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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Volume 1 Chapter 21

Chapter 21 – The Majesty of the Lion

Both Carney and Schild were shocked by Princess Cymbium’s following words.

“You already noticed, even up to this sword!?”

That point urged Schild to speak for the first time since entering this room, as he knew that it was useless to play the little game of pretend-squire anymore.

“Your Highness Cymbium, have you already known this from the beginning, if I may ask?”

“Of course, I don’t. I’m not some kind of omniscient person, even more not omnipotent. However……”

The princess herself poured tea into a new teacup.

“I knew that sword at a glance. I was very fond of that sword when I was little.”

Then she offers the newly poured tea to Schild.

“I was about three years old at the time I first saw it. I loved that sword, that same sword my father, who was still in good health at the time, wore around his waist. Even I remember the times I was scolded each time I innocently tried to touch it when my father carried me into his arms.”

‘Simply because swords are dangerous things,’ that’s what he always said.

“After the war with the demon army, father came back, but I was greatly saddened upon hearing that he lost his beloved sword on the battlefield. That’s where It became the second-most memorable impression in me. As for the first one……”


“It was another event that I remember ever more clearly. It was also about that sword, and it was just one year ago. Father was already very sick and weak at the time. Alone, he summoned me on his sickbed and, and what I heard next was the most shocking thing in my life.”

“『I have a son.』He said.”

It was those words that hit the last nail.

“I heard that 20 years ago, during the battle to destroy the demon army, he raped a village girl in the heat of battle. I heard that his seed came to fruition, and she gave birth to a baby boy before he went back to the kingdom.”

“T-then, Lord Schild is……!?”


“The royal family’s bedchamber is very complicated. It is said that father purposely kept the boy out of line in order to avoid adding uncertainty to the royal family, which was already a whirlwind of power struggles and intrigues even at that time. However, even with that, he still left evidence of his own illegitimacy as a king, and your legitimacy as the child of the king.”

“And you think that it is this sword?”

Cymbium nodded in response to Schild’s question.

“Father at that time was already very weak due to his illness. But he still mustered the following words to me, ‘that if a man with his sword should appear, he would like me to take him to him personally’……”

And indeed, Schild appeared today, carrying the lost Hihi’irokane sword of his father that he had thought had abandoned him.

“Since that day a year ago, I have not been able to visit father in his sickbed. However, it seems that the time has come for me to carry out our father’s wishes.”

“That’s a selfish way of putting it.”

“That’s all I can have to say for now. How about you, Mister Schild? Mind telling us more about yourself?”

Then again, Princess Cymbium offered the cup for the second time. If y ou a re ab le to r ead this mess age, you are rea di ng from an unaut horiz ed aggre gate sit e. Re ad at my WordPress to s upp ort me and my tr anslat ions.

It was only now that Schild realized, that the chairs prepared for this tea party were three instead of two.


Having no other choice, Schild finally sat on the remaining chair.

“I see……”

Princess Cymbium muttered as she listened to all the details of how Schild’s side had come to this point.

“It matches the information I have on our side. With this, it has been proven that you’re the illegitimate child that father had leaked to me during his battle to destroy the demon army……so he’s my stepbrother.”

“Hell, I never imagined I would have a princess as a sister.”

For the first time in their lives, a twenty-four-year-old older sister has finally met her twenty-year-old little brother face-to-face.

Even Carney, who had been asked to sit in on this bizarre tea party, could only cringe.

“It was fortunate that you met Carney in the city. No, you had the best luck of all, as it was only because of Carney that you were able to connect yourself with me. I couldn’t help but shudder at what would have happened if you had contacted Serenea before me.”

“The second princess, was it? But that’s none of my business.”

Schild struck a thorn at Princess Cymbium, who spoke as if she had already taken him to her side.

“As I said in my explanation, I just wanted to see my own father’s face for once. I don’t care about the struggle for the succession of the kingdom. Whether you want to give it to me or want to have it for yourself, I don’t care, I don’t need it, I don’t want to be king, so don’t get me involved.”

“So, you do not intend to join me and Serenea in the struggle for the succession?”

“Ugh, so annoying. Like I said, I’m not interested in the throne. All I’m interested in is finding my roots, and who exactly I am.”

“Roots, huh? If that’s the case, then I, who have the same royal blood as you, have something to ask of you.”


“Let us change the subject here. Are you and Carney in a physical relationship?”

It was then when Princess Cymbium suddenly blurted something outrageous.



And Carney, who was just in the middle of drinking her tea, spat out loudly.

When Schild spoke about his circumstances leading up to today’s visit, he naturally omitted the details of the intense sex between him and Carney, who, for some reason, became greatly saddened midway his tale.

Little did they know that these actions only incredibly intrigued the princess who was listening in between the two.

And now, based on the way the ‘accomplice’ responded, everything became perfectly clear.

“Mmm-hmm……! I knew it. I thought it was strange that Carney became more mellow and sexier than the last time I met her. The reason for this is because you’ve gotten to know well about this gentleman, am I right?”

“Princess!? Why are you telling me this?”

Carney made a fuss, still not denying the fact that she had a relationship with Schild.

(There’s no point hiding it now. Also, you’re an open book right from the start, Carney.)

“Sure, I made Carney my woman, but so what?” This ch apte r tra nsla tion is made po ss ible by stab bi ng with a syr ing e tra nslat ions. check up- to-da te tran slatio ns on my Wo rdpre ss sit e.

“Lord Schild!?”

“Hush now. I didn’t invite you here to induce conflict. By the way, you said you’ve only been in the royal capital for a few days, haven’t you? I just want to say that if you can corrupt the stalwart Carney in such a short period of time, then there must be some royal blood involved.”


“Have you ever had anyone say this to you? “when I’m with you, I couldn’t help but want to be embraced by you,” or “I feel like I always have the urge to have sex with you whenever I’m by your side” or something along those lines?”


It was now Schild’s turn to be an open book. He was so shocked it was enough to tell Cymbium that she was right on the money just by looking at his face.

Indeed, he had been told that by many women he had been with several times, and in turn, he had embraced each one of them without reservation.

 In fact, Lirica and Carney were no exceptions at all.

“That is the ‘Majesty of the Lion’ that only males of royal blood can display.”

“The Majesty of the Lion?”

“To put it simply, it is some sort of charisma? One of the rumored qualities of the royal blood, and it was said that it was able to arouse any woman in contact with it and make her feel like giving her body and soul to the man. It has rumored to have appeared in several males of the royal blood in history, but has never appeared in females.”

“Do you really think I have such magical powers?”

“Even if that wasn’t the case, it would still explain how you have been able to indulge yourself in so many women so far.”

“Supposedly, if it really has this mysterious power. Is the bloodline directly producing this power? You said it only appeared in some males that possess royal blood. Does it have to manifest some kind of reaction in order to activate it? To be honest, I’m not even sure if you’re making this up.”


“Indeed, the ‘Majesty of the Lion’ did not manifest itself in every male member of the royal family. Only those brave kings who had fought in numerous battles were able to ‘don’ its ‘Majesty.’ So even if you are the son of a lion, you cannot be a lion yourself if you do not live like a lion. Well, it was only treated as ‘rumors’ as being able to survive through many battles is already impressive enough to charm anyone, much more if you’re a ruler of a country. However, all the partners of these past kings and the unparalleled devotion they showed in history kept telling us otherwise.”

“Also, you just told me about your hardships and how you acquired the ability to face life on your own and on your own ‘prowess’ alone. This charisma is said to only manifest itself when that ‘prowess’ is combined with the royal bloodline.”

“Still, fret not. Carney and the others fell in love with you not because they were fooled by the magical power of the royal family but because they were directly touched by your heroism through the lion’s roaring blood in your veins. That, I can guarantee.”

“Yes, that’s right! I truly fell in love with the heroic side of Lord Schild!”

Carney finally came out of her shell.

Beside her, Schild and Princess Cymbium stared at each other guilelessly.

“…… You think that’s one proof of my roots being a son of the king?”

“At least one thing is clear now, isn’t it?”

“That’s true, but does it really need to be said here and now?”

“Yes, because your lion’s majesty is about to take its effect on another woman.”


“I’m beginning to think that I want to be embraced by you as well.”

It was the noblest woman in the country that spoke those lines. But what followed next was even more unexpected.

“So, Schild, why don’t we interrupt these stories of your hardships for the meantime and have an intercourse with me? Yes, I’m talking about having sex with you.”

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  1. Half-brother not stepbrother. Half siblings share one birth parent. Step siblings are completely unrelated except by marriage or adoption.

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