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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Volume 1 Chapter 24

Chapter 24 – Political Talks over Breakfast

The sun had already set, yet Schild’s sex with his four partners has yet to end.

Together with a princess, a knight, and two maids, he relished himself in a very delectable intercourse meal that he kept on eating and eating without getting tired; and even after these four vaginas went full, he kept pouring his ‘cream’ into them.

The women, too, were always filled with delight whenever they got a taste of his ‘cream.’ Whether it was their upper or lower mouths, they will immediately consume and lick the other clean before they got injected and poured again with another serving.

This dining went on and on, all night long until they ran out of energy.

The next morning.

“Good morning, Master Schild.”

“Would you like scrambled eggs for breakfast?”

“Or would you like pancakes?”


“”Would you like our pussies instead?””

Two lines of crevices were thrust in front of Schild’s eyes, who is still dazed on the couch from his morning slumber.


Their maid’s skirts were raised up to him, revealing their pantyless bottom halves underneath.

Yesterday, Nena and Nina, these two maids, exposed their lower bodies in front of Schild under the direct command of Princess Cymbrium.

And right now, these two of the four pussies that he enjoyed are coming up to him again.

From their cracks, dripped the ‘residue’ that Schild had injected into them last night.

“……did Princess Cymbium tell you to do that?”


“……It’s so embarrassing!”

Realizing that they had been busted, the maids tucked their bare bottoms into their skirts again, and together they made sooty expressions on their faces.

“Master Cymbium has always been a prankster, and she often makes her people do strange things like this.”

“It’s true. I’ve never been subjected to sex-related pranks before, but last night really threw me off guard, so I’m sure I’ll be subjected to many more.”

“You guys have it rough.“

Schild couldn’t help but express his heartfelt sympathy.

But then, surprisingly, the two maids hurriedly rushed to retort. I f yo u ar e a ble to rea d th is me ssage, you are re ading fr om an una uthor ized aggre gate sit e. Rea d at my Wor dPres s to sup p ort me and my trans la tions.

“No, we didn’t mean that! Her Highness, Princess Cymbium, is like a goddess to us!”

“It is thanks to her that we are able to lead such a humane life!”

With these introductions, the two sisters began to tell Schild about their own lives without being asked.

As far as he was told, these sisters came from a middle-class noble family, but in reality, their House had already been destroyed.

It was because their father had been caught and arrested for corruption.

“As a result of our father being punished accordingly, we, his daughters, lost our guardian and backing and from that time, had no other choice but to live on the streets…….”

“When we thought we had no choice but to sell our bodies, Her Royal Highness the Princess picked us up.”

“She’s the one person we owe more than anything.”

“Please, Mr. Schild! Be an ally to Princess Cymbium!”

The two women sent an aggressive appeal.

The moment the fact that he being the illegitimate son of the king gets revealed, how will Schild be viewed by the people around him?

The attitude of Nena and Nina, the two maids, was already setting the precedent of that.

Either they will throw expectations at him or express their anxiety instead.

One hopes, the other one fears.

Either way, it will only bring chaos for Schild himself.


“T-then…… now that we’ve completed the prank the princess ordered us to play, we’ll go ahead and prepare a real breakfast for you.”

“Princess Cymbium and Lady Carney will soon return from their morning bath. They said they would have breakfast with you, sir.”

“Wait a minute.”

The two maids were about to leave, but Schild held them back.

“I haven’t answered any of your questions yet.”

“Our…” “…question?”

“You asked me what I wanted for breakfast, right?”

Scrambled eggs?



“I’ll take your pussies. Both of you.”

“Ihaaaa♡♡ , I have received an order from Her Highness, so please enjoy this Nena’s appetizer pussy with semen dressing to your delight……♡♡♡♡”

“Big sis is so unfair♡♡ Master Schild, this Nina has already prepared her specialty dessert pussy with plenty of honey♡♡♡♡ Please, relish it with your mouth……♡♡♡♡♡♡”

Having thus devoured the two maids, Schild then began the genuine breakfast with Carney and Cymbium.

Of course, it’s not just breakfast, as he also expects a lot of talking and clarification about the tea party last night.

“So, Mr. Schild, first things first. About taking you to see your father…… I’m afraid I can’t do that.”

“What!?” This ch apter transl ati on is ma de poss i ble by sta bb ing with a s yri nge tr anslat ions. check up-to-date tran slati ons on my Wordp ress si te.

Princess Cymbium began the conversation with a rejection.

Then what was the point of last night’s blazing sex, then, if it wasn’t to gauge if my character is befitting on meeting him?

“Calm down, Mr. Schild. To tell you the truth, even with my power, I too couldn’t get a meeting with father right now.”

“What do you mean?”

“Father, the king, has been ill for several years. You already knew that, don’t you?”

It is true. In fact, Schild has heard that story a lot, from Lirica and Carney, even to Princess Cymbium herself since he came here.

“Father’s condition is so serious that he is refusing all visitors. Even her ‘daughters’ were no exemption. Only a handful of physicians and his entourage are allowed to be in his presence.”

“……and these aides are all members of the Oscar family.”

Schild raised an eyebrow at the added explanation of Carney.

“The Oscars? Isn’t that……one of the three great houses or something?”

“You are correct. Specifically, the Leschbeins, the Ryngbergs, and the Oscars, are the three largest noble families in our country. One of them, the Oscars, is the House that produced the second queen of the current king.”

“And the second queen had a ‘child’ with His Majesty the King. That is the second princess, Serenea.”

After hearing that much explanation, Schild was impressed.

“So, the Oscars are using the illness to surround the king and control the government in his stead?”

“Yes, and under this consolidation of dominance, the Oscars are trying their best to install the second princess, Serenea, as the next queen.”


Under such circumstances, even the first princess will be put at a significant disadvantage even if she’s already declared the legitimate heir.

Wait, before that,

“You said that you and Serenea were not really his ‘daughters,’ yet still got announced as his ‘biological’ daughters. Why is that?”

“Why the question? Don’t tell me you’re interested in the succession now?”

“I’m still not. Also, are you not afraid of me spreading this out?”

“I know you’re not that kind of person who would do that. And even if you did, you think that someone will believe you? At the very least, you would be subjected to Lèse-majesté for offending the dignity of the throne.”

Cymbium spoke with indifference in her tone, to which Schild replied with a question.

“But why do you need my help then? Why would I ally with you? Even if I were really his son, I still have no backing or proof aside from this sword. Also, aren’t you supposed to be more cautious of the existence of a potential opponent like me?”

“But what I’m seeing here is different? With the Oscars in place, I see no possibility of you seeing father unless you eliminate them. Though we have different intentions, in the end, both want to seek father. And since we have the same goals, why don’t we work together to fight against House Oscar instead?”

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