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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Volume 1 Chapter 19

Chapter 19 – Onward on Meeting the First Princess

“At that time, there were no girls of the right age in our house that suited His Majesty. It was a simple reason, but the result was devastating. Because we have no more direct relation with the throne, Leschbeins’ support diminished and together with our rights of speech, we’re quickly eliminated from the power struggles in the royal court. And as we don’t have anyone anymore that will serve as our pillar, our faction there collapsed next. Well, thanks to that, though, that I, their daughter, was able to freely do what I want……”

The more Schild learned about Carney’s situation, the more he was able to confirm that she had lived a very free and unrestrained life.

“But even with our situation in the palace, we’re still one of the prominent families in the aristocracy, so I can still give face as a higher noble! In fact, I’ve been friends with the first princess, Lady Cymbium, for several years!”


“We haven’t seen each other for a while, but when I asked her for a private tea party, she immediately agreed! Now we’re off to the royal palace to see Her Highness Cymbium!”

“That’s great, Carney! With your connections, we’re all set! And once we had an audience with the princess, we’ll be just a breath away from the king himself!”

“With this, I’m going to ask you to come with me once again, Lord Schild! After all, you are the heart and soul of this matter!”

“But what about my disguise?”

“Let’s see……it would be safest if you were to act as my bodyguard. For starters, you’ll have to change your clothes so you can act like one.”

“Well, I’ll be needing your help on that part……”

As recommended by Carney, and upon hearing that escorting noble ladies is the most standard duty of knights nowadays, Schild was put on a knight’s clothing, which is quite the standard in the world of nobles.

“But a knight clothing, huh? ……If this thing exists, why does Carney always insist on wearing a knight armor on a regular basis?”

“That’s a clothing, CLO-THING! It’s like a symbol of a knight who has forgotten how to fight! With those flimsy clothes, how can you even protect yourself from monster attacks? If you want to survive a real battle, you need to bring in something big, tough and solid, like my armor!!”

That’s what she said.

“And also……I can’t hide my boobs in a knight’s clothing, so……!”

Schild has had countless women in his life, but he’s never seen a woman with tits as big as Carney’s.

Hers was so big that it will only provide distraction in a fight, heck, even when not in a fight.

“Indeed, that’s already enough reason for wearing such an armor……by the way……”

That’s when Schild spoke his thoughts that he was holding, ever since he saw Carney enter the room.

That Carney, who he often saw in a knight armor, is now wearing something else, something that was far from what he was used to seeing, yet very appropriate for a girl her age.

“By the way, Carney? Is that……!?”

“Hm? Ah, you’re asking that now?”

She was wearing a dress.

Where did the rugged knight in shining armor go? Right now, Carney is wearing a detailed and luxurious dress that is mainly purple, revealing the silhouette of her nubile waist.

Her chest area was wide open, as if it was designed to utilize the greatest weapon of her body to its maximum potential.

“It would be beyond rude to wear the usual knightly attire to meet Her Highness. Even I must know the time and place to act!”

Carney’s outfit, together with her hair tied up in an aristocratic style, was a different kind of outfit than the one Schild had known her in.

She on her knight armor is already exuding lots of charm. With her wearing a dress like this, it was as if her limiter is removed, as she is now exploding her womanly appeal all over the place.



“Let’s have sex.”


Schild was a man who is always honest about his desires.

“Have you gone stupid, Lord Schild? We’re going to see Her Highness! Do you know how much time and effort I’ve put into, dressing myself for this?”

“That’s precisely why I want to embrace you right now. You’ve put a lot of time and effort – all of them just for me. Please, I ask of you. Just this once. I promise I’ll finish it soon.”

“There’s no way you’ll be able to finish it soon! Once you started, you’re gonna fill me up on and on until you can’t let it out anymore! I’ll then have to start dressing all over again, and we’ll never make it in time! So no, no and no!”

“No matter what?”

“No matter what! However,”

As she says so, Carney turned behind.


From there, she lifted up the heavy skirt that covers her lower body, exposing the plump and rotund cheek bottoms wrapped in a pair of luxurious-looking silk panties. And today, they even came with a garter belt.

The exposed silky butt is then protruded towards Schild.

“……if it’s really just this once, I think I’ll manage. As for my panties, you have to take them off yourself, Lord Schild.” Carney said in a troubled voice.

“I have no time to get dressed again, so you’ll have to do it like this. But just once, okay? Also, I don’t want to get my clothes dirty, so put it all inside.”

While feeling the sensation of semen that had filled up her womb, Carney and Schild finally arrived at the royal palace.

“Mou~! I can’t believe you did it three more times! We barely just made it in time!”

“Haha, so sorry about that……but that’s just how incredible your body is.”

“I won’t fall for that! Just because I love Lord Schild, that doesn’t mean you can do whatever you want with me! Even I would get angry if you kept it going non-stop! Aah…… what kind of stupid punishment is this, having an audience with the princess with a pussy full of semen……!?”

“Still, Carney, the sight of you getting messed up in that dress was very sexy. It makes me want to love you more!”

“Like I said, I won’t fall for your compliments! Say no more than this!”

Just like that, while bickering with each other, Schild and Carney walked inside the royal palace.

As Carney was a close friend of the first princess, they didn’t need any guides, so it was only Schild and Carney who had the corridor to themselves, resulting into their ‘inappropriate’ exchange.

Soon, they arrived in front of the room where the princess is waiting.

“Behind this door is the Princess Cymbium. This is also the private quarters of the princess.”

And the fact that Schild was also invited to such a private space in itself showed the other party’s trust in her visitor, Carney.

“Before we go into the room, I’d like to ask you one last time……Lord Schild. What are you going to do if you finally confirmed that your father is the king?”


“His Majesty the King had an illegitimate son. What’s more, he hid this fact from everyone, even to his child. Whatever path you’ll take, once this fact comes to light, it’s going to be a big deal. And as I told you before, the king’s official children are only Cymbium and Serenea – only women. And this was already enough of a reason for succession struggle to occur……”


“And now, there is another new holder of the right to the throne. If it comes to light that you’re the only male on the throne, you’ll be……”

“There’s no way I’ll become a king.”

Schild spoke without even giving a chance to rethink.

“I’ve only recently learned that my father is ‘possibly’ the king. And even with that, it’s not a concrete evidence that we share the same blood. All I want is to know my roots. That and only that.”

“I want to know why I was born. How I was born, and where did I come from. Only when I finally know those things…… that can I begin to be who I really am. That’s how I feel.”


“What, disappointed now that you’ll never become a queen?”

“Huh? Don’t look down on me! I did not approach Lord Schild with such ulterior motives! In fact, I’m so glad that my dream of becoming a married couple monster slayer and helping so many people is finally going to become a reality!”

Carney said with pride, stretching out her chest that was about to pop out of her scantily made top.

After confirming each other’s intentions, the two finally opened the door in front of them – From where the first princess of the kingdom, Princess Cymbium, awaited them.

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