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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Volume 1 Chapter 23

Chapter 23 – Truth between the Siblings

“Hnn!? NNnnnnnn……!?”

Currently, Princess Cymbium is lying down on the bed of her own chambers, her legs wide open before her partner, Schild.

As for Schild, his raging tension was already deep into the base between the princess’s crotch, which is now dripping blood from their joined parts, also indicating that the princess was just been plunged through her virginity membrane in full.

It hasn’t been long since he arrived in the royal capital, and Schild has already deflowered another virgin pussy yet again.

What’s more, it was the pussy of the very first princess of the kingdom itself.

“Ahh, so big……I feel like my body is being torn from the inside. The other sensations are incredible as well!”

These were Princess Cymbium’s first words after graduating into a woman.

“Your Highness, are you okay? Are you feeling in pain?”

Meanwhile, Carney, witnessing the loss of the princess’ virginity from the sides, couldn’t help but ask in worry. She was watching the whole process entirely like a medic right beside, despite being all buck naked as well.

“Thank you, Carney. To be honest, I’m not feeling good right now. Can you….hold my hand to make me feel better?”

“Yes, I’d be happy to!”

“……As expected of the best of friends…….”


Cymbium held Carney’s hands like close siblings despite being a princess and her vassal. the scenery could almost be described as touching, if not for the two being fully nude and with Cymbium still connected with a man through their genitals.

Nevertheless, Schild watched this unfold first, before driving his penis into the noble princess’s pussy once again.

While at it, he also asked a question to Princess Cymbium.

“Princess, this might be too late to ask this now, but won’t you be having problems now that you have lost your virginity to me? Your purity is an important asset to you, right?”

“Indeed. You are correct. Still, I think it’s all worth it in order to know Mister Schild better……and also to provide me a trump card, and finally establish a true relation to the throne.


Schild couldn’t hear the last words, but he didn’t care much as his sole focus was on tasting the excellent body in front of him.

“Churu……! Chuuchuu……! Ahnnn!? Nyaaaa……!?”

After connecting their lower bodies, Schild went straight to covering Cymbium’s marble-colored limbs, then overlapping and sucking his lips with hers and finally entwining their tongues within.

“You’re so beautiful right now, Your Highness……!”

Carney sang in praises despite the inappropriateness of their acts. As for Cymbium,

“W-what do you think, Mr. Schild? Do you enjoy having sex with me? Did my pussy feel good to you?”

She turned her eyes and asked the man, somehow, with a tinge of fear in the tone of her voice.

For Schild, the feeling of comfort is, of course, paradisiacal. However, there’s just something that bothers him more.

“Of course you feel good. In fact, your pussy is one of the best I had. Still…”


“For a princess, your language is quite nasty, isn’t it?”


To this, Cymbium couldn’t help but give a laugh, as if her earlier nervousness was just a ruse.

“Oh, please don’t underestimate a princess. It is the duty of a woman of the royal family to learn the art of the bedroom so that she can rule her husband in the future. In fact, ‘language in bed’ is one of the most important subjects for us noblewomen……”

“Also, being told that “Sex with you is so common and boring” is the one we want to avoid the most, especially from a concubine. It would be heartbreaking as a main wife if that happens, don’t you think?”


A royal woman will do everything in her power to make her marriage partner fall in love with her.

To the extent that they are willing to throw away everything, their elegance and all, and be a hungry sex beast on the bed if they have to.

In other words, Cymbium is telling Schild that while she’s a woman of elegance and purity on the outside, she can also be a lewd wild animal on the inside.

“I see that you are still skeptical of my words. Well then, I will say any vulgar words to make my partner happy. After all, I’ve studied hard for that. Still, this is the first time I’ve done a demonstration, so I’m going to need some feedback from you, alright?”

The princess smiled lasciviously and nodded as she got a reply. This bobbed her ample breasts up and down as if she was intentionally showing off to the man. If y ou a re ab le to re ad this me sage, you are rea ding from an unauth orized aggre g ate site. Re ad at my Wo rdP ress to supp ort me an d my tions.

“You see, Schild. This Cymbium is a really slutty princess. From the moment I saw you, my pussy was already itching, telling me that it wants your cock so badly……♡♡♡♡”

The marble skin of Cymbium’s body got momentarily steamy with debauchery as she said this.

“Before I knew it, this Princess Cymbium has become your pussy slave. Did you know what was screaming in my head soon as you got inside the room and stood behind Carney? [This body, this nasty and perverted body, I want to give it to you, Schild. Whether it’s this nasty mouth of mine♡♡ , these huge and soft breasts and their big erect nipples♡♡ , these child-rearing hips and ass♡♡ , and most importantly, this hot and steaming pussy♡♡♡ . This perverted cunt♡♡♡ meat toilet cunt♡♡♡♡♡♡ , whatever you call it, whatever you do to it, I’ll allow it all♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡] What do you think? Is it good?”

“You royalty sure studied hard……”

Schild couldn’t help but mutter in awe.

And as if that dialogue has also stimulated his insides, Schild’s body started to go wilder, thus also increasing his hips’ innate power.

“Nhiiiinn♡♡♡……Ah, pardon me, my voice just now……!?”

“You’re supposed to make noises when you feel good. Don’t be shy. Let me hear you scream!”

“But, even if it’s on the bed, I can’t allow to lose myself……Ahiiii!♡♡ No, you mustn’t♡♡ Ahuu, it’s going all the way to the back of my pussy♡♡♡”

From Princess Cymbium’s point of view, this sex began for the vague reason of assessing Schild’s personality, and also for her to control her partner.

For her, sex is just a way to control and dominate. No more, no less.

However, Schild also knows it, and he wants her to change that view.

For Schild, sex is supposed to be fun and pleasurable. As long as you have these two, then there’s nothing else you need to worry about. This ch apter tran slat ion is ma e possi ble by stab bin g with a syrin ge trans lat ions. che ck up-to -date tran slation s on my Word press si te.

All you have to do was to fuck your partner thoroughly and pour your semen inside her.

“Aaah, aah, ahhh♡♡ Aah, so good♡ So this is what sex feels……Nhhahaa~♡♡♡”

“……Come to think of it,”

Schild spoke as if he suddenly remembered.

“If the king is really my father, then we’re siblings, aren’t we? Though it’s only half-sibling……”

It was then when Cymbium climbs up and approaches his left ear.

Then, she whispered,

“What if you told you that we’re not?”


Cymbium laid her back on the bed once again, and facing against Schild and Carney, she resumed.

“This will be our little secret of us three, but though Serenea and I were officially announced as ‘biological daughters of King Preslate I,’ we’re not actually related to the king.”

“Eh, Princess!?” “What do you mean by that?”

Not only Schild but even Carney was shocked by the sudden revelation.


“Unfortunately, this is only to the extent of what I can reveal to you. You still have something more important to do, don’t you think? Or, are you perhaps disappointed now that you aren’t banging your real blood-related sister?”

However, for an important revelation to be cut off in the middle, Schild was ticked off a bit, and using his quick thinking, he retaliated in another way.

“Yeah, I’m greatly disappointed, so I think I’m gonna stop here. How about it, Carney, want to go for our fourth time?”

(You aren’t the only one who can play that game. Let’s see now how will you react to this.)

“Uhm, Lord Schild, you’re kidding, right?”

“What makes you say that? Didn’t you say that you only want to offer your first time? and I already took it. Also, you aren’t the only woman here.”

“No, please, Mister Schild, I still want it inside……”

It was then when Cymbium pleaded a bit to ignite Schild’s sense of pity. This, however, ignited something else in him instead.

“Unfortunately, my mood is already ruined, Your Highness. You see, I was really excited when I had been given a chance to fuck a blood-relative, but you have let me down at that part. “It became a common and boring sex,” as you had mentioned in the end. I guess you’ll have to make do by watching me fuck Carney instead.”

“Lord Schild, that’s going overboard-“

Even Carney, who was watching beside them, felt uneasy. However, Schild stood his ground.

However, while he was about to pull out and approach Carney,

“……be your sister if you want.”

“What did you say?”

“Uhm, even if I am not the real deal, I can still be the sister that you want. You can still call me ‘sis.’ We are still family, you know? Though technically it’s only step-brother and step-sister.”

“That’s surprising. I thought you want me to prove my trust first to make you treat me like family. Why the change of heart?”

“Because, it began with Serenea. even though we’re houses apart, when Serenea was announced as my sibling, I somehow desired to be an adored big sis for once……!”

“Oh, only that?”

“Hauuuu, this is embarrassing, but I also wanted to be called ‘sis’ by my brother as he pokes and prods me with his cock!”

“Now, this is getting interesting. Very well, sis.”

As if some strange switch in her has been flipped on ever since he took her first time, the color of Cymbium’s eyes changed in that way of call. Not missing this reaction, Schild immediately began to tease with this as well.



“Big sis.”



“Yes, my little brother~♡♡”

At that point, Cymbium had completely changed her tune on Schild. It was already that of a whore, and the image of a ‘pure and noble princess’ has completely left of her body. If yo u are a ble to read this m ssage, you are rea ding fr om an unau thori zed agg reg ate si te. R ead at my Wor dP ress to sup port me and my tra nsla tions.

“I want to fuck you, sis. I want to fuck you really bad.”

“Yes, fuck me, little brother. Fuck this big sister of yours hard! Make it so that she won’t be able to live without your cock!”


“Fuiiiiiiiiiiiii♡♡♡♡♡ That’s it, harder, little brother, harder♡♡♡♡♡♡♡”

As if a rabid dog that got loose, Schild pumped his cock harder than before. In return, Cymbium’s vagina contracted violently, almost as if it was trying to twist his penis inside.

Nevertheless, as his roots were already tempered through lewd acts, Schild just pushed through, hitting the end of Princess Cymbium’s womb repeatedly as he goes, also as if teaching a lesson to the recently-virgin Cymbium that she could never match the prowess of Schild in terms of sex.

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaahh♡♡ That’s it♡♡ So good♡♡ I love it♡♡♡♡♡ But my brother who’s doing his best to fuck his sister, I love it more♡♡♡♡♡♡”


“I love you, Schild♡ I love you♡, I love you♡♡, I love you♡♡♡, I love you♡♡♡♡, big sister loves you very much♡♡♡♡♡ as a little brother, and more importantly, as a man♡♡♡♡♡♡ So, cum, cum inside your beloved sister’s pussy, cum everything inside♡♡♡ This meat urinal pussy, this cum-loving dumpster of a sister is now your property, so give it with plenty of your loving ~♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡”

“That’s a lot to take in!”

But Schild at this point, was already experiencing too much pleasure to be able to hold back.

As such, the throbbing white stuff crawling up from his testicles was already very close to the exit.

……Soon, it was released.

“Aaaaaaaahh——♡ Aaaaahhh———♡♡ Aaaaaaaaaaahhh——————♡♡♡”

The very same fluids that conquered the wombs of Lirica and Carney, it finally gushed inside the vagina of Princess Cymbium, making her scream as she completely fell into a sea of euphoria that almost made her mind go white.


“That was the best first time ever♡♡♡”

Regaining her composure for some time after their pretend-incest play, Princess Cymbium immediately looked down at her own private regions, which were still connected to the man.

“Ahh, the semen that I couldn’t take is starting to flow back out……♡♡ With this, it has now become a pussy that was loved. A sloppy, wet, and loved pussy that can finally match with Carney’s♡♡♡”

“Ahh, Princess, please stop, it’s embarrassing……!”

Carney’s face turned bright red as she got praised in a weird direction. Nevertheless, the princess continued talking as if she didn’t mind at all.

“I gave myself to Schild under the pretext of trying to know him more but to think I lost myself midway. For the “Majesty of the Lion” to be this strong, honestly, I underestimated it.”

“So, did you get a good test of my character?”

“It doesn’t really matter now, doesn’t it? After all, you gave me a super enjoyable first time that I could no longer live without your cock. More importantly, I had also gained a cute little brother~. Ahhh, I love you so much, my little Schild♡♡♡♡”

“I don’t know what’s going on anymore……”

The sudden gain of a sister, with whom he immediately got into a physical relationship even though they’re not blood-related, felt disconcerting for him, but with this, Schild has now formed some kind of bond with Cymbium, even though it has developed in the least of his expectations.

However, being not able to feel familial love for the first time in a long time, Schild was still dumbfounded on how he should respond.

“Let’s have another sex for the time being, I guess. This time, with Carney as the main dish.”


“What a great idea, my little brother! To be honest, I felt a little guilty hogging you all to myself during my first time, all while Carney is being all so silent and frustrated that we have left her out like that.”

“So it’s decided then. We go with Carney next. After all, the more partners I have, the livelier the sex I can bring.”

“The more partners I have, the livelier, is it?”

At Schild’s words, It was then when Princess Cymbium had an epiphany.

Her elegant gaze then turned to the side.

What was brought to her eyes were the two maids who had been waiting in the corner of the room since the very beginning.

They are young, and as part of the princess’s entourage, they also possess incredible beauty.

“Schild, I have a request.”

“What is it, sis?”

At the word “sis”, Cymbium’s body tingled for a moment, but she held back and signaled the maids to approach. Then, as if introducing them, she spoke.

“These two are Nena and Nina, both of whom are my maids who have served me since I was a child. They are of middle-class nobility, so they are well educated and are two of the few people I can truly trust.”

With a jaw-jerking motion as the signal, Princess Cymbium sent instructions to the two. The maids then pulled up their long skirts – revealing a pair of panties already soaked with love juices underneath.

As they were watching their mistress’s spectacular loss of virginity up close, their ‘emotions’ soon overflowed until they couldn’t be absorbed by their panties anymore and started dripping down to their knees as well.

“Schild, before I explain everything, please, take the first times of these two. They are my precious children, and I want them to become bonafide women on the same day and at the same time as me, with the same gentleman as well.”

In the end of that day, a total of four round asses were lined up in front of Schild: the princess, the female knight, and the two maids, in which he had spent his entire time having sex with all throughout the evening.

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  1. What a lucky bastard you are.. schild……btw that Princess sure is cunning….tt that she’ll use her maid for her succession…..though even the maid still want themselves


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