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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Volume 1 Chapter 35

Chapter 35 – Triumphant Return

After eradicating the monster swarm, the subjugators returned to the royal capital, where they were then greeted with loud cheers from the people.

Ironically, it was the Oscar families who originally staged this event. As they wanted to achieve a great victory in the same project, they even spread the information of the monster outbreak to the people to make it look like they had done an even greater deal in defeating those monsters. As a result, the news of the outbreak had spread farther than necessary, inciting more fear in the people.

This is why the townspeople can only express their unanimous gratitude and praise, regardless of those that have defeated it.

Not missing the chance to knock down the Oscars, the news of the destruction of the knight order was also publicized by the First Princess Cymbium.

The Subjugators (First Princess Cymbium’s Faction): Success.

The Knight Oder (Second Princess Serenea’s Faction = Oscar House): Failure.

That in the midst of all this, it turned out that the second princess, Serenea, was put in a desperate situation and became surrounded by the group of monsters before she was rescued just in time by the “heroes”, the Subjugators.

Or at least, this was the composition that was brought out in a big way.

Why did they take the princess to such a place?

Even if it was for morale-boosting, wasn’t it too rash?

The blame was placed on the bureaucrats of the Oscar family who made the decision, and because of this, several heads were chopped off for the unforgivable crime of endangering the royal body.

Of course, this resulted from the swift and thorough maneuver by the First Princess Cymbium.

But that was not the only action that Cymbium made.


“This incident has convinced me that the Second Queen and her cronies are treating Princess Serenea lightly. I can’t leave the upbringing of the noble royal family in their hands.”

In other words, “I can’t leave the education of the noble royal family to you,” is what she said, depriving the Oscars of their right to education and care for Serenea.

Of course, it was a rather forceful push from a political standpoint. Still, it succeeded in taking away the Oscar family’s greatest trump card and most vital asset, the second princess who had the right to succeed to the throne. This chap ter trans la tion is ma de po ssi ble by st abbi ng with a sy ri nge tra nslat ions. check up-to -da te tra nsla tions on my Word pr ess s ite.

It could be said that this was the most outstanding achievement of the First Princess in this uproar.

The second princess, Serenea, was then placed in the hands of the first princess, Cymbium, who was to “educate” her in person.

In other words, the first princess Cymbium and the second princess Serenea will eat and sleep and live together.

But this “education” is more than that.

“Ahiiinn♡ Ahiiiinn♡♡ My pussy, my pussy iiss♡♡♡”

There was a woman in front of Serenea.

The woman was completely naked, her crotch vulgarly opened to expose her genitals, and she was shaking her hips on top of a man.

That woman’s name is Cymbium.

She is said to be the first candidate for the next queen, and is considered to be the most noble and glorious woman in the land, possessing not only great wisdom but also unparalleled beauty.

That First Princess Cymbium is now swallowing an erect penis whole in her crotch hole and bucking her hips so vigorously that her nasty love juices are splashing out.

Her beautiful golden hair swung wildly with the momentum, her ample breasts swayed as if it was dancing, and her ass rippled in waves.

“My pussy feels so good♡♡ I’m getting great waves inside iit♡♡♡ Are you watching me♡♡♡♡ Serenea, are you watching meee♡♡♡”

From cowgirl, Cymbium then switched to doggy style.

She welcomed the man from behind and even opened her thighs so that from the front, their joining parts will be in full view.


In fact, from Serenea’s vantage point, which is sitting face to face with Cymbium, she could see the full extent of the First Princess’s womanhood, which was spread open with his cock in her opening.

A white, murky liquid was leaking from the opening of the joint parts. It was evidence that she had already been cummed inside several times before this.

“Ohhhh……♡♡♡, this is great, this is great……♡♡♡♡, sex while being watched by my sister is……♡♡♡♡ ah♡♡♡♡♡……this is so awesome. ♡♡♡♡”

Once again, the stiff manhood explodes inside Cymbium’s vagina, causing the white semen to overflow and spurt out of the combined organs.


Serenea was so shocked by this that she shrank back on the bed.

“M-Master Cy-Cymbium……? What on earth……!?”

“Oh, please don’t call me ‘Master Cymbium,’ it sounds so cold. We are officially sisters, so please feel free to call me ‘big sister’ or ‘sis’ instead.”

“As if I can just call you like that in this situation!”

For that matter, Serenea was right.

After that battle with the monsters, Serenea was rescued and even escorted on the way back by the Subjugators that Cymbium had dispatched herself.

From there, she was personally greeted by the First Princess Cymbium upon arrival, and it was already decided that she would be taking care of Serenea from then on.

Her own sister who was supposed to be her political enemy. She will now be living together with such a sister from here on.

From any political angle, it was only one word: Hostage.

However, on her first night on the First Princess’s abode, a surprising scenery befell her to remove such thoughts.

Because on that first night, a ‘great lewdness’ – she personally described using the limits of her vocabulary, took place in the bedroom of the first princess.

From the innocent and intelligent First Princess of the daytime, Cymbium had transformed into a lecherous and vulgar sow at night. If yo u ar e a ble to re ad thi s me ssage, you ar e re ading from an unaut hor ized ag greg ate site. Re ad at my Word Pre ss to su pp ort me and my tra nsla io ns.

It was a great shock for her.

Seeing this, Serenea felt as if she could no longer believe in anything in the world.

“This is……it was your idea, remember? Hey, Schild?”

Cymbium, who was detected her little sister’s gaze, turned around. Serenea’s eyes followed suit, and from there, she saw another familiar face.

It was Schild. The subjugator who had sex with her in the campaign.

Moreover, he was violating Cymbium from behind.

“Of course, it’s my idea.”

Schild said without denying as he pierced his penis into the princess’s nectar jar once again, which has now stopped dripping its contents.

The princess’s private place, where only selected men should be allowed to enter.

“It was him who wanted you and me to get along. A pretty fantastic proposition from Schild, right?”

“After all, there’s no better way for young people to get to know each other than through sex. I’ve wanted to do this ever since I took Serenea’s virginity in the tent on the battlefield, you see.”


A fully naked Schild.

A recently naked Cymbium.

A soon-to be naked Serenea.

These three people have gathered on the bed in the same bedroom this night.

“You and I are the stars of this evening. You and I will be embraced by Schild and no one else for that matter. Even Carney has refrained from entering and meeting Schild before this.”

“W-will this really make us get along? With me, and Maste-B-Big sis?”

“Why so strange about it? We’re sisters.”

“Because everyone thinks you and I are going to fight over who’s going to be the next princess. I mean, in the first place……the people who are following you didn’t like the Oscars, and the people who are following the Oscars are the people who didn’t like you…….”

So, no matter what, fighting is inevitable among their factions.

And Serenea knows very well that a teenage girl like her can’t make a difference alone.

“That’s why we’re doing it. Just think of it. If we become good friends…….”


“…… I’m sure all these people’s thoughts will be erased at once.”

The naked Cymbium declared as she pulls out the penis from her vagina and comes over the top of the naked Serenea.

Then, their lips met. It was a deep kiss between women, between princesses, and between “sisters” of royal blood.

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