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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Volume 1 Chapter 18

Chapter 18 – On Search for the Path to the King

It took the two women a few days to conduct a preliminary investigation, but their results have already confirmed that Schild’s father was the king, or at least, that’s what they conclude.

By examining the minutes of the council in the royal palace through Carney’s house connections, the three discovered that there had been indeed an expedition led by the king himself about 20 years ago and that no royal family members other than the king had accompanied the campaign.

The name of the village that was designated as the headquarters was also written down, the exact name of Schild’s village where he grew up. In addition, it was even stated that the king had lost his beloved sword in battle after returning from the journey.


This led to the conclusion that the only way to find out the truth was to talk to the king himself, but then a problem arose.

“How do I meet the king?”

Being raised as a commoner, Schild had no idea what to do.

The king is, needless to say, the head of the nation. He is the most important person in the country, so how could an ordinary citizen like him easily meet such an important person if he wanted to?

(There was no way I could meet him like this.)

Even if Schild told the whole castle what he was gone through, and even if he shouted, “I’m the king’s son, let me see him!” all over the walls, he would only be treated as a lunatic and be imprisoned for disrespect for the royalty instead.

“Hmmm… any words of wisdom, Lirica?”

Schild questioned the only woman beside him. As for Carney, she has already gone back to her house to report.

“Now you’re coming to rely on me on how to prove that we are wrong? Sigh. Well, fine by me.”

With the reward for defeating the Octolov and the enormous reward for defeating Amber Eyes previously, Schild now has a leeway to play around for a bit.

Making the best use of his free time, he thought of the most effective way to meet the king face to face.

“Still, what bad timing we have. Right now, even his entourage is having difficulty in getting an audience with His Majesty the King.”

“Eh, why is that?”

“All I heard that he was ill. He’s been confined to his bedchamber all day, up to this day, leaving most of his affairs to his subjects.”

“It’s just like my situation now.”

“No, it’s not. You are staying in this bedroom for a completely different purpose. And actually, this is my bedroom, not yours.”

Again, after the killing of two big monsters in a row, it gave Schild enough money to play around and live his life for a while.

That didn’t mean that he was always in Lirica’s bedroom and having sex with Carney and Lirica every time they come home. He also trained himself from time to time in the Subjugators Guild’s training grounds to keep his instincts sharp, as well as being their helping hand in gathering information about the king, though he obviously wasn’t of much help towards the latter task.

“Also, to think we can’t rely it on brute force, nor infiltrating through stealth. The security is just too heavy……”

“Of course, it’s heavy. It’s the capital, after all. Honestly, it was already a surprise to me that you’re able to think like that. Do you know that your words are already enough grounds for an arrest warrant?”

“Then, anything else?”


“I have already done my part. This is where your next girl comes in.”

“Girl? You mean Carney?”

The topic of discussion then switched to another of Schild’s mistresses, who’s now busy investigating Schild’s traces in the palace, the female knight Carney.

“Didn’t I tell you the other day that Miss Carney is a noble lady?”

“Yes, you said something about her belonging to the three greatest nobles in the capital. Aren’t we using her connections to get by in these tasks?”

“Yes, and to be honest, it is largely due to the power of her family that she is able to do such reckless things right now, such as registering with the Subjugators Guild while claiming to be a knight. I had no choice but to give her a bit of preferential treatment.”

Preferential treatment? What part of preferential treatment is letting a precious young lady of a prestigious family get close to a perverted beast, letting her get devoured by the same beast, and ended up transforming her into a perverted beast like she is now? Schild rebuked in his head, but he didn’t say it out loud as he was also the culprit himself.

“The parents of the girl constantly reminded me to fulfill their daughter’s wishes as much as possible. Well, considering the fact that she’s very strong and very active in defeating monsters, it’s like I’ve hit two birds in one stone.”

“So, you’re saying if we continue to make use of Carney’s powers……”

“……maybe we’ll get some kind of breakthrough.”

“Absolutely, Lord Schild!”

Carney, the female knight in male armor, valiantly stood up in response.

After repeated discussions, Schild then re-briefed what he and Lirica had planned in that meeting to Carney who just recently arrived.

“No matter what you ask, this Knight Carney will be at your full service! I will even make full use of the power of my parents’ house, which I never had any intention of using, even up to this day, just for you! In fact, just today, I have already reserved an appointment for you!” Thi s chapt er translat ion is made possible by stabbin g with a syring e transla tions. check up-to-date translations on my Wordpre ss site.

“Damn, in such a short time? That’s quick!”

“Unfortunately, I didn’t get a direct audience with the king himself, but I’ve managed to get an appointment with someone very close to him! If we can get their understanding, maybe they’ll able to open a way for us! It’s still not determined, though.”

“That’s still a very good arrangement, Carney. You must have been a really prestigious and famous noble lady before this, being able to do it this fast.”

“Nn, sort of. However, I couldn’t stand living the life of a caged bird princess, so I set out to become a knight of justice soon after, before eventually ending up in the Subjugators Guild after seeing that the knights I’ve been dreaming of were no longer as I imagined from the past……still I never imagined that with that action of mine, I would meet my lifelong companion, in a path where I had plunged in head-first without thinking!”

“Hmm? What did you say on the last part?”

“It’s nothing! Anyway, Lord Schild. You’ll be meeting this person tomorrow! I want you to be there and tell that person how much you want to meet your real father!”

For some reason lately, Carney has turned as passionate, if not more passionate than Schild in solving the issue with his father as if she were on the journey to meet the king herself.

(Is meeting the king really that exciting? Well, for a noble like her, maybe.)

“Oi, I haven’t heard the most important details yet.”

“What details?”

“Who is this person? And just how close are they to the king.”

“The First Princess Cymbium! She is the real daughter of His Majesty the King whom Lord Schild is aiming to meet!”

 King Preslate I have two biological children that have been officially announced.

The First Princess Cymbium.

And the second princess, Serenea.

Although these two are considered sisters, they both came from different mothers.

The older sister, Cymbium, is the daughter of the first queen who originated from the Ryngberg House, one of the three great noble families of the kingdom.

The younger sister, Serenea, was born from the belly of the second queen who was raised and nurtured by the Oscar family, also from the three prominent noble families.

And now, these two royalties are vying for the throne for themselves, causing a civil unrest to spread to the whole kingdom.



However, despite the recent happenings and the facts that were thrown straight at him, Schild only gave an absent-minded affirmation, showing how uninterested he was in in the topic.

“…..that’s two of the great noble houses. The first queen’s house, the second queen’s house……isn’t the last one Carney’s house? But why didn’t your House send a queen candidate? Or……did you have a conflict with the two other houses that time, making you unable to provide one?”

“You are very sharp in noticing that, Lord Schild. You are correct that my family of birth, the Leschbeins, is has unable to provide a queen candidate that time. But as for the real reason, it was not that much complicated.”

Carney then began to state the situation of her house.

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