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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Volume 1 Chapter 20

Chapter 20 – Conversation with Princess Cymbium

The First Princess Cymbium is currently twenty-four years old.

She is the eldest daughter and first child of King Preslate I, and as there is no officially recognized male heir, she is currently the most promising candidate to succeed the king.

Because of her excellent humanity, thoughtfulness, and beauty, she is popular among the people.

And now, such a person whose status is above the clouds is smiling in front of Schild and his company.

“It’s been a long time, Sir Carney. It’s wonderful to see you looking so well.”

The first princess, Cymbium, smiled beyond the door, shaking her graceful and shining blonde hair.

She is wearing a lovely dress, just like the current Carney. And because she’s a real princess, her dress is a lot more fitting than Carney’s, whose demeanor is always that of a knight.

“Your Highness Cymbium. My apologies for having been away for so long.”

“You don’t need to. You’ve been dreaming of being a knight for a long time, and now, look at you, you’re finally attained it, and even doing it every day……oh dear, you can’t make a knight’s salute in a dress.”

In the Subjugators Guild, everyone is in awe and reverence of the prowess of Knight Carney, but to think she got reduced to something like a cute kitten being admired, Princess Cymbium is wholly on a different league, thought Schild.

“I’m so glad you agreed to invite me to a little tea party today. I haven’t seen your dignified face lately, so I couldn’t help but think you are busy, and I be an intrusion on your work……”

“There is no such thing! As a nobleman in the service of the kingdom, this Carney should be able to visit you at any time, but this one has neglected her duty and is truly ashamed of it!” If y ou a re able to re ad this mes sage, you are r eading from an una uthorized aggr egate site. Re ad at my WordPr ess to suppor t me and my trans lations.

“Now, now. That’s enough of the formal stuff. Let’s have a more pleasant and fun chat. After all, it’s what we came here today, isn’t it?”

Without being prompted, Carney sat at the same table as the princess as if it was a natural thing to do.

The maid immediately poured a cup of steaming tea in front with a practiced motion, and while she was doing that, Schild stood directly behind, acting as Carney’s valet and bodyguard.

After all, they can’t just go straight to the point, or it would be rude.

(Start off with a casual conversation and gradually get to know each other, then look for the right moment to broach sensitive topics.)

Right now, Princess Cymbium is interested in hearing more about what was going on with Carney, who she hasn’t heard from in a while, so the conversation headed to that at first.

Naturally, the listener and the speaker exchanged roles from time to time, and sometimes the princess would tell Carney about her current situation in a small talk-like manner as well.

As a companion, Schild also listened attentively, and according to what he heard, the succession problem is becoming more serious due to the king’s deteriorating health.

In terms of the order of succession, the eldest daughter, Cymbium, should naturally be the queen, but it is said that the second princess, Serenea, has other plans; one of them was to push aside the proper order of succession with the backing of her mother’s family, the Oscars.

Is it Serenea herself who is leading the charge, or is it the Oscar family who is backing her?

However, what Princess Cymbium is more worried about is the unavoidable flesh-and-blood feud between the two sisters in the future than she is about her own future as queen.

“Serenea and I are sisters who have different mothers but have the same royal blood, the blood of our forefathers who protected these lands. It is regrettable that we, as sisters should spread hate onto each other and fight with each other for the throne. The royal family, who are supposed to be a role model for the people, should not show such tragic state.”

“it is what Her Highness Cymbium says.”

“Carney, as long as you’re at my side, Serenea’s surroundings will not be tempted to do rash actions. For that, I’ll be very thankful……”

“But Your Highness, that will mean……”

“It’s okay, Carney. You have your own free will now. It is I who shouldn’t have said those things to you.”

Princess Cymbium then drank some tea to moisten her lips, which had gone dry from the chattering.

‘Surprisingly, she is a person who openly exposes her weaknesses to others to gain advantage,’ Schild couldn’t help but think as he listened from the side.

What she learned from Cymbium’s character is this.

While she seems to be shallow at first glance, incapable of thinking for herself, if you look closer, you’ll realize it was just a façade so that she could easily place herself in the hearts of others.

During his travels, Schild saw many cunning politicians using such tactics, and all of them have generally strong diplomatic base.

Their style is that from within, they will grasp your heart little by little, and the moment you realize it, it will be already difficult to escape.

“So, Carney.”

The princess put her teacup back on the saucer.

“Isn’t it about time you introduce him to us? Who’s this nice gentleman you’ve brought to me?”


Carney immediately went flustered by the sudden and unexpected point.

“Uhm……when did you notice?”

“Notice? I was just curious about this person who came with you because he had an air of strangeness about him that was too unusual for an escort knight.” This cha pter tr ans lation is made possi ble by sta bb ing with a sy ri nge trans latio ns. chec k up-t o-da te trans lat ions on my Wor dpr ess si te.

Of course, the man accompanying Carney could not be anyone other than Schild.

Having got no other choice, Carney sighed in contemplation, and her expression immediately changed into one of determination. The ability to switch gears is always one of her strong points.

“Then I will make a bold confession, Princess Cymbium. The reason I asked for this meeting is that I wanted to bring him to you.”

“Oh, you brought me a gentleman?”

“His name is Schild, and he is a traveling mercenary who recently joined the Subjugators Guild. He’s a very powerful warrior and has already defeated two dangerous monsters since he arrived here.”

“That’s amazing, isn’t it?”

(This woman, does she know it or not?)

Princess Cymbium just lets out a subtle exclamation of surprise, unable to distinguish if it was real or she’s just being sarcastic.

“And? What are you intending to do by introducing me to such a gentleman? Don’t tell me……are you planning to do a nasty play with him in here like what I’ve been hearing on those gentlemen on the streets?”

“How could that be! But still……can I ask the others to give us a moment, as what I’m about to say could greatly influence the future.”

Once again, the place where Carney and Schild are invited to hold a tea party is the private chambers of Princess Cymbium.

In addition to a table for tea parties, there is also a luxurious array of everyday furniture, including a vanity table, a closet, and even a bed with a canopy.

But being only a ‘small’ room for royalty, there were only a few attendants, so aside from the core players like Princess Cymbium, Carney, and Schild, there were only two maids in the room.

“That’s a strange thing to say, Carney. Do you really think you can get the maids to back off for you to start doing something really nasty afterward?”

“No, Your Highness! I can never do such a thing!”

“Fufufu. I was joking. Whatever it is, you may proceed. These maids are my oldest and most trusted servants. They will not divulge any secrets.”

“S-still, Your Highness ……”

“Rest assured. Or shall I begin the talks for you? You said you were……Schild, right? And this talk will be related to the sword made with Hihi’irokane, that is currently hanging on your waist.”


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