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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Volume 1 Chapter 17

Chapter 17 – The Truth Engraved on the Sword

“Both of you turn your asses over here.”

“Finally. I’m getting tired of waiting.”

“Ahh, Lord Schild……”

Two perfectly shaped asses lined up before the man, bringing him a spectacular view.

However, as if he still wasn’t contented of the pleasing scenery, Schild got closer and also went in for the grabs, mushing his palms and fingers over the soft peaches to his left and right.

Finally, as if he ran out of patience, he took his rod and did the same thing. He took turns plunging it at their holes at the back, enjoying the sensation as he alternately ravaged their pussies what were already wet and dripping from licking his cock.


“There, over there♡♡ Ah, I’m gonna get addicted to this♡♡♡”


Schild plunged at Lirica at first, then after a few swingings, he retracted and then plunged at Carney, his rod now wet and covered with love juices of the former.

Then, after stirring up the new mixture inside Carney, he again pulls it out and puts it back to Lirica’s, mixing more of the two’s love juices even more inside.

“Ahhhiiii♡♡♡ mmyuuu♡♡♡♡ It feels so good, my pussy feels so good♡♡♡♡♡♡”

“So, this is Carney’s true face? To think it was this cute and sexy, I never would have thought this is coming from someone pretending to be a man♡♡♡”

“Noo, don’t look, Miss Lirica♡♡ Don’t look at my face♡♡♡♡ Ohoo♡♡♡ Ooooooohhh♡♡♡♡ The tip, I could feel the tip inside my womb agaaaiiinn♡♡♡♡♡♡”

“You’re gonna cum? You’re gonna cum, right? To think Sir Carney that I know would be this nasty……aahh♡ No way, Schild’s hard cock in my pussy again……aaahhhuuuu♡♡♡♡♡♡”

“Lord Schild, your hands, your hands are squeezing too much♡♡♡♡!”

While re-ramming his throbbing member into his lover’s pussy, Schild didn’t forget to rub their ripe buttocks with each hands. And whenever he does this, he always felt a response that was like a watery peach – firm yet plump and juicy that he wants to bite them personally.

“Ohoooo♡♡♡ nhooohohooooo♡♡♡♡ So good, Schild’s cock is so goood♡♡ I’m sorry, Sir Carney, for I have stolen the cock you have been wanting♡♡♡ My pussy just can’t help but eat this delicious cock♡♡♡♡♡”

“Aahhh, Miss Lirica, you’re very promiscuous and sexy right now♡♡♡”

After going on alternately for so many times and mixing both their love juices in the other’s wombs, Lirica and Carney were almost the same as real sisters now, who share the same blood.

This scenario went on and on until Schild reached his limit, and at the end, he finished by spurting his white semen all over their asses until each of them was glazed in his semen. This chap ter tran slation is made poss ible by stabb ing with a sy ringe transl ations. check up-to-date tran slations on my Wo rdpress site.

“Ahhh, I’ve been cummed so much♡♡♡”

“Same for me as well. It’s so hot♡♡♡♡”

The two said as they spread the white stuff in their gleaming ass like butter spread, which made the scenery more enticing. Then in a calm manner, It was Lirica who spoke up first.

“Haaaa……still, I’m glad that Sir Carney has become Schild’s woman. It carried out completely just as I had calculated.”

“Eh? What do you mean?”

In the first place, it was Lirica who has recommended the search for the “Unknown” – which was now unveiled as an octolov. And it was also Lirica’s suggestion to have Schild and Carney have a joint expedition together.

“Lirica……just what are you up to?”

Schild couldn’t help but ask, hearing something more than what she said at that time.

“Sir Carney is, despite her unique quirk, is a noble of a well-renowned house. Have you ever heard of the Leschbein Family?”

“Nope. Haven’t heard of them.”

Of course, Schild, who grew up as a mercenary in faraway lands, and not having any contact with anyone related to the royal capital until now, had no way of knowing.


“It is one of the three major noble houses in the capital. To put it simple, one of the biggest of the big shots. And because they’re big, it’s easy to gather information over there. I thought this might help you find more about your father.”

“Aah, now I get it.”

In other words, Lirica tried to get Schild and Carney close together not just to assist him in the mission but also to provide a connection for his goal.

This was the true purpose of the “Unknown” Investigation.

“But when I said getting to know each other, I was expecting it to take a little longer. I didn’t expect you to have a relationship where you’d have gung-ho sex on the first try……! Schild, your prowess is too much that it’s scary!”

“Well, when you’re doing dangerous work such as monster subjugation, as you won’t know when we’ll die, it’s normal to let out all our desires and take all the opportunities you can get right on. We don’t have the luxury of thinking what’s in us for the second time or a third time as well as anything related to “future planning,” you see.”

As long as there’s a good food you can eat, I will eat it. Same case for a woman. Though ‘eating’ is worded differently in this case, of course.

After this, Schild approached the naked Lirica, which for some reason, is still wearing her signature glasses, and started grabbing her on her breasts.

But the woman didn’t bat an eye and just let the man do it as if it was a normal occurrence. Instead, in a tone as if none of it is happening, she started speaking to the man.

“Schild, your father fucked your mother and then threw her away, didn’t he?”

The abrupt frankness of the words made Schild stop for a bit, but he resumed his massage right away while speaking his answer.

“I know I’m not the one to talk, but could you rephrase that a little bit? That line was more straightforward than Carney.”

“What I mean is, if he could do such horrible thing, then I expect your father to be of some rank and power…nnnnhh♡♡”

“You……you’re really getting into this, aren’t you.”

“The people that most often do that are people from the aristocracy…….nhaa♡♡”

In other words, Lirica had a hunch that Schild’s father might be someone in the aristocracy and so tried to connect him to that society with Carney as leverage.

This was the root cause of why she’s trying to make Schild get close to Carney in the first place.

“Err, what father? What are you talking about, Lirica? Lord Schild?”

“So you haven’t told her this yet?”

“Sorry. I was just too busy, you see.”

“Sigh. Really, you……”

“You should trust me too, Lord Schild!”

After hearing the whole story from Schild, a naked Carney thrust out her huge tits in indignance, causing it to shake.

“I, too, want to help you in your search for your father, Lord Schild! I’ll do whatever you want me to do and whatever it takes, so please tell me anything!”

“Y-you don’t have to go that far……”

“This is a rare opportunity for me to be of service to Lord Schild! I have yet to prove my purpose! What sort of a knight am I if I didn’t take this opportunity?”

“That’s not true! You have already proven your purpose. All of it may be as a woman and not as a knight, but you have done a lot of service to me by keeping my libido in check, and it’s good enough for me,” Schild refrained from saying it though, as even though he was really thankful deep in his heart, it might offend her instead because it is not aligned to the knight’s goal. If you are ab le to read t his mess age, you are read ing from an una uthorized aggre gate site. Read at my WordPr ess to suppo rt me and my translations.

It was then when Lirica interjected.

“The only clue we have is Schild’s sword, which was originally his father’s, or so what he was told. That’s right, Schild! Why don’t we ask Sir Carney to take a look at it? Maybe she can tell us something?”

“If you insist……here.”

Schild gives the sword without question to Carney, along with its sheath.

“Okay. Give me a moment to check it.”

“While at it, I’ll let Schild fuck me while you’re busy appraising it.”

“Ah, no fair!”


“Ahhnn♡ I just spoke it, and you’re already ramming your hips behind my ass♡♡♡ Though I really like it when you fuck me so nonchalantly♡♡♡♡♡♡”

Ignoring the two who had really started having sex, Carney began to appraise the item with a reluctant look. With a shwing, she pulled the sword out of its scabbard.

“Ooh, not even a nick in the blade, nor a speck of blood, this sword is impressive.”

“Yeah, I heard that a lot. I take it in for sharpening on a regular basis, but it always comes back saying it doesn’t need any maintenance.”

Schild also explained as he swung his hips.

“The Octolov was so slippery that I couldn’t even get a scratch on it with my sword. Though hacking it into pieces is an impressive feat already, not that I’m belittling your skills, but I must say, this sword’s quality must have contributed a lot as well……hm?”

It was then when Carney notices something, staring intently at the blade.

“The luster of the metal used in the blade of this sword……no way, could it be the Hihi’irokane!?”

“What’s wrong? Did you notice something?”

“The blade, the blade is definitely made of Hihi’irokane! I have only seen the metal twice in my life, so I’m not a hundred percent sure……but this shine, this luster is no doubt it!”


“While it’s true that at first glance it appears to be made of ordinary steel, but if one takes a closer look, they would see a faint bright green glow on the surface of the sword, a pale glow reminiscent of jade. And as far as I know, there’s only one family who has the right to possess this metal.”

“Wait a minute!? Did you just say Hihi’irokane……!”

Even Lirica, who was in the middle of the action, had her euphoric expression immediately watered down and switched to her work mode when she heard the term.

“Eh? What is it? Is this Hihi’irokane really that special?”

“Schild, I need you to calm down and answer my question, okay?”

“I am calm. And it’s you two who are making a fuss here.”

“Just shut up and listen, Schild. Listen very, very carefully. Hihi’irokane is a kind of metal that is hard, strong, and light. Because of its superiority as a material, it is often used to make weapons, but because the amount mined is so small, only a few weapons are made from it. In short, this sword may be made of one of the rarest metals in the kingdom.”

“Okay……so my sword is precious and cool. So why are you so panicked about this?”

“That is because there are only qualified people in this kingdom are allowed to possess such weapons that are made of this metal.”

In other words, Schild’s father is deemed highly qualified by the kingdom, being the original owner of this sword.

“But what exactly are these qualifications?”


The air in the place froze at that pronouncement. Or so what Schild felt at that moment.

“Wait, wait, wait. How can that be? It can’t be that, right? In case you didn’t know, the village where I was born is even more desolate and rural than the village where that octolov was discovered. There is no way that royalty would nonchalantly visit such a place……” This chap ter translat ion is made po ssible by stabbin g with a syrin ge trans lations. check up-to-dat e translatio ns on my Wordpre ss site.

He tried to smooth over the talks with a joking tone. However, he only received piercing stares from the two.

“Really? Is that all?”

“Of course, it is all! It’s really an empty village, and the only thing it boasts of is that it was once made as a temporary base by the kingdom’s army, which came to defeat the demon army……”


“At that time, the king also stayed only for a short time, and it has been a long time since that happened, and that stupid village has not even a proof, but they still brag about it, like it was some kind of legacy for them or something……you’re not going to buy what they say, do you?”

 The surrounding air became denser and denser.

“About that……Schild, just to be sure, when exactly did His Majesty stay in that village?”

“I think it was more than two decades ago? I don’t know. I might haven’t even been born that time.”

“And how old are you now?”

“……twenty years old.”

A heavy silence fell.


But as for the two at that moment, they already had their answer derived in their heads.


It was Carney who couldn’t stand the silence and screamed first. She immediately prostrated before the man, but it only became more lewd and improper because she was still naked and dripping semen and love juices on her crotch.

“I humbly apologize for not knowing it earlier! Until now, I have not taken the proper courtesy that I should have paid a member of the royal family, and am deemed worthy of disrespect! This Carney is ashamed as a knight!”

“Stop, Carney, stop! In the first place, I don’t even know if I’m really a royalty of this kingdom, and I don’t have the intention of becoming a royalty myself!”

“I will take any punishment that comes my way! Your Highness Schild! Please command me in any way you see fit!”

“That doesn’t make any sense! Plus, aren’t you already listening to everything I say!?”

“Ah, certainly, if you put it that way.”

When ordered to open their legs, she would spread their legs wide, and when ordered to stick out their buttocks, she would open their buttocks and expose their secret crack. The woman who would obey any order from Schild, that was already the Carney of today.

“And……even with this thing, I’m still not certain that my father is really the king. I need to be more sure.”

“You’re still not believing us? Our prince sure is stubborn about that part.”

“I’m not a prince. At least, not until I am really clarified as one.”

“So, how will you clarify it?”

Now being questioned by his two lovers, Schild made up his mind.

“I guess I just have to see him in person then, His Majesty the King.”

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