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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Volume 1 Chapter 2

Chapter 2 – The Subjugators Guild

A letter of introduction from a lord is far more effective than a pass issued by a village mayor.

Adding the corpse of a giant monster to prove that he was not just a nobody, Schild was able to reach the guild with respectful treatment even though it was only his first visit to the royal capital.

The Subjugators Guild.

It was an institution spearheaded by the kingdom in order to combat the frequent monster attacks in the country, like what happened in Schild’s village decades ago.

An indispensable facility for those who killed monsters for a living.

As a proper organization, this guild recruited skilled warriors, provided information on the monsters to be defeated, and exchanged corpses of successfully defeated monsters for rewards.

It has branches in most of the major cities, but the most prestigious of them is in the royal capital, where it also served as the main branch, being in the center of the kingdom which is also the prosperous city in the country.

Of course, the main branch has also its other privileges other than being prestigious. Being the first ever built Subjugators Guild office, it naturally had the largest and most magnificent building among other branches, hence Schild could only stare at the founding facility in awe as he observed it from the outside for the first time.

A few moments after entering the magnificent building and handing over the carcass of the giant crocodile in question, Schild was instructed to wait in what looked like a reception room.

As for the guiding soldier, he had long since returned to his post at the castle gate, but he didn’t forget to give a warm farewell before he left. If you are reading this message, you are reading from an unauthorized aggregate site. Read at my WordPress to support me and my translations.

“……sorry to have kept you waiting.”

A woman clearly dressed as a government official entered the reception room he was in.

Schild eyed the woman from head to toe.

The other party was neatly dressed, indicating she was a guild employee who wasn’t a part of the crew inspecting the monster that Schild had handed over, and probably a more superior rank at that.

“Ehem. Again, our apologies for the delay. It’s just that what you brought us was much bigger than we expected. We were awestruck by your accomplishment that we had to take extra time to inspect its legitimacy.”

“Well, it is a big one, that’s for sure. After all, even for me, it took a lot of work to bring it here.”

Without saying anything about the difficulty of defeating it, just the pains of carrying it, Schild shook the tender hand of the woman who put on airs of an upper official.


“In that case, let us tell you the appraisal results immediately. But before we do, allow us to check one more time. Do you remember where you engaged that dinogator?”

The crocodile’s official name is the Dinogator.

“Didn’t you hear what I just said a while ago? The big river on the way here. That monster was lying on the bridge like it was blocking the way, so I smashed it to death. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to get this far.”


The woman who looked like a government official sighed again at the testimony.

“Then, allow us to brief you. The dinogator you subjugated is a bounty monster named “Amber Eyes”. It matches the shape and data we have, and your testimony matches the location where he appears.”


The word “bounty monster” made Schild’s words break its tone just for a bit.

“It’s been classified as an urgent danger monster because it took nest on the Salanez Bridge that connects the royal capital to the various territories and attacks people who try to cross it. And since that bridge is used for the transportation of goods and people between many territories and the capital, if it becomes unusable, it will pose a bigger problem later on.”

“I guess you’re right. Even I went on that bridge to get to the capital myself.”

“Yes. If this were to go on for any longer, the distribution of commodities on the entire capital will greatly lessen……or so as we were told. We were still in the process of selecting our strongest subjugators, so it was really helpful that you have taken care of it first.”

“So he was not only heavy in load, but heavy in value as well. So, can I expect to be paid heavily for this monster?”


“Why, of course. Here……heave, ho!”

A heavy thud sounded on the table at the center where Schild was sitting on.

It was a huge leather bag swelling up with contents. Coins, of course. Or else it would only be a scam.

“The Dinogator is a fierce and dangerous monster, so the price is high: 500 revels per guara.”

“That’s quite a haul. Nice.”

“But as the “Amber Eye” weighs over 2,000 guaras, to avoid inflation, from 1,000 guaras onward, the values will be deflated to per 100 guaras each. Even so, the total value of it still amounts to 1 million revels. In addition, the “Amber Eye” has an individual bounty of 800,000 revels. In total, about 1.8 million revels will be yours.”

As she said this, the official tried to slide the leather bag across the table to present it to Schild, but it barely moved, for it was just too heavy for the thin arms of the female employee.

Seeing it, Schild could only receive it on his own hands with an awkward smile.

Upon checking it, Schild had indeed received the exact amount.

“You know, when I arrived in this royal capital, this big lump of money is the last thing I expected to receive. I’ve never been so lucky.”

“Normally, meeting a dinogator is nothing more than being unlucky. After all, it is a kingdom-level threat.”

The guild’s female employee rebuked as she quickly raised her glasses and repositioned them.

The glasses were generally slim and urban in design.

However, what took Schild’s interest in was her behavior, because the more he did the necessary paperwork, the more they seem to get close to each other in tone. This chapter translation is made possible by stabbing with a syringe translations. check up-to-date translations only at this site.

After the paperwork is done, the guild official was already using an amicable tone to Schild.

“You came here straight from the castle gate, right? I’m sure that the guards have already greeted you, but once again, welcome to the royal capital. My name is Lirica, and I am the branch manager of the Royal Capital Subjugators Guild.”

“Branch Manager?”

Schild couldn’t help but raise his eyebrows when the woman introduced herself as the facility’s chief of staff.

“This is surprising. Not only is a young and beautiful lady the branch manager, but for the head herself to directly deal with a totally new customer……”

“W-we didn’t have a choice! Because that’s just how great the prey you’ve brought in……Ah, ehem. As for the “young and beautiful lady” part……thank you for the compliment.”


Lirica, the female branch manager, looked incredibly happy for a moment when Schild said that.

Despite her calm demeanor, she seems to be the type that show her emotions easily when praised.

Maybe, from the view of others or perhaps even Lirica herself, it sounded like she’s an old woman who’s acting past her prime, but it didn’t seem that way for Schild. For him, the woman in front of her is radiating feminine charm not losing to the younger ones he had met.

She was dressed in a neatly folded official’s uniform, and her hair was pulled back in a bun to match her guild’s government work. Added to that were her sharply designed glasses to accentuate the impression of a strict career woman.

However, the woman’s excellent figure, which was cramped tight in such formal wear, was filled with sexuality that looked like it was about to burst out of her dress at any time.

“In that case, I have to introduce myself as well. My name is Schild, and I’m a mercenary.”

“Greetings, Mr. Schild. As part of our duties, we always welcome strong warriors like you. Are you planning to stay in the capital for a long time? If you don’t mind, could you tell us the purpose of your visit?”

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