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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Volume 1 Chapter 30

Chapter 30 – ‘Competition’ with the Knights

“Lord Schild, this is not good!”

After the rude knight had left, Carney, who has been putting a tough font, suddenly came panicking at Schild.

“If we don’t do something, the Oscars will really get ahead of us! Let’s hurry up! We must march right away before they could overtake us!”

“Carney, calm down.”

“How can I calm down? You clearly saw them, didn’t you? They’ve mobilized a thousand troops! A thousand troops! If we let them do as they please, they’ll get to the monsters before us and kill everything till nothing of them are left!”

“The first one to panic is guaranteed to die.”

Carney’s frustration was immediately receded at Schild’s powerful words.

“Putting the matter of hiding your gender aside, you have joined the Subjugators Guild and have plenty of real-world experience, am I right? I don’t know what he did to you in the past for you to get so worked up, but to have your rhythm disrupted by an amateur like him? Carney, this is not like you.”


“Of course, I am talking about that male knight. The most important thing in a fight is to keep your own rhythm because every fatal mistake comes from a broken rhythm that is not your own. You have to keep your mind still, and stick to the objective in hand, no matter how loud everyone around you is.”


“Princess Cymbium will be here soon, and she’ll give us a few words of encouragement before we leave. Then, we’ll camp in the middle of where we expect to encounter the monsters and get in good shape before going into battle. But as we still need to meet up with the Subjugator squads from the other branches before that, we’ll probably need to stay overnight.”

“But if the Mulvey’s troops get ahead of us while we’re doing that, our chances of Princess Cymbium becoming the queen will be completely crushed!”

“You don’t have to worry about that. Didn’t you see it, Carney?

“See what?”

“You saw how amateurish they are.”

For this reason, Schild was not worried in the slightest. They would fight the monsters the next day as planned.

“Also, Carney. Aren’t you looking forward to tonight?


“We’ll be in an encampment, just the two of us. Lately, I’ve been sleeping mostly with Lirica or Princess Cymbium. It’s been a while since we had sex with just us, hasn’t it?”

Schild whispered this in her ear as he rubbed Carney’s buttocks, slipping his hands into her armor so that the people around them wouldn’t notice. If you are a ble to r ead this me ssage, y ou are rea ding fro m an un au thor ized aggre gate si te. Re ad at my W ordPr ess to s upp ort me an d my tran sla tions.

Nevertheless, the dignified face of the female knight instantly flushed bright red.

“B-but, if we spend our energy before the fight, won’t it be a hindrance?”

“It’s not a problem if it’s not on the same day. Or do you not like it?”

“I do! I like it! Please!”


Carney answered immediately.

In the end, Schild and his party all followed their planned itinerary, not bothered in the slightest about the knights marching before them.

So far, things were doing great as Schild and the others had planned.

The subjugators in the capital, led by Schild and Carney, arrived at the encampment point without missing a day, and they joined the ranks of the reinforcements from the other branches of the guild, stably swelling their numbers.

In the encampment tent that night, Schild had sex with Carney, refreshing his body and soul for the fight.

As they had also dispatched scouts for a set time, they had a good grasp of the monsters that were gathering.

They were ready to respond immediately if something unexpected happened. However, at this time, the unexpected had already happened.

It was a trivial unexpectedness and not enough to disrupt their plans, but its impact was too significant for their party to ignore.

The next day. Early in the morning.

“The Order of the Knights has been destroyed!?”

Carney, who was the first to receive the report, shouted in surprise.

The place where the monsters were gathering was only a stone’s throw away, and their camp was in their last-minute checks in preparation for the actual battle.

“The Monster Annihilation Knights, together with Princess Serenea, arrived in the late of the night. However, instead of stopping to rest, they took on the monsters head-on without even taking a break.”

“Are they idiots?!”

The scouts, who had been deployed ahead under Carney’s orders, were monitoring the monsters from a safe distance when all of a sudden, then the knights who had just arrived suddenly avalanched towards the swarm and suddenly started fighting.

It takes human beings a lot of energy to walk, and walking great distances will surely get them tired.

It would take an average person about a day to walk from the royal capital to their location, much more so for knights who wore heavy armor in their load. The knights, however, did not even take a break and started the battle even in their exhausted states.

(In addition, doing an assault in the middle of the night……their visibility would definitely be obscured in the dark!)

“Carney, you mentioned this before, didn’t you?”


“Mentioned what?”

Schild reconfirmed to the still-shocked Carney.

“You said this to me before. That the knights of today have forgotten how to fight.”

It was said that there had been no major battles in the country since King Preslate I exterminated the demon army twenty years ago. As a result, the knights of the royal court have become palace officials and have forgotten most of the fighting. This cha pter tr ansl atio n is ma de p ossi ble by sta bb ing with a sy r inge translat ion s. ch eck u p-t o-d at e trans lati ons on my Wor dp ress s te.

Carney was so disappointed with the current situation of the royal knights that she dared to join the Subjugators Guild instead.

“With no such actual experience, What’s the point of gathering a thousand amateurs? To be fodder for the enemy? This lot is even worse than I thought. They don’t even have the basics of combat strategies.”

Schild already had the feeling as soon as he saw the thousand people organized by the Oscar family – that they would fail and not be of any use to this expedition. Their faces were loose, and they were in a blatantly pensive mood, and that went for the most of these ‘knights.’.

“What’s the status of the battle?”

“The battle itself is still going on, but……more than half of the Knights were already dead or have fled. There is a small group that is left, but soon they’ll be……”

“It is impossible for that group to escape anymore as they are now surrounded by monsters. They’re huddled in one place, defending themselves, but it’s only a matter of time before they’re surrounded and crushed!”

Schild’s senses reacted to this report.

“Carney, this is……!”

“Please…… don’t be there, Princess Serenea.”

The second princess, Serenea. The innocent face of the girl, being carried on the palanquin with the army, came to Schild’s mind.


It was certain that she would also be on this battlefield, and she was the one that the knights who were sent out would have to protect with their lives.

If there is a subject that the knights, whose lives were already over, should still protect in this desperately crowded formation, it should be Serenea.

“…… Carney.”

“What is it, Lord Schild?”

“Shall we delay our entrance?”


“Just think of it. The existence of the second princess, Serenea, is the most critical point for the Oscar family. The reason why the Oscars sent her directly to this battle is probably to let her grasp the glory of victory and to give her credibility as the next princess, being the other royal daughter aside from Cymbium.”

But now, these plans have backfired. Schild thought that if Serenea dies here and now, the Oscar family’s agenda will be destroyed at once.

“Also, if we rush in there and end up saving Serenea, not only will we not receive even words of gratitude from them, we might also get blamed that we have taken advantage of the situation just to promote Princess Cymbium even more. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens and…….”

“That’s no good, Lord Schild!”

Carney objected in a rage.

“Sure, Mulvey is annoying, but Princess Serenea is still royalty. And even if we still take the blame, I’m still a knight who is loyal to the throne, so I can’t ignore them just because we’re from a different faction!”


“Besides, Her Highness Serenea is only eighteen years old. It’s hard to believe that she came here of her own volition. And regardless of her intentions, even if she wasn’t being made into a political pawn, it’s the knight’s philosophy to save the royalty in distress!”

“Hahaha. I knew Carney would say that.”

Schild then exchanged a deep kiss with Carney.

Their surrounding area was lined with many fellow subjugators for a subjugation briefing, but those didn’t matter to him.

After the kiss, Schild then faced the watching spectators.

“We’ve decided our course of action! We’re going to attack the enemy monsters immediately! Prepare for sortie!”

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