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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Volume 1 Chapter 28

Chapter 28 – Three Times the Agony, Three Times the Pleasure ◆

“Nnmmmph♡♡ Hiiuu♡♡ No, Schild……! Your cock is reaching a spot that it shouldn’t reach♡♡♡♡♡♡ Waaaiit♡♡♡♡♡♡ Aaahh, it’s taking over my pussy completely♡♡♡♡♡♡”

“Lord Schild♡♡ Lord Schild♡♡!! yesh, kissh me moore♡ Squeeze my tits♡♡ Slap my ass♡♡♡ Make me cum in my pussy♡♡♡♡ Please take responsibility for turning this knight into such a whore♡♡♡♡♡”

“Ufufufu…… both Lirica and Carney are so cute……♡♡♡. Schild has good taste in women……♡♡ it was so much that I want to build a palace for him and his harem♡ Then, Schild and I will also, in my pussy……♡♡♡♡”

Three of the most intelligent, courageous, and noble women in the kingdom were currently fully naked and acting very indecent in front of a man.

These acts were too beyond their respective images that if those who knew them well would see these women, those people would immediately check themselves if they have gotten insane or not.

In a fit of excitement, Schild went around the pussies of Lirica, Carney, and Cymbium in turn many times, cumming inside one and seeking the next right after.

Because of this, Schild’s penis became sludgy with a muddle of who knows what kind of fluid it was now, but despite that, it was solidly erect.

“Ara ara, such a gooey dick……haamu♡”

Without hesitation, Lirica took the mixed love-juice coated penis into her mouth.

“Mmpph, chupahh, chuppah, shhluurp, mmbuhh, mmmbbbhh!”

“Ahh, Miss Lirica, that’s amazing……!”

“She’s sucking it all the way to the root……!”

Carney and Princess Cymbium also gathered in front of Schild’s penis, attracted by the lustful sucking sound.

Then, Lirica pauses her blowjob and slips the hard rod out. Then she spoke to the other two as if giving pointers.


“It’s the mistress’s duty to clean her man’s dirty cock with her mouth. This way, it makes him very happy.”

“As expected of Miss Lirica, you’re the oldest of us, so you must have known a lot!”

“Oldest!? Mou~ I’m not that old, you know!”

In front of Schild’s penis, there was a circle of beautiful faces, all good in their own ways, blowing on his tip from three different directions.

“So this is oral sex, isn’t it? I’ve learned about it in my bedroom class, but I’ve never actually tried it. How about you, Carney? Mchuu, llleem♡♡♡ Shluurp♡♡♡♡”

“I, I was trained by Lord Schild himself……! On the way back from killing the Octolov, I had this cock in my mouth several times! Urk urk urk……♡♡ mmleem, shlurp……♡♡♡ chuu, mmm♡♡ nchuu, shlerrp, rrummph……♡♡♡♡”

“Oh, dear! If that’s the case, would you mind teaching me as well? I’d love to get more fucked up with the two of you practicing with me, literally! Mmmchuu……chupaah……♡♡♡♡ nhaaa, mmluu, mmllem……♡♡♡♡ Ahh, so tashty……♡♡♡♡”

And just like this, Lirica, Carney, and Cymbium continued to lick, slurp and clamp Schild’s gooey and raging anger into their throats, despite it already having a mixture of his semen, their respective love juices and their respective salivas in its girth. What’s more, they even all did it with euphoric expressions on their faces.

A female branch chief, a female knight and a princess.

The three best women in the kingdom in terms of wisdom, skill, and nobility were now serving as tools for sex in front of Schild.

Schild couldn’t help but feel an unparalleled feeling of superiority in the midst of its heavenly sensuality.

The triple blowjob in which brought heat and wetness together in one spot.

These sensations kept crawling across the surface of his member without stopping, no matter how much he told them to stop. If you a re a b le to read thi s mess a ge, you are read ing from an una uthori zed aggreg ate site. Rea d at my WordP ress to s upport me and my tr an slati ons.

“Oooooh…! Oooohh!!”

For the umpteenth time, semen was released from Schild’s penis, having exceeded the limit of his patience once again.

“Kyaaa!? Waaaa!? Ahyaaa!?”

It spouted like a volcano, and the three lovers, who were in direct contact with it, immediately stuck their tongues out in response, each receiving a direct hit up to the insides of their mouths.

Maybe it was it was because Schild is experiencing sexual pleasure three-fold now, the amount he released was so much more than usual that it even ended up covering the three beautiful faces with white slime, even after dividing it equally among the three.

An equivalent exchange for the equal amount of work done.

“Uwaaaah……! What is this amount of cum……!?”

“It’s so much and so thick that I can’t even open my eyes……!?”

“I need something to wipe it off…… Wait, I’m naked, I don’t have anything on me……I know! If there’s nothing to wipe, why don’t we just lick each other off!”


“It’s fine! it’s Schild’s semen after all, so it isn’t dirty even if we swallow it in our mouths!”

For some reason, no one objected Cymbium’ remark, thus Lirica, Carney, and Cymbium proceeded to lick the semen off each of their faces.

“Mmmlem……♡♡ mmchuupa, shlurp……♡♡”

Whether it was their cheeks, their eyelids, and lips, they licked off all the white stuff deliriously without leaving a spot behind.

It was an incredibly arousing sight.

“Mleeemmph?! Your Highness, please don’t stick your tongue out! We would end up kissing if you do!”


“And is that a bad thing? I’m sure Schild will be thrilled more with us doing something naughty together.”

“Mou~, so be it then……♡”

The three beauties, again for some unknown reason, went into a thick, deep kissing contest together, but this time with Schild’s semen alternating in between their mouths.

First, it was Princess Cymbium and Carney.

“Mleem♡♡ mmchuu♡♡♡ Carney’s tongue is so delicious♡♡♡♡”

“Mchuu, churuu♡♡ mchu, chuppah……♡♡♡ Princess Cymbium’s lips as well…’s the same taste as Lord’s Schild’s cock♡♡♡♡”

“It’s the same for all of us, isn’t it? Shlurp, mleem, chuu♡♡♡♡ Oh Lirica, let’s share an indirect kiss with Schild’s cock too♡♡♡♡♡♡”

Then, it was Cymbium and Lirica next, after finding out that the branch chief was left alone.

For a moment, Schild thought he would became erect again, seeing this overly erotic entanglement. However, maybe because he had already exhausted too much already, his penis showed no response, and remained flabby and sullen.

“Ara ara……I guess this is it. After so many times and with such a huge eruption at the end, it’s only natural that……” This ch apte r tra nsla tion is made p ossibl e by stabb ing with a syrin ge translat ion s. check up-t o-da te trans lati ons on my Wordpr ess si te.

“Still, to be able to let out this much, Schild sure possessed a tremendous vitality. I don’t know about the other lords, but it was already unimaginable for me to think of someone that may surpass him.”

“Then, as for the last……”

It was Carney who stood up first.

Then, from a corner of the room, she fumbled for something and then placed it on the center floor, where everyone in the room can see.

It was a small bucket. It must have been provided in the room for cleaning purposes.

“Uhm, Sir Carney? What are you going to do with that bucket?”

“What am I going to do with it? I’m going to do something that will make Lord Schild very happy. After all, I was made to do this thirteen times over in front of him during our return from hunting the Octolov.”

Because of this, both Lirica and Cymbium became curious as to what was going to happen.

In the midst of all this attention, Carney straddled the bucket, completely naked, and then pointed her crotch on its midsection.

Her legs were spread wide, exposing her crotch.

And from between her legs,


A line of water ran down into the center of the said bucket.

“Oh my! Carney, I can’t believe you peed here!”

Both Lirica and Cymbium were immediately baffled by this outrageous act.

“It’s because……Lord Schild wants to see me do it……all the time……hnnngg!”

And yet, trickling sounds continued to echo in the room.


“Lord Schild loves to make his women do embarrassing things. For several times……he made me pee in front of him……and because I can’t disobey Lord Schild’s orders, I came to like it a bit……”

“Ah, oh my oh my.”

For some reason, Cymbium’s eyes lit up at those words.

“If that’s the case, I’d like to please Schild too! Take a good look, my little brother! Watch your big sis pee as well…… ♡♡♡”

Cymbium too opens her legs in front of the bucket.

“Then, me too……mou~, I’m already in my late twenties, yet I can’t believe I have to pee in a place outside of the toilet! And in the room of my workplace too! Ahh, but this feeling is……no, no! This shouldn’t become a habit!”

Afraid of being left out, Lirica also opened her crotch and drew a water line……and soon, a total of three trails of fluids were being directed into the bucket.




Naked and without any shame, and with their bodies reeking of semen, three of the country’s wisest, most dignified and noble women, as if abandoning their last dignity, urinated altogether with their legs wide open on a single, ordinary cleaning bucket to show off their perversion to the man.

The urine of these women got mixed inside and produced a unique smell, as if the girls’ essences themselves have become liquid and became one.

The three streaks of urine stopped when they were about to reach the level where the bucket was about to overflow.

“That was really beautiful and erotic. It’s like witnessing three goddesses pee……”

Schild’s penis, which was supposed to have run out of power, miraculously revived.

Because of this, he ended up pushing them down once again, continuing the process of injecting his seed inside the three in a fair manner for a while.

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