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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Volume 1 Chapter 29

Chapter 29 – The Appearance of the Second Princess Serenea

After a lot of preparations, the Subjugators Guild has finally organized their monster extermination team, and the day they will go into battle has finally arrived.

As such, just outside the walls of the royal capital, a hundred of the best monster slayers could already be seen hanging out, prepared for dispatch at any time.

“One hundred people…… that’s a lot fewer than I expected.”

“We don’t have a choice but be selective, Lord Schild, as our mission requires a certain level of skill. Still, these aren’t all, as there will be about three hundred more that will join us from other branches.”

“But only three hundred? That’s still not as many as the five hundred monsters that were reported. Are you sure about this, Carney?”

“I’ve also participated in the selection of the subjugators, and I can assure you, the conditions Miss Lirica made are very strict. I can guarantee that each one of them is one of a kind. I’m sure they’ll be able to kill at least five monsters each.”

“Then that’s more than enough of a relief for me.”

This was the first time Schild will be experiencing a group battle on such a large scale, so he couldn’t help but be nervous, but thanks to the presence of Carney, the coordinator, all of his worries were erased.

(Well, for me, I’ll just gonna rampage as usual and come back alive as usual)

“Oh? What’s with this shabby group? A group of vagrants moving in?”

It was then when a disturbing person suddenly appeared.


Someone suddenly walked up to Schild and the others and opened up with an extremely rude line. If you are a ble to r ead this me ssage, y ou are rea ding fro m an un au thor ized aggre gate si te. Re ad at my W ordPr ess to s upp ort me an d my tran sla tions.

He was a knight in full body armor, and by the looks of his age, he was probably in his late thirties.

However, what was so distinctive of him is that he has a reptilian, lecherous smile that invites disgust to anyone that will look at him.

“And who are you?”

“Mulvey, you……”

It was Carney who spoke the name of the male knight.

However, her tone in calling his name was quite piercing, so much that Schild could tell at a glance that they did not have a good relationship with each other.

“Oh, Carney. I didn’t recognize you there. It seems that you have stopped wearing men’s clothes. Still doesn’t deny the fact that the daughter of the Leschbein family has fallen quite low. You’re not even a member of the Knights of Order, and now you’re playing ruffian with the rogues of this substandard guild! What a shame.”


A rakish blue vein appeared on Carney’s forehead.

“And what are you supposed to be doing here? You’re a fake knight who has never stepped outside the palace and has only worked as a drummer for ministers! You think you’re already an adventurer, just because you had been given the chance to inhale some air outside the city walls?”

“Oh, me? I just thought it was the time for me to show the world the courage I’ve been honing in the shadows, so I decided to join the order.”


“You all know it, don’t you? That a group of monsters has appeared in the mountains west of the capital! If we can defeat them, it will be the first major victory since the demon army extermination battle twenty years ago!”


It’s not just Carney who reacted to those words, but Schild as well.

After all, the intruding knight, who seemed to have nothing but bad impressions at any angle you look at him, suddenly spoke about the very enemy that Schild and the others were planning to defeat.

“Whoo-whoo-whoo! Surprised?! But I know! We all know!”

A male knight then spoke with a theatrical and exaggerated gesture.

“Princess Cymbium is trying to turn the tables on this extermination mission, isn’t she? She’s organized her own group of outlaws, and she’s going to let them defeat the monsters and take credit for it!”

(Princess Cymbium’s intentions had been completely overlooked.)

“But alas! It is I who’s going to be the hero this time! Under that army!”

The gates on the part of the city wall suddenly opened, and from there, a huge army like a haze of clouds soon appeared. They came marching in a splendid formation like some sort of parade.

The large army, clad in fine armor, gave the impression akin to new recruits, youthful and full of life.


“Isn’t that……?”

“We call them the Monster Annihilation Knights, organized by the Oscar House, one of the three major noble families itself! The knights of the royal court are the core of this army, and there are a thousand of us! With these, we will definitely destroy the monsters that are gathering in the kingdom’s outskirts with ease!”

The male knight was proud of his speech, feeling as if he has already grasped the victory against the monsters he hasn’t even seen yet.

“……so this monster swarm extermination is not a joint front between our squad of Subjugators and the Knight Order?”

“You idiot! How is that possible? How can a filthy outlaw like you fight alongside a noble knight of precious blood like us? To think there also exists such a stupid lot like you!”

It was Schild who asked of this question. However, what he got instead was a rude answer. This cha pter tr ansl atio n is ma de p ossi ble by sta bb ing with a sy r inge translat ion s. ch eck u p-t o-d at e trans lati ons on my Wor dp ress s te.

“So, did you come here just to gloat?”

“Gloat? I came here to state the facts. We, the knights, will hunt the monsters alone! There is no place for you outlaws to join our battle! We have a bigger army than you, and we will rush onto the battlefield faster than you! We will crush every monster and bring glory that is rightfully ours!”

“Faster than us? That’s not going to happen.”

“What did you say?!”

Schild thought about keeping quiet until the end since he was not acquainted with the knight, but he couldn’t resist interrupting.

“The larger the army, the slower the march. You’ll have to adjust your speed to the slowest people, and because your troop size is huge, the harder it will be for you to find food and a place to sleep. I also had a hard time when I was forced to accompany a large company on a monster cleanup mission. It was a lot smaller than this one, but still….”

“What are you, some kind of a conqueror king? You’re just a lowly monster hunter! Who the hell are you to question us?”

“Don’t push your soldiers too hard. Not only it will be a waste of time and money, but you’ll also miss out on victory. Worse, you will only die in vain in the end.”

Perhaps he couldn’t find the right words to say in response, the male knight’s face turned bright red, and he just shivered in anger.

“Ugh, shut up! I don’t need you to advise me, even more when our victory is absolutely certain! Also, we have the best trump card that you lot did not have!”

“Trump card?”

“Yes! Behold and feast your eyes!”

The male knight pointed to a line of large troops as usual. But as expected of their size, there were so many soldiers that they couldn’t all pass through the castle gate immediately.

But within the ranks, something unusual caught their attention.

“Is that……!?”

It was a palanquin.


It was an opulent palanquin designed to carry a nobleman. And on top of it was a young girl in her late teens with an innocent look on her face, and was waving through the crowd.

“Is that……no way! It’s the second Princess Serenea!”

“Oh, that’s the rumored princess?”

The younger sister of the first princess, Cymbium. With the backing of one of the three major noble families, the Oscars, she is said to be trying to steal the throne of the next queen from her sister, who is the rightful heir.

“She looks more innocent than I thought.”

It was Schild’s impressions after witnessing the second princess for the first time.

“Mulvey! You’re taking the princess into battle?”

“Great idea, right? With the princess going into battle in person, the performance of the soldiers has gone up to the roofs! With this, the success of the monster extermination will be directly attributed to Princess Serenea, and her position as the next queen will become more solid than ever. That’s the big difference between her and that Cymbium princess who only knows how to be at ease at her palace!”

The male knight, who had regained his authority again, turned his back with great bravado.

“So long, gentlemen! Ah, and lady, too. I’ll see you on the battlefield! But by the time you get here, we’ll have already wiped out all the monsters, and it won’t be a battlefield anymore! Hahaha!”

When he was done, Mulvey quickly returned to the ranks and disappeared, as if he only came just to gloat at them.

“What a poor sod of a knight he is.”

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