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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Volume 1 Chapter 16

Chapter 16 – Pole Sisters


The voice of Lirica, the branch manager of the Royal Capital’s Subjugators Guild, resounded in the room.

She, however, is not in her usual Guild office, but the bedroom in her own home.

And her tone was far from happy.

“Sigh. While it was within my expectations that Sir Carney would be corrupted by Schild, what I didn’t expect was you two returning this far behind schedule. What’s more, coming to my home this late at night, because you two were too busy with all the sex you were having!? And here I was, worrying non-stop if something might have happened to you two!”

S, sorry, Miss Lirica……wait a minute, what did you just say!?”

It was already late in the evening of the third day since the ‘Unknown’ was slayed when Schild and Carney arrived at the royal capital.

After their sex-filled journey home, they just barely made it in time before the kingdom closed its gates for the night.

And because it was already approaching midnight, the Subjugators Guild of the capital was already closed, so the two got no choice but to report directly to Lirica’s home. Th is ch apter translatio n is made possible by stabbing with a s yringe translations. check up-to-date transl ations on my Word press site.

The real reason for Schild’s visit, though, was something else.

“Wait, Miss Lirica! What do you mean it’s within your expectations that I’ll be corrupted by Lord Schild? You don’t even know I’m a woman at this very moment!”

“What do you mean I don’t know? Everyone knows it already. Once they have gotten to know you, they’ll eventually know that you’re actually a woman.”


“Well, we didn’t point it out of concern, but…… If you really want to hide your gender, Sir Carney, you should be more careful in entering the women’s restroom. Quite a few people have already witnessed you doing this.”


“……but I didn’t notice it at all until she pulled out her boobs in front of me, though?”

“Of course, you are, Mister Schild. As far as what I learned, you are not the type to be interested in men, so you must have not paid attention to Sir Carney’s features by default. In fact, I would be really bothered if you did see it through for the first time. Though what you did here already bothered me a lot more than that.”


“……Lirica, why are you so crabby right now? Did……did I do something wrong?”

“Did you do something wrong? Of course, you did something wrong! It took you more than three days to get here when it normally takes a day! Isn’t it natural to be worried that something has happened to you!? The news of the monster’s defeat had already reached us, but the person who defeated it hadn’t returned for a long time! I was almost ready to send out a search party!”

“Ah……I didn’t know that’s what you meant. I’m sorry”

As it is dangerous to tread further on a woman in a bad mood, Schild couldn’t help but offer a reconciliation.

“Well, it’s common for the subjugators to slack their way home for a bit after defeating a monster. What I’m angry about is the reason for the delay in your road trip home! Really, having the wet and steamy sex with Sir Carney along the road is……!!’”

So that’s what she was angry about.

“Yes, I knew I was wrong. That’s why we’re going to have sex with you, aren’t we? to compensate for that”

“Well, yes, but……”

In fact this is Schild’s goal in the first place.

Repeating it again to be clear, the three were currently at the bedroom inside the home of the beautiful branch manager, Lirica.

Since she lived alone, this also meant that her home is also a complete private space for her and her alone.

But now that she became Schild’s woman, these exclusive rights became Schild’s as well.

When Schild came in late at night, he immediately took all of his clothes right after closing the door, much to the surprise of Carney, who was beside him, and Lirica, who went to the door to welcome him.

Upon doing that, both the two immediately understood the man’s intentions right away, since he was taking off his clothes in a locked space, they assumed that his only purpose was to have sex with them.

However, there is just one problem. They were not the lone man and woman in the room, and there was another person that has nothing to do with the other standing right beside them.

Carney to Lirica, and Lirica to Carney.

At that point, they stared at each other for a while, and as if having a mutual understanding, they took off their clothes at the same time.

Without letting out any words between them, both readied themselves to be embraced by the lone man beside them.

And right now, the same women are kneeling side by side, making wet noises as they peck left and right at Schild’s member underneath.

“Chuu, chuuu……♡ Still, I’m surprised. I never thought Sir Carney, who is too stubborn to be a woman, to be felled by Schild so easily.”


“F-felled……y-you make me sound like a stubborn tree, Miss Lirica! I, I only admired Lord Schild’s strength and spirit, that’s all!”

“And you allow him to have sex with you for that reason? If that were true, then even your butthole would be stretched out wide by now.”

“M-my butthole…… stretched out-”

To Lirica’s too frank words, Carney couldn’t help but get taken aback.

“Well, I’m not in the right to speak either, because I opened my legs to Schild in a similar way, but apart from that, Schild seems to possess a strange charisma, isn’t he? At least, that’s what made me attracted to him.”

“Ah, I agree with that! Whenever I come to Lord Schild’s side, I always feel fluffy in my head, with my body telling me “Can I be embraced by this person?” all the time. And because this guy is too manly, I was easily swept away.”

“Does he have some kind of magical charm? If he doesn’t, we’re really gonna end up with really wide buttholes if this goes on.”

“Why do you keep saying ‘buttholes’ on and on?”

Getting exposed to the female branch manager’s raging barrage of profanities, the innocent female knight couldn’t help but blush.

“But this is unexpected for me as well. To think that Miss Lirica, whom I knew was a proud, smart and dignified chief of the Subjugators Guild, is capable of doing such indecency……if not for the fact that I am right beside you, I won’t believe it at all.”

“A woman must have several faces in order to work properly. Even if I am the branch chief, no matter how uptight I am, there are times that I also want to let loose, you know? In fact, my body is getting really, really stiff just recently from all the work due to that Amber Eye. Then before I knew it, I blew it all to Schild. Now that I thought about it, maybe that’s the reason I did it with this guy……”

“I-is that how it is?” If yo u are a ble to read th is message, you are re ading from an unaut horized aggre gate site. Read at m y WordPres s to support me and my trans lations.

“Well, Schild is the first person I’ve met to whom I have finally revealed every part of myself. You should give it a try too, Sir Carney. It’s good to expose  your true self once in a while. All your eroticism, all your vulgarity, everything……he will accept it all!”

“B-but I don’t really have that kind of nature inside me……”

“Is that so? Then can you repeat after me?”


“My butthole……♡”

“M-my b-butthole……?”

“Please fuck my butthole with your cock, too, Lord Schild.”

“Please fuck my butthole with your cock, too, Lord Schild……wait, what are you trying to make me say here!?”

Carney managed to catch up with her judgment, but it was already too late as she has already muttered it all the way through.

“P-please quit this already, Miss Lirica! No matter how much you want to cut yourself loose, there is still a limit of what you should and shouldn’t do as you are still the branch head of our guild!”

“What’s the point of being prim and proper when even the knight whom should be our symbol of that is now having her pussy fully exposed while licking a cock in front of you! Plus, we’re in a place that is proper to do erotic things, so it is you who should do something erotic too!”

As they went on and on with their banters, Schild couldn’t help but look at the two naked beauties, who unexpectedly are getting along well.

A bit later, Lirica noticed that gaze, and……

“Ara, I’m very sorry, Mister Schild. It was rude of me to leave our gentleman alone and let us women have all the fun.”

“Yeah……well, your flirting gave me a super boner, so I don’t really mind. But you girls sure get along pretty well.”

Honestly, Schild thought that his two lovers would spark off a rivalry as soon as they met.


If this were to happen, Schild was already prepared to use his prowess and sex skills to assert dominance and reconcile the two, but with this happening, he felt like he has been let down.

“It’s true that around playboys, such behavior is commonplace when their women meet. As for me, I would too, love to monopolize a wonderful man such as Schild. But if I had to fight with other women like a jealous demon every time, the man I love might get cold feet. You were already that important to me, Schild.”

“Also, even though she’s like this, Sir Carney is still an innocent kid at heart.”

“I’m already a prim and proper adult, Miss Lirica!”

“But you also prefer this, don’t you? For me, it’s better to share with a good friend than to make another woman my enemy. In addition, I too have a good relationship with Sir Carney, even though all of it is work-related……or is Sir Carney thinking something else about me?”

As she said this, Lirica made Carney take hold of Schild’s shaft as she puts her own hand directly on top of it.

“Uu, that’s not what I mean……I’m also afraid that Lord Schild wouldn’t like me anymore……”

“So it’s settled then. let’s get along, Sir Carney, or should I call you Carney now? You and I are pole sisters, starting this day.”

“Pole sisters? What is that?”

“It’s a term used to describe all women who are embraced by the same man. We’re that kind of sisters now, so let’s get along, shall we?”

“Sister! I gained a sister!”

Shouldn’t you be reacting on the ‘pole’ part more? Well, as long as they get along with each other…… Schild thought to himself.

However, even if this was far better than being at odds with each other, Schild felt that if his women got too close and colluded with each other, it would create a force that even men like him wouldn’t be able to not ignore.

(Still, in the end, it’s probably gonna end up in sex anyway.)

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