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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Volume 1 Chapter 26

Chapter 26 – The Gathering of the Three Mistresses and the Growing Demon Swarm

Later that day.

“This is the result of the investigation that came up…”

After receiving a detailed investigation report on the Octolov, Schild and Carney conducted a meeting together with Lirica, the head of the royal capital branch of the Subjugators Guild.

This is to verify the said information of the the peculiar appearance of the Octolov in a mountainous village.

For some reason, Princess Cymbium is also present in the room.

(These are all women that I have embraced with……)

Schild spoke in his mind as his body shuddered at his lack of self-control. After all, the combination of the attendees of this meeting was rather special.

Out of this group, it was only Carney who knows that Lirica and Cymbium are already Schild’s women, as she had even experienced a threesome with each of the two. In fact, she has already experienced more than one threesome, a rather peculiar achievement for a stubborn and astute knight.


But that was the reverse for Lirica and Cymbium– the two still didn’t know that each other was already a part of Schild’s captured women.

(It’s just an example, but if I were to suddenly grab Cymbium’s tits here, Lirica would be surprised. Just like this.)


Princess Cymbium was wearing a dress that was wide open at the chest, so soon as Schild thrust his hand into her melons, they were easily exposed, and her creamy pink nipples were generously revealed to the other two.

“L-Lord Schild!? What are you doing!?”

But the first one to react in surprise was Carney instead.

(Ah, right. Even though she’s already had a lot of experience being violated together with Princess Cymbium and Lirica, she still had a lot of first-times to experience.)

Meanwhile, as for the ever-important Lirica……



……has an utterly indifferent reaction. Thi s cha pter tr anslat ion is ma de possi ble by sta bbi ng wit h a syr in ge tra nslat ons. chec k up-t o-d ate tran latio ns on my Wordp ress si te.

Because of this, Schild was the one who got surprised next. Still, he didn’t stop squeezing the princess’s precious melons in his hands.

Not contended enough, he opens his mouth to further tease Lirica.

“Lirica, why aren’t you responding? They’re the most precious tits in this kingdom, you know?”

But Lirica just raised her eyeglasses with a sigh.

“No, it’s just that……I just thought that “Well, it was Schild after all, so I kind of already expected it. I knew you’d mess with Princess Cymbium without fear.”

After this, it was Cymbium who spoke.

“Uhm, Schild?’

“Hmm? What is it, princess?”



Princess Cymbium, who was still getting her tits squeezed, smacked Schild on the head petulantly as she couldn’t take the embarrassment anymore.

“Bad, Schild! Bad! I might have told you that you can embrace me anytime and anywhere, but I didn’t mean doing it out of the blue! I was really frightened, you know!”

“Ahahaha, sorry about that.”

Cymbium then admonished Schild like scolding a child, to which the man just laughed it off like it was nothing. Then, Cymbium turned to face Lirica.

“Uhm……Miss Lirica, I’m very sorry I showed you something so unsightly. Please don’t tell anyone about this……!”

“Please be assured, Your Highness. Your secret won’t come out of this room.”

(As expected of the oldest of the group, Lirica was relatively calm about the matter.)

“…….After all, I am also a part of that secret too.”

“Oh my. Then that means……”

“Yes. It was my secret pride and joy that I was the first woman Schild has embraced in his first day in the royal capital.”

Hearing the unexpected confession of the head of the Subjugators’ Guild, Princess Cymbium’s eyes widened. Then, she immediately sang praises to the official while her pair of eyes gleamed bright.

“Oh my, oh my! How wonderful! I never thought he’d be able to get this close to the famously talented Chief Lirica! Can I take this opportunity to make friends with you?”

“To have a direct connection with the princess is the best gain for a civil servant in the capital. I will gladly become Your Highness’s ‘sister.’”

“Sisters? Indeed, all the women in Schild’s hands are sisters without distinction. I look forward to working with you! But…… I’m just a lowly princess who is being pushed around by my sister’s power. If you get too close to me, you might end up getting dragged in the shadows. Is it still alright with you?”

“Of course it is alright, Your Highness. We just need to work together to prevent the Oscar family from doing anything to us. Especially now that the Subjugators’ Guild is now receiving the backing of Your Highness personally!”

But unbeknownst to Schild, a community has now started to form because of him.


And as for the culprit, he got immediately bored after being left out in the conversation between the two older women. He thought about rubbing Carney’s tits next, but decided not to, as he was sure she would get angry instead, based on her reaction just earlier.

“So, resuming the topic, what caused that Octolov to show up in a place where he would never normally be?”

“Good question. To sum it up in a few words, the Octolov was “called” to the place.”

Lirica began to explain.


“Called to the place? By whom?”

(In the first place, is a monster a creature that comes when it is called?)

“It may be hard for people of our generation to understand this, but…… Originally, monsters were creatures that banded together to attack human cities and villages. By the orders of the Demon race.”

““The Demon race?””

An unfamiliar word struck the eardrums of Schild and Carney.

“What is this Demon race you speak of? Are they any different from monsters?” If y ou are a ble to re ad this me ss ge, you are rea din g from an una uthoriz ed aggr egate si te. Rea d at my W ord Pre ss to supp or t me and my tr ansla tion s.

“It is as what I said – they are of another race, except that they are one tier higher than the monsters we usually face. But unlike monsters who pose like wild animals, these are ‘beings’ who had a clearer intent to do harm and are trying to exterminate the humanity themselves.”

As if it was her turn, Cymbium is the one who continued.

“I have heard of these beings in the royal records. Originally, ‘monsters’ were merely the hands and feet of these Demons – creations intended to be subordinated to them and attack humans at their command. But the majority of these Demons were wiped out in the Demon Army Extermination War that took place twenty years ago, and their forces were completely driven away by the kingdom after that. At least, that’s what we, the royal family, thought.”

“The battle twenty years ago……”

It was an important battle that reminded Schild of his roots.

“This accomplishment was so great that father, King Preslate I, was still hailed as the Great King despite his other deficiencies in ruling. Since then, monsters, which were previously subordinates of these Demons, were reduced to natural wanderers like they are today, sporadically attacking any human being they meet.”

“This was then when the king founded the Subjugators Guild, the clean-up crew for these stray monsters, and this solution was well-received by the people as a lot of them that time became unemployed as the war was already over.”

Lirica continued the explanation.

“Their behavioral principles is to their instincts and habits, and because of that, they rarely leave the ecological proper. But if this monster goes against their instincts all of a sudden and leaves his territory, there’s only one valid reason for it. And that is……”

“”By the command of its master.””

Lirica and Cymbium simultaneously muttered.

“Wow. You two sure are in sync. Still, are there no other possibilities? Have they really confirmed that these are the work of this so called ‘Demons’, which controlled monsters like their arms and legs?”

“These monsters are not dogs and horses that can be domesticated, Schild. As a subjugator, you should have already known this. While we haven’t proven anything yet about their involvement, it’s only been twenty years since the Demon Army’s Annihilation battle – when the Demon race suffered a devastating blow. It won’t be surprising if they’re regrouping themselves at some lands we don’t know and are planning on another attack…….”

“As the possible ‘return’ of the Demons are a big issue, even as a hypothesis, we conducted a large-scale reconnaissance survey around the royal capital, and from there, we found something big.”

“And what is that exactly, Your Highness?”

“In the mountainous area far to the west. This discovery of ours fully cemented the theory that the Demons played a role in this matter. As from there, a dense group of monsters was found gathering in the deepest parts of that region.”

“Is it true, Miss Lirica!?”

Hearing the possibility of an incoming monster swarm, Carney immediately turned to Lirica for verification.

“Even I don’t want to believe it, Sir Carney. But reports said that around five hundred of them were spotted, all in one place.”

“F-five hundred!?”

“The Octolov probably got lost trying to join the herd and ended up in a completely different place. What’s even worse is that, the herd itself is still growing in size even as we speak. Such things do not occur naturally, even in the past records.”

There is no other way for this to happen except by herding them, and the only beings who can herd monsters like this are the so-called Demon race.

“If those monsters were being gathered by the Demon Race, I see no other goal for them other than attacking the capital after they’ve grown sufficient enough, considering how near they are to the city.” This cha pter tran slat ion is ma de poss ib le by sta bbing with a syr i nge tran slati ons. check up- to-da te trans lati ons on my Wo rdp ess sit e.

“That’s terrible, Your Highness!”

“Yes, quite terrible indeed, Carney. But in reality, it didn’t look too much of a challenge to provide a solution to this. Chief Lirica, if you please.”

“Yes, Your Highness. Together with Princess Cymbium, the solution we decided was surprisingly simple. Before the monster swarm swells any further, we will destroy it with a preemptive attack. We will crush the swarm, nip the bud before it develops. Of course, this will be done by us, the Subjugators Guild! That includes you two as well!”

“Eh?” “What?”

Schild and Carney exclaimed with surprised faces at Lirica’s exclamation.

“What are you getting surprised for? You two are the strongest subjugators we had in hand right now. On the initiative of Her Highness Princess Cymbium , the Subjugators’ Guild has already decided to dispatch a large-scale extermination force. I say again, a large-scale extermination force on the initiative of Her Highness Princess Cymbium!”

“So you have already colluded with each other even before meeting with us!? Also, do you really have to say that twice?”

“Of course, it’s necessary! Because if this large-scale subjugation is successful, it will mean that Princess Cymbium will get credit for leading the plan! That also means more achievements for the guild as well!”


“Aah, right.”

(So this is where the story comes back to the very beginning. Though it had made a lot of twists and turns and got divided into several factors, in the end, it’s still about political goals.)

“In other words, Princess Cymbium, who is being overpowered by the Oscar family and the second princess at the moment, is intending to use the Guild’s prowess, and if they succeed, their achievements will be used to strengthen her voice in the royal court?”

“That’s a clever way of putting it, but yes. But overall, I am hoping to use this to break down the mighty influence of the Oscar family on the royal court.”

“We might well use this chance to eliminate the hostile forces from the palace and rescue the king, then. Wait.”

At this point, Schild suddenly had an epiphany.

(So this is what she meant when she said to me that she’ll be needing my skills as a monster slayer. Damn, she really thought this through.)

When Schild and Carney were yet to board her ship, Cymbium had already planned of using him to eradicate the monster swarm together with the other subjugators to flower herself up.

(So this is why she readily accepted me even though I’m still skeptical of this. Clever girl. Or should I have expected this of the first princess?)

“Well, either way, killing monsters is the job of a subjugator. Who am I to reject if it’s in my line of work?”

“That’s right, Lord Schild! We should protect the citizens first and foremost!”

Carney exclaimed as well.

While she was still in her knightly armor even now, unlike when she had visited Princess Cymbium, Carney has occurred many changes in her after she met Schild. Firstly, she has now stopped acting like a man, and secondly, she started to use a more feminine armor which emphasizes her figure.

It was unknown to Schild if it was still practical to use as an armor, but choosing between this and the tin can she was previously wearing, Schild of course prefer her armor now.

If yo u ar e ab le to rea d this mess age, yo u are re a ding from an unaut ho rized aggr eg a te s ite. Rea d at my Wor dP ress to su ppor t me and my tra nsla tio ns.

“As a knight of the kingdom, I can’t overlook this terrible predicament!! If those five hundred monsters rushed into the capital, it would be a disaster for sure!”

“For me, it’s killing two birds with one stone: I’ll get paid a lot for killing five hundred monsters, and I’ll get closer to my goal of seeing my father’s face in person. Also, I might as well do it, too, for the sake of helping my sister. Right, sis?”

Carney spoke out her ideals as usual. As for Schild, he was more of the practical side, which is the rewards. But putting aside the reasons that he and Carney mentioned, he also feel that he can’t just ignore this matter entirely.

“Thank you, Carney. And as expected of my little brother! Aah, your big sis is so happy right now!”

Seeing her man and her best friend now willing to cooperate with her, Princess Cymbium was immediately happy. She then proceeds to hug Schild, also not forgetting her role as an adorable elder sister.

“Since Schild and Sir Carney are the two top members of the Royal Capital Branch of the Subjugators Guild, I think it would be best to form an annihilation squad with you guys at the center. Now that it’s settled, let’s try to hurry up as much as we can.”

“If our predictions are correct, the monster swarm will only continue grow as time goes on. I don’t know how many it will become soon as you get there, but this is far better than foolishly waiting for them to attack us instead.”

From that moment on, Schild and his company completed their plans on what they would do next.

As for the primary objective, they will go to the mountainous area west of the royal capital and destroy the monsters that were gathering there.

However, their road to its success is not that easy.

Elsewhere, stirrings were quickly being formed – aiming to break the plans of Schild and the others.


In the Oscar territory, a territory in which its owners are openly hostile to the first princess Cymbium.

Right now, a large-scale gathering of knights is being assembled, unknown to Schild and his women.

They only have one goal – and that is to take the first glory of exterminating the monster swarm before the first princess’s faction could take act.

What’s more, this order is personally led by the Princess Serenea herself.

Is it to gain empathy? Or to gain fame?

Nevertheless, it was a big, daring move.

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