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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Volume 1 Chapter 22

Chapter 22 – The First with Princess Cymbium


Schild and Carney both raised their voices like a dumbstruck fool.

After all, the first princess, Cymbium, had just made an outrageous proposal.

“Her Highness, do you even understand what you’re saying!?”

“Of course I am, Carney. Do you think I am that naïve?”

The princess then rose from the table with the tea set and strode across her private chambers, her heels clicking as she did, until arriving at the canopied bed that she probably uses every day.

Being furniture for royalty, it was a top-quality piece, and as soon as Cymbium sank her bottom into it, a pleasant bouncing sound was made, as if it had a springing mechanism of some sort.

“Mr. Schild, what you want is to meet your father and find out about your roots. Isn’t that right?”

“Yes, but ……?”

“In that case, why don’t you show me first who you truly are? I want to know more about you, what you’re capable of, and if you’re truly the kind of person your ‘father’ would feel comfortable bringing into his life.” If you a re able to r ead this mes sage, you are read ing from an unauth orized agg reg ate site. Read at my W ordP ress to supp ort me and my tran sla tions.

“And the quickest way to find out is through sex?”

Cymbium nodded bewitchingly.

“It is said that a man and a woman can understand each other the most once they laid their bodies on top of each other. So, Schild, on behalf of His Majesty the King, please allow me to understand you better.”

“Very well. It is also my ideal to embrace the woman I want to embrace the moment I want to embrace her. And now that the princess is challenging me into it, all the more I should not reject.”

Schild answered immediately.

“But Lord Schild, this is……“


Baffled by their actions, Carney tried to clutch to Schild as the last straw.

“You’re dealing with the princess. It’s the princess, you know! You can’t just casually have sex with someone like that! You might get caught and beheaded later……!” She said as she tried her best to warn the man. However,

“You can’t fight a big monster if you think far ahead in the future too much, coz that’s a good sign that you’ll die right there. Also…”

Schild only belittled it, then faced Carney, this time, with an amused look as if he had another idea.

“Why don’t you join us to the mix, Carney? The more people I get to fuck with, the more fun we’ll have.”


“Fufufu. Ara ara.”

It was a ridiculous suggestion, but Princess Cymbium just laughed at it heartily.

“This is going to be my first time, but I never thought I could also get this luxury, being able to lose it with my best friend right by my side.”

“What? Princess Cymbium, are you sure you really sure you want to do this!?”

And just like that, Carney’s bewilderment was thrown away.

“Nena, Nina.”

When these names were called, the two maids in the room stepped forward.

“Take off my dress. I shall stand up in a suitable appearance befitting as a tribute to Mister Schild.”

It was an unreasonable command, but the maids carried it out without hesitation.

Starting by untying the knot at the back of her dress, they removed Cymbium’s corset, then her panties and stockings underneath without the slightest waste of movements.

Schild could already tell that they were doing this in her daily basis from those motions alone.

First to be revealed were Cymbium’s beautiful mounds above.

Next were her beautiful peaches below.

With a skin was as white as marble, even after being stripped of its extravagant decorations, it didn’t lessen Cymbium’s goddess-like quality.

She had a shimmering blonde hair, and combined with a well-proportioned waistline, it was as if this woman is a lavish statue made of expensive stones and jewels on its skin alone.

It was truly a work of art that came to life.


“Princess Cymbium……how beautiful……”

Even Carney, who was of the same sex, could not help but get stunned by the grace of Cymbium’s naked state.

“You may now undress Carney as well.”


The two maids carried out the next order without the slightest hint of embarrassment, as if their minds had been bound by magic.

They went in front and behind Carney, then in a brisk manner, untied her dress next as they had done for Cymbium.

“No, wait a minute! If you undress me now-“

Out of surprise, Carney refused the offer, but she was helpless against the maids who are professionals in their field. This chap er transl ation is made possi ble by stabbi ng with a sy ringe tran slations. check up-to-da te transla tions on my Word press sit e.

And soon as she was stripped off of her clothing, it was then when a shocking truth was revealed, of why she was refusing to be undressed so much.


The first to cry out was Princess Cymbium.

After all, Carney, who has gone completely naked, is now revealing a white trail of liquid gushing out of her exposed pubic area, which had already ran down to her knees.

“I was so aroused when I saw Carney in her dress, that I fucked her three times before we got here.”

Schild spoke without a hint of regret.

“I’m very sorry, Princess Cymbium. For this Carney had an audience with the princess with such a dirty crotch……!”

Carney’s face reddened with shame at the revelation of her inappropriate conduct to the princess.

Carney’s crotch had received a large amount of semen in her womb from the three consecutive penetrations, and over time, gravity had made it drip out, soaking her entire crotch in the process.

Naturally, her underwear was also covered in semen, and it was so soaked that one of the maids couldn’t help but break into a troubled face upon pulling it out with her hands.

“As you can see, I’m a devil of a man who doesn’t mind doing this on her partners. Are you sure you won’t regret having sex with such a man so easily?”

“So, you’re testing me as I was also testing you? Very well.”

Schild taunted, but the princess showed no fear.

She came right up to Carney, knelt on the floor, then put her mouth right on Carney’s crotch as the latter still dripped with semen.



Carney raised a moan in the unexpected pleasure of the sudden tongue.

“No way……Princess Cymbium is licking my pussy♡♡♡ the very first princess is personally eating my dirty pussyy……♡♡♡”

“You’re wrong, Carney. Your crotch is not dirty at all. In fact, it’s clean and very, very beautiful.”

Cymbium ‘corrected’ Carney, licking the semen that got caught on her lips.

“This……crotch that became syrupy with the semen of your lord is a testimony that Schild and Carney loved each other from the bottom of their hearts. In other words, a proof of true love. That’s why I said that it’s beautiful, as it was covered with such love.”


Schild could only freeze in amazement at the logic of what Cymbium spoke. Cymbium didn’t mind that and faced Carney instead.

“You think so too, don’t you, Carney? Do you really think that this pussy that Schild loves so much is a dirty pussy?”

“N-no I don’t………I see. Princess Cymbium was right! This pussy is the pussy painted with Lord Schild’s love. Who needs to be ashamed of it!?”

Just like that, Carney was taken in along the ride by the princess, and the tension she felt went in a completely strange direction.

“Schild, please make my cunt into this kind of loved cunt. Please make it beautiful with your semen and turn it into a pussy of love and beauty that I can be proud to show to the world, just like what you did with Carney’s.”

“Is this some kind of culture only the rich can understand? I don’t get it at all, but……”

This princess is no ordinary woman. Schild instinctively sensed it.

From her presence alone, he immediately knew that these types of women were like a labyrinth. Once you enter, you’ll immediately get lost and can never go back.

And such a woman who had this bizarre charm is Princess Cymbium.

Yet, Schild is not the kind of man who decides not to embrace a woman just because she is dangerous.

“Then I’ll take the princess’s virgin pussy without reserve.”

And just like that, Schild finally agreed to take Cymbium’s virginity.

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