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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Volume 1 Chapter 15

Chapter 15 – Ritual and the Tightening of Bonds

As if they were already able to convey themselves telepathically, Carney quickly turned red all over her naked body, showing that she already understood the man.

“That’s……I can’t do it, Lord Schild. No matter how much I’ve been violated in body and soul, there are still things I couldn’t bear to do.”


“So, you hate it?”

“That’s right!…….it’s that, isn’t it? You’re gonna make me say things like cock♡ cunt♡ or pussy♡, am I right?”

“But you already said it out loud,” Schild thought about it, but he didn’t continue to say.

The boundaries of human shame are tough to understand.

Carney is now so used to sex that she doesn’t hesitate to expose her hole in front of Schild anymore, but even so, her shame reacts strongly to the idea of uttering vulgar slangs.

Unless she had to climax so many times in a row that it took away her reason, it was rare for her to call out these nasty words out loud.

But Schild thought it was okay to let it pass because everyone has their own preferences, and there is no need to force someone to do something they don’t like……it was until Carney thought of a good idea.

“Instead, I’ll do this.”


For some reason, Carney, who was completely naked, proudly crossed her arms.

What exactly is she gonna do?

“I know what you’re thinking. This is my way to satisfy Lord Schild without me having to endure any embarrassment. Are you ready? Listen and be amazed!”

Carney then opened her legs and stretched her open mound with both hands. Then, while striking a whore-like, lewd pose, she spoke out loud.

“This cunt, is a cunt dedicated only to Lord Schild’s……an exclusive cunt……Only Lord Schild is allowed to use it♡♡♡”



As Schild didn’t react much, Carney was even more confused.

W-what’s wrong, Lord Schild? Aren’t you glad to see this?”

“……I don’t even know where to start. How is that different from my request a while ago!?”

“This is your exclusive cunt, you know! Exclusive! It means I’m declaring that this pussy will never allow anyone but you to use it! A proof of love!” This cha pter tran slation is made possible by stabb ing with a syringe transl ations. check up-to-date trans lations on my Wo rdpress s ite.

“Why is there a need to have a proof of love……”

“Because words of love are worthy of being spoken by a knight!”

So the word ‘cunt’ is an obscene slur.

But an ‘exclusive cunt’ is a word of love.

At this point, Schild has already given up on identifying how people’s values are structured.

“In other words……”

The naked Carney then hugged Schild closely and whispered in his ear.

“This Knight Carney’s cunt is Lord Schild’s exclusive cunt♡ Lord Schild’s exclusive pussy♡ That’s right, this pussy is yours now♡ I love you♡ This cunt is Lord Schild’s exclusive cunt♡ You can do anything you like to this cunt………♡♡♡♡”



At first, he was taken aback, but after the repeated whispers in his ear, Schild could no longer hold himself back.

The meaning of the soft voices was more destructive than he imagined. It was so much that it showed its effects right away as the veins of his already erect member immediately throbbed on its surface.

“Ahaaa~♡ Lord’s Schild’s cock look so happy, I’m really glad♡ Now then, Lord Schild……♡♡♡”

The female knight pulled herself away,

“Please put your thick and hard cock inside this Carney’s pussy that has now become for your private use♡♡♡♡”

 then opened her legs in front of her new master once again.

The sun was already beginning to set.

Nevertheless, Schild did not move an inch from the point of his rod’s ‘reawakening’ and was still slamming his hips into Carney.

“Hiiiiiiiiiiiinnn♡♡♡ thaaatshh iiitt, hhardderrrr♡♡ This ish Lord Schild’s exchlushive cunt, sho ram it moooreee♡♡”

Carney, on the other hand, has taken a liking to the word “exclusive”. She liked it so much that she kept on repeating it during the act.

This, however, has become a big problem to Schild, as he couldn’t stop himself from reacting to the word, making him want to bang Carney even more every time he hears her say it.

Before, Schild was the one taking the initiative, but now that the tables have turned, it was Carney who is prolonging the act instead, to the point where it was already indistinguishable who started what at all.

“Lord Schild……okay, I give up. I admit my loss. I give up……I confess!”

“You’ll confess what?”

“I can’t forget being a woman. I am a woman, a woman who is happy to be fucked by a man, a woman who feels happiness in having sex! I thought I had thrown my femininity away, but I didn’t. Rather, I couldn’t, because I am still a woman to the core……mmmu!”

As she said that, Carney put her lips together with Schild’s once more, their genitals of course still connected to each other.

As if these were the result of the culmination they had on the past three days, the couple’s minds and bodies melted together and finally united as one.

“But it’s not enough to be fucked by a man. It’s only you, Lord Schild, that I could feel this good and be this happy. Only with you that I’ll feel this aroused. I’m Lord Schild’s exclusive woman, only Lord Schild’s exclusive pussy……That’s why……!”

What followed next, however, wasn’t an enticing phrase.

“Please don’t leave me. Please let me stay by your side forever. For you, I will be a sword that can cut through anything, and I will be your exclusive pussy that you can fuck anytime, anywhere, so please……!” If y ou are able to r ead this message, y ou are reading from an unauthor ized aggre gate site. Read at my WordPress to suppo rt me and my trans lations.

It was a heart-breaking plea.

“You idiot, why would you think that?”

Schild whispered softly, not stopping his stirring inside his partner’s pussy.

“I’ve already decided that I will make you my woman, so as long as you don’t stop doing what I want, or as long as you don’t stop loving me back, you’re mine. For I will never let you go.”

“Aahh, thank goodness, thank goodness♡♡♡♡ Aaah, I’m so glad, aaaahh, aaaaaaahhh♡♡♡”


Once again, a thick white and slimy liquid that never showed signs of diluting was poured inside Carney.

As for how many times Schild has ejaculated in her pussy, he has already lost count.

“Now then, let’s do something that serves as a commemoration for your being my woman……Carney, isn’t it about time we had it held?”

“Mouuu, pervert♡♡♡♡”

It was only three days, yet two were now able to communicate most things without having to say anything.

After Schild had his penis was drawn, Carney squatted down on the ground and assumed a mid-crouch position.

And with their legs spread wide open, in a narrow road leading back to the capital from a small village,


Amid the forest on the side of the road which were also the site of Carney and Schild’s camping spot as well as the location of their intense and obscene copulation,

On the grass underneath Carney, which was stained with semen as it spilled out of Carney’s secret place,

“……now, to keep the promise I made with you when we left for the mission……”


“This Knight Carney, will now pee together with Lord Schild, as a symbol of a tight bond~. Watch me pee, Lord Schild♡♡♡”

Shaaaaaaaaaa……A stream of water flowed down from the hole in Carney’s crotch that was very different from the one that held his manhood beside her.

With this, the peeing ritual that was a symbol of bond for a certain mercenary was finally completed,

Along with a beautiful knightly woman by his side.

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