I know, the Subjugators Guild has a repository of all the data and monsters they’ve killed, right? If you check it from that, you’ll know immediately what the monster is.”

“That’s what we’re always doing from the start, Captain Obvious. But the monsters usually reported this time doesn’t match any of the characteristics we have in our branch, hence the title.”

“Then……a new species?”

“Unlikely. Do you know how many decades we’ve been dealing with monsters? I’d say we’ve exhausted all the data we could have in this area.”

And yet, here it is, a monster with no precedent.

From all angles, this only smells trouble.

“Because we don’t know what kind of monster it is, or to what extent its capabilities are, it is difficult to dispatch our researchers, much more those fledgling subjugators, right? Here is where you come to the picture.” If you are reading this message, you are reading from an unauthorized aggregate site. Read at my WordPress to support me and my translations.

“This might be a bit unfair to you, but as we don’t know what kind of monster it is, we must take every precaution and send in the strongest subjugators who are not likely to die even if they kill them.”

“And you think I’m one of those guys?”

While I am glad that you trust me that much, isn’t that too much for a newcomer who just arrived yesterday? Thought Schild.

“You have a proven track record of defeating the Amber Eyes……And I myself was reminded of your greatness deep inside my pussy♡”

“Well, if you say it like that……”

“That’s why I want to entrust you with this job. Of course, we are going to pay you well. So, which is it?”

“It’s not like I got a choice there, aren’t I? Though I’m regretting that I overdid it a bit.” Schild answered exasperatedly.


“In the first place, I came here because I want to be introduced to a monster exterminating job. And besides, you know my true goal, right? Therefore, it’s already best for me not to put on airs and get picky with it.”

“So, you’re agreeing? Thank you, thank you, thank you~. Aah, I think I’m falling in love with you again.”

Lirica spoke teasingly.

(She got super messed up in bed last night, but now that she’s at her workplace like this, her calm, intelligent impression really stands out.)

“Ah, I almost forgot. Can you wait a little while longer? There’s also another person I’d like to hire for this job.”

“One more person? You mean this is a joint subjugation?”

Though Schild was surprised, he didn’t find it that unusual.

There is no rule that says you have to fight a monster one-on-one. In fact, it was even recommended to go along with two or more people, as your odds of winning and surviving will go up.

“This time, the unidentified monster, let’s call it “The Unknown” for now. I’d like you to work with that person, and whether investigating it or defeating it, it’s all up to you two. Of course, don’t forget the data, as it’s the most crucial part of the mission.”

“I can’t say I won’t comply with the branch manager’s direct request, but will that other person be okay? I don’t want to have a deadweight in my first mission.”

“You can rest assured in that area. After all, achievement-wise, that person is entitled as the strongest subjugator in our branch.”

As she was saying this, heavy sounds of footsteps reverberated from where they are standing.

“Speak of the devil. Please come in. It’s open.”

“Pardon my intrusion.”

The person who opened the door and came in was a knight that, with the exception of their head, their whole body was covered in luxurious armor.

“A knight? A man……?” Schild changed his views as he eyed the newly arrived member from the bottom to top.

The knight in shining armor was slenderly built that Schild immediately wondered their gender, but the presence they gave off was un-denyingly that of a strong warrior.

And despite the shininess as if it was still unused, the design of their armor is simple, prioritizing functionality over grandeur.

But what is odd about this knight is that their overall facial structure is like a child’s, boosting an androgynous feeling, and the person has black hair tied up in a ponytail.

Nevertheless, the sharp expression with wrinkles between their brows let out an impression that this knight shouldn’t be underestimated despite their androgynous looks. This chapter translation is made possible by stabbing with a syringe translations. check up-to-date translations only at this site.

“We are very thankful for your arrival, Sir Carney. Please, allow me to guide you to your seat.”

“I’ve told you many times, Miss Lirica, that I don’t need such formalities. Also, you can stop addressing me as ‘Sir.’ You are my employer here. There is no need for honorifics like this.”

Lirica paid more respect to this new arrival. Is this person a noble?

Though this explanation might be a bit delayed, right now, Schild, Carney, and Lirica are currently in the reception room in the farthest corner of the Subjugation Guild – the exact same room where Lirica had given him a ‘nice welcome’ last night.

“The receptionist told me to come here as soon as I arrived at the guild. Is there something urgent? I still have to finish our preparations as we have to leave for tomorrow to defeat the Amber Eye.”

“The Amber Eye?”

I’m sure I had heard that name somewhere. Wait. Wasn’t that the name of the monster that I had brought here yesterday? Schild spoke in his mind.


“Yes, we knew. That’s why we made you come here right away. Sir Carney, we are here to notify you that the subjugation mission of the “Amber Eye” has been cancelled.”

“What did you just say?”

As soon as she heard this, the knight Carney, whom he had given the impression of being calm, suddenly stood up in a fury.

“I must have misheard. Amber Eyes is a monster of the highest class of danger as it blocks the great Salanez Bridge, which most of the traffic of our goods come and go. And the last time I have heard this, our way of life in the royal capital will be in peril if this goes on for long. And you’re telling me, that this mission, which is crucial to all of our lives, has been cancelled?”

“Please calm down, Sir Carney. It’s just that we are telling you that you don’t need to subdue it anymore.”

“And leave such a dangerous monster that threatens the kingdom’s lives unattended!? I don’t understand! Why are you doing this?”

“It’s because the monster is no longer there. That’s the reason.”


In addition to the knight Carney who was left stunned, Lirica’s gaze shifted towards Schild, who them was beside.

“Allow me to introduce to you Mr. Schild. He is a fellow monster subjugator like you. Just yesterday, he arrived here in the royal capital.”

“Wha, ah, pleased meeting you……I am Sir Carney, a knight.”

“Pleased to meet you as well. I’m Schild, a mercenary.”

And just like that, the two introduced themselves to each other without really understanding what was happening.

“It was Mr. Schild here who subdued the Amber Eye. For this reason, you don’t have to fight it anymore, Sir Carney.”

“What did you say?!”

That was the third time.

“You, defeated that Amber Eye? Alone!?”

“Well, it’s because its huge ass is blocking the road.”

“I can’t believe it! Monsters that gained unique names are the most dangerous of foes. Even I have to select the best subjugators and train them to coordinate with us well; yet this guy……”

Well, because you are goofing around like that that your prey has been overtaken by others.

“That is why the “Amber Eye” Subjugation Mission” has been cancelled. That said, I want you to partake in another mission.”

From there, Lirica told Carney almost the same as what she had told Schild.

The appearance of the unidentified monster, [Unknown], how its existence became a mystery to the guild, why is the mission cannot be given to those of lower ranks, how it was decided to be investigated by the strongest members of the guild, and how Schild and Carney were selected for it.

“To sum up, this will be a joint investigation!? Me, with this man!?”

The sudden change of plans left Carney, who seemed to be very serious a while ago, puzzled.

“The fact that he defeated the Amber Eyes single-handedly shows that he is a real talent. However, we still have no ideas of Mr. Schild’s abilities. As such, this is where you’ll also be having an additional role; to test what Mr. Schild is really capable of. Of course, this, as well as identifying what the monster really is which is your primary objective. I’m sure you’re fine with it as well, Mr. Schild?”

(I see. So, this is what she means by showing off.)

“I don’t mind. As I will frequently go in and out of this guild’s doors anyways, I guess building relationships with one or two subjugators here won’t pose much harm.”


As this is his first formal job, Schild is determined not to let it slip, even if the conditions were he must also travel along with an androgynous entity who might even become a deadweight for him in this journey.

“……Since I have nothing else to do now that the Amber Eye has perished, I will gladly take on this new mission.”

“That settles it, then. Good luck to you two.” Lirica stood up, ending the briefing with a business-like smile on her face.

“With this, Mr. Schild, Sir Carney, the Subjugation Guild hereby requests both of you to investigate the unidentified monster “Unknown”, and if necessary, defeat it. Please head to the location where the sighting was reported as soon as possible.”

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