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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Volume 1 Chapter 37

Chapter 37 – Halting the Conspiracies

“Big sister!”

“What is it, my little Serenea?”

“I love you, big sis!”

“Thank you. I love you too, Serenea.”

the first and second princesses flirted with each other in front of the people’s eyes, putting the whole palace in an uproar.

After all, the heads of the two biggest opposing factions dividing the royal palace in two are now being friendly and happy with each other.

“Oh, another one of my dreams has come true. I had a dream that my sister Serenea and I would be together like this. We are sisters, after all.”

“I know, right? So let’s have lunch together today! I want to eat what you like!”

“Oh, really? I want to eat Serenea’s favorite food, too. Maybe we even love the same things…….”


The smaller Serenea hugged Cymbium’s arm and walked with her.

The two paraded around the royal palace in this position, making a big impression that caught everyone’s attention.


Of course, this was for political purposes.

By showing to the world that the First and Second Princesses were so amicable with each other, they would be leaving an impression that there would be no further power struggle happening, at least at this time.

This would be a significant deterrent to those who would try to usurp the second queen’s power and those who would try to promote chaos by unnecessarily creating a confrontational structure.

“I hope Serenea and I will always be good friends. Oh, I’ve got an idea.”

“What is it, big sis?”

“What if Serenea and I were to marry into the same family? This way, our factions would be united. And the world would be at peace.” Th is ch ap ter trans lat ion is ma de poss ible by stab bi ng with a sy rin e transl at ions. check up- to-d ate tran slati ons on my W ordp ress si te.

“I see. By this, we can live together every day as well, killing two birds with one stone! But, I wonder if there are any nice men out there who would be willing to marry us together……. “

“I’m sure he’s out there. After all, he’s close by.”


“Right it is~!”


While watching the princesses’ banters from the shadows, Schild felt a chill creep over him for some reason.

Because his body felt very refreshed after having ejaculated into the vaginas of the two princesses last night, he felt this sensation all the more.

“The princesses are getting into the groove. This is going better than I expected.”

Along with Schild, the female knight Carney was also watching with admiration the political cleverness of her master, Cymbium.

“If we show how close the sisters are, it will give the impression that there will be no further succession struggle. With this, the Oscars, which were trying to support Princess Serenea, will be thwarted sooner or later.”

“Well, if they were able to lick each other’s assholes like the way they did last night, I’m sure acting as good friends won’t even be a challenge for them.”

“L-Lord Schild, your language!”

However, Carney was right.

For the Oscars, Serenea is their biggest and most effective trump card, being the one that has been announced as the official daughter of the king, establishing her as one of the rightful heirs to the throne.


Because of this fact that she was taken away from them, it was akin to demolishing the very foundations of the Oscars claiming the rights to rule, even destroying any strategy they had constructed up to this point.

(It was also fortunate that Serenea was a woman who did not like conflict; just an innocent woman with a pure heart……or else this matter would just escalate further.)

“With this, we can finally corner the Oscars up to the last man and ‘persuade’ them to exit the center stage.”

“And free His Majesty the King from their clutches, so that he can meet with Lord Schild! Let’s do our best!”

Carney raised up Schild’s almost forgotten goal once again.

The Oscar family may indeed have lost the pawn of Serenea, the heir to the throne, but they still have the strongest card in the kingdom in the form of being the ‘representative’ of the current ailing king.

(Despite all that fuss, they still haven’t used that card yet, as if they had no idea how they would act and use the king, who was imprisoned by them under the guise of recuperating from his illness.)

“I guess I’ll have to keep working hard to rescue that troublesome old man.”

For Schild, he had never expected that his small desire to catch a glimpse of the father he had never met was able to get him to be involved in a major political battle.

However, in order to keep his original intentions and to repay the women he embraced in the royal capital, Schild could not stop fighting. At least, not for now.

“By the way, Carney……Can I have sex with you?”


The sudden demand for sex made even Carney’s eyes go wide.

They were in the royal palace, behind the masses. People’s eyes were focused on the flirting princesses and sisters, and Schild and Carney’s place was in the shadows where no one else was there but them. If you ar e able to r ead this me sage, you a re read ing f r m an unau th orized agg re gate si te. Re ad at my Wor dPr ess to sup po rt me and my tran slat ions.

“That again, Lord Schild? And now of all times! Didn’t you just fuck both the princesses all over the place last night?”

“That’s right, and I felt really good fucking the two of them. But, still, that is that, and this is this. Also, for some reason, I didn’t feel contented even after all that sex with the two.”

Once again, Schild requested Carney.

“Please, Carney! No matter what kind of woman I fuck, I always end up coming back in Carney’s cunt!”


“Don’t talk about my cunt like it’s some sort of delicious bread! Ahh, geez!”

Carney turned her head to the right, then to the left, and when she was sure that no one was likely to pass, she stuck her ass out of her skirt and spread her buttocks from side to side with both hands.

Her ripe pussy was now exposed, along with her gaping asshole.

“People might walk by, so it’s just one quickie, okay? Now then……please put your cock into this Lord Schild’s exclusive pussy♡♡♡”


At first, Schild thought of wanting to go home and have sex with her as normal, but when he saw Carney pulling up her skirt behind many people, he remembered that it has already become a routine for him and Carney to do it outside. To begin with, even the night they first fornicated, they also did it outside.

This only meant that for Carney, doing it right here and right now is a natural act.

Despite the improperness and way far from his original intentions, Schild didn’t correct Carney. Instead, he pulled down his pants to expose his unsightly penis, which had immediately reacted to the unexpected display of lasciviousness, and without wasting time, plunged into Carney’s already spread vagina in his front.

(Everything seems to be going well this time. However, some things didn’t make sense at all……)

One question stuck in Schild’s mind.

“It is said in the investigations that the monster wave that had accumulated this time could never be created naturally, but by those who have the ability to do so……however, we were unable to find anyone who showed any such signs of intentionally calling nor commanding on the monsters in the actual battle.”

What kind of intentions and purposes were those monsters created for in the end?

Who created them?

These questions shouldn’t be neglected, but for Schild right now, the penetration of Carney’s vagina felt so good that they were quickly buried in the corner of his mind as he proceeded to shake his hips.

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